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ফ [ ph ] n the twenty-second consonant of the Bengali alphabet.

ফকফকে [ phakaphakē ] a very clean; very fair-complexioned.

ফকির [ phakira ] n (Mus.) a mendicant ascetic, a fakir. আমির ও ফকির the rich and the poor. ফকিরিn. the state of a fakir; the attitude of renunciation. ফকিরে মালা, ফকরে মালা A fakir's rosary, a fakir's beadstring.

ফক্কর [ phakkara ] n a wag; a saucy fellow; a trickster; a knave. ফক্কড়িn. waggery, sauciness; trickery; knavery. ফক্কড়ি করাn. to jest waggishly; to behave saucily with; to play a trick on.

ফক্কা [ phakkā ] a empty; unsubstantial.

ফক্কিকা [ phakkikā ] n a hoax; a quibble, an enigma, a riddle. ফক্কিকার, ফক্কিকারিn. act of hoaxing or hoodwinking.

ফঙ্গবানি, ফঙ্গবেনে [ phaṅgabāni, phaṅgabēnē ] a brittle; fragile; frail.

ফচকে [ phacakē ] a garrulous; drollish, waggish; saucy; tricksy; knavish; flippant, frivolous. ̃মিn. garrulity; drollery, waggery, sauciness; trickery; knavery; fippancy, frivolity. ফচকেমি করাv. to be garrulous or droll or waggish; to be have saucily; to play a trick on; to be flippant or frivolous.

ফচ ফচ [ phaca phaca ] int denoting: disgusting and useless prattling. ফচ ফচ করাv. to prattle uselessly and disgustingly.

ফজর [ phajara ] n (Mus.) the dawn; early morning.

ফজলি [ phajali ] n the largest species or variety of mango (grown in Malda).

ফট [ phaṭa ] int denoting: a popping sound (ফটকরে ছিপি খোলা); a snapping sound. ফটফটint. denoting: repeated popping or snapping sounds. ☐adv. with popping or snapping sounds.

ফটক [ phaṭaka ] n the main gate; (loos.) a portico.

ফটকা,ফটকাবাজি [ phaṭakā, phaṭakābāji ] n (comm.) speculation in the share market. ফটকাবাজারn. the share market.

ফটকিরি [ phaṭakiri ] n alum.

ফটাফট [ phaṭāphaṭa ] adv very quickly; in a jiffy.

ফটিক [ phaṭika ] n crystal, quartz. ☐a. crystal clear, transparent. ফটিক জলn. rain-water; a species of bird, the iora.

ফটোগ্রাফ [ phaṭōgrāpha ] pop corrup. ofফোটোগ্রাফ ।

ফড়ফড় [ phaḍ়phaḍ় ] int denoting: buzzing or fluttering of wings (as of insects); ostensible bustling or fussing; voluble or wordy display of one's importance. ফড়ফড়করাv. to flutter one's wings; to bustle or fuss ostensibly; to talk volubly to display one's importance. ফড়ফড়ানিn. buzzing or fluttering of wings; ostensible bustling or fussing; wordy display of one's importance.

ফড়িং [ phaḍ়i ] n the grasshopper. ফরিঙ্গাn. a saltatory insect. the cricket. same as ঝিঁঝিঁ ।

ফড়ে [ phaḍ়ē ] n one of a class of traders purchasing commodities from the original producers and selling them to wholesalers; (loos.) a middleman. ̃মিn. typical behaviour of a middleman; (fig.) deceit (esp. in business), double-dealing.

ফণা, [ phaṇā, ] n the expanded hood of a serpent; a hood. ফণা ধরাv. to expand one's hood. ̃ধরn. a species of snake capable of expanding its hood.the hooded snake; the snake (generally), the serpent.

ফণী [ phaṇī ] n the snake, the serpent. fem. ফণিনী । ̃ন্দ্র, ̃শ্বরn. the king of snakes; the lord of snakes.

ফণীমনসা [ phaṇīmanasā ] n prickly pear, a small wild herb akin to cactus.

ফতুয়া [ phatuẏā ] n a kind of loose cotton waistcoat.

ফতুর [ phatura ] a having all one's money exhausted; pauperized, penniless, (sl.,) broke. ফতুরহওয়াv. to have all one's money wasted; to be a broke; to be pauperized or penniless.

ফতে [ phatē ] n accomplishment or success কাজফতে = accomplishment of or success in work); conquest or victory (কেল্লাফতে = conquest of a fort; (fig.) a grand success; লড়াই ফতে = victory in war).

ফতো, ফোতো [ phatō, phōtō ] a parasitic; without means; foppish. ফতো নবাব, ফতো বাবু a resourceless person who vainly affects affluence or practices dandyism; a fop. ফতোয়াn. (Mus.) a mandate, a decree (esp. one conforming to Islamic laws).ফতোয়া দেওয়া, ফতোয়া জারি করাv. to issue a mandate or decree; to pass orders.

ফন্দি [ phandi ] n a scheme, a plot, an intrigue, a device; a stratagem; a secret intention. ফন্দিআঁটা, ফন্দি করাv. to devise a scheme or plan or stratagem, to plot, to intrigue. ফন্দি খাটানোv. to apply or effect a scheme or stratagem. ̃ফিকিরn. shifts and subterfuges, tricky devices or ways and means.̃বাজa. (of a person) intriguing, scheming; full of intrigues.

ফয়তা [ phaẏatā ] n (Mus.) a solemn prayer for salvation of the spirit of the dead. ফয়তাপড়াv. to pray solemnly for salvation of the spirit of the dead.

ফয়সালা [ phaẏasālā ] n judgment, a decree; adjudgment, an adjudication; settlement. ফয়সালাকরাv. to pronounce or pass judgment, to decree; to adjudge, to adjudicate; to settle.

ফরজ [ pharaja ] n (Mus.) a divine commandment.

ফরফর [ pharaphara ] int denoting: fluttering noise as made by the repeated and rapid movement of a thin article in air (পতাকাটাফরফর করছে); rapid and repeated bustle of a small article or its noise (পুঁটিমাছ ফরফর করে); restlessness or bustling (মেয়েটা ফরফর করছে). ফরফরকরাv. to flutter rapidly; to bustle (esp. to display one's importance). ফরফরানিn. fluttering, flutter; bustling (esp. to display one's importance); bustle.

ফরমা [ pharamā ] n (print.) a form, a forme, a format.

ফরমান [ pharamāna ] n a decree (esp. a royal one), firman; an edict.

ফরমানো [ pharamānō ] v to issue an order; to requisition.

ফরমাশ, ফরমায়েশ [ pharamāśa, pharamāẏēśa ] n an order; an order for supply, requisition. ফরমাশকরা, ফরমাশদেওয়াv. to order; to place an order (with), to requisition. ফরমাশ খাটাv. to carry out orders (as by a servant). ফরমায়েশিa. ordered for, requisitioned; to order; requisitionary; made to order.

ফরসা [ pharasā ] a fair-complexioned (ফরসা মেয়ে); fair, bright (ফরসা রং); clean or washed (ফরসাজামা); clear or cloudless (ফরসাআকাশ); brightened with daylight ('রাতপোহাল, ফরসা হল'); exhausted (গুদামফরসা); desolated (কলেরায় গ্রাম ফরসা); bereft of good promise or prospect, blank (ভবিষ্যত্ ফরসা); accomplished, executed (কাজ ফরসা); lost (আশা-ভরসাফরসা)।

ফরসি [ pharasi ] n a flat-bottomed hubble-bubble with a short and nonflexible smoking tube.

ফরাকত [ pharākata ] n separation; divorce, divorcement; seclusion; an open space; leisure or interval.

ফরাশ, ফরাস [ pharāśa, pharāsa ] n any covering for the floor or bed such as adurrie or a carpet or a similar thing; a servant whose duty is to make beds, light lamps, dust furniture etc.

ফরাসি [ pharāsi ] a French. ☐n. a French; the French language, French.

ফরিয়াদ [ phariẏāda ] n a legal complaint, a plaint; an action at law, a suit, a complaint. ফরিয়াদিn. a complainant, a prosecutor (esp. in a civil suit).

ফর্দ [ pharda ] n a list, a roll; an inventory, a catalogue; an estimate or a list of expenditure (বাজারেরফর্দ); a piece (এক ফর্দকাগজ) ।

ফর্দা [ phardā ] a open, uncovered (ফর্দা জায়গা); extensive (ফর্দা মাঠ). ̃ফাঁইa. torn asunder; tattered.

ফল [ phala ] n a fruit; a product (শ্রমের ফল); an effect (উপদেশের ফল); action (ওষুদেরফল); profit, gain, benefit (এ কাজে ফলনেই); result (খেলার ফল, পরীক্ষার ফল); result or answer of a mathematical sum (গুণফল); findings (ভাগ্য গণনার ফল); judgment or decree (মামলার ফল); success (বহু চেষ্টায় ফললাভ); due reward or punishment, consequence (পুণ্যের বাপাপের ফল). ফলদেওয়া same as ফলদানকরা । ফল ধরাv. to fructuate. ফলপাওয়াv. to get fruits (as from a tree); to get good result; to suffer or take the consequences; to be profited. ফলভোগা same as ফলভোগ করা । ̃ওয়ালাn. a fruit dealer or fruit-seller, a fruiterer. fem. ̃ওয়ালি a fruiteress.̃কথাn. the long and the short (of it); sum and substance, the gist; the last word, the conclusion.̃করn. a fruit-tax; a fruit-garden.☐a. yielding fruits, fructiferous (ফলকর গাছ = a fruit-tree); productive; fertile; effectual, efficacious, effective, fruitful. ̃তadv. on the whole, roughly; consequently; in fact, indeed.̃ত্বকn. (bot.) a pericarp.̃দa. same as ফলকর (a.).̃দর্শিতাn. foresight; prudence.̃দর্শীa. having foresight, fore seeing; prudent.ফলদানকরাv. to yield fruits; to be effective; to give a fruit offering to a deity. ̃দায়ক same as ফলদ । ̃পাকান্তa. (of plants) that which dies when its fruits ripen.̃প্রদ, ̃প্রসূa. same as ফলকর (a.).̃প্রাপ্তিn. attainment of good or desired result; act of suffering or taking the consequences; profiting or being profited.̃বতীfem. of ফলবান । ফলবানa. same ফলকর (a.).̃বিক্রেতা same as ফলওয়ালা । ̃ভাগীa. enjoying or suffering with others the consequences.fem. ফলভাগিনী। ফলভুকa. fruit-eating, frugivorous.ফলভোগ করাv. to suffer or take the consequences. to enjoy or suffer the effect. ̃ভোগীa. suffering or taking the consequences.enjoying or suffering the effect. ̃মূলn. fruits and roots.̃মূলাহারীa. living on fruits and roots. ̃লাভ same as ফলপ্রাপ্তি । ̃শূন্য same as ফলহীন । ̃শ্রুতিn. narration of the effect of an act of piety or act of hearing this narration; the beneficial effect of listening to or reading the Vedas; (in lit. crit.) effect on the mind caused by reading a particular class of literature; (pop.) results, outcome. ̃সিদ্ধিn. same as ফলপ্রাপ্তি । ̃হীনa. unfructiferous; fruitless; (lit. & fig.) unproductive; ineffective; sterile; vain; useless; abortive; unprofitable.ফলের বাগান an orchard.

ফলক [ phalaka ] n a blade (as of a sword); a tapering flat end or head (তিরের ফলক); a plate (তাম্রফলক); a slab (প্রস্তরফলক); a plank, a board (কাষ্ঠফলক); a shield; the bone of the forehead. ফলাকারa. (bot.) foliaceous.

ফলন [ phalana ] n produce; outturn (এবার ফলনভালো); origin, birth, production; occurrence; coming true.

ফলনা [ phalanā ] n so-and-so.

ফলন্ত [ phalanta ] a fructuous; fructiferous; fruitful; productive; fertile; bearing fruits.

ফলসা [ phalasā ] n a kind of berry.

ফলা1 [ phalā1 ] n a blade (অস্ত্রের ফলা); a thin and tapering end or head (তিরেরফলা); the system of forming compound or conjunct letters of two (or more) consonants (য-ফলা, র-ফলা); any of the consonantal symbols added to another letter (such as. -য্য,).

ফলা2 [ phalā2 ] v to fructuate, to bear fruit (গাছটাফলেছে); to grow (আমফলেছে, ধানফলেছে); to come true (কথা ফলা); to follow as a consequence (কর্মের ফলফলা). ☐a. (chiefly used as a sfx.) fructuating (দোফলা) ।

ফলাও [ phalāō ] a extensive (ফলাওকারবার); pro fuse (ফলাও ভোজ); exaggerated or magnified (ফলাওবর্ণনা). ফলাও করাv. to exaggerate or magnify. ফলাও করেadv. exaggeratingly magnifying; glibly.

ফলাকাঙ্ক্ষা [ phalākāṅkṣā ] n desire for success. ফলাকাঙ্ক্ষাকরাv. to desire success. ফলাকাঙ্ক্ষীa. desirous of success.

ফলাগম [ phalāgama ] n fructuation; the time of fructuation; attainment of success. ফলাগমহওয়াv. to fructuate; (of an action) to succeed.

ফলানো [ phalānō ] v to fructify (আমগাছে জাম ফলানো); to grow (ধান ফলানো); to exaggerate or magnify (লেখায় রং ফলানো); (facet.) to assert oneself (নে, আর ফলাসনি) ।

ফলান্বেষণ [ phalānbēṣaṇa ] n search for fruits; desire for success. ফলান্বেষণ করাv. to search for fruits; to seek success.

ফলান্বেষী [ phalānbēṣī ] a searching for fruits; seeking success.

ফলাফল [ phalāphala ] n good and bad effect or outcome of an action, consequences; success or failure; result, upshot.

ফলার [ phalāra ] n a meal consisting of vegetarian food other than rice; act of eating such a meal. ফলার করাv. to take such a meal. ফলারেa. given to eating such meals.

ফলার্থী [ phalārthī ] a same as ফলাকাঙ্ক্ষী (see ফলাকাঙ্ক্ষা) ।

ফলাশী [ phalāśī ] a frugivorous; feeding on fruits.

ফলাহার [ phalāhāra ] n act of eating fruit; a meal consisting of articles of vegetarian food other than rice or act of taking such a meal. ফলাহারীa. frugivorous; subsisting on fruits only.

ফলিত [ phalita ] a proved true; applied, practical (ফলিত রসায়ন, ফলিত বিজ্ঞান). ̃জ্যোতিষn. astrology. ̃বিজ্ঞানn. applied science.

ফলিতার্থ [ phalitārtha ] n purport., import, gist, sub stance.

ফলুই [ phalui ] n a species of fresh water fish having silvery color.

ফলোত্পত্তি [ phalōtpatti ] n fructuation; production or yield of fruits; attainment of success; issue of result or consequences.

ফলোত্পাদন [ phalōtpādana ] n act of growing or bearing fruits. ফতোত্পাদন করাv. to grow or bear fruits.

ফলোদয় [ phalōdaẏa ] n fructuation; attainment of success, effectuation; getting proper results.

ফল্গু [ phalgu ] n a subterranean river at Gaya. ̃ধারাn. the undercurrent flow of the Phalgoo (ফল্গু); (fig.) an undercurrent of any feeling.

ফল্গুনী [ phalgunī ] n the twin stars (namely, the পূর্বফল্গুনী and the উত্তরফল্গুনী) as described in Hindu astronomy.

ফষ্টিনষ্টি [ phaṣṭinaṣṭi ] n light banter; drollery; flippant witticism. ফষ্টিনষ্টি করাv. to practice light banter or drollery or flippant witticism.

ফস [ phasa ] int denoting: unguardedness, abruptness; swiftness etc.

ফসকা [ phasakā ] a slack, loose. ̃গেরোn. a loose knot.

ফসকানো [ phasakānō ] v to slip (পাফসকানো); to miss (শিকার ফসকানো, চাকরি বা সুযোগফসকানো).

ফসফরাস [ phasapharāsa ] n phosphorus.

ফসল [ phasala ] n harvest, crop; (fig.) effect. ফসলেরসময় harvesting season or time, harvest. ফসলিa. relating to harvest or crop; calculated from the harvest-time. ☐n. an era introduced by Akbar the Mughal emperor.

ফাইন [ phāina ] n a money-penalty, a fine. ফাইনকরাv. to fine. ফাইনদেওয়াv. to pay a fine.

ফাইফরমাশ [ phāipharamāśa ] n odd jobs or errands. ফাইফরমাশ খাটাv. to carry out odd jobs, to run on small errands.

ফাইল [ phāila ] n a cover for keeping papers; a rasping file, a file. ফাইল করাv. to put (papers) in a file or to submit (as an application), to file. ফাইলঘষাv. to scrape or smooth with a file, to file.

ফাউ [ phāu ] n an extra or anything obtained gratis.

ফাউনটেন-ফেন, ফউন্টেন পেন [ phāunaṭēna-phēna, phunṭēna pēna ] n a fountain pen.

ফাঁক [ phān̐ka ] n an intervening space, a gap (দুটিলাইনে অনেক ফাঁক); an opening, a hole, a chink, a fissure, an aperture (দেওয়ালেরফাঁক); a loophole (আইনের ফাঁক); open space (ফাঁকে বেড়ানো); void (ঘরেআরফাঁক নেই); vacuum, vacuity (বোতলটায়আরফাঁক নেই); leisure, respite, relief (এ কাজে চা খাওয়ার ফাঁকও নেই); opportunity (এই ফাঁকে ঘুমিয়ে নাও); a hiding or aloofness (ফাঁকে-ফাঁকেথাকা); omission (নেমন্তন্ন থেকে ফাঁকে পড়লাম); fault or failing; shortcoming, omission (মুসাবিদায় অনেক ফাঁক আছে); offbeat in an Indian musical measure (তিন তালএক ফাঁক). ফাঁককরাv. to open (মুখ বাদরজা ফাঁককরা); to part (ঠোঁট ফাঁক করা); to widen the gap (পাফাঁক করা); to misappropriate, to defalcate (তহবিল ফাঁককরা); to exhaust, to consume (পকেট বাভাঁড়ার ফাঁক করা). ফাঁকহওয়াv. to open; to part; to move apart; to be misappropriated or defalcated; to be exhausted or consumed. ̃তাল, (dial.) তাল্লাn. an accidental piece of luck, a fluke.ফাঁকফাঁকa. sparse. ফাঁকে ফাঁকেadv. during leisure hours, at intervals; keeping aloof or apart; in hiding.

ফাঁকা [ phān̐kā ] a uncovered, open (ফাঁকা জায়গা); desolate (ফাঁকা বাড়ি); empty (ফাঁকাহাত); blank (বন্দুকের ফাঁকা আওয়াজ); vain, unsubstantial, false, hollow, empty, evasive (ফাঁকা কথা). ☐n. an open space (ফাঁকা যাওয়া). ফাঁকাআওয়াজa blank shot (of a gun.); (fig.) vain bragging or bullying or intimidation.ফাঁকাফাঁকাa. almost empty or desolate.

ফাঁকি [ phān̐ki ] n deception, evasion, eye-wash, hoodwinking; a hoax (শুভন্করের ফাঁকি); a fraud; a fallacy, sophistry (ন্যায়েরফাঁকি); a quibble; secret or unnoticeable neglect (কাজে ফাঁকি). ফাঁকি দেওয়া. v. to deceive, to evade, to hoodwink; to hoax; to cheat; to quibble; to give the slip; to neglect unnoticeably or slyly. ফাঁকিতেপড়াv. to be deceived or cheated; to be omitted (যারদাবি সবারআগে তাকেই ফাঁকি ?). ̃ঝুকিn. deception, evasion, eye-wash; neglect or perfunctoriness (ফাঁকিঝুকিদিয়ে কাজ).̃বাজa. deceitful, evasive; neglectful though undetected, slyly neglectful; shirking. ̃বাজিn. practice of deception or evasion; eye-wash; hoax; a fallacy; a sophistry; a quibble; sly neglectfulness; shirking. ফাঁকিবাজিকরাsame as ফাঁকি দেওয়া ।

ফাঁড়া [ phān̐ḍ়ā ] n probability of some danger or even death according to astrology. ফাঁড়াকাটানোv. to get out of a danger or a risk of death.

ফাঁড়ি [ phān̐ḍ়i ] n an outpost; a police outpost (also পুলিস-ফাঁড়ি). ̃দারn. one in charge of an outpost esp. of a police outpost.

ফাঁদ [ phān̐da ] n a trap, a snare, a pitfall; (fig.) an intrigue, a clique, a plot; (of bangles, nose-rings etc.) diameter. ফাঁদ পাতাv. to set or lay a trap; (fig.) to engineer an intrigue, to lay a plot. ফাঁদেপড়াv. to get into a trap or pitfall; (fig.) to get involved in an intrigue; to be caught in the toils. ফাঁদেফেলাv. to entrap, to get one into a trap or pitfall; (fig.) to involve one in an intrigue.

ফাঁদা [ phān̐dā ] v to lay the foundation of; to embark on, to start constructing (বাড়িফাঁদা); to start; to set up (ব্যাবসা ফাঁদা); to expand (দোকানখানা সেবেশ ফেঁদেফেলেছে); to settle down firmly (পাড়ায়সে ফেঁদেবসেছে); to devise, to form (মতলব ফাঁদা), to lay ফাঁদফাঁদা.

ফাঁদালো [ phān̐dālō ] a having a large diameter or opening (ফাঁদালো বালা).

ফাঁপ [ phām̐pa ] n swelling; inflation; distension; flatulence (পেটের ফাঁপ). ফাঁপ ধরাv. to swell; to inflate; to distend; to become flatulent.

ফাঁপর [ phām̐para ] n a perplexing difficulty, an embarrassment, a scrape (ফাঁপরে পড়া). ☐a. got into an embarrassing situation or into a tight corner.

ফাঁপা [ phām̐pā ] v to swell, to inflate, to distend; to become flatulent; to flourish, to prosper (লোকটাফেঁপে উঠেছে). ☐a. hollow; swelled, inflated, distended; flatulent. ফাঁপানোv. to inflate; to swell; to extol exaggeratedly, to puff up. ☐a. inflated; swelled.

ফাঁস1 [ phām̐sa1 ] n divulgation (of secrets). ফাঁস করাv. to divulge. ফাঁস হওয়াv. to leak out; to get divulged.

ফাঁস2 [ phām̐sa2 ] n a noose; a slip-knot, a loop; a rope for hanging criminals, a halter; strangling; death by hanging. ফাঁস দেওয়াv. to strangle.

ফাঁসা [ phām̐sā ] v to be torn (কাপড়ফাঁসা); to get detached, to come away (হাঁড়ির তরাফাঁসা); to miscarry, to fail (বিয়ের সম্বন্ধফাঁসা); to be divulged, to come to light (ষড়যন্ত্র ফাঁসা); (dero.) to get involved, to get into a scrape (লোকটি ফাঁসল). ফাঁসানোv. to tear, to rend; to detach, to cause to come away; to let down, to foil; to divulge, to bring to light; (dero.) to involve, to implicate in, to get one into a scrape. ফেঁসেযাওয়াv. to be divulged, to get known; to be involved, to get into a scrape.

ফাঁসি [ phām̐si ] n death or killing or suicide by hanging; strangling; a sentence of death by hanging; a rope for hanging, a halter; (rare) a noose, a slip-knot. ফাঁসিদেওয়াv. to hang; to strangle; to sentence to death by hanging. ফাঁসি যাওয়াv. to be hanged. ফাঁসিরআসামি a convict sentenced to death by hanging. ফাঁসিরদড়ি a rope for hanging, a halter. ̃কাঠn. gallows. ফাঁসির মঞ্চ the hanging plat form; the scaffold.

ফাঁসুড়ে [ phām̐suḍ়ē ] n a highwayman who strangles travellers and robs them; a hangman.

ফজলামি, ফাজলামো [ phajalāmi, phājalāmō ] n extreme talkativeness; sauciness, pertness; flippancy; waggery.

ফাজিল [ phājila ] a extremely talkative; saucy; pert; flippant; waggish; excess, surplus. ☐n. excess expenditure; a saucy or waggish person.

ফাট [ phāṭa ] n a crack, a chink, a fissure. ফাট ধরাv. to form a crack; to crack, to split, to break into chinks.

ফাটক [ phāṭaka ] n the main gate; (loos.) a portico; a guard-room or guard-house, a jail or gaol; imprisonment, jailing. ফাটক হওয়াv. to be sentenced to imprisonment; to be jailed.

ফাটল [ phāṭala ] n a crack, a fissure, a crevice.

ফাটা [ phāṭā ] v to break into chinks, to crack, to split, to rend; to chap (হাত বা পা ফাটা); to burst; to explode; (of a boil etc.) to burst open. ☐a. cracked, split, rent; chapped; unlucky, unfortunate (ফাটাবরাত = bad luck). ফাটানোv. to crack, to split, to rend; to burst; to explode; to burst open. ̃ফাটিn. a scuffle with shedding of blood by both sides; a stiff affray; a rowdy quarrel.

ফাড়া [ phāḍ়ā ] v to tear, to rend; to cleave. ফাড়ানোv. to cause to tear or rend or cleave or split.

ফাতনা [ phātanā ] n the float of a fishing line.

ফানুস, ফানুশ [ phānusa, phānuśa ] n a paper-balloon; a lamp shade made of paper.

ফানেল [ phānēla ] n a funnel.

ফায়দা [ phāẏadā ] n good result; benefit; profit.

ফারকত, ফারখত [ phārakata, phārakhata ] n a deed of relinquishment; a written acquittance; a written consent of divorcement or dissolution of marriage.

ফারসি [ phārasi ] a Persian. ☐n. the Persian language, Persian.

ফারাক [ phārāka ] n difference; distance; discrepancy; separation.

ফার্ম1 [ phārma1 ] n a business organization, a firm.

ফার্ম2 [ phārma2 ] n a farm.

ফার্স্ট [ phārsṭa ] a first. ফার্স্টহওয়া to stand first, to come first, to secure the topmost position, to top the list.

ফাল [ phāla ] n a ploughshare, a coulter.

ফালা [ phālā ] n a long slice or strip. ফালা করা, ফালা দেওয়াv. to cut into long slices; to tear into long strips. ফালা-ফালাa. cut into long slices; torn into long strips; tattered. ফালা-ফালাকরাv. to cut into long slices; to tear into long strips; to tear to shreds; to tatter.

ফালি [ phāli ] n a small slice or strip. ফালি করা, ফালি দেওয়াv. to cut into small slices; to tear into small strips. ফালি-ফালিa. cut into small slices; torn into small strips; tattered. ☐adv. strip by strip.

ফাল্গুন [ phālguna ] n the eleventh month of the Bengali calendar (from the middle of February to the middle of March). ফাল্গুনিn. one born in Phalgun (ফাল্গুন). ☐a. of or relating to the month of Phalgun.

ফাস্ট [ phāsṭa ] a. & adv fast (ঘড়িটা ফাস্ট, তোমারঘড়ি ফাস্ট চলছে).

ফি1 [ phi1 ] n a fee; charge or payment; subscription.

ফি2 [ phi2 ] a every, each, per (ফি বছর)

ফিক [ phika ] n a spasm caused by a sudden con traction of muscles; neuralgia, a stitch. ☐int. denoting a sudden smile with a short catch of breath (ফিক করে হাসা). ফিক ধরাv. to have a stitch in one's sides. ফিকফিকint. denoting giggling. ̃ব্যথা same as ফিক (n.).

ফিকির [ phikira ] n a clever means (ফিকির করা); a device, an intrigue; an opportunity, a pretext (এইফিকিরে সে চম্পট দিল); an attempt to obtain, a search (কাজেরফিকির); a purpose (কোন ফিকিরে ঘুরছ). ফিকিরকরাv. to devise a clever or tricky means.

ফিকে [ phikē ] a dim (ফিকেআলো); pale, dull, faded (ফিকে রং); insipid, flat, vapid (ফিকেবর্ণনা); watery, thin (ফিকে দুধ).

ফিঙে, ফিঙা, ফিঙ্গক [ phiṅē, phiṅā, phiṅgaka ] n a species of fork tailed passerine bird, the drongo; a small Y-shaped piece of wood; a sling, a catapult.

ফিচেল [ phicēla ] a sly, knavish, waggish.

ফিট1 [ phiṭa1 ] n a fainting fit. ফিট পড়া, ফিট হওয়াv. to faint.

ফিট2 [ phiṭa2 ] a fit; fitting; pieced together, fit ted; well-dressed, thorough (ফিটবাবু). ফিটকরাv. to piece together or adjust, to fit; to declare one competent or fit (ডাক্তার তাকে ফিটকরে তুলেছেন) ।

ফিটন [ phiṭana ] n a phaeton.

ফিটফাট [ phiṭaphāṭa ] a neat and clean, spick and span (ফিটফাট সাজসজ্জা); thoroughly washed and well-dressed, spruce (ফিটফাটলোক) ।

ফিনকি [ phinaki ] n a spark (as of fire); a thin jet or spray (as of any fluid). ফিনকি দিয়ে বারহওয়া (of blood etc.) to spurt out, to come out in a sudden spurt.

ফিনফিনে [ phinaphinē ] a (of cloth etc.) very fine.

ফিনাইল [ phināila ] n phenyl.

ফিনিক [ phinika ] n glow, shine (জ্যোত্স্নার ফিনিক) ।

ফিরতি [ phirati ] a returning, return (ফিরতি ডাক = return mail). ☐n. what has been returned or saved, surplus, balance (পাঁচটাকার ফিরতি); return journey, return (ফিরতি পথে). ☐adv. at the time of return.

ফিরিঙ্গি [ phiriṅgi ] n a European; an Anglo-Indian.

ফিরিস্তি [ phiristi ] n a list; a descriptive list; (loos.) a description. কাজের ফিরিস্তি দেওয়া to render an account of jobs done.

ফিরে [ phirē ] a next (ফিরেবার)☐adv. again, afresh (ফিরে বলা)

ফিরোজা [ phirōjā ] n turquoise; the blue color of or as of turquoise.

ফিলটার [ philaṭāra ] n a filter; filtering or filtration. ফিলটার করাv. to filter or filtrate. ফিলটারকাগজn. filter-paper.

ফিলম, ফিল্ম [ philama, philma ] n a photographic film; a motion picture; a film. ফিলম তোলাv. to make a motion picture of, to film. ফিলম-স্টারn. a film-star.

ফিলহাল [ philahāla ] adv recently (more usu. হালফিল).

ফিসফিস [ phisaphisa ] int denoting: a whisper. ফিসফিসকরাv. to whisper. ফিসফিসানিn. a whisper; a whispering noise.

ফুঃ [ phuḥ ] int pooh.

ফুঁ, ফুঁক [ phu, m̐phun̐ka ] n a whiff, a puff; whiffing, puffing. ফুঁ দেওয়া, ফুঁক দেওয়াv. to whiff, to puff.

ফুঁকা, ফোঁকা [ phun̐kā, phōn̐kā ] v to blow or play (as a wind instrument) or smoke (as a cigarette) with puffs, to puff; to squander (সম্পত্তিফুঁকে দেওয়া)

ফুঁড়া, ফোঁড়া [ phun̐ḍ়ā, phōn̐ḍ়ā ] v to pierce; to penetrate; to probe. ফোঁড়াফুঁড়িn. piercing at numerous places; repeated piercing; (facet.) medical injection.

ফুঁপান, ফোঁপানো [ phum̐pāna, phōm̐pānō ] v to whimper, to sob; (inc.) to growl suppressedly in anger. ফুঁপানি, ফোঁপানিn. a whimper, a sob, a suppressed angry growl.

ফুঁয়ে ওড়ানো [ phum̐ẏē ōḍ়ānō ] v (fig.) to treat with utter neglect or contempt; to pooh-pooh; to give no importance; not to care a straw.

ফুঁসা, ফুঁসানো [ phum̐sā, phum̐sānō ] v to hiss; to growl suppressedly in anger; to fume.

ফুকরানো [ phukarānō ] v to call or proclaim aloud ('নকীব ফুকরায়'); to shout; to weep or lament aloud, to wail. ফুকরে কাঁদাv. to cry in a loud voice, to wail, to lament. see also ডুকরানো ।

ফুকা, ফোকা [ phukā, phōkā ] n the malpractice of blowing in air through the generative organ of a milch cow in order to obtain a larger quantity of milk. ফুকাদেওয়া v. to blow in air through the generative organ of a milch cow.

ফুঙ্গি [ phuṅgi ] n a Buddhist friar or priest (esp. of Burma).

ফুচকা [ phucakā ] n a crisp ball made of puffed wheat filled with mashed potato and tamarind juice with spices, phuchka.

ফুট1 [ phuṭa1 ] n an English measure of length (=12 inches), a foot.

ফুট2 [ phuṭa2 ] n a bubble or bubbles of liquid caused by boiling; effervescence caused by boiling, boiling state; frying and bursting open as a result of frying. ফুট কাটাv. to gasp for breath (পুঁটিমাছডাঙায় উঠে ফুট কাটে); to make an annoying or pungent or sarcastic comment, to make funny remarks; to poke fun at. ফুট ধরাv. to effervesce or rise in bubbles as a result of boiling; to burst open as a result of frying.

ফুটকড়াই, ফুটকলাই [ phuṭakaḍ়āi, phuṭakalāi ] n fried peas, parched peas.

ফুটকি [ phuṭaki ] n a minute speckle, a dot.

ফুটন [ phuṭana ] n blooming or blowing or blossoming; boiling ফুটন্ত জল); rise or appearance; opening; effervescence or rising in bubbles by being boiled; act of bursting open as a result of frying; boiling; expression; piercing.

ফুটন্ত [ phuṭanta ] a boiling; blooming, blossoming; blossomed; effervescing or rising in bubbles as a result of frying.

ফুটপাথ, ফুটপাত [ phuṭapātha, phuṭapāta ] n a footpath; a pavement; a sidewalk.

ফুটফুট1 [ phuṭaphuṭa1 ] a having numerous dots or minute speckles.

ফুটফুট2 [ phuṭaphuṭa2 ] int denoting: clearness, transparency, brightness, tidiness etc. ফুটফুটেa. very fair-complexioned and goodlooking (ফুটফুটে মেয়ে); very bright, silvery white (ফুটফুটে জ্যোত্স্না); very neat and tidy.

ফুটবল [ phuṭabala ] n football; the game of football. ফুটবল খেলাv. to play football. ফুটবলখেলোয়াড়n. a footballer.

ফুটা2,ফোটা [ phuṭā2, phōṭā ] v to bloom, to blossom, to blow (ফুল ফোটা); to rise or become visible (তারা ফুটছে); to appear, to spread (জ্যোত্স্নাফুটেছে); to open (চক্ষুফোটা); (fig.) to be able to look to one's own interests, to effervesce or rise in bubbles as a result of boiling (জলফোটা); to burst open after frying (খইফোটা); to be boiled or cooked (ভাতটাভাল ফোটেনি); to be expressed (রং<ফোটা); to be uttered intelligibly (কথাফুটেছে); to be unfolded, become distinct or manifest (চরিত্রফুটে উঠেছে); to be pierced (কাঁটা ফোটা).

ফুটানি [ phuṭāni ] n ostentatious or vain display or self-assertion; bragging, tall talk; vanity. ফুটানিকরাv. to make an ostentatious display; to brag, to talk big; to indulge in vanity.

ফুটানো, ফোটানো [ phuṭānō, phōṭānō ] v to cause to bloom or blossom or blow; to cause to rise or appear or spread; to open; to cause to effervesce or rise in bubbles as a result of boiling; to boil or cook; to cause to burst open by frying; to express; to cause to utter intelligibly; to unfold, to make distinct or manifest; to pierce.

ফুটি [ phuṭi ] n a variety of melon. ̃ফাটাa. thoroughly burst, burst or rent asunder.

ফুরুক, ফুড়ুত্ [ phuruka, phuḍ়ut ] int denoting: sudden flying away (ফুড়ুত্ করে উড়ে যাওয়া). ফুড়ুক-ফুড়ুক, ফুড়ুত্-ফুড়ুত্int. denoting: repeated flying for short spells; repeated bubbling noise caused by smoking a hookah.

ফুত্কার [ phutkāra ] n a whiff, a puff; whiffing, puffing; (rare) a whisper. ফুত্কার দেওয়াv. to whiff, to puff.

ফুত্শিখা [ phutśikhā ] n a blow-pipe flame.

ফুরন [ phurana ] n piecework.

ফুরফুর [ phuraphura ] int denoting: gentle blowing of the wind: mild fluttering of light things (such as a flag, paper or hair) in the wind. ফুরফুরেa. gently blowing; fluttering.

ফুরসত [ phurasata ] n leisure; respite.

ফুরানো [ phurānō ] v to terminate, to end (দিন ফুরানো, পথ ফুরানো); to conclude, to close (গল্পফুরানো); to be spent or exhausted or consumed (টাকাবা শক্তি বা খাবার ফুরানো); to cease to exist, to be lost (আশাফুরানো).

ফুর্তি [ phurti ] n delight, merry-making; enjoyment; agility (শরীরে ফুর্তি নেই). ̃বাজa. given to jollity, jovial, merry, jolly.

ফুল1 [ phula1 ] a of the full measure, standard (ফুলশার্ট); of or costing the full price, full (ফুলটিকিট)

ফুল2 [ phula2 ] n a flower, a blossom; a floral de sign (ফুলদার); the placenta. ফুল তোলাv. to pluck or pick or cull flowers; to embroider a floral design. ফুল দেওয়াv. to worship (a deity) with flower-offering. ফুল ধরাv. to flower, to be in blossom. ফুল না পড়া retention of the placenta. ফুল পাড়াv. to pluck or pick or cull flowers. ফুলের ঘায়ে মূর্ছা যাওয়া (fig.) to lose patience over a trifle, to display over-sensitiveness. ফুলের সাজি a flower-basket. ̃ওয়ালাn. a florist. fem. ̃ওয়ালি a flower-girl.̃কপিn. the cauliflower. ̃কাটা same as ফুলদার । ̃কারিn. ornamental or decorated needle work, embroidery (with floral designs). ̃খড়িn. writing chalk.̃ঝুরিn. a firework emitting starlike sparks.̃ডোর, ̃মালাn. flower garland.̃তোলা same as ফুলদার । ̃দানি, ̃দানn. a flower-vase. ̃দারa. embroidered with floral designs, floriated, floreated. ̃ধনুn. Madan (মদন) the god of love, (cp.) Cupid; the Cupid's bow.ফুলপড়াn. ejection of the placenta. ̃বাগানn. a flower-garden.̃বাণn. Madan (মদন) the god of love, (cp.) Cupid; Cupid's shaft. ̃বাতাসাn. a kind of light and hollow sweet drop made of sugarcandy or treacle. ̃শয্যাn. (lit.) a bed of flowers, a flower-strewn bed; the Hindu ceremony on the third night of the marriage when the bridegroom and the bride are to sleep on a bed of flowers. ̃শর same as ফুলবাণ। ̃হার same as ফুলডোর ।

ফুলকি [ phulaki ] n a spark.

ফুলকো [ phulakō ] n a gill (of fish), a branchia. ☐a. thin, hollow and inflated (ফুলকোলুচি).

ফুলন [ phulana ] n swelling; inflation, distension; (fig.) the state of being puffed up; (fig.) flourishing.

ফুলবাবু [ phulabābu ] n a thorough dandy or fop, a petit-maitre.

ফুলস্ক্যাপ [ phulaskyāpa ] a foolscap.

ফুলা [ phulā ] v to swell; to be inflated, to distend; (fig.) to be puffed up; (fig.) to flourish. ☐n. a swelling. ☐a. swelled up; inflated. distended. ফুলানোv. to swell; to inflate, to distend; to pout (ঠোঁটফুলানো); (fig.) to puff up; (fig.) to cause to flourish.

ফুলিয়ে ফাঁপিয়ে [ phuliẏē phām̐piẏē ] adv exaggeratedly; in an inflated or puffed-up manner.

ফুলুরি [ phuluri ] n a kind of cake made of powdered pigeon-pea or gram.

ফুলে ফেঁপে ওঠা [ phulē phēm̐pē ōṭhā ] v to become inflated or distended; to become puffed up; to swell up; to become exceedingly rich.

ফুলেল [ phulēla ] a perfumed with the essence of flower (ফুলেল তেল); full of flowers (ফুলেলফাগুনে).

ফুল্ল [ phulla ] a blown, blooming, full-blown (ফুল্লকুসুম); thoroughly manifest or revealed (ফুল্লজ্যোত্স্না); highly delighted or cheerful (ফুল্লনয়ন); sweetly smiling. ☐n. a flower. ̃কুসুমদামn. a garland of full-blown flowers.̃দামn. a wreath of flowers.ফুল্লাধরn. smiling lips. ফুল্লারবিন্দn. a full-blown lotus.

ফুসকুড়ি [ phusakuḍ়i ] n a vesicle; a pimple, (med.) a pustule.

ফুসফুস [ phusaphusa ] n the lung. ফুসফুস-ধমনীn. the pulmonary artery. ফুসফুস-প্রদাহn. in flammation of the lungs; pneumonia. ফুসফুসীয়a. pulmonary. ফুসফুসীয় সংবহন pulmonary circulation.

ফুসমন্তর [ phusamantara ] n an imaginary secret incantation to entice or evade, cajolement to entice or evade (ফুসমন্তরে ভোলা); (dero.) secret counsel or instigation; an imaginary esoteric incantation endowing one with supernatural power.

ফুসলানো [ phusalānō ] v to instigate; to entice, to seduce; to cajole, to coax. ফুসলে নিয়েযাওয়াv. to entice away. ফুসলানিn. instigation; enticement, seduction; cajolement, coaxing.

ফেউ [ phēu ] n the jackal; a mad or rabid jackal; a kind of jackal which pursues tigers howlingly. ফেউলাগাv. (of a tiger) to be pursued by howling jackals; (fig.) to be pestered by taunting pursuers; (fig.) to be doggedly pursued or harassed by a sleuth or detective.

ফেঁকড়া, ফেঁকড়ি [ phēn̐kaḍ়ā, phēn̐kaḍ়i ] n a branchlet, a twig, a sprig, an offshoot; (fig.) a branch or offshoot or derivative of anything; (fig.) an incidental trouble or hindrance; (fig.) an objection. ফেঁকড়া তোলাv. to raise an objection. ফেঁকড়া বাঁধানোv. to cause trouble or hindrance or obstacle. ফেঁকড়া বার হওয়াv. to branch, out, to branch off.

ফেঁশো, ফেঁসো [ phēm̐śō, phēm̐sō ] n downy fibre of jute or yarn.

ফেকো, ফেকুয়া [ phēkō, phēkuẏā ] n frothy spittle that comes out of the mouth whilst talking (usually caused by a long-continued fast or overmuch talking).

ফেটা [ phēṭā ] n a turban; a puttee; a bandage.

ফেটানো [ phēṭānō ] v to beat up into froth, to whisk.

ফেটি, ফেট্টি [ phēṭi, phēṭṭi ] n a small turban; a puttee; a bandage; a skein or reel of thread.

ফেন, ফেনা [ phēna, phēnā ] n foam; froth; scum; lather (সাবানের ফেনা). ফেন গালা. v. to strain off water from boiled rice. সমুদ্রফেনn. meerschaum, petrified sea-scum. ̃নিভa. foam-like, foamy; frothy.ফেনানোv. to stir up into foam or froth; (fig.) to pad or amplify or exaggerate. ফেনায়মানa. rising in foam, foaming. ফেনায়িতa. stirred up into foam or froth, foaming, frothy; padded, amplified, exaggerated.

ফেনি [ phēni ] n a hollow sweet drop made of treacle or sugar (also ফেনিবাতাসা); a kind of sweet made of sugar.

ফেনিল [ phēnila ] a foamy; frothy; foaming.

ফেব্রুআরি, ফেব্রুয়ারি [ phēbruāri, phēbruẏāri ] n February.

ফের [ phēra ] n a trouble, a danger; a peril (ফেরেপড়া = to get into a scrape); a risk (টাকারফের); purpose or course (কাজের ফের); consequence (কর্মেরফের); vicissitude, malignity (ভাগ্যের ফের); change (রকমফের); reverse (অবস্হার ফের); a witty turn (কথার ফের); a circuit, a circuitous fold (কাপড়ের ফের). ☐adv. again.

ফেরত [ phērata ] n act of giving or sending back, return; redirection; repayment. ☐a. given or sent back, returned; redirected; returned as unaccepted, refused (ফেরত চিঠি); immediately coming back (ফেরত ডাক = return mail); returning from (অফিস ফেরত); returned from (বিলাত-ফেরত = England-returned). ফেরত আনাv. to bring back. ফেরত আসাv. to come back; to come back unaccepted; to be returned to sender. ফেরতদেওয়াv. to send or give back, to return; to repay; to refuse to accept, to refuse; to redirect. ফেরত নেওয়াv. to take back; to withdraw, to retract. ফেরত পাঠানোv. to send back, to return; to refuse to accept, to refuse; to redirect. ̃যোগ্যa. that which can be or should be returned, returnable.ফেরতাa. returning or returned from. ☐n. encompassment, folding or doubling (ফেরতাদেওয়াকাপড়); transfer (হাতফেরতা); recurrence, repetition (তালফেরতা)☐adv. at the time of return, on the way back (অফিসফেরতা). ফেরতা দেওয়া)v. to wear a cloth by doubling or folding it.

ফেরার, ফেরারি [ phērāra, phērāri ] a absconding. ফেরার হওয়াv. to abscond. ফেরারিলোক বা আসামি an absconder.

ফেরি [ phēri ] n pedlary, huckstery; (loos.) hawking. ফেরি করাv. to huckster; (loos.) to hawk. ̃ওয়ালাn. a pedlar, a huckster; (loos.) a hawker.fem. ̃ওয়ালি a hucksteress, a huckstress.ফেরিওয়ালারমাল, ফেরিরমাল the wares of a pedlar, pedlary.

ফেরিশতা [ phēriśatā ] n (Mus.) an angel.

ফেরু [ phēru ] n the jackal. ̃পালn. a pack of jackals.

ফেরেব্বাজি, [ phērēbbāji, ] n deception, cheating, fraud, swindling. ফেরেব্বাজa. deceitful, fraudulent. ☐n. a cheat, a deceitful person.

ফেল [ phēla ] a failed, plucked; unsuccessful (পরীক্ষায় ফেল); ceased to work or operate (হার্ট ফেল); run insolvent (ব্যাঙ্কফেল); missed because of lateness (ট্রেনফেল). ফেল করাv. to fail; to get ploughed or plucked; to cease working; to stop; to miss. ফেলকরানোv. to pronounce (one) unsuccessful; to fail a candidate. ফেল পড়াv. to become insolvent, to be bankrupt; to be exhausted. ফেল হওয়াv. to fail; to get ploughed or plucked; to cease working; to become insolvent; to stop; to miss, to be missed; to be exhausted.

ফেলনা [ phēlanā ] a fit to be cast away or rejected; negligible, insignificant: unworthy of attention.

ফেলা [ phēlā ] v to let fall, to drop (চোখের পাতাফেলা, ফোঁটা ফেলা); to throw, to fling, to cast (ডাস্টবিনে ময়লাফেলা); to place, to put (মাটিতে পা ফেলা); to leave, to leave unused or uneaten (মাছটা ফেললে-খেলেনা); to abandon, to desert (স্ত্রীকে ফেলেযাওয়া); to invest (ব্যাবসায়টাকা ফেলা); to spend (বাড়ির পিছনে টাকা ফেলা); to dissipate, to waste (বাজে ব্যাপারে টাকাফেলা); to involve, to put (one) in (বিপদে ফেলা); to disobey or disregard (গুরুজনেরকথা ফেলা); to propose (এখানেবিয়ের কথা ফেলো); to reject (এপ্রস্তাবফেলা অনুচিত); to fix (তারিখ ফেলা); to write, to put down; to expel, to eject (নিশ্বাস ফেলা); (in comp. verbs) to finish up (খেয়েফেলা); to commit suddenly (বলে ফেলা).̃ছড়া, ̃ফেলিn. act of scattering away wastefully or negligently; dissipation, squandering; making large discount or allowance (ফেলাছড়াকরে ধরলেও অনেক).ফেলে আসাদিন the bygone days, the past days, the yester years. ফেলে রাখাv. to put off, to postpone (কাজ ফেলে রাখা).

ফোঁটা [ phōn̐ṭā ] n a small roundish mark or a sectarian mark put on the forehead (সিঁন্দুরেরবা চন্দনেরফোঁটা); a drop or blob of any liquid (বৃষ্টির ফোঁটা); a globular mark, a point; a pip on playing-cards; a point obtained in some card-games. এক ফোঁটাa. very small, tiny, a little, scanty. অনভ্যাসের ফোঁটা luxury or pleasure one is not used to. ফোঁটা ফোঁটা পড়া to drip. একফোঁটা মেয়ে a mere slip of a girl.

ফোঁড় [ phōn̐ḍ় ] n a bore; a perforation; a stitch. এফোঁড় ও ফোঁড় pierced or piercing all through.

ফোঁপরদালাল [ phōm̐paradālāla ] n an uncalled-for meddler, a busy body. ফোঁপরদালালিn. uncalled-for meddling; officiousness.

ফোঁপরা, ফোঁপর [ phōm̐parā, phōm̐para ] a full of holes, honey combed; hollow; containing nothing, empty. ☐n. the vegetating seed within a coconut.

ফোঁস [ phōm̐sa ] int denoting: a sudden deep sigh of suppressed grief etc.; a hiss of a snake; a sudden angry growl. ফোঁস করাv. to heave suddenly a deep sigh of suppressed grief etc.; to hiss; to growl angrily and suddenly, to snarl out. ̃ফোঁসint. denoting: repeated deep sighs of suppressed grief etc.; repeated hissing; repeated angry growls. ফোঁসফোঁস করা, ফোঁসফোঁসানোv. to heave repeatedly deep sighs of suppressed grief etc.; to weep profusely, to blubber; (of snakes) to hiss repeatedly; to make angry growls continuously. ̃ফোঁসানিn. repeated deep sighs of suppressed grief etc.; blubbering, profuse weeping; repeated hissing; continuous angry growls.

ফোকর [ phōkara ] n a hole, a small hole; a crevice, a niche; a cell.

ফোকলা [ phōkalā ] a one whose teeth have all fallen away, toothless.

ফোকাস [ phōkāsa ] n focus. অসত্ফোকাস (phys.) virtual focus. সত্ ফোকাস (phys.) real focus. ফোকাসদুরত্বn. (phys.) focal length.ফোকাস বিন্দুn. (phys.) focal point.

ফোটো, ফোটোগ্রাফ [ phōṭō, phōṭōgrāpha ] n a photograph. ফোটোতোলাv. to take a photograph or snap shot of. ফোটোগ্রাফিn. photography.

ফোড়ন [ phōḍ়na ] n spices singed or fried and then mixed with any cooked dish to make the latter palatable; (fig. & usu. facet.)a remark or comment thrown in. ফোড়নকাটাv. to throw in a remark or comment. ফোড়নদেওয়াv. to add or mix singed or fried spices for amelioration of palatableness; (fig.) to throw in or interpose a remark or comment.

ফোড়া [ phōḍ়ā ] n a furuncle, a boil; an abscess. ফোড়া পেকেছেv. the boil has suppurated or come to a head. ফোড়া ফেটেছেv. the boil has opened. ফোড়া বসে গেছেv. the boil has subsided.

ফোন [ phōna ] n phone, telephone. ফোন করাv. to ring (one) up, to telephone. ফোন নম্বরn. a telephone number.

ফোনোগ্রাফ [ phōnōgrāpha ] n a phonograph, a record player.

ফোনেনট, ফোমেন্ট [ phōnēnaṭa, phōmēnṭa ] n fomentation. ফোমেনটকরা বা দেওয়াv. to foment.

ফোয়ারা [ phōẏārā ] n a fountain, a spring; an artificial fountain; a jet.

ফোরম্যান [ phōramyāna ] n a foreman.

ফোলা [ phōlā ] v pop. var. of ফুলা (v.).

ফোসকা [ phōsakā ] n a blister; a vesicle. ফোসকা পড়াv. to develop a blister. ফোসকাফেটেছেn. the blister has burst open.

ফৌজ [ phauja ] n an army. আজাদহিন্দ ফৌজ (hist.) the Indian National Army. ̃দারn. an army commander; a commissioner of police; an officer-in-charge of the police; a district magistrate or a divisional commissioner; a provincial governor.̃দারিa. criminal.☐n. a criminal lawsuit or case. ফৌজদারি আদালত a criminal court. ফৌজিa. military.

ফ্যাকাশে [ phyākāśē ] a pale; wan; anaemic; dim (ফ্যাকাশে আলো).

ফ্যাচফ্যাচ [ phyācaphyāca ] int denoting: disgusting talkativeness or remonstrance. ফ্যাচফ্যাচকরাv. to indulge in disgusting talkativeness.

ফ্যাচাং [ phyācā ] n an incidental trouble, a fix; a botheration. ফ্যাচাং বাধানোv. to raise an objection, to cause a hindrance; to create an unexpected trouble.

ফ্যা ফ্যা [ phyā phyā ] int denoting: continuous prattling; continuous useless solicitation; continuous useless search.

ফ্যালফ্যাল [ phyālaphyāla ] int denoting: bewildered gaze. ফ্যালফ্যাল করে তাকানোv. to look con fusedly.

ফ্যাশান, ফ্যাশন [ phyāśāna, phyāśana ] n fashion; vogue; style or mode; fashionableness or stylishness.

ফ্যাসাদ [ phyāsāda ] n trouble; difficulty; a fix; a quarrel. ফ্যাসাদেa. troublesome, fond of creating troubles. ফ্যাসাদে পড়াv. to become involved in a trouble, to get into a trouble, to get into a scrape. ফ্যাসাদবাধানোv. to create trouble or difficulty.

ফ্রক [ phraka ] n a frock (esp. for girls).

ফ্রি [ phri ] a free. ফ্রিতেপাওয়াv. to obtain free of cost.

ফ্রেম [ phrēma ] n a frame.

ফ্লাস্ক [ phlāska ] n a thermos flask, a thermos; a flask.

ফ্ল্যানেল [ phlyānēla ] n flannel.

ফ্ল্যাট [ phlyāṭa ] n a self-contained storey or floor of a building, a flat; a flatboat; a floating dock. ☐a. lying or laid fully on one's back (ফ্ল্যাটহওয়া); (fig.) utterly dejected.

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