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ঋ [ ṛ ] n the seventh vowel of the Bengali alphabet. ঋকারn. the symbol affixed to a consonant whilst adding the ঋ-sound to it. ঋকারাদিa. (of words) beginning with ঋ or ঋ-sound. ঋকারান্তa. (of words) ending in ঋ or ঋ-sound.

ঋক্ [ ṛk ] n the Rig Veda; a Vedic hymn inverse; the esoteric prayer that one says to oneself whilst telling beads.

ঋক্থ, রিক্থ [ ṛktha, riktha ] n (for.) wealth; inherited wealth and property, heritage; property left by a person at death, assets of a deceased person. ̃ভাগn. a share in wealth or property.̃হীনa. poor; impecunious.

ঋক্ষ [ ṛkṣa ] n (for. the bear; a star; a constellation. ̃মণ্ডলn. (astr.) The Saptarshi, the Great Bear. ̃রাজ, ঋক্ষেশn. the moon (when personified).

ঋক্সংহিতা [ ṛksaṃhitā ] n the collection of hymns and prayers of the Rig Veda.

ঋগ্বেদ [ ṛgbēda ] n the Rig Veda. ̃-সংহিতা same as ঋক্সংহিতা । ঋগ্বেদীa. versed in or obedient to the Rig Veda.

ঋজু [ ṛju ] a straight; erect; upright; uncurved, unbent; unyielding; candid, frank; sincere; easy; easy to understand or learn or read. ̃কায়a. erect-bodied, upright. ̃তাn. straightness, erectness; uprightness; honesty; sincerity; simplicity.̃প্রকৃতি same as ঋজুস্বভাব । ̃রেখa. (geom.) rectilinear.̃রেখক্ষেত্র (geom.) a rectilinear figure.̃রেখাn. a straight line.̃স্বভাবa. frank or sincere by nature.

ঋণ [ ṛṇa ] n a debt; a loan; liability, (math.) the minus sign. ঋণকরা, ঋণনেওয়াv. to borrow. ঋণদেওয়াv. to lend. ̃গ্রস্তa. steeped in or run into debt; indebted. ̃গ্রস্তথাকাv. to be indebted (to), to owe.̃গ্রস্তহওয়াv. to run into debt, to incurdebt. ̃গ্রহণn. act of borrowing (esp. money). ̃গ্রহণকরাv. to borrow (esp. money).̃গ্রাহী, ̃গ্রহীতাn. a borrower, a debtor.̃চিহ্নn. (math.) the minus sign (—).̃জালn. the meshes of debt.̃জালেজড়ানোv. to enmesh or be enmeshed indebt, to involve or be involved in debt.̃দাতাn. a lender; a money-lender; creditor. ̃দানn. act of lending (esp. money). ঋণদানকরাv. to lend (esp. money). ̃দায়n. burden of debt; liability, indebtedness.̃দাসn. one who serves as a slave to repay a debt, a bondsman.̃পত্রn. a written bond of debt; a note of hand; a debenture.̃পরিশোধ same as ঋণশোধ। ̃ভারn. the burden of debt. ̃ভারেপীড়িতa. encumbered with debt. ̃মুক্তa. relieved of debt, free from debts. ̃মুক্তকরাv. to free from a debt or debts.̃মুক্তিn. re lease from a debt or debts; freedom from debts.̃শোধn. act of paying off a debt; repayment.̃শোধকরাv. to pay off a debt; to repay.

ঋণাত্মক [ ṛṇātmaka ] a (alg.) negative.

ঋণিতা [ ṛṇitā ] n indebtedness.

ঋণী [ ṛṇī ] a involved in debts, indebted. ঋণীথাকাv. to be indebted; to owe. ঋণী হওয়াv. to be indebted; to run into a debt.

ঋত [ ṛta ] n the Supreme Being, God; (the) truth. ☐a. worshipped; adored; ailing, sick (শীতার্ত); true; shining, luminous. ঋতানৃতa. true and false. ☐n. truth and falsehood.

ঋতি [ ṛti ] n act of going or moving; gait; motion.

ঋতু [ ṛtu ] n season, a tide or time; menstruation, the menses. ̃কালn. the period or time of a season, a tide; the period of menstruation, the menstrual period. ̃নাথ, ̃পতিn. the king of seasons; the spring. ̃পরিবর্তনn. change of season. ̃পর্যায়n. succession or revolution of the seasons.̃মতীa. (of a woman) menstruating, in the menses.̃মতীহওয়াv. to menstruate, to be in the menses; to menstruate for the first time. ̃রক্ষাn. act of copulating with a woman on the fourth day of her menstrual period ̃রক্ষাকরাv. to copulate with a woman on the fourth day of her menstrual period. ̃রাজ same as ঋতুনাথ । ̃স্নাতাa. fem. bathed on the fourth day of one's menstrual period. ̃স্নানn. act of bathing on the fourth day of one's menstrual period.

ঋত্বিক [ ṛtbika ] n a family priest; an assistant priest; a priest.

ঋদ্ধ [ ṛddha ] a prosperous, flourishing; affluent, well-to-do; fortunate. ঋদ্ধিn. all-round prosperity; flourishing state; affluence; fortune; property, wealth. ঋদ্ধিমান same as ঋদ্ধ; fem. ঋদ্ধিমতী । ঋদ্ধিলাভa. attainment of prosperity.

ঋভু [ ṛbhu ] n a god; one of a species of deified man; a superman.

ঋষভ [ ṛṣabha ] n the ox; a mythological mountain; (mus.) the second note in the natural scale; (as a sfx.) the best one (মনুষ্যর্ষভ).

ঋষি [ ṛṣi ] n a very wise ascetic, a sage; a saint; a composer of Vedic hymns. ̃কল্প, ̃তুল্যa. equal to or comparable with a saint; saint-like; saintly. ̃প্রোক্তa. told by a saint; (gr.-of words etc.) used by a saint but not in accordance with grammatical rules (cp. archaic). ̃লোকn. the abode of the spirits of saints.

ঋষ্ট [ ṛṣṭa ] a (astrol.) under the evil influence of a star; inauspicious. ঋষ্টিn. (astrol.) evil influence of a star; an inauspicious thing, an evil.

ঋষ্য [ ṛṣya ] n a species of deer, white-footed or dappled antelope.

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