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ঐ1 [ ai1 ] n the ninth vowel of the Bengali alphabet.

ঐকতান [ aikatāna ] n concert; a common chord.

ঐকবাক্য [ aikabākya ] n similarity in utterance or statement; concurrence; one voice, unanimity.

ঐকমত্য [ aikamatya ] n agreement in opinion; concord; unanimity; consensus.

ঐকাগ্র্য [ aikāgrya ] n same as একাগ্রতা (see একাগ্র).

ঐকান্তিক [ aikāntika ] a profound, intense; earnest (ঐকান্তিক চেষ্টা); absorbedly employed, single-minded. fem. ঐকান্তিকী । ঐকান্তিকতাn. profundity, intensity; earnestness; sincerity; absorbing employment; single-mindedness.ঐকান্তিকেadv. in private.

ঐকার [ aikāra ] n the symbol 'ৈ affixed to a consonant whilst adding ঐ-sound to it. ঐকারাদিa. (of words) beginning with ঐ or ঐ-sound. ঐকারান্তa. (of words) ending in ঐ or ঐ-sound.

ঐকাহিক [ aikāhika ] a ephemeral; (of fever) tertian.

ঐকিক নিয়ম [ aikikaniẏama ] n (arith.) the unitary method.

ঐক্য [ aikya ] n unity, union; concord; agreement. ̃বদ্ধa. united, combined. ̃সাধনn. act of establishing unity or concord or agreement (between or amongst). ঐক্যসাধনকরাv. to establish unity or concord or agreement (between or amongst.) ঐক্যাভাবn. lack of unity or integration.

ঐক্ষব [ aikṣaba ] a of or produced from sugarcane.

ঐচ্ছিক [ aicchika ] a optional; elective; voluntary; volitional; arbitrary.

ঐছন [ aichana ] alt spell. ofঅইছন।

ঐতরেয় [ aitarēẏa ] n a branch of the Rig Veda.

ঐতিহাসিক [ aitihāsika ] a historical, historic; versed in history. ☐n. historian. ̃তাn. historicity.

ঐতিহ্য [ aitihya ] n a tale or belief or custom or practice transmitted orally or handed down from generation to generation, tradition; cultural heritage; hereditary culture. ̃গত, ঐতিহ্যিকa. traditional. ঐতিহ্যাগতa. handed down by tradition.

ঐন্দ্র [ aindra ] a of or relating to Indra (ইন্দ্র) the king of gods.

ঐন্দ্রজালিক [ aindrajālika ] a of or like or wrought by magic, magical; skilled in magic. ☐n. a magician, a conjuror, a juggler.

ঐন্দ্রিয়, ঐন্দ্রিয়ক [ aindriẏa, aindriẏaka ] a of sense organs; directly perceptible by senses; perceptible; sensuous; sensual.

ঐন্দ্রিলা [ aindrilā ] n wife of demon Vritra.

ঐরাবত [ airābata ] n (myth.) an elephant on which Indra (ইন্দ্র) rides.

ঐরূপ [ airūpa ] a. &adv like that. ☐n. one like that.

ঐশ, ঐশিক, ঐশ্বর, ঐশ্বরিক [ aiśa, aiśika, aiśbara, aiśbarika ] a pertaining to or done by God; divine; heavenly. fem. ঐশী ।

ঐশ্বর্য [ aiśbarya ] n wealth, riches; splendour; magnificence; glory; Godhead; godhead; divinity; supremacy; overlordship, majesty; supernatural power obtained through asceticism; divine grace; unction. ̃গর্ব, ̃মদn. purse-pride; insolence from wealth. ̃গর্বিত, ̃মত্ত, ̃মদোন্মত্তa. purse-proud; insolent from wealth, arrogant through wealth.fem. ̃গর্বিতা, ̃মত্তা, ̃মদোন্মত্তা । ̃বান, ̃মণ্ডিত, ̃শালীa. wealthy, opulent, affluent, rich; full of glory, glorious; majestic; possessed of supernatural power obtained through asceticism; bestowed with divine grace. fem. ̃বতী, ̃মণ্ডিতা, ̃শালিনী ।

ঐষ্টিক [ aiṣṭika ] a relating to oblation or sacrifice, ceremonial.

ঐহলৌকিক, ঐহিক [ aihalaukika, aihika ] a of this world or life; temporal; worldly (ঐহিকসুখ).