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ল [ l ] n the twenty-eighth consonant of the Bengali alphabet.

লংকা [ laṅkā ] n capsicum, chilies, red pepper. ̃বাটাn. paste of chilies prepared by pounding them with water. ̃মরিচ same as লংকা।

লংক্লথ [ laṅklatha ] n long-cloth.

লক আউট [ laka āuṭa ] n lock-out, closure declared by the owners of factories etc.

লকলক [ lakalaka ] int expressing; lolling (as of the tongue); dangling or brandishing (as of a cane); flashing (as of a flame of fire). লকলকেa. lolling; dangling; flashing.

লকট [ lakaṭa ] n the loquat tree, loquat.

লকার [ lakāra ] n a locker; safe-deposit vault of a bank etc for depositing customers' valuables.

লকেট [ lakēṭa ] n a locket.

লঙ্কা [ laṅkā ] n a kind of beautiful fan-tailed pigeons; (sarcas.) a fop, a dandy.

লক্ষ2 [ lakṣa2 ] n. & a one hundred thousand, lakh, lac. ☐a. numerous, countless (লক্ষবার বলেছি). লক্ষলক্ষ innumerable, countless.

লক্ষণ [ lakṣaṇa ] n a sign, a mark; an indication; a symptom; a characteristic, a trait; an omen, a presage, a prognostic. ̃গীতn. a song that describes the chief features of a raga or musical mode. ̃যুক্তa. characterized by or possessing a sign or mark or indication or symptom or characteristic or omen; indicative of; presaging. লক্ষণাn. (rhet.) imposition of a second meaning when the primary one is barred, (loos.) metonymy or metaphor or synecdoche. লক্ষণাক্রান্ত same as ̃যুক্ত । লক্ষণাত্মকa. relating to signs or marks; symptomatic; characteristic. লক্ষণীয়a. noticeable; remarkable, noteworthy; perceptible; prominent.

লক্ষপতি [ lakṣapati ] n a man worth a hundred thousand rupees or more, (loos.) a millionaire; a very wealthy man.

লক্ষাধিক [ lakṣādhika ] a more than a hundred thousand or lakh.

লক্ষিত [ lakṣita ] a noticed, seen, observed, espied; perceived; aimed at; implied, signified. লক্ষিতার্থ the second meaning given to a word when the primary meaning is barred.

লক্ষী [ lakṣī ] n. fem the Hindu goddess of wealth and prosperity; fortune; beauty; grace. ☐a. fem. & masc. well-behaved and good-natured. লক্ষীরবরপুত্র Fortune's favorite. লক্ষীরভান্ডার an inexhaustible store. ˜ছাড়াa. bereft of grace and prosperity; wretched; uncouth; scoundrelly, wicked. fem. ̃ছাড়ি। ̃ছাড়া, ̃ছাড়ালোকn. a scapegrace, a wretch, a scoundrel. ̃প্যাঁচাn. a kind of whitish owl on which Goddess Lakshmi rides. ̃বন্ত, ̃মন্তa. prosperous, rich, wealthy; auspicious or graceful (লক্ষীবন্ত চেহারা). ̃বারn. the day of the week when the Goddess Lakshmi is worshipped, (usu.) Thursday. ̃শ্রীn. graceful signs or marks of prosperity or auspiciousness; grace or beauty resembling that of Goddess Lakshmi (লক্ষী). ̃স্বরূপিণীa. resembling Goddess Lakshmi (লক্ষী) in beauty and merits; appearing as Lakshmi incarnate.

লক্ষ্য [ lakṣya ] a noticeable, observable; noteworthy, remarkable; intended; aimed at. ☐n. intention; aim, goal; a target; a look or glance. লক্ষ্য করা same as লক্ষ্য করা ।লক্ষ্য রাখাv. to keep watch, to be on the watch. ̃চ্যুত same as ̃ভ্রষ্ট ।লক্ষ্যবেধ বালক্ষ্যভেদ করাv. to hit a mark or bull's eye. ̃বেধী, ̃ভেদীa. capable of hitting a mark. ☐n. a marksman. ̃ভ্রষ্টa. failing to hit the target, missing the mark; erratic; (fig.) beside the mark. ̃ভ্রষ্টহওয়াv. to miss the mark. ̃স্হলn. mark, target. ̃হীনa. aimless. লক্ষ্মীকৃতa. observed, watched.

লগবগে [ lagabagē ] a flexible, supple, pliant; unsteady, swaying to and fro; tottering; flimsy.

লগা, লগি [ lagā, lagi ] n a pole of bamboo etc. esp. one for propelling a boat, a punt-pole; a pole with a hook fixed to one end for plucking fruits, flowers etc. লগিঠেলাv. to punt.

লগুড় [ laguḍ় ] n a heavy stick, a cudgel, a mallet, a club. লগুড়াঘাত করাv. to beat with a club or a cudgel. লগুড়াহতa. cudgelled, beaten with a stick, bastinadoed.

লগ্ন1 [ lagna1 ] a attached or adhering or leaning to (কন্ঠলগ্ন, দেহলগ্ন).

লগ্ন2 [ lagna2 ] n (astrol.) the rising-time of any zodiacal sign or the time of the sun's transition to a zodiacal sign; (astrol.) a suitable or auspicious time or moment (বিয়ের লগ্ন); a point of time (মরণলগ্ন). ̃পত্রn. a written marriage-contract fixing astrologically the time of marriage. ̃ভ্রষ্টa. failing to commence one's work within the astrologically appointed hours; (fig.) one who has missed the opportune moment.

লগ্না [ lagnā ] fem of লগ্ন2।

লগ্নি [ lagni ] n investment (of money) in business enterprise; usury. লগ্নি করাv. to invest, to lay out; to lend at interest. ̃করণn. investing, investment.

লঘিমা [ laghimā ] n a yogic attainment that enables one to make one's body light or subtle at pleasure; absence of heaviness, lightness.

লঘিষ্ট [ laghiṣṭa ] a lightest; smallest; minimum; lowest; least; very light or small. লঘিষ্ঠসাধারণগুণিতক, (সংক্ষেপে) ল. সা. গু (math.) the least common multiple, (abbr.) L.C.M.

লঘীয়ান [ laghīẏāna ] a less heavy, lighter; smaller; lower; very light or small. fem. লঘীয়সী।

লঘু [ laghu ] a not heavy, light; easily digestible and moderate; not serious, venial; small; frivolous, easy, carefree; swift or nimble yet noiseless; easily under stood, easy, light (লঘুপাঠ); low, vile, inferior; contemptible; slighted; worthless, trivial; subtle; liquid, watery; (gr.) short. ̃কায়a. light-bodied; slim-bodied; short-statured. ̃গামীa. nimbly and yet noiselessly moving; light-moving. ̃গুণকn. (math.) reduction factor. ̃চিত্ত, ̃চেতাa. light-headed; light hearted; flippant, frivolous. ̃জ্ঞানn. disregard, contempt; slight. ̃জ্ঞানকরাv. to think lightly of; to treat with contempt; to slight, to look down upon. ̃নির্মাণn. minor works. ̃পথ্যn. light diet, (cp.) sick diet. ̃পাকa. easily digested or digestible, light. ̃পাচ্যa. easily digestible. লঘুপাপ a venial sin; a trivial offence. লঘুপাপেগুরুদন্ড heavy punishment for a venial or trivial of fence. ̃পায়েadv. light-footedly. ̃প্রকৃতি same as ̃চিত্ত। ̃বন্ধনীn. the sign of parenthesis, the first bracket. ̃বৃত্তn. a small circle. ̃ভাবেadv. lightly. ̃ভোজনn. a light and easily digestible meal. ̃মস্তিষ্কa. light-headed; incapable of serious thinking; dull headed. ☐n. the cerebellum. ̃সংগীতn. light music.̃স্বরn. a low or soft voice, (gr.) a short vowel.̃হস্তa. light-handed; dexterous.

লঘুলিপিক [ laghulipika ] n a stenographer.

লঘূকরণ [ laghūkaraṇa ] n lightening; simplification; (math.) reduction; (chem.) dilution; at tenuation; commutation.

লঘূকৃত [ laghūkṛta ] a lightened; simplified; (math.) reduced; (chem.) diluted; attenuated; commuted.

লঙ্কা2 [ laṅkā2 ] n Ceylon; modern Sri Lanka. ̃কান্ডn. a canto of the Ramayana narrating the capture of Lanka (লঙ্কা) by Rama (রাম); (fig.) a tumultuous affray or brawl. ̃দাহনn. the burning of Lanka (লঙ্কা) by Hanuman (হনুমান).̃ধিপতি, ̃পতিn. the king of Lanka (লঙ্কা).

লঙ্কেশ [ laṅkēśa ] n the king of Lanka.

লঙ্গ [ laṅga ] n (dial.) clove.

লঙ্গরখানা [ laṅgarakhānā ] n a place where cooked food is distributed in charity to a number of persons.

লঙ্ঘন [ laṅghana ] n fasting; crossing; passing or leaping or scaling over; dereliction, non-observance; transgression; violation, infringement; non-compliance, non-abidance. লঙ্ঘন করাv. to cross; to pass or leap or scale over; to fail to perform; to transgress; to violate, to infringe; not to comply with, not to abide by, to disobey. লঙ্ঘনদেওয়াv. to keep fasting, to go without food.

লঙ্ঘিত [ laṅghita ] a crossed; passed over; leapt over, scaled over; not observed; transgressed; violated, infringed; not complied with, not abided by.

লজ্ঝড় [ lajjhaḍ় ] a good-for-nothing (লজ্ঝড়লোক); worthless, trashy (লজ্ঝড়জিনিস); broken and unserviceable; unwieldy, unmanageable, troublesome (লজ্ঝড় বোঝা বা কাজ).

লজেঞ্চুস [ lajēñcusa ] n lozenge.

লজ্জত [ lajjata ] n that part of the body which flushes in bashfulness, the face; glorious flush of chastity.

লজ্জমান [ lajjamāna ] a feeling abashed; abashed, flushed. fem. লজ্জমানা ।

লজ্জা [ lajjā ] n bashfulness; modesty; shame; hesitation; diffidence; disgrace. লজ্জাদেওয়াv. to put to shame, to shame; to put out of countenance, to discountenance, to abash. লজ্জা পাওয়াv. to be ashamed; to feel shame; to be discountenanced or abashed. লজ্জাবোধ করাv. to feel shame; to feel diffident. লজ্জারকথা, লজ্জার বিষয় a disgraceful affair, a shameful matter, a disgrace, a shame. লজ্জায় কুঁকড়েযাওয়াv. to shrink in shame. লজ্জায় লাল flushed with shame, to become red from shame. ̃কর, ̃জনকa. shameful, disgraceful. ̃জনিতa. born of bashfulness or modesty or sense of delicacy. ̃নত same as লজ্জাবনত। ̃নম্রa. slightly bowed down with bashfulness; coy. ̃ন্বিত same as লজ্জিত । ̃বতীfem. of লজ্জাবান ।লজ্জাবতীলতা the mimosa.̃বনতa. having one's face hanging down in bashfulness or shame; stooping low in bashfulness or shame.লজ্জাবনত মুখে with a shame-faced look. ̃বানa. shy, bashful; coy; modest. ̃বিহীন same as লজ্জাহীন । ̃বোধn. feeling of shame; sense of disgrace.̃শীলa. bashful; coy; shy; modest.fem. ̃শীলা । ̃শূন্য, ̃হীনa. shameless; brazen-faced; impudent; immodest.fem. ̃শূন্য, ̃হীনা ।

লজ্জিত [ lajjita ] a ashamed; put to shame; abashed. fem. লজ্জিতা ।

লটকানো [ laṭakānō ] v to hang (ফাঁসিতেলটকানো); to hang up (দেওয়ালে লটকানো); to post (a bill, placard, poster etc.).

লটপট [ laṭapaṭa ] int expressing; the state of flap ping loosely. লটপটেa. hanging loosely; flapping loosely.

লটবহর [ laṭabahara ] n luggage, baggage, outfit, kit.

লটরপটর [ laṭarapaṭara ] n the state of flapping or hanging loosely; (loos.) flirting, flirtation; debauchery.

লটারি [ laṭāri ] n a lottery, a raffle.

লড় [ laḍ় ] n (obs.) running or bolting, a bolt. লড় দেওয়াv. to bolt off, to take a run; to take to one's heels.

লড়া [ laḍ়ā ] v to fight; to encounter; to wrestle; to contend, to vie. লড়াইn. a fight, an encounter, an engagement; a battle, a war; a wrestling encounter or match; contention, vying. ̃ইয়ে almost obs. var. of লড়িয়ে । ̃কুa. fond of or in the habit of fighting, pugnacious.̃নোv. to cause to fight or contend or vie; to set by the ears. ̃লড়িn. mutual or repeated fight or quarrel or contention or vying; a scuffle or skirmish.

লড়িয়ে, লড়ুয়ে [ laḍ়iẏē, laḍ়uẏē ] a skilled in or given to fighting, bellicose; military. লড়ুয়েমনোবৃত্তি fighting spirit. লড়ুয়ে মোরগ a gamecock, a fighting-cock.

লড্ডু, লড্ডুক [ laḍḍu, laḍḍuka ] n a sweet drop.

লন্ঠন [ lanṭhana ] n a lantern.

লতা [ latā ] n a creeper. ̃কুঞ্জ, ̃গৃহ, ̃মন্ডপn. a retreat shaded with creepers, an arbour, a bower. ̃নিয়া, ̃নেa. creeping.̃নোv. (of a creeper) to creep along or up; to stretch or extend along or up.̃পাতাn. creepers and herbs; spinach.̃প্রতানn. tendril.̃য়িতa. grown along the ground or on supports as a creeper, creeping along or up; stretching or extending along or up.

লতি [ lati ] n the lobe of the ear.

লতিকা [ latikā ] n a small creeper; a creeper.

লন্ডভন্ড [ lanḍabhanḍa ] int expressing; utter disruption or confusion or disorder or rout. লন্ডভন্ডহওয়াv. to be utterly disrupted or confused or routed.

লপটানো [ lapaṭānō ] v to entwine; to be entangled or involved (in).

লপ্সি [ lapsi ] n gruel (of rice, dal etc).

লপেটা [ lapēṭā ] n a kind of vamped slippers.

লপ্ত [ lapta ] n a stretch. একলপ্তে at a stretch.

লব [ laba ] n (math.) a numerator; a minute division or fraction of time; very small amount or fraction.

লবঙ্গ [ labaṅga ] n clove; the clove-tree. ̃লতা, ̃লতিকাn. a creeper bearing fragrant flowers, (cp.) the clove-pink; a kind of sweet pastry; (fig.) a modest and charming female.

লব্জ [ labja ] n speech; language; a dialect; a mode of speaking; an idiom.

লবডঙ্কা [ labaḍaṅkā ] n (hum.) nothing, cipher, zero; a mare's nest.

লবণ [ labaṇa ] n salt. ̃খনিn. salt-mine. ̃ছাড়াa. (of food) salt-free.̃জলn. salt-water.saline water. ̃পোড়াa. (of food) overmixed with salt, over-salted. ̃সমুদ্রn. (myth.) the sea containing salt-water.লবনাক্তa. smeared or oversmeared with salt; containing salt (usu. to excess); saltish, salted; salty; saline. লবণাম্বুn. (myth.) the sea containing salt-water; a sea, an ocean.

লবেজান [ labējāna ] a feeling like dying; extremely distressed or harassed.

লব্ধ [ labdha ] a obtained; attained; gained; earned; acquired. fem. লব্ধা । ̃কামa. having one's desire fulfilled; having attained one's end; gratified. ̃গুণn. (bot.) acquired character. ̃প্রতিষ্ঠa. famous, one who has earned fame; estab lished.̃বিদ্যাa. learned; wise.

লব্ধি [ labdhi ] n attainment; gains; acquirements; acquisition. নির্ণয়n. (mech.—of ve locity) composition.

লভ্য [ labhya ] a obtainable; attainable; acquirable; gainable; available; procurable; capable of being earned as profit. ☐n. gains; profit. লভ্যাংশn. a share of profit; the part of income regarded as profit.

লম্পট [ lampaṭa ] a lascivious, licentious, libertine, debauched, profligate, lewd; wanton. ☐n. a libertine, a profligate, a debauchee.

লম্ফ1 [ lampha1 ] n lamp esp. a small kerosene lamp.

লম্ফ2 [ lampha2 ] n a leap, a spring, a jump, a bound. লম্ফদেওয়াv. to leap, to spring, to jump, to bound. এক লম্ফে at a leap. লম্ফে লম্ফে by leaps and bounds. ̃ঝম্পn. continuous or repeated skipping or leaping; (fig.) excessive haste or fuss or ado or bragging. ̃নn. leaping or springing or jumping or bounding.

লম্ব [ lamba ] a hanging, pendent; vertically hanging; upright; vertical, plumb; perpendicular; (geom.) orthogonal; straight; (geog.) orthographic(al). ☐n. a perpendicular. ̃অভিক্ষেপn. (geog.) orthographic projection, orthography; (geom.) orthogonal projection.̃কর্ণa. long-eared.☐n. a traditional name for the ass, the goat, the rabbit etc. ̃চ্ছেদn. (geom.) a normal section. ̃নn. the state of being hung; (phys. & astr.) parallax.লম্বন-পদ্ধতিn. (phys.) parallax method.˜বিন্দুn. (geom.) an orthocentre.̃বৃত্তn. (astr.) a vertical circle. ̃মানa. hanging, suspended, pendent; dependent. ̃সূত্রn. (mech.) a plumb-line.

লম্বদার [ lambadāra ] n a leader of tenants entrusted with the charge of collecting revenue from other tenants.

লম্বা [ lambā ] a tall; lofty; long; long-continued; lengthy; (fig.) prostrate; (fig.) boastful or grandiloquent. ☐n. length. লম্বা করাv. to lengthen; to expand; (fig.) to lay prostrate on the ground by beating. লম্বাদেওয়াv. to decamp; to run away, to flee, to take to one's heels. লম্বা হওয়াv. to lie prostrate; to grow in length, to become long. লম্বাকথা boastful or grandiloquent talk, tall talk, big talk. লম্বাচাল excessive pomp or eclat esp. that which is displayed beyond one's means. ̃ইn. length; the measure of length.লম্বাই চওড়াইn. length and breadth; the mea sure of length and breadth; bragging, boastful or grandiloquent talk (লম্বাই চওড়াই মারা). লম্বাংশn. polar distance. ̃টে slightly tall, tallish; longish.লম্বায়adv. in length, lengthwise. ̃লম্বিadv. length wise, lengthways.

লম্বিত [ lambita ] a hanging, pendent, suspended; dangling; oscillating. লম্বিত বেণী dangling pigtail.

লম্বে [ lambē ] adv in length.

লম্বোদর [ lambōdara ] a pot-bellied, corpulent. ☐n. God Ganesha (গণেশ).

লয় [ laẏa ] n dissolution or fusion into a greaterease; merging, fusion; dissolution; destruction; universal dissolution or annihilation; (mus.) tempo. লয়ে আনাv. (coll.) to bring under control; to compel someone to behave properly; to bring someone to his senses.

ললনা [ lalanā ] n a woman; a gentlewoman, a lady; a wife.

ললাট [ lalāṭa ] n the forehead, the front; the temple; fate; luck; destiny. ̃ভূষণn. an ornament for the forehead. ̃রেখাn. a line on the forehead (esp. one indicating one's destiny).̃লিখন, ̃লিপিn. one's destiny as indicated by the lines on one's forehead.ললাটিকাn. a holy mark of sandal-paste, clay etc. put on the forehead; an ornament for the fore head.

ললাম [ lalāma ] n ornament; a mark (of sandal wood paste etc.) on one's forehead.

ললিত [ lalita ] a beautitful, pleasant, charming; (of speech) suave, bland. ☐n. dance or artistic gestures of women; pleasure and enjoyment; an Indian musical mode. ̃কলাn. (collec.) fine arts; (distr.) any branch of fine arts.fem. a. ললিতা ।

লশকর [ laśakara ] n a soldier; a naval soldier; a sailor; armed forces.

লসসি [ lasasi ] n milk-shake; yoghurt.

লসিকা [ lasikā ] n lymph. ̃তন্তুবৃদ্ধিn. lymphatic growth. ̃য়নীa. lymphatic.

লহনা [ lahanā ] n dues, amount outstanding.

লহমা [ lahamā ] n a minute fraction of time, a short while, a moment.

লহর [ lahara ] n a wave; a watercourse, a channel; a row or coil.

লহরি, লহরী [ lahari, laharī ] n a wave.

লহু1 [ lahu1 ] n (obs. & poet.)blood.

লহু2 [ lahu2 ] a (obs. & poet.)mild, gentle (লহুলহুহাস).

লা2 [ lā2 ] n (dial.) a boat.

লা3 [ lā3 ] int (used in familiarity or contempt by women amongst themselves) hullo, ei, oi, I say etc.

লাইন [ lāina ] n a line; a system (কাজের লাইন). লাইন দেওয়া, লাইন বাঁধাv. to line up, to stand in a queue, to queue up. লাইন-বাঁধাa. lined-up.

লাইনিং [ lāini ] n lining (as of a coat).

লাইফবেলট, লাইফবেল্ট [ lāiphabēlaṭa, lāiphabēlṭa ] n a life-belt.

লাইফবোট [ lāiphabōṭa ] n a life-boat.

লাইব্রেরি [ lāibrēri ] n a library. ̃য়ানn. a librarian.

লাইসেনস, লাইসেন্স [ lāisēnasa, lāisēnsa ] n a license. ̃বিহীনa. unlicensed.

লাউ [ lāu ] n the bottle-gourd. লাউয়ের খোলা calabash. ডগাn. the tender upper end of the bottle-gourd plant; a kind of very slender and non-venomous green snake. ̃মাচাn. a scaffold or trellis made of bamboo and twigs along which a bottle-gourd plant creeps up.

লাক্ষণিক [ lākṣaṇika ] a symptomatic; figurative, metaphorical; symbolical; versed in soothsaying; oracular. লাক্ষণিক অর্থ same as লক্ষিতার্থ (see লক্ষিত).

লাক্ষা [ lākṣā ] n lac, shellac. ̃কীটn. an insect producing lac. ̃রসn. lac dye.

লাক্ষিক [ lākṣika ] a dyed with lac, lacquered.

লাখেরাজ [ lākhērāja ] n rent-free. লাখেরাজ জমি a free hold.

লাখো-লাখো [ lākhō-lākhō ] a in lakhs, many lakhs of; innumerable, countless.

লাগ [ lāga ] n reach; contact; touch; contiguity; nearness. ̃সইa. appropriate, fitting, suitable.

লাগা [ lāgā ] v to contact, to touch (গায়ে হাওয়ালাগা); to be smeared or soiled with (কাদালাগা); to be attached or affixed; to catch (আগুন লাগা); to touch at, to stop at (তীরে জাহাজ লাগা); to stop or park (গাড়িলাগা); to join (চাকরিতেলাগা); to begin, to start, to commence (গ্রহণ লাগা); to form (ভিড় লাগা); to be engaged in, to set to (খেতে লাগা); to be felt (as) (ভালোলাগা, গরম লাগা); to feel pain (আমার লাগছে); to be felt as painful (ফোড়াটায় লাগছে); to fit or suit, to be appropriate (শব্দটাওখানে লাগবে না); to be considered equal, to compete with (ধ্রুপদেরকাছে কি অন্য গান লাগে); to require, to need (দু-দিন লাগবে); to cost (একশোটাকা লেগেছে); to work (ওষুধটালেগেছে); to come true (ভবিষ্যত্দ্বাণীলেগেছে); to begin to quarrel (দু-পক্ষেলেগেছে); to be held (এখানে মেলালাগবে); to pester, to tease (তার পিছনেলেগো না); to pursue, to chase, to hound, to follow, to shadow (পিছনেপুলিশ লেগেছে); to be attracted (কাজেমনলাগা); to pierce (বুকে তির লাগা); to strike, to hit (ঘুসিলাগা, চোট লাগা); to stick (গলায় কাঁটা লাগা); to fall under the evil influence of (এঁড়ে লাগা, শনিলাগা); to be seized with (ভিরমি লাগা). লেগে থাকাv. to stick; to pursue doggedly or resolutely.

লাগাও [ lāgāō ] a adjoining, lying side by side, contiguous.

লাগাড় [ lāgāḍ় ] n continuity, stretch. ☐a. continuous (লাগাড় বকবকানি).

লাগানো [ lāgānō ] v to attach, to affix; to apply, to set (আগুন লাগানো); to paint or smear or wash with (রং লাগানো); to touch (গায়েগা লাগানো); to expose to (রোদ লাগানো); to bring to, to stop at (ঘাটে নৌকালাগানো); to employ, to engage, to set to (কাজে লোক লাগানো, পড়ায়মনলাগানো); to apply, to use (বেতলাগানো); to involve (in), to set (to) (ঝগড়া লাগানো); to require, to need, to take, to spend (সময় লাগানো); to cost (খরচলাগানো); to invest, to lay out (ব্যবসায় টাকা লাগানো); to rouse (মনেভয় লাগানো); to cause to be seized with (ভিরমি লাগানো); to hit, to strike (মনেলাগানো, গাছে ঢিল লাগানো); to report (against) maliciously and secretly, to earwig, to calumniate (কারও নামেলাগানো). লাগানি-ভাঙানিn. malicious and secret report against a person, earwigging.

লাগাম [ lāgāma ] n a bridle; reins. লাগাম পরানোv. to bridle, to bit; (fig.) to restrain, to curb. লাগামকামড়ানো to champ the bit. ̃ছাড়াa. unbridled; (fig.) unrestrained or (over-) free.

লাগি, লাগিয়া [ lāgi, lāgiẏā ] prep (poet.) for, for the sake of, on account of.

লাগেজ [ lāgēja ] n luggage. লাগেজকরাv. to book a luggage.

লাঘব [ lāghaba ] n decrease, reduction; meiosis; underestimation; lightness, levity; humiliation; promptness, quickness, dexterity (হস্তলাঘব). লাঘব করাv. to decrease, to reduce; to make light of, to reduce the weight of; to humiliate.

লাঙল [ lāṅala ] n a plough. লাঙলচষা, লাঙল দেওয়াv. to plough. লাঙলের ফাল a ploughshare. ̃দণ্ডn. the shaft of a plough. ̃রেখাn. a furrow.

লাঙুল, লাঙ্গুল [ lāṅula, lāṅgula ] n a tail (of beasts.) ̃হীনa. tailless, anurous, anourous.

লাচাড়ি [ lācāḍ়i ] n a Bengali poetical metre suit able for dancing; a song composed in this metre.

লাচার [ lācāra ] a helpless, resourceless.

লাজ2 [ lāja2 ] n parched rice. ̃বর্ষণ করাv. to shower parched rice.

লা-জবাব [ lā-jabāba ] a unparalleled, incomparable; unanswering, silent.

লাজুক [ lājuka ] a bashful, shy; coy; modest; diffident.

লাঞ্ছন [ lāñchana ] n a stain, a spot; a sign; an emblem; a flag; painting.

লাঞ্ছনা [ lāñchanā ] n reproach, reprimand; disgrace, insult; persecution; harassment. লাঞ্ছনাকরাv. to reproach, to reprimand; to disgrace, to insult; to persecute; to harass.

লাঞ্ছিত [ lāñchita ] a reproached, reprimanded; disgraced; insulted; persecuted; harassed; stained, spotted, bearing a particular sign or emblem or flag; painted.

লাট1 [ lāṭa1 ] n a parcel of land (chiefly agricultural) marked out for administrative purpose or a set of things offered together for sale, a lot. ̃বন্দিa. divided into lots.

লাট2 [ lāṭa2 ] a (of clothes) having the crease spoiled, ruffled, crumpled (also লাটভাঙা); prostrate on the ground. লাটখাওয়াv. (of paper-kites) to behave awkwardly and refuse to keep flying. মেরেলাটকরাv. to knock (one) sense less or reeling to the ground by beating. লাটে ওঠাv. to go to the dogs; to fizzle, to flop, to come a cropper.

লাট3 [ lāṭa3 ] n a governor (বাংলার লাট); a governor-general (usu. বড়োলাট); a commander-in-chief (usu. জঙ্গিলাট); (usu. hum.) a. a lord (লাট-বেলাট). ছোটোলাটn. a lieutenant-governor; a provincial governor.

লাট4 [ lāṭa4 ] n a pillar (অশোকলাট).

লাট-বেলাট [ lāṭa-bēlāṭa ] n. pl (sarcas.) lords and nobles, big people.

লাটিম, লাট্টু [ lāṭima, lāṭṭu ] n a top. লাটিম ঘুরানো to spin a top.

লাঠালাঠি [ lāṭhālāṭhi ] n fighting with sticks or staffs; a serious quarrel. লাঠালাঠি করাv. to fight one another with sticks or staffs; to quarrel seriously.

লাঠি [ lāṭhi ] n a stick, a staff. ̃খেলাn. an exhibition fight with sticks. লাঠিখেলাv. to fight with sticks as an exhibition; to practise fighting with sticks. ̃পেটা করাv. to beat or belabour with a stick.̃বাজিকরাv. to fight or persecute with sticks.̃য়ালn. a (skilled) fighter with sticks.̃য়ালিn. skill in, or the profession of, fighting with sticks.

লাফ [ lāpha ] n a leap, a jump, a bound, a skip. লাফ দেওয়া, লাফ মারাv. to take a leap, to jump; to skip. লাফে লাফে by leaps and bounds. লাফানোv. to jump, to leap, to bound; to skip; to fret. ☐n. jumping, leaping, bounding, skipping; fretting. লাফানেa. given to jumping or leaping; frisking; fretful. লাফালাফিn. frisking, gambolling; flouncing, fuss.লাফালাফিকরাv. to frisk, to gambol; to flounce; to fuss.

লাব [ lāba ] n a kind of small bird of the quail family.

লাবণ [ lābaṇa ] a saline; saltish.

লামা1 [ lāmā1 ] n a Buddhist priest in Tibet, a lama.

লামা2 [ lāmā2 ] n a South American animal, the llama.

লাম্পট্য [ lāmpaṭya ] n lasciviousness, libertinism, debauchery, profligacy, lewdness; wantonness.

লায়েক [ lāẏēka ] a grown-up, of full age; able, fit, competent; (dero.) grown-up enough to be alitertine.

লাল2 [ lāla2 ] a. & n red.☐a. reddened; flushed. লাল করাv. to redden; to dye or paint red. ̃ফিতেn. (fig.) official delay; redtapism.লাল বাতি জ্বালা to go into liquidation. লাল হওয়াv. to redden; to flush; (fig.) to flourish; to become rich.

লালচে [ lālacē ] a reddish.

লালন [ lālana ] n act of bringing up carefully; carefully rearing or tending; fond cherishing (আশা-লালন). লালন করাv. to bring up carefully; to rear or tend carefully; to cherish fondly. লালন-পালন করাv. to nourish and bring up; to rear.

লালস1 [ lālasa1 ] a greedy, covetous; eagerly desirous or longing; lustful.

লালা [ lālā ] n saliva, spittle, slaver. লালা ঝরা বাঝরানোv. to salivate, to slaver. ̃য়িতa. seized with eager greed; coveting; yearning for; hankering after. fem. ̃য়িতা । ̃য়িতহওয়াv. to be seized with eager desire; to covet; to yearn for; to hanker after.̃স্রাবn. salivation; slavering, driveling.

লালিত [ lālita ] a carefully brought up; carefully reared or tended; fondly cherished. ̃পালিতa. carefully nourished and brought up.

লালিত্য [ lālitya ] n beauty; sweetness, charm; (of speech) suavity.

লালিমা [ lālimā ] n red tint or glow.

লাশ [ lāśa ] n a human carcass, a corpse, a dead body.

লাস্য, লাস [ lāsya, lāsa ] n a woman's dance; artistic or amorous gestures and postures of women. লাস্যময়ীa. fem. given to dancing; having artistic or amorous gestures and postures.

লিক, লিকি [ lika, liki ] n a young of a louse; the egg of a louse, a nit.

লিকলিক [ likalika ] int expressing: great slenderness or thinness. লিকলিকেa. very slender or thin.

লিখন [ likhana ] n writing; composing; drawing or tracing; a piece of writing; a letter, a note, a chit; a script, manuscript. ̃প্রণালী, ̃ভঙ্গিn. style or mode of writing or composing.

লিখিত [ likhita ] a written (লিখিতজবানবন্দি = writ ten deposition); composed; not verbal or oral.

লিখিতব্য [ likhitabya ] a to be written.

লিখিয়ে [ likhiẏē ] n a writer; an author.

লিঙ্গ [ liṅga ] n the penis; the phallus esp. of Shiva (শিব); sex; (gr.) the gender. ̃পূজাn. phallicism, phallism, phallic worship.̃মূর্তিn. a phallic image.̃শরীরn. a phantasmal or subtle body.লিঙ্গায়েতn. a community worshipping the phallus of Shiva (শিব).

লিচু [ licu ] n litchi or leechee, Litchi chinensis.

লিটার [ liṭāra ] n a litre.

লিপি [ lipi ] n a letter, an epistle, a missive; a note; a writing (ভাগ্যলিপি); an inscription (অনুশাসন-লিপি); a script or alphabet (ব্রাহ্মীলিপি). ̃করn. a writer, a scribe; a copyist; a penman; an amanuensis; a composer of a letter. লিপিকরপ্রমাদn. a slip of the pen; an error committed by the copyist. ̃কাn. a short letter, a chit or note; a letter.̃কার same as ̃কর । ̃কৌশলn. penmanship; the art or style of writing.̃চাতুর্যn. dexterity in writing or composing.লিপিবদ্ধ বা লিপিভুক্ত করাv. to place on record, to record; to write or include in a letter, book etc. বিদ্যাn. penmanship; calligraphy; the art of composing letters.

লিপ্ত [ lipta ] a smeared or daubed with; soiled with; involved or implicated in; engaged or employed in; joined together; (bio.) webbed. ̃পাদa. web footed.

লিপ্যন্তর [ lipyantara ] n transliteration. লিপ্যন্তর করাv. to transliterate.

লিপ্সা [ lipsā ] n eager desire to obtain; yearning; avidity. লিপ্সা করাv. to yearn or long for.

লিপ্সু [ lipsu ] a yearning or longing for; avid.

লিভার [ libhāra ] n the liver. লিভারেরদোষ disorder or complaint or trouble of the liver.

লিরিক [ lirika ] n a lyric.

লীঢ় [ līḍh় ] a licked; tasted.

লীন [ līna ] a dissolved or fused into a greaterease (ব্রহ্মে লীন); merged, fused; dissolved; disappeared; clinging to (কণ্ঠলীন). fem. লীনা । ̃তাপ n. (phys.) latent heat.

লীয়মান [ līẏamāna ] a vanishing, disappearing, fading, melting, dissolving, evanescing.

লীলা [ līlā ] n sport; pleasure; dalliance; activities (কৃষ্ণের লীলা); (sarcas.) undesirable activities (নেতাদের লীলা); significant but unintelligible work or sport (বিধাতারলীলা). ̃কমলn. a lotus carried in the hand playfully; a toy lotus. ̃কলহn. a lover's quarrel; a mock quarrel.̃কাননn. a pleasure garden.̃কুঞ্জn. a pleasure grove.̃ক্ষেত্রn. a field of activities; a venue of sports. ̃খেলা same as লীলা ।লীলাখেলা সাঙ্গ করাv. (usu. sarcas.) to die; (iron-usu. of a criminal) to give up one's activities and surrender. ̃চঞ্চলa. frequently moving in playfulness; sweetly frolicsome.̃বতী same as ̃ময়ী। ̃ভূমি same as ̃ক্ষেত্র । ̃ময়a. sweetly playful or sportive; given to sweet dalliance; attitudinizing; one whose activities, though significant, are not easily intelligible.fem. ̃ময়ী । ̃য়িতa. having assumed a beautiful pose or posture, attitudinized; full of delicate movements.

লু [ lu ] n a very hot wave of summer wind that blows sometimes in a tropical region or in a desert; simoom.

লুই [ lui ] n a kind of very soft woollen wrapper.

লুকানো [ lukānō ] v to go into hiding, to hide; to remain invisible; to put out of sight, to hide, to conceal. ☐a. hidden, concealed.

লুকোচুরি [ lukōcuri ] n hide-and-seek; (fig.) an attempt to conceal, dodging. লুকোচুরিখেলাv. to play at hide-and-seek; (fig.) to try to conceal, to dodge.

লুক্কায়িত [ lukkāẏita ] a gone into hiding; hidden; concealed; disappeared. fem. লুক্কায়িতা।লুক্কায়িত হওয়াv. to go into hiding, to hide; to disappear.

লুঙ্গি, লুঙি [ luṅgi, luṅi ] n a long (usu. stitched) loin cloth worn by men, a lungi.

লুচি [ luci ] n a kind of small and thin saucershaped bread fried in ghee.

লুচ্চা [ luccā ] a vulgarly lewd or wanton; lowly vulgar, caddish. ☐n. a vulgar libertine; a cad. ̃মিn. vulgar lewdness; caddishness.

লুট [ luṭa ] n plunder, loot; robbery, dacoity; reckless misappropriation; act of scattering something before a crowd to be picked up (হরির লুট); enjoyment in a great measure. লুট করা v. to plunder, to loot; to rob; to misappropriate recklessly; to enjoy in a great measure (মজালুট করা). লুটের মাল booty, plunder, spoil. ̃তরাজ, ̃পাটn. extensive plundering, pillage, sack. লুটতরাজবা লুটপাটকরাv. to plunder; to pillage, to sack.

লুটা [ luṭā ] v to plunder, to loot; to rob; to misappropriate recklessly; to enjoy in a great measure; to roll esp. on the ground (ভূমিতে লুটায়); to welter, to sprawl, to wallow. alsoলোটাv. (মজালোটা).

লুটানো [ luṭānō ] v to roll or cause to roll esp. on the ground; to welter or sprawl or wallow; to cause to welter or sprawl or wallow.

লুটেরা [ luṭērā ] n one who loots, a plunderer, a robber.

লুটোপুটি [ luṭōpuṭi ] n rolling esp. on the ground; weltering, sprawling, wallowing. লুটোপুটিখাওয়াv. to roll esp. on the ground; to sprawl, to wallow.

লুণ্ঠক [ luṇṭhaka ] n a plunderer; a pillager; a robber; a thief; one who misappropriates recklessly; one who enjoys in a great measure.

লুণ্ঠন [ luṇṭhana ] n loot, plunder, robbing, robbery; pillage, sack; reckless misappropriation; enjoyment in a great measure. লুণ্ঠন করা same as লুটা ।

লুণ্ঠিত [ luṇṭhita ] a looted, plundered; robbed; pillaged, sacked; recklessly misappropriated; enjoyed in a great measure; rolling esp. on the ground, sprawling, fem. লুন্ঠিতা ।

লুপ্ত [ lupta ] a no longer existing, extinct; defunct; abolished; gone out of currency or practice, obsolete; destroyed; covered, wrapped, extinct; (of species etc.) that has disappeared or vanished; invisible; hidden, concealed; (bot.) abortive; (gr.) elided. অধুনালুপ্ত আইন a law now defunct. ̃প্রায়a. obsolescent; almost extinct or defunct or destroyed or covered or invisible or hidden or (bot.) abortive. লুপ্তাঙ্গn. (bot.) an abortive organ.লুপ্তোদ্ধারn. recovery or reclamation of a thing lost or destroyed or ruined; discovery of a hidden or secret thing.

লূতা [ lūtā ] n the spider, an arachnid. ̃তন্তুn. cobweb; gossamer. ̃তন্তুবত্a. gossamery, light as gossamer; (fig.) flimsy.

লেই [ lēi ] n glue; any glutinous substance or preparation.

লেংটি, লেঙটি [ lēṇṭi, lēṅaṭi ] n a small threadbare or loin cloth.

লেকচার [ lēkacāra ] n a lecture; (sarcas.) a harangue. লেকচার দেওয়াv. to lecture; (sarcas.) to harangue. লেকচার শোনাv. to attend a lecture.

লেখ [ lēkha ] n a piece of writing; an epistle, a letter; a graph.

লেখক [ lēkhaka ] n a writer; a scribe; an author (fem. an authoress).

লেখনী [ lēkhanī ] n anything to write with; a pen, a pencil, a painter's brush, a hair-pencil etc. লেখনীচালনা করাv. to write (esp. books.). ̃প্রসূতa. coming out of or produced by the pen.

লেখা [ lēkhā ] v to write; to compose (as a book); to write; to draw or describe or trace. ☐n. same as লিখন☐a. written; composed; drawn or traced. ̃জোখাn. accounts. ̃নোv. to cause to write or compose or write to or draw or trace; to teach one how to write. ̃পড়াn. reading and writing; education; studies; an agreement in black and white; a legally registered agreement.লেখাপড়াকরাv. to read and write; to receive education; to study; to enter into or draw up a written agreement; to execute a legally registered agreement. লেখালিখিকরাv. to write (repeatedly) to one another; to send in repeated correspondence; to do some writing; to make repeated representation in writing.

লেখিকা [ lēkhikā ] fem of লেখক।

লেখ্য [ lēkhya ] a that which is to be or can be written; used in writing only, written (লেখ্যভাষা). ☐n. anything written; an epistle, a letter; a script; a manuscript; a drawing, a painting, a picture, a sketch; a deed, a document, a record. লেখ্য-নিবদ্ধকn. the Registrar of Assurances. ̃পত্রn. a deed, a document.̃প্রাপকn. record finder.̃রক্ষকn. a record-keeper.লেখ্যাগারn. record room. লেখ্যোপকরণn. writing material, such as ink, pen, paper etc.

লেচি [ lēci ] n a lump of dough to be rolled and then fried or baked.

লেজ, ল্যাজ [ lēja, lyāja ] n a tail; the hind-part of anything, the rump, the rear (সৈন্যবাহিনীরলেজ). জাহাজের বা নৌকারলেজ the stern. লেজগুটানোv. (fig.) to turn tail, to run away with tail between the legs.লেজ মাড়ানোv. (fig.) to twist one's tail, to annoy.লেজ মোটাহওয়া to be puffed up or overbearing or bumptious or conceited. লেজেখেলানোv. (fig.) to harass one by giving false hopes or by keeping in suspense.̃কাটা শিয়াল (sarcas.) a disgraced person endeavouring in vain to keep up appearance.লেজাn. the tail of a fish; the hind part of anything. লেজামুড়োn. (fig.) anything in its entirely, alpha and omega. লেজুড়n. a tail; the rump, the rear; what is attached or affixed to the rear end; (sarcas.) degrees or titles (তার নামেরঅনেকগুলি লেজুড়).

লেট [ lēṭa ] n delay. ☐a. late. লেট করাv. to be late; to procrastinate.

লেটার-বক্স [ lēṭāra-baksa ] n a letter-box; a pillar-box.

লেডিকেনি [ lēḍikēni ] n a kind of sweet drop made by frying posset.

লেতি, লেত্তি [ lēti, lētti ] n a piece of string for spinning a top.

লেদাড়ু, লেদাড়ে [ lēdāḍ়u, lēdāḍ়ē ] a lazy; not smart; unenterprising.

লেনদেন, লেনাদেনা [ lēnadēna, lēnādēnā ] n act of giving and taking; transaction; exchange; bargain; payment and repayment.

লেপ1 [ lēpa1 ] n quilt stuffed with cotton used as a wrap during sleep. লেপেরওয়াড় a quilt case.

লেপ2 [ lēpa2 ] n a layer of paint etc., a coat, a coating, a wash (মাটির লেপ); anything to coat or smear with.

লেপক [ lēpaka ] n one who applies a coating or wash; one who smears.

লেপচা [ lēpacā ] n a Himalayan race; a member of this race, a Lepcha.

লেপটানো [ lēpaṭānō ] v to wrap round oneself; to cling to; to be involved or implicated in; to coat or smear.

লেপন [ lēpana ] n coating or smearing. লেপন করাv. to coat, to wash, to smear.

লেপা [ lēpā ] v same as লেপনকরা ।☐a. coated, washed, smeared. ̃নোv. to cause to coat or wash or smear.

লেপাফা, লেফাফা [ lēpāphā, lēphāphā ] n an envelope, a cover, a wrapper. ̃দোরস্ত, ̃দুরন্তa. outwardly or formally meticulous (but actually insincere and faulty).

লেবু1 [ lēbu1 ] n the lemon; the lime.

লেবু2 [ lēbu2 ] a (infor.) good-for-nothing; unpractical; stupid.

লেবেল [ lēbēla ] n a label. লেবেলআঁটাv. to label. লেবেল-আঁটাa. labelled.

লেলানো [ lēlānō ] v to incite (as a dog) to attack, to set on, to set upon.

লেলিহান [ lēlihāna ] a repeatedly licking; blazing. fluttering (লেলিহান শিখা).

লেশ [ lēśa ] n an iota, a jot, a bit; trace, shadow. ̃মাত্রa. (chiefly used in the negative) even an iota or bit of, even the faintest trace or shadow of.

লেস [ lēsa ] n an ornamental fabric, a lace. লেসপরানোn. to decorate with a lace, to lace, to enlace.

লেহ, লেহন [ lēha, lēhana ] n licking or lapping. লেহন করাv. to lick, to lap. লেহনকারী, লেহীa. & n. one who or that which licks or laps.লেহ্যa. (of food) to be eaten or taken by licking or lapping.

লৈখিক [ laikhika ] a relating to or used in writing; not spoken or oral, written; (alg.) graphical; (rare) literary.

লৈঙ্গ, লৈঙ্গিক [ laiṅga, laiṅgika ] a relating to the penis, penial; sexual.

লোক [ lōka ] n a person, a human being; the public; mankind; a world, a sphere (ভূলোক); a region or abode (বিষ্ণুলোক). লোক হাসানোv. to be an object of public ridicule. লোকে বলে people say; they say; it is said. ̃কাহিনি, ̃কথাn. a folktale, a folklore. ̃গণকn. a census enumerator.̃গণনাn. census.̃গাথাn. a ballad.̃চক্ষুতেadv. in the eyes of the people or of the public.̃চক্ষুর সমক্ষে publicly; openly.̃চরিত্রn. human nature.̃জনn. pl. people at large; one's followers or supporters or associates; retinue, suite, a train of followers.̃জানাজানিn. public exposure, publicity.̃ত্রয় (usu. ত্রিলোক) n. the three worlds (heaven, earth and the nether world).̃দেখানোa. falsely exhibiting or displaying in presence of others, falsely demonstrative.̃নাট্যn. folk drama.̃নিন্দা same as লোকাপবাদ । ̃নৃত্যn. folk dance.̃পরম্পরাn. succession of generations; transmission from generation to generation of people or from man to man. ̃পরম্পরাগতa. transmitted or handed down from generation to generation of people, traditional; circulated or transmitted from man to man. ̃পালn. a king; (myth.) any one of the eight presiding deities of the eight corners of the universe; (in modern times) a Vigilance or Anticorruption Officer independent of the executive. ̃প্রবাদn. hearsay; (loos.) a rumour.̃প্রিয়a. popular.̃প্রিয়তাn. popularity.̃বলn. the strength of one's supporters or followers; one's supporters or associates or followers collectively.̃বসতিn. human habitation, settlement.̃বিশ্রুতa. well-known to the people; famous, renowned, celebrated.̃ব্যবহার same as লোকাচার । ̃ভাষাn. dialect, the language of the common people.̃মুখেadv. from other people, from other people's mouth (লোকমুখে শুনেছি).̃রঞ্জন folk-entertainment.̃লজ্জাn. fear of looking small to the people, fear of public disgrace.̃লশকরn. retinue, suite.লীলাn. worldly activities. লৌকিকতাn. social formalities; social amenities. ̃শাসনn. public administration.̃শিক্ষাn. mass education.̃সংখ্যাn. population.̃সংগীতn. a folk-song.̃সমাকীর্ণ same as জনাকীর্ণ । ̃সমাগমn. gathering or collection of people; gathering.̃সমাজn. human society; the public.̃সাহিত্যn. folk literature.̃সেবকn. a social welfare worker.̃সেবাn. social (welfare) service.হিতn. public welfare; public good. ̃হিতকরn. beneficial to the public; promoting the well-being of the people.̃হিতকরকার্য a public welfare work or service.̃হিতব্রতa. a vow to do public good, dedication to public service; devotion to public welfare work.̃হিতৈষণাn. benevolence; (loos.) philanthropy.̃হিতৈষীa. benevolent; (loos.) philanthropic.fem. ̃হিতৈষিণী ।

লোকসান [ lōkasāna ] n loss; damage, harm. লোকসানকরাv. to damage, to harm; to cause or suffer a loss. লোকসান দেওয়াv. to suffer or incur a loss; to lose.

লোকাচার [ lōkācāra ] n a popular practice, a custom, a usage; customs and usages collectively. লোকাচারেরবিরুদ্ধেa. contrary to popular practice, opposed to prevailing custom or usage.

লোকাতীত [ lōkātīta ] a extramundane; superhuman; miraculous; extraordinary; supernatural.

লোকান্তর [ lōkāntara ] n another world; the world where one goes after one's death, the next world, the beyond, the hereafter; (loos.) death (তাঁর লোকান্তরের পর). ̃প্রাপ্ত, লোকান্তরিতa. deceased, dead.̃প্রাপ্তবা লোকান্তরিত হওয়াv. to die.̃গমন, ̃প্রাপ্তিn. death.

লোকাপবাদ [ lōkāpabāda ] n public censure; public scandal; infamy; obloquy.

লোকাভাব [ lōkābhāba ] n want of men; want of workers; thin population.

লোকায়ত [ lōkāẏata ] a secular (লোকায়তসরকার).

লোকারণ্য [ lōkāraṇya ] n a vast crowd of people; a great concourse of people. (লোকে) লোকারণ্যহওয়াv. to teem with a vast multitude of people.

লোকাল বোর্ড [ lōkāla bōrḍa ] n a local board.

লোকালয় [ lōkālaẏa ] n human habitation; a human settlement or colony; a town, a village; (fig.) the human society.

লোকেশ [ lōkēśa ] n god; the king.

লোচন [ lōcana ] n the eye. ̃রঞ্জনa. pleasing to the eye.

লোটন [ lōṭana ] n the tumbler pigeon, the tumbler (also লোটন পায়রা); a bun dressed so as to hang loosely.

লোটা1 [ lōṭā1 ] n a metal pot.

লোধ্র, লোধ [ lōdhra, lōdha ] n a kind of tree. লোধ্ররেণুn. a cosmetic powder prepared from the bark of this tree.

লোনা [ lōnā ] a salty; saltish; saline; salted (লোনামাছ). ☐n. a damaging coating on walls etc. caused by moisture or damp; excess of salinity in soil, water or air (লোনায় স্বাস্হ্যহানি). লোনায় ধরাv. to be affected with a damaging coating caused by damp.

লোপ [ lōpa ] n destruction; abolition; extinction; disappearance; concealment; (gr.) elision. লোপকরাv. to destroy; to abolish; to conceal, to hide. লোপপাওয়া, লোপহওয়াv. to be destroyed or abolished; to become extinct or obsolete; to disappear or vanish; to be concealed; (gr.) to be elided. ̃প্রাপ্ত same as লুপ্ত ।

লোপাট [ lōpāṭa ] a thoroughly plundered or sacked; utterly destroyed; completely disappeared or hidden or concealed; carried off to a hiding-place without leaving any trace (লাস লোপাট). লোপাটকরাv. to plunder or sack thoroughly; to destroy utterly; to hide or conceal thoroughly; to carry off to a hiding place without leaving any trace.

লোফা [ lōphā ] v to catch or take hold of a thing in the air, to take hold of a thing before it touches the ground; (fig.) to accept or receive eagerly. লোফালুফিকরাv. to take or hold catches; to catch repeatedly; throwing and catching.

লোবান [ lōbāna ] n benzoin.

লোভ [ lōbha ] n greed, avidity, covetousness; strong desire or inclination; strong desire to appropriate to oneself what be longs to others; thirst for worldly possessions; avarice, cupidity; allurement, enticement, temptation. লোভকরাv. to be greedy of, to covet, to have a strong desire or inclination for; to desire strongly to appropriate to oneself what belongs to others; to be thirsty of worldly possessions. লোভজন্মানোv. to make one greedy. লোভ দেখানোv. to tempt, to allure. লোভে পড়াv. to fall into a temptation; to become greedy of. লোভে পাপ পাপে মৃত্যু (fig.) temptation leads to sin and sin to death; (fig.) avarice leads to vice and vice to death. লোভ সংবরণ করা to check or control one's greed or temptation. ̃জলক same as লোভনীয়। ̃নn. act of tempting or alluring, enticement. ☐a. same as লোভনীয় । ̃নীয়a. covetable; tempting, alluring; lucrative (লোভনীয় চাকরি); at tractive, charming (লোভনীয়চেহারা). লোভাতুর, লোভার্তa. stricken with (extreme) greed; greatly tempted; very much eager. fem. লোভাতুরা, লোভার্তা ।লোভীa. greedy, avid, covetous; strongly desirous of or inclined to; strongly desirous of appropriating to oneself what belongs to others; greedy of worldly possessions; avaricious; easily tempted or allured.

লোমনাশক [ lōmanāśaka ] a depilatory.

লোম-ফোঁড়া [ lōma-phōn̐ḍ়ā ] n a boil in a hair follicle.

লোর [ lōra ] n (poet.) tears.

লোল [ lōla ] a restless, frequently moving (লোলকটাক্ষ); lolling; greedy or thirsty or extremely eager, wistful (লোল দৃষ্টি); loose or loosened. ̃চর্মa. one whose skin hangs loosely on account of age. ̃জিহ্বa. greedily lolling one's tongue; fluttering, blazing (লোলজিহ্বঅগ্নি).

লোলা [ lōlā ] n the tongue (esp. which is greedy of food).

লোলুপ [ lōlupa ] a stricken with extreme greed; greatly tempted; very much eager; greedy, avid.

লোষ্ট্র [ lōṣṭra ] n a roundish small lump of earth; a small roundish stone or brickbat. ̃বত্adv. & a. like a clod of earth; as valueless as a lump of earth.

লোহ [ lōha ] n iron; metal; blood; tears.

লোহা [ lōhā ] n iron. লোহারকারখানা an iron foundry; a smithy. লোহার জিনিস hard ware. আকরিক লোহা iron-ore. ঢালাই লোহা cast-iron. নরমলোহা soft-iron, pig-iron. পেটালোহা wrought-iron. ̃চুরn. iron filings; pulverized iron, iron dust; iron rust. ̃রn. a blacksmith. ̃লক্কড়n. iron and wood and similar substances and things made of them.

লোহিত [ lōhita ] a. & n red.̃কn. (astr.) the Mars; ruby; spinel; spinel-ruby.লোহিত সাগরn. the Red Sea.

লোহু, লৌ [ lōhu, lau ] n blood.

লৌকিক [ laukika ] a human; popular, public; social; worldly, earthly; formal; customary. ̃তাn. formality; a formal gift given to one esp. on a ceremonial occasion. লৌকিকতা (রক্ষা) করাv. to comply with formalities whilst dealing with one; to give or send a formal present.

লৌহ [ lauha ] n iron; steel. ̃কারn. a blacksmith. ̃ঘটিতa. ferrous; chalybeate. ̃চূর্ণn. iron filings; pulverized iron, iron dust; iron rust. ̃নির্মিতa. made of iron or steel. ̃বর্ত্মn. a railway; a tramway.̃ময়a. made of iron or steel; full of iron. ̃শৃঙ্খলn. iron chains, fetters.

ল্যাং [ lyā ] n the leg, the shank; causing to stumble by pushing one's leg into another’s. ল্যাংদেওয়া, ল্যাং মারাv. to cause to stumble or fall by pushing one's leg into another's to trip; (sl.) to betray.

ল্যাংচা [ lyāñcā ] n a kind of sweetmeat made of posset.

ল্যাংচানো [ lyāñcānō ] v to limp.

ল্যাংড়া1 [ lyāṇḍ়ā1 ] n an excellent species of mango.

ল্যাংড়া2 [ lyāṇḍ়ā2 ] a lame. ☐n. a lame person.

ল্যাংবোট [ lyāmbōṭa ] n a longboat; (inc. but pop.) a slow-moving cargo-boat; (sarcas.) a constant companion or follower esp. one who impedes movement or progress; a drag, an encumbrance.

ল্যাঙট, ল্যাঙ্গট [ lyāṅaṭa, lyāṅgaṭa ] n a tiny loincloth worn by Indian wrestlers and ascetics.

ল্যাঠা [ lyāṭhā ] n trouble, difficulty; fix; a species of small and soft fish.

ল্যাম্প [ lyāmpa ] n a lamp.

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