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ঔ [ au ] n the fourteenth vowel of the Bengali alphabet.

ঔকার [ aukāra ] n the post-consonantal symbol 'ৌ' affixed to a consonant whilst adding the ঔ-sound to it. ঔকারাদিa. (of words) beginning with ঔ or ঔ-sound. ঔকারান্তa. (of words) ending in ঔ or ঔ-sound.

ঔচিত্য [ aucitya ] n propriety, fitness; appropriate ness; decorum.

ঔজ্জ্বল্য [ aujjbalya ] n brightness, lustre, splendour, brilliance, brilliancy.

ঔড়ব [ auḍ়ba ] n (mus.) the singing of any mode consisting of five notes.

ঔত্সর্গিক [ autsargika ] a relating to religious offering, sacrificial; dedicatory.

ঔত্সুক্য [ autsukya ] n inquisitiveness; eagerness; earnestness; (rare) worry, anxiety.

ঔদনিক [ audanika ] n a cook.

ঔদরিক [ audarika ] a gluttonous; voracious; abdominal. ☐n. a glutton, a gourmand, an excessively greedy eater. ঔদরিকতাn. gluttony; voracity, voraciousness.

ঔদার্য [ audārya ] n liberality; magnanimity, greatness; generosity, largeness, munificence.

ঔদাসীন্য, ঔদাস্য [ audāsīnya, audāsya ] n indifference; listlessness; callousness; apathy.

ঔদ্ধত্য [ auddhatya ] n haughtiness, arrogance; insolence, impertinence; vanity, vainglory.

ঔদ্বাহিক [ audbāhika ] a obtained through marriage (as dowry); of marriage, matrimonial, bridal.

ঔপনিবেশিক [ aupanibēśika ] n colonial; settling in or settling up a colony, colonizing. ☐n. a settler or an inhabitant of a colony.

ঔপনিষদ [ aupaniṣada ] a of or according to the Upanishads. ঔপনিষদিকa. relating to or versed in the Upanishads.

ঔপন্যাসিক [ aupanyāsika ] a relating to novels or a work of fiction. ☐n. a novelist.

ঔপপত্তিক [ aupapattika ] a relating to deductive reasoning and arguments; proved, vindicated; authenticated; authentic; authoritative.

ঔপমিক [ aupamika ] a of or described by a simile or comparison.

ঔপম্য [ aupamya ] n similitude; similarity; comparability.

ঔপসর্গিক [ aupasargika ] a symptomatic; (gr.) relating to the prefix.

ঔপাধিক [ aupādhika ] a pertaining to title or in title only, titular; nominal; temporary.

ঔরস, ঔরস্য [ aurasa, aurasya ] a (of children) legitimate. ☐n. a legitimate child; (loos & pop.) se men. ঔরসজাতa. (lit.) legitimately born; (loos. & pop.) born of one's se men.

ঔর্ণ, ঔর্ণিক [ aurṇa, aurṇika ] a woollen; cobwebby.

ঔর্ধ্বদেহিক, ঔর্ধ্বদৈহিক [ aurdhbadēhika, aurdhbadaihika ] a funeral; obsequial. ☐n. funeral rite; obsequial rite, obsequies.

ঔর্ব1 [ aurba1 ] a earthly; pertaining to the Earth.

ঔর্ব2, ঔর্বাগ্নি [ aurba2, aurbāgni ] n a fire coming out from under water (esp. of a sea); a submarine fire.

ঔষ্ম, ঔষ্ম্য [ auṣma, auṣmya ] n heat, warmth.

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