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ঢ [ ḍh ] n the fourteenth consonant of the Bengali alphabet.

ঢং1 [ ḍha1 ] n affected or coquettish bearing or pose; dissimulation; affectation; shape, form, cut, fashion, style, manner. ঢঙিa. fem. given to affectation; coquettish; dissimulating. ☐n. such a woman, a poseuse.

ঢক1 [ ḍhaka1 ] n shape, form, cut; pattern; style (কথা বলার ঢক).

ঢক2 [ ḍhaka2 ] int expressing: the noise of swallowing or gulping any liquid; the noise of heavy movement of any liquid within a container. ̃ঢকint. expressing : repetition of these noises; the noise of swallowing or gulping repeatedly and quickly (ঢকঢক করে জল খাওয়া).

ঢক্কা [ ḍhakkā ] n a large drum. ̃ধ্বনি, ̃নিনাদn. the sound of such a drum.

ঢন [ ḍhana ] int expressing: a metallic sound as of a bell ringing or an empty vessel sounding. ̃ঢনint. expressing: repetition of this sound, ding-dong; absolute emptiness (হাড়িঁ ঢনঢন, পকেট ঢনঢন). ̃ঢনেa. empty.

ঢপ1 [ ḍhapa1 ] n shape, form, cut, fashion; a kind of song attended with slow dance current in Bengal.

ঢপ2 [ ḍhapa2 ] int expressing: a thudding noise as of a heavy body falling softly; the dull noise of striking a soft and empty swelling or a flatulent belly.

ঢপ ঢপ, ঢব ঢব [ ḍhapaḍhapa, ḍhabaḍhaba ] int expressing: repeated and quick thudding noise; the dull noise of repeatedly striking a soft and empty swelling or a flatulent belly.

ঢল [ ḍhala ] n a slope, an incline; declivity; stream of water running down along the slope of a mountain, a rapid (ঢলনেমেছে); flood-water (esp. that puts a river in spate).

ঢলকো [ ḍhalakō ] a loose, slack.

ঢলঢল [ ḍhalaḍhala ] int expressing: excessive looseness (জামাটা ঢলঢল করছে); loveliness (মুখখানাঢলঢল করছে); wideness or largeness (আঁখি ঢলঢল); engrossed or rapt state (ভাবে ঢলঢল); ☐a. large or wide and expressive (ঢলঢল আখি); full of beauty or charm. ('ঢলঢলকাঁচা অঙ্গেরলাবনি').ঢলঢলেa. very loose-fitting (ঢলঢলে জামা); full of loveliness (ঢলঢলেমুখ).

ঢলতা [ ḍhalatā ] n extra quantity of any commodity added to the accurately weighed amount (perhaps to ensure customer satisfaction).

ঢলা [ ḍhalā ] v to incline forwards or backwards or sideways; to go down (সূর্য পশ্চিমেঢলেছে); to incline towards, to dote on (ছেলের দিকে ঢলা). ̃ঢলিn. scandalousbehaviour (esp. in love); objectionable familiarity or mixing; a scandalous affair. ঢলানেa. given to scandalous behaviour. fem. ঢলানি । ঢলানোv. to cause to incline; to behave scandalously.ঢলে পড়াv. to droop, to collapse (from loss of muscular strength etc.).

ঢাউস [ ḍhāusa ] a very large or big, enormous, monstrous, huge.

ঢাঁই [ ḍhām̐i ] n a species of large fish without scale, (cp.) the trout.

ঢাক1 [ ḍhāka1 ] n a drum. ঢাক পেটা, ঢাক বাজানোv. to beat a drum; (fig.) to make public or announce publicly. ঢাকের কাঠি a drum stick; (fig.) an instigator. ঢাকের বাঁয়া useless appurtenances or paraphernalia; something merely decorative. ঢাকেরবাদ্যি drum-beat. ঢাকের দায়ে মনসা বিকানো (fig.) to run insolvent in attempting to keep up appearances, to sell one's homestead to grease one's car.

ঢাকঢাক, ঢাকঢাক-গুড়গুড় [ ḍhākaḍhāka, ḍhākaḍhāka-guḍ়guḍ় ]n an attempt to conceal or hush up; hush-hush state.

ঢাকনা [ ḍhākanā ] n a cover; a lid; a veil; a blinker.

ঢাকনি [ ḍhākani ] n a cover, a lid.

ঢাকা [ ḍhākā ] v to cover; to veil; to screen; to envelop; to overcast (মেঘে ঢাকা); to conceal, to hide; to hush up; (usu. dero.) to countenance or to connive at. ☐n. a lid; a cover; a veil; (usu. dero.) connivance. ☐a. covered; veiled; screened; enveloped; overcast.

ঢাকাই [ ḍhākāi ] a made or manufactured at Dacca (a district of Bangladesh).

ঢাকি [ ḍhāki ] n a drummer. ঢাকিসুদ্ধ বিসর্জন (lit.) to throw away or immerse the drummer with the idol; (fig.) to lose or sacrifice everything; to let go the rope after the bucket, to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

ঢামালি [ ḍhāmāli ] n pleasantries, drolleries, jokes.

ঢাল1 [ ḍhāla1 ] n a shield; a buckler.

ঢাল2 [ ḍhāla2 ] n a slope, a declivity, a descent. cp. ঢল ।

ঢালা [ ḍhālā ] v to pour (দুধঢালা); to cast, to mould (ছাঁচে ঢালা); to invest or spend esp. lavishly (ব্যাবসাতে টাকা ঢালা, ছেলেরপড়াশোনার পিছনে টাকা ঢালা); to confer (স্নেহ ঢালা); to cause to flow out (দেশেরজন্যরক্তঢালা). ☐a. that which is poured (ঢালা জল); cast, moulded; extensively outspread, large, spacious (ঢালা বিছানা, ঢালা ফরাশ); lavishly distributed (ঢালাখাবার); permanent, standing (ঢালাহুকুম). ঢালাইn. act of casting or moulding. ☐a. moulded, cast (ঢালাই লোহা). ঢালাইকরাv. tomould, to cast. ঢালাইকরn. a caster. ঢালাই-কারখানাn. an iron foundry; a foundry.

ঢালাও [ ḍhālāō ] a extensively outspread, spacious (ঢালাও ফরাশ, ঢালাও জায়গা); distributed lavishly (ঢালাও খাবার); permanent, standing (ঢালাও হুকুম).

ঢালাঢালি [ ḍhālāḍhāli ] n act of transferring a liquid repeatedly from one container to another by pouring it; act of pouring and repouring a liquid into a container. ঢেলেসাজাv. to undo a thing and then to do it afresh, to fashion anew, to recast.

ঢালী [ ḍhālī ] n a shield-bearer; a soldier bearing a shield or buckler.

ঢালু [ ḍhālu ] a sloping or slanting downwards, declining.

ঢিঢি [ ḍhiḍhi ] n (usu. of disrepute, censure, scandal) loud noise or discussion, extensive publicity and reproach (ঢিঢি পরে গেছে). ☐a. (usu. dero.) given extensive public reproach (ঢিঢিরব). ̃কার, ̃ক্কার, ̃রবn. extensive public censure and hooting; loud noise (of anything).

ঢিপ [ ḍhipa ] int expressing: a mild thudding noise as of a heavy body falling softly. ঢিপ করেপ্রণামকরা to genuflect suddenly or quickly. ঢিপ ঢিপint. expressing: repeated mild thudding noise; palpitation or throbbing esp. in fear (বুক ঢিপ ঢিপ করছে).

ঢিপি [ ḍhipi ] n a mound; a hillock; an artificial hill; a heap, a pile (কাপড়চোপড়ের ঢিপি); a hill (উইয়েরঢিপি).

ঢিল1 [ ḍhila1 ] n a hard roundish lump esp. of stone or brick or clay. ঢিলমারাv. to pelt with these lumps, to throw stones or brickbats.

ঢিলামি, (কথ্য) ঢিলেমি [ ḍhilāmi, (kathya) ḍhilēmi ] n slackness, sluggishness, lack of enthusiasm or spiritedness.

ঢু, ঢুঁ [ ḍhu, ḍhu ] n act of butting (as by a goat etc.). ঢুমারা, ঢুঁ মারাv. to butt; to put in appearance, to knock (চাকরির জন্য সর্বত্র ঢুঁমারা).

ঢুঁড়া [ ḍhun̐ḍ়ā ] n to search; to traverse (দেশে দেশেঢুঁড়ছে).

ঢুঢু [ ḍhuḍhu ] int (also n.) expressing nothingness. কাজের বেলায় ঢুঢু found wanting when called upon to prove (one's) worth; of no worth or value at the time of work or crucial test.

ঢুল [ ḍhula ] n an instance or act of nodding or stooping in drowsiness or intoxication; drowsy stupor, drowsiness (চোখে ঢুলনামা). ঢুলঢুলে, ঢুলুঢুল, ঢুলুঢুলুa. heavy with drowsiness or intoxication (ঢুলঢুলেচোখ); smitten with passion ('সুখে আঁখিঢুলুঢুলু'). ঢুলনি, ঢুলুনিsame as ঢুলু ।

ঢুলা [ ḍhulā ] v (dial.) to nod or stoop in drowsiness or intoxication.

ঢুলানো [ ḍhulānō ] v (obs.) to wave (টামর ঢুলানো); to rock or dangle (মা শিশুকে ঢুলাছে).

ঢুসানো [ ḍhusānō ] v to butt (as by a goat). ঢুসাঢুসিn. act of butting one another; a crowded state in which heads knock against one another. coll. ঢুসোঢুসি ।

ঢেউ [ ḍhēu ] n a wave; a billow, a surge; a ripple; ঢেউ ওঠাv. to rise in waves or surges or ripples; to wave, to surge, to ripple; ঢেউকাটানোv. to dodge waves. ঢেউ খেলাv. to move in waves or ripples, to wave, to ripple. ঢেউ তোলাv. to cause to rise in waves or surges or ripples, to surge, to ripple; to swell up in waves or surges or ripples, to surge up. ঢেউ-খেলানো, ঢেউ-তোলাa. wavy; undulating; corrugated.

ঢেঁকি [ ḍhēn̐ki ] n a kind of husking pedal operated in a seesaw manner. ঢেঁকির আঁকশলিthe fulcrum of a husking pedal. ̃কলn. a seesaw. ̃শাকn. an edible fern.̃শাল, ̃শালাn. a room (usu. a cutcha one) where the husking pedal is fixed.ঢেঁকিস্বর্গে গেলেও ধান ভানে(fig.) an expert worker has to work even in heaven; a drudge will drudge even in heaven.

ঢেঁড়স [ ḍhēn̐ḍ়sa ] n the lady's finger, the kidney vetch; (fig.) a good-for-nothing fellow; a worthless or do-nothing fellow.

ঢেঁড়া, ঢেঁড়ি1 [ ḍhēn̐ḍ়ā, ḍhēn̐ḍ়i1 ] n a drum, a tympan (ঢেঁড়াপেটা); a proclamation by drum-beat (ঢেঁড়া দেওয়া).

ঢেঁড়ি2 [ ḍhēn̐ḍ়i2 ] n a kind of earring; a poppy-seed; a poppy pod or seed-vessel.

ঢেঁকুর [ ḍhēn̐kura ] n a belch, an eructation. ঢেকুর তোলাv. to belch, to eructate.

ঢেপসা [ ḍhēpasā ] a shaped like a mound; bulky or fatty but not strong and stout, flaccid (ঢেপসাশরীর).

ঢেমনা [ ḍhēmanā ] a lewd, libertine, profligate; a species of non-poisonous snake.

ঢেরা [ ḍhērā ] n a cross-mark; a bobbin. ̃সইn. a cross-mark put instead of signature by an illiterate person.

ঢেরি [ ḍhēri ] n a heap, a pile, a stack. ঢেরি করাv. to heap, to pile.

ঢেলা [ ḍhēlā ] n a small lump or clod esp. of earth; a small brickbat. ঢেলা মারাv. to pelt with a small clod of earth or with a small brickbat.

ঢোঁড়ন [ ḍhōn̐ḍ়na ] n act of searching or traversing.

ঢোঁড়া2 [ ḍhōn̐ḍ়ā2 ] n a non-venomous water-snake; (sarcas.) a person without personality and power.

ঢোক [ ḍhōka ] n a gulp; gulping. ঢোক গেলাv. to gulp; to make a movement as of gulping something (esp. to express hesitation).

ঢোকা [ ḍhōkā ] v to go or come in or into, to enter (ঘরে ঢুকবে, গর্তে ঢোকা); to be admitted into (কলেজেঢোকা, দলে ঢোকা); to be taken in or employed, to enter (চাকরিতেঢুকেছে); to be driven in (পেরেক ঢুকানো); to be comprehended by (মাথায় ঢোকা); to be put in or interpolated (লেখায়ঢোকা). ঢুকানো. v. to cause to go or come in or into, to enter; to admit into; to cause to be taken in or employed; to drive in or penetrate; to fix or let into (আঙটি আঙুলেঢোকানো); to implant (in); to make one understand or comprehend, to hammer in (মাথায় ঢুকানো); to put in or interpolate.

ঢোল [ ḍhōla ] n a tom-tom. ঢোলদেওয়াv. to announce or circulate by beating a tom-tom. ঢোল পেটাv. (dero.) to beat a tom-tom; (dero.) to make a loud noise (কথাবলছে যেন ঢোল পিটছে); to announce or circulate by beating a tom-tom; (usu. dero.) to make public. ঢোলহওয়াv. to be swollen in the shape as of a tom-tom. নিজেরঢোল নিজে পেটা to beat one's own trumpet, to advertise oneself. ঢোলকn. a small variety of tom-tom. ̃শোহরতn. announcement or circulation by beating a tom-tom.

ঢোলা2 [ ḍhōlā2 ] a very loose-fitting (ঢোলা জামা).

ঢোসকা [ ḍhōsakā ] a fat and flabby, flaccid.

ঢ্যাঙা [ ḍhyāṅā ] a lanky.

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