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ঘ [ gh ] n the fourth consonant of the Bengali alphabet.

ঘট [ ghaṭa ] n a small earthen or metal pitcher or pot; a receptacle, a container, a place, a sphere (সর্বঘটে); the brain or head (ঘটেবুদ্ধি নেই); the body, the frame (ঘটেরমধ্যে সাঁই বিরাজে). সর্বঘটেadv. (usu. dero.) everywhere, at every place (সেসর্বঘটেই থাকে).

ঘটক [ ghaṭaka ] n one who brings about or causes to occur (an event); a match-maker. fem. ঘটকী a female match-maker.ঘটকালিn. match-making.

ঘটকর্পর [ ghaṭakarpara ] n (a piece of) potsherd.

ঘটকার [ ghaṭakāra ] n a potter.

ঘটন [ ghaṭana ] n occurrence, happening; act of joining; a chance happening.

ঘটনা [ ghaṭanā ] n an event, an occurrence; an instance of joining; a chance happening or occurrence. ঘটনাক্রমেadv. by chance, accidentally, it so happened that; in course of events (ঘটনাক্রমেদেখা হয়েগেল); in course of circumstances (ঘটনাক্রমে তাকে বাড়ি বেচতে হল). ঘটনাচক্রn. (lit.) the wheel of events, (fig.) the course of events. ঘটনাচক্রে same as ঘটনাক্রমে । ঘটনাধীনa. dependent on force of events; subject to the course of events or circumstances. ঘটনাপরম্পরাn. due succession of events. ঘটনাপূর্ণ, ঘটনাবহুলa. eventful. ঘটনাবলিn. (a collection of) events. ঘটনাস্রোতn. (lit.) the stream of events, (fig.) the course of events. ঘটনাস্হলn. the place or scene of occurrence, a venue.

ঘটনীয় [ ghaṭanīẏa ] a likely to occur; probable.

ঘটমান [ ghaṭamāna ] a still occurring or happening; (gr.) progressive, continuous. ঘটমানঅতীত (gr.) past continuous or progressive (tense).

ঘটরঘটর [ ghaṭaraghaṭara ] int expressing a rolling noise as of a pestle moving in a mortar or on a paved floor. ঘটরমটরint. this and similar noise.

ঘটস্হাপন, ঘটস্হাপনা [ ghaṭashāpana, ghaṭashāpanā ] n ceremonial placing of a pitcher full of holy water on the altar making the commencement of worship.

ঘটা [ ghaṭā ] n occurrence; pomp, grandeur, eclat; a collection or multitude (ঘনঘটা). ☐v. to occur, to happen, to come to pass; to be possible (যাওয়া ঘটে উঠলনা); to originate, to arise, to spring from (কী থেকে কী ঘটল). ঘটাকরেadv. with a spectacular display, with pomp and grandeur, ceremoniously, ostentatiously. ঘটানোv. to cause to occur or happen or come about, to bring to pass, to bring about; to originate, to give rise to.

ঘটাটোপ [ ghaṭāṭōpa ] n a covering with side-screens for a carriage (such as palanquins, litters, etc.) a yashmak.

ঘটি [ ghaṭi ] n a small pitcher-shaped metal water-pot.

ঘটিকা [ ghaṭikā ] n an hour; a moment; a bell, a gong; any machine for measuring time; a timepiece, a clock (also ঘটিকা যন্ত্র); time of the clock (সাড়েতিন ঘটিকায়); a small pitcher-shaped earthen or metal water-pot. ঘটিকায়adv. o'clock (সাড়ে ছয়ঘটিকায় = at six o'clock).

ঘটিত [ ghaṭita ] a caused to occur by, caused by, due to (দুর্বলতাঘটিত ভয়); concerning, involving (নারীঘটিত, অর্থঘটিত); mixed or blended with, containing. ঘটিতব্যa. that which is to happen; that which shall happen.

ঘটিরাম [ ghaṭirāma ] n a stupid or worthless officer or worker. ☐a. stupid or worthless (ঘটিরামডেপুটি).

ঘট্ট [ ghaṭṭa ] n a landing stair at the bank of a river, tank etc. ̃জীবীn. a ferryman.

ঘট্টন [ ghaṭṭana ] n act of abrading, abrasion; act of pounding; act of stirring; act of causing to occur, act of bringing about; act of forming; formation. ঘট্টনীn. a pestle.

ঘট্টিত [ ghaṭṭita ] a brought about, caused to occur; made; formed; pounded; stirred.

ঘড় ঘড় [ ghaḍ় ghaḍ় ] int expressing a rattling sound as of a wheeled car moving or of the breathing of a bronchial patient.

ঘড়া [ ghaḍ়ā ] n a vase without a handle, a jar, a pitcher.

ঘড়াঞ্চি [ ghaḍ়āñci ] n a step-ladder.

ঘড়ি [ ghaḍ়i ] n a clock, a watch, a wristwatch, a timepiece; an hour. ঘড়ি-ঘড়িadv. at every hour; at every moment; repeatedly; frequently; often. লার্মঘড়িn. an alarm clock. ট্যাঁকঘড়িn. a pocket watch. টেবলঘড়িn. a table clock, a time-piece. দেওয়ালঘড়িn. a wall clock. পকেটঘড়িn. a pocket watch. পেটাঘড়িn. a gong. বালিঘড়িn. a sand-glass, hourglass. বিরামঘড়িn. (phys.) a stop-watch.সূর্যঘড়িn. a sundial. হাতঘড়িn. a wrist-watch.

ঘড়িয়াল1 [ ghaḍ়iẏāla1 ] n one who is employed to strike a gong to indicate hours, (cp.) a bellman.

ঘড়িয়াল2 [ ghaḍ়iẏāla2 ] n a crocodile with a very long muzzle, a gavial, Gavialis gangeticus; (fig.) an extremely sly and self-seeking person.

ঘন্ট [ ghanṭa ] n a dish of minced and spiced vegetables cooked almost dry; (fig.) reckless waste (টাকারঘন্ট). ঘন্টকরাv. to cook a dish of minced and spiced vegetables; (fig.) to waste or squander recklessly.

ঘন্টা [ ghanṭā ] n a bell; a gong; an hour; (sarcas.) nothing of any value (ঘন্টা করবে). ঘন্টাকরাv. to fail to do anything, to do nothing. ̃ধ্বনি ̃রবn. the sound of a bell or a gong.ঘন্টা পড়েv. the bell goes. ঘন্টাবাজানোv. to ring a bell; to sound a gong; to tintinnabulate. ̃বাদনn. ringing of a bell; act of sounding a gong; tintinnabulation.ঘন্টায়-ঘন্টায়adv. at every hour; repeatedly and frequently. বিড়ালেরগলায় ঘন্টাবাঁধাv. to bell the cat.

ঘন্টাকর্ণ [ ghanṭākarṇa ] n the bell-flower, the campanula, (cp.) the tulip; a traditional deity presiding over skin-diseases.

ঘন্টাগার [ ghanṭāgāra ] n a belfry.

ঘন্টিকা, ঘন্টী [ ghanṭikā, ghanṭī ] n a small bell; the uvula.

ঘন্টেশ্বর [ ghanṭēśbara ] n a traditional deity presiding over skin-diseases (regarded as the son of Mars).

ঘন [ ghana ] n cloud (ঘনঘটা); (arith. & alg.)a cube (ঘনফল); (geom.) a solid. ☐a. dense (ঘন বন); thick, condensed (ঘনমেঘ, ঘন দুধ); frequent (ঘন ঘন গর্জন); deep (ঘন আঁধার); close (ঘনবৃক্ষসারি, ঘনবুনুনি); coarse (ঘন কাপড়); severe (ঘনবরষা); (geom. & sc.) solid (ঘন পদার্থ, ঘনক্ষেত্র). ঘনকরাv. to thicken; to condense. ঘন হওয়াv. to thicken; to become condensed; to draw close together; to draw close (to). ̃কালn. the rainy season, the rains.ঘনকালো deep black. ̃কৃষ্ণa. as black or dark as a cloud; deep black, jet black. ̃ক্ষেত্রn. (geom.) a solid figure, a cube.̃গর্জনn. the roar or rumbling of clouds; a peal of thunder.̃ঘটাn. a thick and extensive cumulation of (dark) clouds, the cumulus. ̃ঘটাচ্ছন্নa. overcast with clouds. ̃ঘনadv. repeatedly and frequently, every now and then, often. ̃ঘোরa. overcast with thick clouds; (loos.) darkened with clouds. ̃জ্যামিতিn. solid geometry. ̃তা, ̃ত্বn. density; thickness; closeness; solidity; (geom. & sc.) dimension, volume. ˜ফলn. (math.) cubic measure.̃ফুটn. cubic foot.̃বর্ত্মn. the path of the cloud across the sky; the sky.̃বসতিn. thick or dense cluster of habitations, thick population. ̃বসতিপূর্ণa. crowded with habitations; thickly populated, congested. ̃বস্তুn. a solid thing; (phys.) a solid body. ̃বিন্যস্তa. thickly set. ̃বিন্যাসn. thick setting.̃বীথিn. the region of clouds; air route.̃মানn. (phys.) volume.̃মিটারn. cubic metre.̃মূলn. (math.) a cube root.̃শ্যামa. as black or dark as a cloud, deep black; dark-complexioned; bottle-green.☐n. an appellation of Krishna (কৃষ্ণ). ̃সন্নিবিষ্ট same as ̃বিন্যস্ত । ̃সন্নিবেশ same as ̃বিন্যাস । ̃সারn. camphor.

ঘনাগম [ ghanāgama ] n (lit.) arrival of clouds; the rainy season, the rains.

ঘনাঙ্ক [ ghanāṅka ] n density. পরমঘনাঙ্ক (phys.) absolute density.

ঘনাচ্ছন্ন [ ghanācchanna ] a same as ঘনাবৃত ।

ঘনাত্যয়, ঘনান্ত [ ghanātyaẏa, ghanānta ] n (lit.) removal or end of clouds; the autumn season.

ঘনানো [ ghanānō ] v to draw close or closer, to near; to make thick, to thicken. তার দিনঘনিয়েছে his or her time is up; his or her days are numbered.

ঘনান্ধকার [ ghanāndhakāra ] n deep darkness. ☐a. deep dark.

ঘনাবৃত [ ghanābṛta ] a overcast with clouds.

ঘনায়মান [ ghanāẏamāna ] a in the state of being thickened, thickening; drawing near, approaching.

ঘনায়িত [ ghanāẏita ] a drawn near; thickened.

ঘনিমা [ ghanimā ] n density; thickness; closeness; solidity.

ঘনিষ্ঠ [ ghaniṣṭha ] a close, near (ঘনিষ্ঠ সম্পর্ক, ঘনিষ্ঠ হয়েবসা); hand in glove (with), intimate (ঘনিষ্ঠবন্ধু = an intimate or close friend, a bosom friend). fem. ঘনিষ্ঠা । ̃তাn. closeness, nearness; intimacy.

ঘনীকরণ [ ghanīkaraṇa ] n act of making thick, thickening; condensation; act of bringing near.

ঘনীকৃত [ ghanīkṛta ] a thickened; condensed; brought near.

ঘনীভবন [ ghanībhabana ] n act of getting thick, thickening; condensation; act of drawing near.

ঘনীভূত [ ghanībhūta ] a thickened; condensed; drawn near.

ঘনোপল [ ghanōpala ] n hail.

ঘর [ ghara ] n a house, a building; a dwelling, a residence, an abode, a home; a shrine, a temple (ঠাকুরঘর); a room, a compartment, an apartment (পড়ারঘর); one's own family (ঘরের লোক); a family (দুশো ঘরেরবাস); descent, lineage (স্বঘর, হাঘর); a groove, a pocket (ছাপারটাইপের ঘর); a hole (বোতামের ঘর = a button-hole); (of machines etc.) a button, a reed (হারমোনিয়ামে 'সা'-এর ঘর); a rectangle or a square (ঘর কাটা); a place, a space, a side, a division, a column etc. (খরচেরঘর). ঘরআলোকরাv. to beautify or edify a house (esp. with one's personal charm); to bring joy or glory or pride to a family. ̃করনা, ̃কন্নাn. (usu. of a woman) housekeeping, household duties; domestic science; the life and duties of a housewife; housewifery.ঘরকরনা করা, ঘরকন্না করাv. (usu. of a woman) to keep a house for, to act as a housewife (সে শান্তিতে ঘরকন্নাকরছে); to perform household duties; to be a housewife. ঘর করাv. to build a house; to act as a wife or mistress to (স্বামী নিয়ে ঘর করা); to act as a house wife, to do housekeeping (সে দেওরদেরঘর করছে); to lead the life of a house wife (কীসের জন্য আরঘর করা); (of men) to live as a householder, to live as a family man (স্ত্রীপুত্রনিয়ে ঘর করা). ঘরকাটাv. to divide into or draw separate spaces, columns, squares, rectangles etc. ̃কাটাa. divided into separate spaces, columns, squares, rectangles etc. ̃কুনোa. homekeeping, shy of company. ☐n. a home-bird. ̃কুনোমিn. home-keeping nature.ঘরগড়াv. to build one's house or home, to set up one's residence; to establish one's family. ঘর ঘরadv. to or at every door, from door to door; to every family or house (বঙ্গেরঘর-ঘর). ̃ছাড়াa. one who has renounced hearth and home or has taken to asceticism (ঘরছাড়া সন্ন্যাসী); away from home, living abroad (ঘরছাড়াজীবন); revolting against the domestic life (ঘরছাড়া মন). ̃জামাইn. a man who lives in his father-in-law's family at the latter's cost. ̃জোড়াa. occupying the whole space of a room; crowding or over-crowding a room; making a family or house charming and delightful by one's presence (ঘরজোড়া নাতি-নাতনি).ঘর জ্বালানোv. to set fire to a house or dwelling, to commit arson; (fig.) to destroy the peace and happiness of a family; (fig.) to ruin a family. ̃জ্বালানেa. (fig.) one who or that which destroys the peace and happiness of a family; (fig.) one who or that which ruins a family.fem. ঘরজ্বালানি । ঘর তোলাv. to build a house or room (esp. a residential one).ঘর-পরn. one's own people and others. ঘরপাতাv. to settle down to a married life. ̃পোড়াa. one whose house or dwelling has been burnt down; that which burns down a house or dwelling.☐n. an appellation of Hanuman (হনুমান) who set fire to Lanka (লঙ্কা); an incendiary or saboteur. ঘরপোড়াগোরু সিঁদুরে মেঘ দেখে ডরায় a burnt child dreads the fire. ঘরপোড়াবুদ্ধি a thought or plan that harms oneself or one's own family or side. ̃পোষাa. domestic, tame. ̃বরn. one's husband and his house or family.̃বসতn. act of dwelling or residing (ঘরবসত করা); a dwelling, a homestead; act of going to live with the husband permanently (generally said of childwives).ঘর বাঁধাv. to build a house or dwelling; to settle, to colonize. ̃বার করাv. to go out of doors and come indoors alternately and repeatedly (esp. in anxiety).ঘরভাঙাv. to pull down or demolish a house or room (esp. a residential one); to cause internal strife through instigation; to cause to lose one's aristocracy through matrimonial alliance with an inferior family. ঘর ভাঙানোv. to cause to pull down or demolish a house or room; to cause internal strife through instigation; to cause to lose one's purity of blood through matrimonial alliance with an inferior family. ঘর-ভাঙানেa. one who or that which causes internal strife through instigation. fem. ঘর ভাঙানি । ̃মুখোa. homeward; homing. ঘরসংসার. same as ঘরকরনা । ̃সন্ধানn. act of prying into a family or party to find out any of its weak points by means of which internal dissension may be caused. ̃সন্ধানীa. praying into a family or party to find out any of its weak points by means of which internal dissension may be caused.ঘরেআগুন দেওয়া same as ঘর জ্বালানো । ঘরে-পরে, ঘরে-বাইরেadv. out of doors and within; at home and abroad. ঘরেরকথা the secret of a family or a party. ঘরের শত্রু one who is an enemy to his own family or party, one who betrays his own family or party. ঘরের শত্রু বিভীষণ one whose activities and behaviour do a lot of harm to the family; a quisling (see গৃহশত্রুবিভীষণ).

ঘরনি [ gharani ] n a housewife; a wife.

ঘরাঘরি [ gharāghari ] a mutual; between two houses; inter-domestic; among the members of a family.

ঘরানা [ gharānā ] a born of or belonging to or relating to a family or a high family. ☐n. (in Indian music) a typical tradition or style set up by a famous composer or singer of a place or family (আগ্রা ঘরানা, কিরানা ঘরানা).

ঘরামি [ gharāmi ] n a thatcher, one who builds huts professionally. ̃গিরিn. the occupation of building huts; the occupation of a thatcher.

ঘরোয়া [ gharōẏā ] a pertaining to a family (and usu. confidential) (ঘরোয়া ব্যাপার = family matter); internal (ঘরোয়া বিবাদ); homely (ঘরোয়া ব্যবহার); domestic (ঘরোয়াকাজকর্ম); non-official, informal (ঘরোয়াবৈঠক); intimate, one's own (ঘরোয়ালোক).

ঘর্ঘর [ gharghara ] int expressing a rattling sound as of a tyreless wheeled vehicle moving on a stony road. ঘর্ঘর করাv. to rattle. ঘর্ঘরশব্দে with a rattling noise. ঘর্ঘরিতa. rattling; resounded or filled with a rattling noise.

ঘর্ম [ gharma ] n sweat, perspiration. ̃সিক্ত, ঘর্মাক্ত, ঘর্মাপ্লুতa. drenched or wet with perspiration. ঘর্মাক্তকলেবরa. one whose body is wet with perspiration, one who is sweating all over.

ঘর্ষণ, ঘর্ষ [ gharṣaṇa, gharṣa ] n act of rubbing or grazing, abrasion; act of scouring; (esp. in sc.) friction. ঘর্ষণ করাv. to rub; to graze; to abrade; to scour. ঘর্ষণাঙ্কn. (sc.) coefficient of friction.ঘর্ষণীয়a. that which is to be or can be rubbed or scoured. ঘর্ষবিদ্যুত্n. (phys.) frictional electricity.ঘর্ষিতa. rubbed; grazed; abraded; scoured.

ঘষটানো, ঘষড়ানো [ ghaṣaṭānō, ghaṣaḍ়ānō ] v to drag along something hard; to graze; to abrade; (fig.) to practice or read or try repeatedly or continuously ঘষটানি, ঘষড়ানিn. an instance or act of dragging along something hard; an instance or act of grazing; abrasion; (fig.) repeated or continuous practice or reading or effort.

ঘষা [ ghaṣā ] v to rub; to graze; to abrade; to scour. ☐a. rubbed; grazed; abraded; scoured. ঘষাঘষাa. appearing as grazed or abraded; slightly grazed or abraded. ̃ঘষিn. act of repeated or mutual rubbing or grazing or abrading or scouring; repeated or mutual friction; (fig.) repeated or continuous practice or training or coaching; (fig.) repeated solicitation or endeavor. ̃মাজাn. (of writings) correction and brushing up; act of scouring; (fig.) act of assiduous coaching or training; (fig.) assiduous attempt at improvement. ̃মাজাকরাv. to scour; (fig.) to coach or train assiduously; (fig.) to endeavor to improve assiduously; to brush up.ঘষেমেজে রূপ made-up or toileted beauty or glamour, painted beauty or glamour.

ঘা [ ghā ] n a stroke, a blow, a shock (লাঠিরঘা); a wound, a sore, an ulcer (পচাঘা); a bite (সাপেরঘা); heart-sore, grief, insult (অপমানের ঘা); a loss (ব্যাবসায় ঘা খাওয়া). ঘা করাv. to cause a wound or sore, to ulcerate. খুঁচিয়ে ঘা করা (lit.) to cause a wound by unnecessary probing; (fig.) to open up or rub an old sore. ঘা খাওয়াv. to receive a blow or shock; to be struck; to be bitten; to be stricken or wounded at heart; to suffer a loss (ব্যবসায় ঘা খাওয়া); to be harmed (লোকসানেঘা খাওয়া). ঘা দেওয়াv. to deal (one) or inflict a blow; to shock; to strike; (of snakes) to bite; to wound one's heart; to cause a loss (to); to harm; to knock, to rap (at) (দরজায়ঘাদেওয়া). ঘা মারাv. to deal (one) or inflict a blow; to strike; (of snakes) to bite; to wound one's heart. ঘা-মুখn. the opening of a sore or ulcer. ঘা শুকিয়েছেv. a wound or ulcer has healed. ঘা সওয়াv. to bear or endure or sustain a blow or shock or a loss or harm. ঘা হওয়াv. to be ulcerated. ̃কতকn. a good number of blows.̃কতক খাওয়াv. to sustain a sound beating or a good number of blows.̃কতক বসিয়ে দেওয়াv. to deal (one) a good number of blows; to give a sound beating. ̃-ঘো (coll.) n. wounds, injuries; cuts and blows. ঘা-ঘোদেওয়াv. to deal or administer a blow or two, to deal a few blows.

ঘাই [ ghāi ] n a (heavy) stroke or blow; a noisy stroke on the surface of water made by a large fish with its tail.

ঘাঁটা1 [ ghān̐ṭā1 ] n a hard growth on the foot or toe or hand, a corn.

ঘাঁটা2 [ ghān̐ṭā2 ] v to stir; to beat, to whisk away, to move about; to rummage (কাগজপত্রঘাঁটা); to mix up (সুতোগুলো বা মশলাগুলোসে ঘেঁটে ফেলেছে). ☐a. stirred; moved about, handled; mixed up. ̃ঘাঁটিn. act of stirring or rummaging or handling repeatedly or continuously. ̃ঘাঁটি করাv. to stir or handle repeatedly or confusedly.̃নোv. to cause to stir; to vex, to irritate, to annoy; to disturb; to agitate.

ঘাঁটি [ ghān̐ṭi ] n a watch-post; an outpost (পুলিশেরঘাঁটি); a station, a depot (বিমানঘাঁটি = an airport, জাহাজঘাঁটি = a dock); a military outpost or station; a haunt or rendezvous (বদমাশেরঘাঁটি); a gateway or a junction of several ways (ঘাঁটি জুড়েথাকা). ঘাঁটি আগলানোv. to guard a camp or post. ̃য়ালn. one who guards or keeps a post.

ঘাঁতঘোঁত [ ghān̐taghōn̐ta ] n secret means or methods, artifice, contrivances, devices; tricks or wiles; ins and outs.

ঘাগরা [ ghāgarā ] n a skirt usually worn by an upcountry woman.

ঘাগি [ ghāgi ] a hardened by long practice, inveterate (ঘাগি বদমাশ); veteran, long-experienced (ঘাগিখেলোয়ার, ঘাগিকেরানি); punished or convicted repeatedly; confirmed (ঘাগি চোর). ঘাগি হওয়াv. to be hardened or made callous by long practice or experience. ঘাগু same as ঘাগি ।

ঘাঘর [ ghāghara ] n a pair of cymbals.

ঘাট1 [ ghāṭa1 ] n a fault, a slight offence, a failing, a shortcoming; shortage, want (গুণে ঘাটনেই). ঘাটমানাv. to own or acknowledge a fault or failing; to apologize for a fault or failing. ঘাট হওয়াv. to be in fault.

ঘাট2 [ ghāṭa2 ] n a landing-stage (as on the bank of a river, pond etc.) a ghat, a quay, a wharf, a moorage, a mooring; (of a harmonium) a reed, (of a stringed musical instrument) a bridge; a mountain or mountain range (পূর্বঘাট, পশ্চিমঘাট); a mountain-pass, a gorge, a ghat. ̃ওয়াল var. of ঘাটোয়াল । ̃লাn. a brick-built or stone-built landing-stair (as on the bank of a pond).̃কামানn. the practice (among Hindus) of shaving head, chin etc. of sons when their period of mourning is over.ঘাটের মড়া (lit.) a corpse for cremation or burial; a person having one-foot in the grave; (as an abuse) a haggard and ghostly-looking person. সাতঘাটের জল খাওয়া (fig.) to knock at every door only to be disappointed or harassed.

ঘাট খরচ [ ghāṭa kharaca ] n funeral expenses.

ঘাটতি [ ghāṭati ] n shortage, shortfall, deficit; fault, flaw, defect (কাজের ঘাটতি).

ঘাটমাঝি [ ghāṭamājhi ] n a ferryman.

ঘাটা [ ghāṭā ] n (used as a sfx.) a quay, a wharf, a moorage (জাহাজঘাটা).

ঘাটোয়াল [ ghāṭōẏāla ] n a wharfinger; a guard of an outpost; a collector of toll from pilgrims. fem. ঘাটোয়ালি1। ঘাটোয়ালি2n. the profession or post of a wharfinger; land held on condition of service as a wharfinger; fem. of ঘাটোয়াল ।

ঘাড় [ ghāḍ় ] n the nape of the neck; the neck; the shoulder. ঘাড় ঝাঁকানোv. to shrug. ঘাড়ধরাv. to seize by the neck. ঘাড়ধরেকরানোv. to compel or force (a person) to do. ঘাড়নাড়াv. to nod (to indicate acquiescence or refusal or affirmation or negation). ঘাড় ভাঙাv. to cause to spend for oneself (through fraudulence, cajolement etc.). ঘাড়েকরাv. to take upon the shoulder, to shoulder. ঘাড়ে-গর্দানেএক stubbily built; short-necked. ঘাড় চাপা, ঘাড়ে পড়াv. to come or fall upon the shoulder as a burden. ঘাড়েচাপানোv. to place upon the shoulder of another, to impose a burden on another. ঘাড়ে নেওয়া same as ঘাড়েকরা । ̃ধাক্কাn. a push out by the neck; expulsion. ঘাড়ধাক্কাদেওয়া v. to push out by the neck; to expel.

ঘাত [ ghāta ] n a stroke, a blow; a beating; a wound, a sore, an ulcer; malice; slaughter; killing; murder; (math.) a power. ̃কn. a slayer, a killer; a murderer; an executioner.̃চিহ্নn. (math.) an index. ̃নn. act of causing to kill or murder or beat; an implement for beating or killing with; a weapon; slaughter; murder; sacrificial slaughter; immolation; a stroke, a blow. ☐a. one who or that which slays or murders, slaying or murdering. ̃-প্রতিঘাতn. action and reaction; striking and restriking, blows and counterblows.̃বলn. (sc.) impulsive force.̃শ্রেণিn. (sc.) power series.̃সহa. capable of bearing strokes and strains; malleable.̃স্হানn. a place of execution, an execution dock; a gallows-lee; a slaughter-house.

ঘাতী [ ghātī ] a (used as a sfx.) one who or that which slays or murders (পিতৃঘাতী = patricidal, মাতৃঘাতী = matricidal, ভ্রাতৃঘাতী = fratricidal, নরঘাতী = homicidal, আত্মঘাতী = suicidal).

ঘাতুক [ ghātuka ] a cruel; merciless; destroying or killing. ☐n. an executioner.

ঘাত্য [ ghātya ] a fit to be killed or beaten; (math.) multipliable.

ঘানি [ ghāni ] n a large block of wood used in grinding oil-seeds to express oil from them, a grinding tree (also ঘানিগাছ); an oil-mill (also ঘানিকল). ঘানি টানা, ঘানিঠেলাv. to move or operate a grinding tree; (fig.) to do an extremely laborious and dull job, to drudge; (fig.) to serve a term of rigorous imprisonment, to serve time. ঘানিতে জোড়া, ঘানিতে জোতাv. to yoke to a grinding tree; (fig.) to put to drudgery. ঘানিতে পড়াv. to be yoked to a grinding tree; (fig.) to be put to drudgery.

ঘাপটি [ ghāpaṭi ] n a lying in wait, an ambush, an ambuscade; feigned sleep. ঘাপটি মারা, ঘাপটি মেরেথাকাv. to lie in wait, to ambush, to ambuscade; to feign sleep.

ঘাবড়ানো [ ghābaḍ়ānō ] v to lose or cause to lose one's balance, to upset mentally; to get nervous; to be or to cause to be panicky, to be afraid or to frighten; to be taken aback or cause to be taken aback. ঘাবড়ানিn. panic; fright; state of being taken aback.

ঘাম [ ghāma ] n sweat, perspiration. ঘাম দিয়ে জ্বরছাড়া (lit.) to perspire on the eve of being relieved of fever; (fig.) to be relieved of anxiety or danger. মাথার ঘামপায়ে ফেলে with the sweat of one's brow.

ঘামা [ ghāmā ] v to sweat, to perspire.

ঘামাচি [ ghāmāci ] n prickly-heat.

ঘামানো [ ghāmānō ] v to cause to perspire. মাথা ঘামানোv. to think hard on a difficult problem, to strain one's brains, to cudgel one's brains.

ঘায়েল [ ghāẏēla ] a wounded; killed; defeated. ঘায়েলকরাv. to wound; to overpower; to kill; to defeat.

ঘাস [ ghāsa ] n grass. ঘাসকাটাv. to mow grass; (dero.) to do practically little or no work; to work to no purpose. ঘাস-কাটাকল a mowing machine, a grass-cutter.

ঘাসি [ ghāsi ] a relating to grass, like grass, grassy. ☐n. a dealer in grass; one who cuts grass, a grass-cutter. ঘাসি-নৌকো a long and narrow boat for carrying chiefly grass, hay etc. and also goods and passengers.

ঘি [ ghi ] n clarified butter (of cow's or buffalo's milk), ghee. ঘিয়ে ভাজাa. fried in ghee; (joc.) very weak, sickly and emaciated (ঘিয়ে ভাজাকুকুর). মাথার ঘি the soft or grey matter within the skull, brains.

ঘিচিঘিচি [ ghicighici ] a closely placed in an inelegant or indecent manner.

ঘিঞ্জি [ ghiñji ] a dense; very closely placed; stuffy; narrow; thickly populated; overcrowded, congested.

ঘিনঘিন [ ghinaghina ] int expressing a feeling of loathing or detestation. ঘিনঘিন করাv. to be stricken with a feeling of loathing or detestation. ঘিনঘিনেa. that which creates a feeling of detestation.

ঘিরা, ঘেরা [ ghirā, ghērā ] v to enclose; to shut in; to surround; to overcast or pervade ('আকাশঘিরেমেঘ জমেছে'); to besiege. ☐n. an enclosed place or an enclosing device, an enclosure. ☐a. enclosed; shut in; surrounded; besieged. ঘিরে ফেলাv. to encircle; to besiege.

ঘিলু [ ghilu ] n the soft or grey matter within the skull, brains; (fig.) intelligence.

ঘুংড়িকাশি [ ghuṇḍ়ikāśi ] n hooping-cough, whooping cough.

ঘুঁজি [ ghun̐ji ] n a narrow lane or place or corner; a dirty place or corner (গলিঘুঁজি).

ঘুঁটা, ঘোঁটা [ ghun̐ṭā, ghōn̐ṭā ] v to stir with a pestle in a mortar; to beat up; to agitate; to search or traverse thoroughly, to rifle, to ran sack. ☐a. stirred with a pestle in a mortar; beaten up; agitated; thoroughly searched or traversed, rifled, ran sacked. ঘুঁটানো, ঘোঁটানোv. to cause to stir with a pestle in a mortar; to cause to beat up; to cause to agitate; to cause to search or traverse or be searched or be traversed thoroughly, to cause to rifle or ransack or be rifled or be ransacked.

ঘুঁটি [ ghun̐ṭi ] n a piece or pawn in chess and similar other games. ঘুঁটি চালাv. to move a piece or pawn.

ঘুঁটে [ ghun̐ṭē ] n a cake of dried dung used as fuel, a dungcake.

ঘুঁটেকুড়ানি, ঘুঁটেকুড়ুনি [ ghun̐ṭēkuḍ়āni, ghun̐ṭēkuḍ়uni ] n (lit.) a woman engaged in collecting dungcakes; (fig.) a poor and humble woman.

ঘুগনি, ঘুগনিদানা [ ghugani, ghuganidānā ] n a kind of food prepared with pigeon-peas, potato, coconut-ker nel, spices etc. all boiled together.

ঘুঘু [ ghughu ] n the dove; (fig.) a sly and wily person (লোকটি একটি ঘুঘু); (fig.) a wily and harmful person (বাস্তু ঘুঘু); (fig.) a vet eran (জেলঘুঘু) ঘুঘুর বাসা a dovecot(e); a dove's nest; (fig.) a nasty or dirty place (তার মাথাটা ঘুঘুর বাসা); a den. ঘুঘু দেখেছ, ফাঁদ দেখনি (fig.) you are after the honeycomb but have forgotten the bees. (কারও) ভিটায় ঘুঘু চরানো to raze someone's homestead to the ground; (fig.) render a person homeless or to ruin him utterly.

ঘুঙুর [ ghuṅura ] n a string of bells worn at the ankle.

ঘুচা, ঘোচা [ ghucā, ghōcā ] v to be destroyed or lost; to cease to exist (শান্তি ঘোচা, আরাম ঘুচেযাওয়া); to pass, to elapse, to come to an end (সুখের দিন ঘোচা); to be removed or dispelled, to lift (আঁধার ঘোচা). ঘুচানোv. to destroy or cause to pass or elapse; to remove or dispel; to cause to remove or dispel.

ঘুটঘুট [ ghuṭaghuṭa ] int expressing deep blackness or darkness. ঘুটঘুট করাv. to be darkening deep. ঘুটঘুটেa. deep; deeply darkening.

ঘুটিং [ ghuṭi ] n calcined lime.

ঘুড়ি1 [ ghuḍ়i1 ] n a paper-kite or a cloth-kite, a kite.

ঘুড়ি2 [ ghuḍ়i2 ] n the mare.

ঘুণ [ ghuṇa ] n a kind of wood-mite or wood worm, termite. ☐a. expert or well-experienced; engaged steadfastly (ঘুণ হয়েআমার পিছনে লেগেছে). ̃-ধরাa. affected with wood-mite; (fig.) in the process of decaying; worn out. ঘুণ ধরাv. to be affected with wood-mite. ঘুণে ধরাv. to be affected with wood-mite; to decay. ঘুণাক্ষরn. a small mark on timber made by wood-mite; (fig.) a slight hint. ঘুনাক্ষরেadv. even slightly, to the slightestextent.

ঘুন্টি [ ghunṭi ] n a button usu. made of cloth; a very small bell.

ঘুনশি [ ghunaśi ] n a coloured thread worn round the waist (cp. a girdle).

ঘুনি [ ghuni ] n a kind of box-like wickertrap used in catching fish.

ঘুপসি [ ghupasi ] a dark and narrow; crouching (ঘুপসি মেরে থাকা). ☐n. a dark and narrow place.

ঘুম [ ghuma ] n sleep, slumber. ঘুম চটে যাওয়াv. to have one's sleep spoiled. ঘুমদেওয়া, ঘুমলাগানোv. to go to sleep, to sleep. ঘুমপাড়ানোv. to lull to sleep. ঘুম ভাঙাv. to wake up, to awake. ঘুম ভাঙানোv. to rouse from sleep. কাঁচা ঘুম incomplete sleep. ̃কাতুরেa. prone to sleeping overmuch; sleepy; drowsy. ̃ঘোরn. sound sleep; drowsiness.ঘুমানোv. to sleep. ☐a. sleeping. ঘুমন্তa. sleeping, asleep. ̃পাড়ানিa. soporific; lulling.̃পাড়ানিগান a lullaby.

ঘুর [ ghura ] n an instance or act of revolving or reeling; reeling sensation (ঘুর লাগা). ☐a. winding, sinuous, circuitous; round about, devious (ঘুরপথ); deep (ঘুরঘুট্টি = deep dark). ̃পথn. a roundabout route.̃পাকn. whirling, revolving, circular motion.ঘুরপাক খাওয়া, ঘুরপাক দেওয়াv. to revolve or reel, to turn about; to wander about aimlessly. ̃প্যাঁচ, ঘোরপ্যাঁচn. intricacy, complication; crookedness, angularity (মনেরঘোরপ্যাঁচ).

ঘুরঘুর1 [ ghuraghura1 ] int expressing (continuous) prying movement or act of prying (continuously). ঘুরঘুর করাv. to snoop about, to move about constantly trying to get at or pry into something.

ঘুরঘুর2, ঘুরঘুরিয়া, ঘুরঘুরে [ ghuraghura2, ghuraghuriẏā, ghuraghurē ] n a kind of noisy beetle belonging to the family of Cystocirca Gregaria.

ঘুরা, ঘোরা [ ghurā, ghōrā ] v to turn about, to revolve, to spin round; to reel; to ramble, to travel; to grope. ☐a. roundabout; circuitous, indirect (ঘোরাপথ). ̃ঘুরিn. continuous rambling or travelling; frequentation, continuous coming and going. ঘোরাঘুরিকরাv. to ramble or travel continuously; to frequent. ঘুরানোv. to cause to turn about, to revolve, to spin; to cause to reel, to reel; to cause to ramble or travel unnecessarily; to harass. ☐a. revolving; roundabout, circuitous, indirect.

ঘুলঘুলি [ ghulaghuli ] n a bay-window.

ঘুষ, ঘুস [ ghuṣa, ghusa ] n a bribe, illegal gratification. ঘুষখাওয়া, ঘুষ নেওয়াv. to take or accept a bribe. ঘুষ দেওয়া, ঘুস দেওয়াv. to bribe, to grease one's palm.

ঘুষখোর, ঘুসখোর [ ghuṣakhōra, ghusakhōra ] n one who is given to taking bribes.

ঘুসঘুস [ ghusaghusa ] int expressing secrecy or whispering. ঘুসঘুস করাv. to move stealthily; to whisper. ঘুসঘুসেa. secret (ঘুসঘুসেব্যাপার); whispering (ঘুসঘসে আলোচনা); low (ঘুসঘুসে জ্বর); suppressed (ঘুসঘুসেব্যাথা).

ঘুষা1, ঘুসা1, ঘুসি1, ঘুসো1 [ ghuṣā1, ghusā1, ghusi1, ghusō1 ] n the smallest variety of the shrimp (also ঘুষো-চিংড়ি, ঘুসো-চিংড়ি).

ঘুসকি, ঘুস্কি [ ghusaki, ghuski ] n. fem a prostitute without a license; a demirep.

ঘূত্কার [ ghūtkāra ] n the note of the owl, hoot.

ঘূর্ণ [ ghūrṇa ] n a circular movement; a turning about; whirling, revolution, spinning, reeling. ☐a. circling, turning about, whirling, spinning, reeling. ̃নn. act of circling or revolving or whirling or reeling continuously. ̃বাত, ̃বায়ুn. a cyclone, a whirlwind.̃মানa. that which is revolving or reeling.

ঘূর্ণাবর্ত [ ghūrṇābarta ] n a whirlpool, an eddy.

ঘূর্ণায়মান [ ghūrṇāẏamāna ] a that which is revolving or reeling or rolling; that which is being revolved; that which reels or rolls; engaged in travelling.

ঘূর্ণি [ ghūrṇi ] n an instance or act of circling or turning about or revolving or reeling or rolling; a whirlpool, an eddy; a cy clone. ̃জলn. a whirlpool, an eddy.

̃ঝড়[ ̃jhaḍ় ] n cyclone, hurricane, tornado.

̃বৃষ্টি[ ̃bṛṣṭi ] n rain accompanied by cyclone. ̃তa. that which is being turned about or revolved or reeled or rolled; turned about, revolved, reeled, rolled. ঘূর্ণিতনয়নn. rolling eyes (indicating anger). ̃মস্তকn. giddiness; vertigo; confusion, perplexity.̃পাকn. a turning about, revolution; a whirlpool, an eddy.̃বাত, ̃বাত্যা, ̃বায়ুn. a cyclone, a whirlwind.̃রোগn. giddiness, vertigo.

ঘূর্ণ্যমান [ ghūrṇyamāna ] a that which is being turned about or revolved or rolled.

ঘৃণা [ ghṛṇā ] n hate, hatred; aversion, abhorrence, detestation; dislike; contempt, scorn, repugnance; feeling of shame, self-mortification (এত তিরস্কারেও তারঘৃণা হয়না). ঘৃণা করাv. to hate; to abhor, to de test; to dislike; to despise, to scorn, to look down upon. ঘৃণাহওয়াv. to have a feeling of hate or abhorrence or dislike or repugnance or scorn; to feel shame, to be mortified. ঘৃণার্হ, ঘৃণাস্পদa. hateful, detestable; contemptible, despicable; base, low.

ঘৃণিত [ ghṛṇita ] a hated or hateful; abhorred, de tested or detestable; disliked; contemptible, despicable; base, low. ঘৃণিতজীবন wretched or repulsively filthy or squalid life.

ঘৃণী [ ghṛṇī ] a one who hates or abhors or detests or dislikes or despises or scorns or looks down upon; (rare) one who takes pity, kind.

ঘৃত [ ghṛta ] n clarified butter (of cow's or buffalo's milk), ghee. ̃কুমারীn. the aloe. ̃পক্কa. cooked with butter or ghee. ঘৃতাক্তa. smeared with ghee. ঘৃতান্নn. rice boiled in clarified butter, pilau. ঘৃতার্চিn. fire. ঘৃতাহুতিn. pouring of ghee in the sacrificial fire, burnt offering of ghee. অগ্নিতেঘৃতাহুতি দেওয়া (fig.) to add fuel to the fire or the flames.

ঘৃষ্ট [ ghṛṣṭa ] a pounded; trampled on, treaded on; grazed, rubbed; scoured; caused by rubbing or grazing or scouring; (gr.) affricate.

ঘেউ, ঘেউ ঘেউ [ ghēu, ghēu ghēu ] int expressing a barking noise. ☐n. the bark of a dog. ঘেউঘেউকরাv. to bark.

ঘেঁচড়া [ ghēn̐caḍ়ā ] n callosity of skin caused by frequent rubbing ঘেঁচড়া পড়া. ☐a. affected with callosity; disobedient and obstinate (ঘেঁচড়া ছেলে); unfeeling, hardened, callous (মারঘেঁচড়া).

ঘেঁচু [ ghēn̐cu ] n a small and wild esculent root (কচুঘেঁচু); (coll.) nothing, figs (ঘেঁচুকরবে).

ঘেঁষ1 [ ghēm̐ṣa1 ] n touch, contact (ঘেঁষে থাকা); indulgence or liberty (ঘেঁষদেওয়া). ☐a. touching, close (ঘেঁষ হয়ে বসা).

ঘেঁষ2, ঘেঁস [ ghēm̐ṣa2, ghēm̐sa ] n the dust of coal; dust of bro ken brick or stone; coal ash.

ঘেঁষা [ ghēm̐ṣā ] n to stay touching; to come in con tact with; to draw close (to); to approach. ঘেঁষাঘেঁষিadv. closely; crowdingly. ☐n. closeness or crowding state (ঘেঁষাঘেঁষির জন্য অসুবিধা).

ঘেঙানো [ ghēṅānō ] v to whine, to whimper. ঘেঙানিn. whining; a whine, a whimper.

ঘেটেল [ ghēṭēla ] n a ferryman.

ঘেমো [ ghēmō ] a sweaty ঘেমোগা, ঘোমো জামা.

ঘেয়ো [ ghēẏō ] a having an ulcer or sore or wound, ulcerous; ulcerated; (of a dog) mangy (ঘেয়োকুকুর).

ঘের [ ghēra ] n perimeter, circumference; girth (শায়ার ঘের); an enclosing frame or an enclosed place, an enclosure. ঘের দেওয়াv. to enclose.

ঘেরাও [ ghērāō ] n act of enclosing or shutting in or surrounding; gherao, encircling employers or authorities to coerce them to accept demands; besiegement. ☐a. en closed; shut in; surrounded; gheraoed; besieged.

ঘেসো [ ghēsō ] a full of grass, grass-grown ঘেসোজমি = a grass-plot); grass-like, grassy (ঘেসোগন্ধ); having a disagree able smell, bad-smelling; made of grass (ঘেসোকাগজ).

ঘোঁজ [ ghōn̐ja ] n a curve; a bend or bent, a turn; a bend of a furrow-line or of the side of a field; a nook; a corner. ঘোঁজ-ঘাঁজn. nook and corner; (fig.) secret wiles, trick or device (esp. to deceive).

ঘোঁট [ ghōn̐ṭa ] n a conference (esp. of conspirators); gossip; a rumour; a faction; an idle crowd. ঘোঁটকরা, ঘোঁট পাকানোv. to hatch a conspiracy; (dero.) to engage in conference, to spread a malicious rumour; to form a faction; to form an idle crowd.

ঘোঁটন [ ghōn̐ṭana ] n act of stirring with a pestle in a mortar; act of beating up; act of agitating, agitation; act of searching or travelling thoroughly, act of rifling or ran sacking. ঘোঁটনাn. a pestle.

ঘোঁতঘোঁত [ ghōn̐taghōn̐ta ] int expressing: the grunting of the boar; angry grumbling. ঘোঁতঘোঁতকরাv. to grunt; to grumble angrily. ঘোঁতঘোঁতানিn. the grunting of the boar; angry grumbling.

যোগ [ yōga ] n a kind of beast having resemblance to the wolf and the dog, the tigerwolf; the wild dog, the hyena-dog.

ঘোঙ্গট [ ghōṅgaṭa ] n (obs. & poet.)a veil.

ঘোটক [ ghōṭaka ] n the male horse, the stallion; the horse. fem. ঘোটকী the mare.ঘোটকারূঢ়a. mounted or seated on a horse.

ঘোড়দৌড় [ ghōḍ়dauḍ় ] n a horse-race; (fig.) fatiguing harassment or running about. ঘোড়দৌড়করাv. (fig.) to run about out of breath.ঘোড়দৌড়করানোv. (fig.) to fatigue with harassment; (fig.) to cause to run about out of breath.ঘোড়দৌড়েরমাঠ a race course.

ঘোড়সওয়ার [ ghōḍ়sōẏāra ] n a horseman; a horse-soldier, a cavalryman.

ঘোড়া1 [ ghōḍ়ā1 ] n the horse; (in chess) a knight. ঘোড়া জোতাv. to yoke a horse, to fasten a horse to a cart, plough etc. ঘোড়াডিঙিয়ে ঘাস খাওয়া (fig.) to ignore or by pass the proper channel. ঘোড়া দেখে খোঁড়াহওয়া (fig.) to get idle when there is somebody to do a job. ঘোড়ায় চড়াv. to ride a horse. ঘোড়ার গাড়ি same as ঘোড়াগাড়ি ।ঘোড়ার ডাক1 neigh. ঘোড়ারডাক2 the horse mail, the mail carried by the horse. ঘোড়ারডিম (fig.) a mare's nest. ঘোড়ার সাজ harness. ঘোড়ারসাজপরানোv. to harness a horse. খেলনা ঘোড়াn. a hobby-horse; a rocking horse. গাড়ির ঘোড়া a carriage-horse. চড়বার ঘোড়া a riding horse. ভারবাহী ঘোড়া, মাল-টানাঘোড়া a pack-horse, a draught-horse. যুদ্ধের ঘোড়া a war-horse, a charger. ̃ওয়ালাn. a horse-dealer. ̃গাড়িn. a horse-drawn carriage, a carriage.ঘোড়াঘোড়া খেলাn. a children's game in which one player acts as a horse whilst another as a rider (cp. horse-play). ̃মুগn. an inferior kind of pigeon-pea chiefly used as food for horses, gram. ̃রোগn. an extremely harmful or expensive hobby or craze.ঘোড়ায়টানাa. horse-drawn. ঘোড়াশালn. a stable. ভাড়াটেঘোড়ার গাড়িa. a hackney carriage.

ঘোড়া2 [ ghōḍ়ā2 ] n the trigger of a pistol or a revolver or a gun. ঘোড়াটেপাv. to pull the trigger.

ঘোণা [ ghōṇā ] n the nose of the horse; (sarcas.) a human nose.

ঘোপ [ ghōpa ] n a small hole or pocket; a secret or invisible place. ̃ঘাপn. a narrow hiding-place.

ঘোমটা [ ghōmaṭā ] n a veil. ঘোমটাখোলাv. to unveil. ঘোমটা দেওয়াv. to cover with a veil, to veil. ঘোমটারভিতর খেমটা নাচ (fig.) debauchery under the veil of chastity, wickedness under the veil of goodness.

ঘোর [ ghōra ] a dreadful, frightful, awful (ঘোরবিপদ); severe (ঘোর যুদ্ধ); excessive, extreme, intensive (ঘোর নেশা); beside oneself, dead (ঘোরমাতাল); dense and dark (ঘোর অরণ্য); deep (ঘোর অন্ধকার, ঘোর লাল); sound (ঘোর নিদ্রা); dark (ঘোর সন্ধ্যা) ☐n. obsession (নেশার ঘোর, সুখের ঘোর); illusion (চোখের ঘোর); darkness (সন্ধ্যার ঘোর). ঘোর করাv. to become dark, to darken. ঘোর কাটাv. to be freed from obsession or illusion. ঘোরহওয়াv. to become dark, to darken; to become deep, to deepen. ঘোর-ঘোরn. slight darkness, darkishness, duskiness; slight deepness. ☐a. darkish; slightly deep. ̃তরcompar. of ঘোর ।a. (pos. deg.) extremely terrible or severe. ̃দর্শনa. horrid-looking, having a frightful appearance, hideous looking. fem. ̃দর্শনা । ̃প্যাঁচn. intricacy or complication; crookedness; angularity.ঘোরেadv. under the influence or spell of.

ঘোরা1 [ ghōrā1 ] fem of ঘোর ।

ঘোরাকৃতি [ ghōrākṛti ] a having a frightful or terrible appearance.

ঘোরাফেরা [ ghōrāphērā ] n walking or wandering or sauntering here and there.

ঘোরালো [ ghōrālō ] a extremely dark, deep dark (ঘোরালো রাত্রি); deep (ঘোরালো রং); grave or glum (ঘোরালো মুখ); terrible (ঘোরালো বিপদ); very complicated or intricate (ঘোরালো ব্যাপার).

ঘোল [ ghōla ] n whey, buttermilk. ঘোল করাv. to make whey. ঘোলখাওয়াv. (fig.) to be put out of countenance, to be put to shame, to be bewildered or harassed.ঘোল খাওয়ানোv. (fig.) to bewilder or harass.ঘোল মওয়াv. to churn butter. মাথায় ঘোল ঢালা to pour whey on one's shaven head (as a mark of public disgrace); (fig.) to disgrace publicly. ঘোল-মউনিn. a churning-stick. ঘোলেরশরবত a beverage or drink prepared with whey.

ঘোলা [ ghōlā ] a turbid, muddy (ঘোলাজল); opaque, dull (ঘোলা চোখ); dim, hazy (ঘোলা দৃষ্টি). ̃টেa. slightly turbid or muddy; slightly opaque or dull; slightly dim or hazy. ̃নোv. to make turbid or dull esp. by beating up or stirring; to make or become opaque or dull or dim or hazy; (fig.) to complicate matters, to rake up old quarrels.

ঘোষ [ ghōṣa ] n a grave sound; a sound, a noise, a note; an announcement, a loud declaration, a proclamation; a milkman by profession or caste (ঘোষপা়ড়া); a milkman's hamlet (ঘোষযাত্রা). ☐a. (gr.) voiced (ঘোষধ্বনি). ̃কn. an announcer, a proclaimer, a crier.̃ণ, ̃ণাn. announcement, proclamation.ঘোষনাপত্রn. a written announcement or proclamation, a bulletin, a notice. ঘোষণীয়a. that which can be or to be announced or proclaimed. ̃পল্লি, ̃পাড়াn. a milkman's hamlet.̃বর্ণn. (gr.) a voiced consonant.̃যাত্রাn. a visit in state by a prince to a hamlet of milk men where his cattle are kept.

ঘোষা [ ghōṣā ] v to announce, to proclaim; to recite or recapitulate aloud (নামতা ঘোষা).

ঘোষিত [ ghōṣita ] a announced, proclaimed, declared.

ঘ্যাঁচ [ ghyān̐ca ] int expressing: the sound of chopping or cutting a soft object with a sharp weapon. ঘ্যাঁচঘ্যাঁচint. repeated sound of chopping or cutting with a sharp weapon.

ঘ্যাঁট [ ghyān̐ṭa ] n a mixed dish of vegetables.

ঘ্যাগ [ ghyāga ] n goitre.

ঘ্রাণ [ ghrāṇa ] n smell, scent, odour; act of smelling; power of smelling (also ঘ্রাণশক্তি); the olfactory organ, the nose (also ঘ্রাণেন্দ্রিয়). ঘ্রাণনেওয়াv. to smell. ঘ্রাণপাওয়াv. to get the smell or scent (of).

ঘ্রাত [ ghrāta ] a smelled; sniffed.

ঘ্রাতব্য [ ghrātabya ] a worthy of being smelled; that which is to be smelled.

ঘ্রাতা [ ghrātā ] n a smeller.

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