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ঝ [ jh ] n the ninth consonant of the Bengali alphabet.

ঝংকার [ jhaṅkāra ] n a jingling sound (as of the strings of a harp); a clattering sound (as of weapons); a humming sound (as of bees); (mus.) a sharp and loud sound, a blaze; a loud and sudden brawling or bullying sound. ঝংকারদেওয়া, (poet.) ঝংকারাv. to jingle; to clatter; to hum; (mus.) to twist into a sharp and loud sound, to blaze up; to burst out into brawling or bullying.

ঝংকৃত [ jhaṅkṛta ] a jingled; clattered; (mus.) twisted into a sharp and loud sound; burst into brawling or bullying. ঝংকৃতিn. jingle; clatter; hum; (mus.) a twisting into a sharp and loud sound.

ঝকঝক, ঝকমক [ jhakajhaka, jhakamaka ] int expressing: sparkling or glistening state. ঝকঝককরা, ঝকমককরা, ঝকঝকানো, ঝকমকানোv. to sparkle, to glisten, to glitter; to shine brightly. ঝকঝকানি, ঝকমকানিn. sparkling or glistening or glittering state. ঝকঝকে, ঝকমকেa. sparkling, glistening, glittering, brightly shining.

ঝকমারি [ jhakamāri ] n a folly (ঝকমারিকরা); a mistake, a bloomer; a fault, an offence; a trouble (ঝকমারিসওয়া) ঝকমারির মাশুলদেওয়া to pay for one's mistake or folly.

ঝক্কি [ jhakki ] n a risk; troublesome burden or charge.

ঝগড়া [ jhagaḍ়ā ] n a quarrel, a brawl, a row; an altercation; a dispute. ঝগড়া করাv. to quarrel; to altercate, to wrangle. ঝগড়া বাধানোv. to kick up a row, to pick a quarrel; have a dispute with, to set by the ears. ঝগড়ামেটানোv. to make up a quarrel, to settle a dispute. ̃ঝাঁটিn. (usu. pl.) trifling or peevish quarrel or altercation or dissension; quarrels.̃টেa. quarrelsome, cantankerous; wrangling.

ঝঞ্ঝনা [ jhañjhanā ] n a clattering sound (অস্ত্রঝঞ্ঝনা); a clap of thunder; thunder ('ঝঞ্ঝনাপড়ুকতার মাথারউপর').

ঝঞ্ঝা [ jhañjhā ] n a rainstorm. ̃ক্ষুদ্ধ, ̃পীড়িতa. stricken by a rainstorm. ̃তা়ড়িতa. driven or blown by a rainstorm.̃বর্তn. a cyclone.̃বাত, ̃বায়ুn. a stormy wind, a strong gale.

ঝঞ্ঝাট [ jhañjhāṭa ] n a trouble; a fix; a disturbance; a troublesome burden or worry or charge (ঝঞ্ঝাট পোহানো). ঝঞ্ঝাটে পড়াv. to be in a trouble, to get into a scrape; to get into a mess; to be in a fix. ঝঞ্ঝাটবাধানো, ঝঞ্ঝা়টকরাv. to create trouble or disturbance. ঝঞ্ঝাট পোহানো, ঝঞ্ঝাট সহাv. to bear a trouble or the stress or strain of a crisis.

ঝঞ্ঝাটে [ jhañjhāṭē ] a troublesome; disturbing.

ঝটপট2 [ jhaṭapaṭa2 ] int expressing: flapping or the noise of flapping. ঝটপট করা, ঝটপটানোv. to flap. ঝটপটানিn. act or noise of flapping.

ঝটকা, ঝটকানি [ jhaṭakā, jhaṭakāni ] n a sudden and forceful snatch or pull or jerk. ঝ়টকামারাv. to snatch or pull or jerk or snatch suddenly and forcefully; to cut or kill by a blow or with one stroke.

ঝ়টাপটি [ jh়ṭāpaṭi ] n mutual hugging and clasping; fluttering or flapping of wings; scuffle, disorderly fight.

ঝ়টিকা [ jh়ṭikā ] n a storm; a strong gale. ̃বর্তn. a whirlwind.

ঝ়টিতি [ jh়ṭiti ] adv quickly, hastily, hurriedly.

ঝ়ড় [ jh়ḍ় ] n a storm; a strong gale. ̃ঝ়াপটাn. the press or stress of a storm; (fig.) the press or stress of a danger or dangers. ̃তুফানn. tempest and high waves.

̃জল, ̃বৃষ্টি[ ̃jala, ̃bṛṣṭi ] n a rainstorm.

ঝড়তি-পড়তি [ jhaḍ়ti-paḍ়ti ] n clippings or other waste matters; remnants, scraps.

ঝ়ড়ো [ jh়ḍ়ō ] a stormy, tempestuous (ঝ়ড়োহাওয়া); storm-beaten (ঝ়ড়ো কাক).

ঝ়ন [ jh়na ] int expressing: a clattering sound as of weapons or of striking a thin metal plate; the chink of coins. ঝ়নঝনint. expressing: repeated or continuous clattering sound or chinking; jingle (as of coins); a strong dizzy sensation (মাথাঝনঝন করা). ঝনঝনানো, ঝনঝন করাv. to clatter or cause to clatter; to chink or cause to chink; to be afflicted or to afflict with a strong dizzy sensation. ঝনঝনানিn. clatter; chink; a strong dizzy sensation.

ঝনকাঠ [ jhanakāṭha ] n the lintel; the upper wooden bar of the frame of a door.

ঝনত্কার [ jhanatkāra ] n a clattering sound as of weapons; the chink of coins.

ঝনাত্ [ jhanāt ] int expressing a sound louder than ঝন ।

ঝপ [ jhapa ] int expressing the sound of diving or falling into water or air suddenly; a sudden splashing sound; quickness (ঝপকরে খাওয়া). ঝপঝপint. expressing: the repeated or continuous sound of diving or falling into water or air or of sudden splashing; incessant pouring (ঝপঝপবৃষ্টি); quickness (ঝপঝপকরেখাওয়া). ঝপাঝপadv. very quickly (ঝপাঝপখাওয়া); quickly one after another (ঝপাঝপডুবদেওয়া).

ঝপাত্ [ jhapāt ] int expressing the sound of diving or springing into water or of flinging down a heavy object.

ঝমঝম [ jhamajhama ] int expressing a loud jingling sound as of anklets; a loud pattering sound as of rain falling in torrents. ঝমঝম করাv. to jingle. ঝমরঝমরint. expressing a very loud jingling noise as of anklets. ঝমাঝমadv. with a loud jingling noise (ঝমাঝমমলবাজে); noisily in torrents (ঝমঝমবৃষ্টিপড়ছে).

ঝম্প [ jhampa ] n a jump, a spring, a dive, a plunge. ঝম্প দেওয়াv. to jump, to spring, to plunge, to dive. ̃দান, ̃প্রদানn. act of jumping or springing or plunging or diving.

ঝরই [ jhari ] v (poet. & obs.)falls or fall, is or are shed, drops or drop, exudes or exude.

ঝরঝর [ jharajhara ] int expressing the state or sound of rapid and continuous falling in small drops of minute particles (ঝরঝরকরে বৃষ্টি বা বালি পড়া, ঝরঝর করেকাঁদা). ☐adv. in incessant flow or falling ('ঝরঝরবরিষেবারিধারা). ঝরঝরেa. neat and clean (ঝরেঝরেঘর); neat (ঝরঝরে কাজ); neat. and legible (ঝরঝরে ছাপা, ঝরঝরে লেখা); refreshed or freed from morbidity (দেহটা ঝরঝরেলাগছে); freed from moisture (ঝরঝরেভাত); dilapidated (বাড়িখানারঝরঝরে অবস্হা); in utter ruin. পরকাল ঝরঝরেকরাv. to spoil one's life, to spoil one's future; to deprave utterly.

ঝরতি [ jharati ] n any negligible portion of things fallen out of a heap and passed over at the time of loading or carrying.

ঝরনা [ jharanā ] n a fountain, a waterfall, a cascade, a spring. ̃কলমn. a fountain-pen.

ঝরা [ jharā ] v to fall in drops; to ooze, to exude; to fall; to be shed (গাছের পাতা ঝরা); to cast off or moult (পাখির পালক ঝরা); to run (সর্দিতে নাকঝরা). ঝরানোv. to cause to fall in drops; to cause to ooze or exude; to cause to fall; to shed; to cast off, to moult; to cause to run.

ঝরিত [ jharita ] a fallen in drops; oozed; exuded; fallen, shed; cast off, moulted; flowing ('নির্ঝরঝরিতবারিরাশি').

ঝরোকা [ jharōkā ] n a small window; a bay window; a latticed window.

ঝর্ঝর [ jharjhara ] n the sound of rapid fall as of a stream of water; a sieve, a colander; a cymbal, cymbals.

ঝর্ঝরিত [ jharjharita ] a full of the noise of rapid fall as of a stream of water; perforated in several places.

ঝলকিত [ jhalakita ] a coruscated; flashed.

ঝলঝল [ jhalajhala ] int expressing the state of hanging loosely. ঝলমলানিn. the glitter, the sparkle.

ঝলঝলে [ jhalajhalē ] a loosely hanging.

ঝলমল [ jhalamala ] int expressing coruscation. ঝলমলানো, ঝলমল করাv. to coruscate; to sparkle, to glitter. ঝলমলেa. coruscating.

ঝলসানো[ jhalasānō ] v to daze or be dazed (চোখঝলসানো); to dazzle (হীরেখানা ঝলসাচ্ছে); to scorch or be scorched, to singe or become singed (আগুনে ঝলসানো); to brown (রোদে গাছপালা ঝলসানো). ☐a. dazed; dazzling; scorched, singed; browned. ঝলসানিn. daze or dazing; dazzle or dazzling; scorched or singed state; act of scorching or singeing; browned state or browning.

ঝলসিত[ jhalasita ] a dazed; dazzled; scorched, singed; browned.

ঝলা[ jhalā ] v (chiefly poet.) to dazzle or shine ('পিঙ্গল জটাজাল ঝলিছে').

ঝল্লক, ঝল্লরী[ jhallaka, jhallarī ] n a dish-shaped musical instrument made of bell metal played at the time of worshipping; a cymbal or cymbals.

ঝাউ[ jhāu ] n the tamarisk tree.

ঝাঁ[ jhā ] int expressing great swiftness. ঝাঁ করে very swiftly, in a jiffy, in a moment.

ঝাঁক[ jhān̐ka ] n a flock (পাখিরঝাঁক); a swarm (মৌমাছির ঝাঁক); a shoal (মাছেরঝাঁক); a collection, a crowd, an assemblage (বদমাশের ঝাঁক). ঝাঁকেঝাঁকে in flocks; in swarms; in shoals; in smart showers (ঝাঁকেঝাঁকে বৃষ্টি).

ঝাঁকড়া[ jhān̐kaḍ়ā ] a long and clustering.

ঝাঁকড়া-মাকড়া [ jhān̐kaḍ়ā-mākaḍ়ā ] a shaggy.

ঝাঁকা1 [ jhān̐kā1 ] n a large wicker-basket.

ঝাঁক2 [ jhān̐ka2 ] v to shake (ঝাঁকানো, ঝেঁকে ওঠা). ☐n. a shake (ঝাঁকাখাওয়া).

ঝাঁকানো[ jhān̐kānō ] v to shake. ☐a. shaken.

ঝাঁক-মুটে[ jhān̐ka-muṭē ] n a porter who carries his load in a wicker-basket on his head.

ঝাঁকি[ jhān̐ki ] n a shake.

ঝাঁকিদর্শন[ jhān̐kidarśana ] n visiting a place etc. for a moment; stopping on the way for a moment to see someone or something.

ঝাঁকুনি[ jhān̐kuni ] n shake; act of shaking.

ঝাঁগুড়গুড়[ jhān̐guḍ়guḍ় ]int expressing the noise of beating a drum.

ঝাঁজ1 [ jhān̐ja1 ] n strong heat (রোদেরঝাঁজ); a strong pungent aroma or taste (ওষুধেরঝাঁজ); severity or harshness (কথারঝাঁজ).

ঝাঁজ2, ঝাঁজর1 [ jhān̐ja2, jhān̐jara1 ] n a dish-shaped musical instrument played at the time of worshipping a deity.

ঝাঁজর2 [ jhān̐jara2 ] a full of holes, porous; alveolar, honeycombed; perforated in many places; extremely worn out. ☐n. a colander, a sieve, a strainer.

ঝাঁজরা[ jhān̐jarā ] a full of holes, porous, alveolar, honeycombed.

ঝাঁজরি[ jhān̐jari ] n a colander, a sieve, a strainer; a porous cover or lid (as on the mouth of a drain); a spray; a porous water-pot for watering trees.

ঝাঁ-ঝাঁ[ jhā-n̐jhā ] int expressing severe heat (রোদ ঝাঁ ঝাঁ করা); burning sensation (চোখমুখঝাঁ ঝাঁ করা); great swiftness (ঝাঁ-ঝাঁ করেকাজ শেষ করা).

ঝাঁজালো, ঝাঁঝালো[ jhān̐jālō, jhān̐jhālō ] a very hot; pungently aromatic; severe, harsh.

ঝাঁজি[ jhān̐ji ] n a kind of shaggy fibrous rush or sedge growing in water.

ঝাঁট[ jhān̐ṭa ] n sweeping; a sweep. ঝাঁট দেওয়াv. to sweep, to broom.

ঝাঁটা[ jhān̐ṭā ] n a broom; a besom. ̃খেকোa. (in abuses) accustomed to be flogged with a broom; contemptible. ̃নোv. to sweep.̃পেটাn. a flogging with a broom, a stroke with a broom.ঝাঁটা মারাv. to flog with a broom. ঝাঁটারবাড়িn. a stroke with or of a broom.

ঝাঁটি[ jhān̐ṭi ] n a flowering shrub, the amaranth (?).

ঝাঁপ1 [ jhām̐pa1 ] n an improvised door or lid made of wicker.

ঝাঁপ2 [ jhām̐pa2 ] n a jump, a spring, a dive, a plunge. ঝাঁপ দেওয়া, ঝাঁপানোv. to spring, to dive, to plunge; to rush to (কোলেরমধ্যেবা বুকের মধ্যে বা বুকের উপর ঝাঁপানো).

ঝাঁপ়টা[ jhām̐p়ṭā ] n an ornament for the woman's head, a tiara.

ঝাঁপতাল[ jhām̐patāla ] n an Indian musical measure.

ঝাঁপা2 [ jhām̐pā2 ] v (obs.) to rush to, to jump into; (obs.) to rise, to come up ('রূপসদা মনেঝাঁপে'); to cast, to fling ('জাল তুরিতেঝাঁপায়'); (obs.) to cover, to screen ('বদনঝাঁপিব বাসে').

ঝাঁপান[ jhām̐pāna ] n a playful handling and control of snakes (মনসাপূজার ঝাঁপান); a litter used for carrying people on hills.

ঝাঁপি[ jhām̐pi ] n a wicker-basket esp. a small one with a lid.

ঝাট[ jhāṭa ] adv quickly; at once.

ঝাড়[ jhāḍ় ] n a bush, a thicket (ঝোপঝাড়); a cluster, a clump (বাঁশঝাড়, গোলাপঝাড়); a race or family (শয়তানের ঝাড়); a chandelier (বেলোয়ারিঝাড়). ̃বাঁধাa. growing in clusters bunches or dumps. ঝাড়ে-বংশেadv. to the last member of the family, not excluding a single member of the family, one and all of the family. ঝাড়ে-মূলেadv. root and branch.

ঝাড়লন্ঠন, ঝাড়বাতি[ jhāḍ়lanṭhana, jhāḍ়bāti ] n a chandelier.

ঝাড়া[ jhāḍ়ā ] v to thresh or beat out grain from (corn etc.) to separate chaff from grain, to winnow (চাল ঝাড়া); to dust, to brush, to remove dust or dirt by shaking or with a piece of cloth or some sort of duster; to empty or remove contents of (bags etc.), to shake out contents of vessels, bags etc. (ঝুলিঝাড়া); to throw brickbats or other missiles (মাথারইট ঝাড়া); to show ill-temper, to vent one's spleen (গায়ের ঝালঝাড়া); to exorcise (ভূত ঝাড়া). ☐a. threshed or winnowed or cleaned (ঝাড়াচাল). ☐n. threshing or winnowing; dusting and cleaning, brushing; emptying contents of. ঝাড়াদুইঘন্টা for full two hours, for two hours at a stretch. ঝাড়পোঁছn. sweeping and cleaning. ঝাড়াপোঁছা same as ঝাড়পোঁছ। ঝাড়ফুঁকn. exorcising of evil spirit by uttering charms and incantations. ঝাড়ানোv. to cause to thresh and winnow, to expel evil spirit etc., to exorcise.

ঝাড়ন1 [ jhāḍ়na1 ] n dusting and cleaning, cloth for dusting furniture etc., a duster; winnowing or fanning grains etc.

ঝাড়ন2 [ jhāḍ়na2 ] n act of expelling or exorcising evil spirit out of a person by reciting charms and incantations or by invocation of holy names, exorcism.

ঝাড়াই[ jhāḍ়āi ] n sweeping and cleaning; threshing and beating (ধানঝাড়াই); winnowing (চালঝাড়াই). ঝাড়াই-বাছাইn. sweeping and cleaning; eliminating and selecting.

ঝাড়ু[ jhāḍ়u ] n broom. ঝাড়ুদেওয়া to sweep. ঝাড়ুমারাv. to beat with a broom. ̃দারn. a sweeper, a scavenger, a dustman, a person who takes away dirt, garbage and rubbish from streets, buildings etc.

ঝানু[ jhānu ] a veteran, experienced; sly, cunning.

ঝান্ডা[ jhānḍā ] n a flag, a banner, a standard.

ঝাপ়ট, ঝাপটা1 [ jhāp়ṭa, jhāpaṭā1 ] n (of wind or storm) a gust; (of rain) a spray; (of wings) a flap; (of tails) a violent stroke.

ঝাপসা [ jhāpasā ] a obscure; hazy; murky; blurred. ঝাপসা দৃষ্টিবানজর dim vision; blurred vision.

ঝামা [ jhāmā ] n a piece of over-burnt brick.

ঝামেলা [ jhāmēlā ] n a trouble; a fix; a disturbance; a row; a troublesome burden or charge. ঝামেলাকরা, ঝামেলা বাধানোv. to create a trouble or disturbance; to quarrel, to kick up a row. ঝামেলাপোহানো, ঝামেলাসহাv. to bear a trouble or disturbance. ঝামেলায়পড়াv. to be in a trouble; to get into trouble; to be in a scrape; to be in a fix.

ঝারা [ jhārā ] n a porous device to spray water etc. on a plant.

ঝারি [ jhāri ] n a water-can with a porous spout.

ঝাল1 [ jhāla1 ] n solder. ঝাল দেওয়াv. to solder.

ঝাল2 [ jhāla2 ] a acrid, biting; pungent, hot. ☐n. an acrimony or grudge (গায়েরঝাল); pungency, hotness (লংকার ঝাল); chilli (তরকারিতেঝাল দেওয়া); a variety of hot curry or gravy (মাছের ঝাল). ঝালঝাড়া, ঝালমেটানোv. (coll.) to feed one's grudge (esp. by flogging or scolding severely).ঝালে-ঝোলে-অম্বলেadv. in all affairs or places.

ঝালর [ jhālara ] n a fringe, a valance; tatting. ̃ওয়ালাa. fringed, valanced.

ঝালা1 [ jhālā1 ] v (mus.) to twist up a sharp and loud sound on string instruments, to blaze up. ☐n. a spell or act of blazing up.

ঝালা2 [ jhālā2 ] v to solder; to dredge (পুকুর ঝালা).

ঝালানো [ jhālānō ] v to cause to solder; to dredge (পুকুরঝালানো); (fig.) to refresh (বন্ধুত্বঝালানো, স্মৃতিঝালানো); to recapitulate or revise (পড়া ঝালানো). ☐a. soldered; dredged; (fig.) refreshed or recapitulated or revised.

ঝালাপালা [ jhālāpālā ] a almost deafened or stunned or extremely vexed with a loud and unbearable noise (কান ঝালাপালা হওয়া); extremely afflicted (রোদে শরীরঝালাপালাহওয়া).

ঝালি [ jhāli ] n the festival of ঝুলন or swinging; a pit dug at the mouth of a gutter; a bag; a basket; a wicker-basket.

ঝি [ jhi ] n a daughter (রাজারঝি, ঘোষের ঝি); a maid-servant. ঝিকে মেরে বউকে শেখানো (fig.) to flog or punish one's own innocent people to teach others a lesson.

ঝিউড়ি [ jhiuḍ়i ] n a daughter; an unmarried daughter.

ঝিঁক [ jhin̐ka ] n a raised construction on an oven upon which cooking utensils are placed; any removable metal device to serve the same purpose.

ঝিঁকড়া [ jhin̐kaḍ়ā ] n a kind of small bushy plant.

ঝিঁঝিঁ1 [ jhin̐jhi1 ] n a species of insect, the cricket. ঝিঁঝির শব্দবাডাক the drone or chirping of the cricket.

ঝিঁ ঝিঁ2 [ jhi n̐jhi2 ] int indicating: a dizzy or buzzing or twinging sensation (মাথাঝিঁ ঝিঁকরা, পায়ে ঝিঁঝিঁ ধরা). ঝিঁ ঝিঁ করাv. to feel dizzy, to be stricken with a buzzing sensation. ঝিঁ ঝিঁধরাv. to be stricken with a twinging sensation, to have pins and needles.

ঝিঁঝিট [ jhin̐jhiṭa ] n an Indian musical mode.

ঝিকমিক [ jhikamika ] int expressing: sparkling or glittering or twinkling. ঝিকমিককরাv. to sparkle, to glitter, to twinkle.

ঝিঙে [ jhiṅē ] n a kind of vegetable, a cucurbitaceous plant and its fruit.

ঝিনিঝিনি, ঝিনিকিঝিনি [ jhinijhini, jhinikijhini ] int expressing a sweet and musical jingling sound (as of a dancer's anklets).

ঝিনুক [ jhinuka ] n a bivalve mollusc, the cockle, the oyster; an ear-shell; an abalone; a metal spoon shaped almost as a valve of the cockle (chiefly used in feeding babies).

ঝিন্টি [ jhinṭi ] n a flowering shrub, the amaranth (?).

ঝিম [ jhima ] n drowsiness or langour (ঝিম ধরা). ☐a. stricken with drowsiness or langour, drowsy, languid (ঝিম হয়েবসা).

ঝিমঝিম [ jhimajhima ] int expressing a dizzy or fainting sensation. ঝিমঝিমকরাv. to feel dizzy; to feel like swooning (গা ঝিমঝিম করা).

ঝিমানি, ঝিমুনি[ jhimāni, jhimuni ] n dozing; a doze; slackening, abatement, flagging; inaction; lethargy.

ঝিমানো[ jhimānō ] v to drowse, to doze; slacken, to abate, to flag (আন্দোলন ঝিমিয়ে পড়েছে); to become inactive (সন্ত্রাসবাদীরা ঝিমিয়েপড়ল).

ঝিয়ারি[ jhiẏāri ] n a daughter; an unmarried daughter; one who is like a daughter, e.g. a son-in-law's sister.

ঝিরঝির[ jhirajhira ] int expressing the sound of wind or breeze blowing gently or of drizzling rain. ঝিরঝিরেa. (of the wind) gently blowing; (of the rain) drizzling.

ঝিল[ jhila ] n a very large pond.

ঝিলমিল1 [ jhilamila1 ] int expressing gentle sparkle or fine coruscation or sparkle. ঝিলমিলকরাv. to coruscate or sparkle gently. ঝিল মিলিn. fine coruscation or sparkle. ঝিলমিলেa. finely coruscating or sparkling.

ঝিলমিল2, ঝিলমিলি1 [ jhilamila2, jhilamili1 ] n a shutter, a venetian blind.

ঝিলিক[ jhilika ] n a sudden but mild or light flash. ঝিলিক দেওয়া, ঝিলিক মারাv. to flash mildly or lightly.

ঝিলিমিলি[ jhilimili ] a coruscating, sparkling, glittering. ☐n. fine and gentle flash or coruscation (রোদের ঝিলিমিলি).

ঝিল্লি[ jhilli ] n a species of insect, the cricket; membrane.

ঝুঁকা, ঝোঁকা[ jhun̐kā, jhōn̐kā ] v to incline, to stoop, to lean; to tilt; to have slight desire or liking (for), to be disposed or drawn (খেলারদিকে ঝুঁকছে, ছেলেরদিকে মায়ের মন ঝোঁকে). ঝুঁকানো, ঝোঁকানোv. to cause to incline or stoop or lean; to rouse slight desire or liking in, to dispose or draw.

ঝুঁকি[ jhun̐ki ] n a risk, a hazard; a risky responsibility. ঝুঁকি নেওয়াv. to risk, to hazard. বড় রকমেরঝুঁকি a great risk.

ঝুঁটি, ঝুঁট, ঝুট1 [ jhun̐ṭi, jhun̐ṭa, jhuṭa1 ] n a tuft of long hair on the head kept tied in a bun; a bun; a bird's crest (কাকাতুয়ার মাথায় ঝুটি); (of bulls, camels, etc.) a hump.

ঝু়ট2 [ jhu়ṭa2 ] a false. ̃মুটadv. for nothing.

ঝুটা[ jhuṭā ] a (of articles of food) partly eaten; (of dinner-plates etc.) not yet washed after being used in dining; defiled, ravished; false (ঝুটা কথা); counterfeit or forged (ঝুটা দলিল); artificial, sham, imitation (ঝুটাহীরা); dissembling (ঝুটালোক).

ঝুটাপুটি[ jhuṭāpuṭi ] n a scuffle (chiefly a playful one.) ঝুটাপুটি করাv. to scuffle.

ঝুড়ি[ jhuḍ়i ] n a wicker basket, a scuttle, a hamper. ঝুড়ি ঝুড়ি basketfuls of, a large number or amount of.

ঝুনুঝুনু, ঝুনুর-ঝুনুর[ jhunujhunu, jhunura-jhunura ] int expressing a musical jingling sound as of anklets of a dancer. ঝুনুঝুনু করা, ঝুনুর ঝুনুর করাv. to jingle musically.

ঝুনো[ jhunō ] a ripe and hardened (ঝুনো নারকেল); veteran and experienced (ঝুনো উকিল); shrewd and sly. cp. ঝানু ।

ঝুপ[ jhupa ] int expressing the noise (milder than ঝপ) of diving or falling into water or air suddenly; a sudden splashing sound; suddenness. ঝুপঝুপ, ঝুপঝাপint. expressing this noise repeatedly; quick succession.

ঝুপড়ি[ jhupaḍ়i ] n a low hut built with tree-leaves, wicker, bamboo etc.

ঝুমঝুমি[ jhumajhumi ] n a rattle for children.

ঝুমুর[ jhumura ] n a kind of love-song accompanied with dance.

ঝুরঝুর[ jhurajhura ] int expressing the state or sound (milder than ঝরঝর) of rapid and profuse falling in drizzles or in minute particles (ঝুরঝুর করেবৃষ্টি বা বালি পড়া); the state or sound of blowing gently (ঝুরঝুরকরে বাতাস বওয়া). ঝুরঝুরেa. drizzling (ঝুরঝুরেবৃষ্টি); freed from moisture (ঝুরঝুরে বালি, ঝুরঝুরেভাত); gently blowing (ঝুরঝুরে বাতাস).

ঝুরা1 [ jhurā1 ] v (poet.) to stream with tears ('রূপলাগি আঁখি ঝুরে').

ঝুরা1 [ jhurā1 ] a pulverized; freed from moisture (ঝূরা ভাত); granular and dry ঝূরা বালিঝূরাঝূরাa. freed from moisture; granular and dry.

ঝুরি[ jhuri ] n an aerial root of a tree. ঝুরিভাজাn. a kind of crisp snack made of pulverized pigeon-pea.

ঝুল[ jhula ] n act of stooping, inclination (অতঝুল দিলে পড়ে যাবে); vertical or down ward length (জামার ঝুল); soot or dirt caught in cobweb (ঝুলকালি); lamp black, soot (হারিকেনেরঝুল); (coll. &sl.) trash, worthless.

ঝুলন[ jhulana ] n act of swinging; suspension in the air; the Hindu festival of swinging (also ঝুলনযাত্রা).

ঝুলনা[ jhulanā ] n a rocking cradle.

ঝুলা, ঝোলা[ jhulā, jhōlā ] v to be hung, to hang, to be suspended in the air; (hum.) to be hanged; to swing; to incline towards, to lean to, to tend to; to be still in action, still hanging fire (মামলাঝুলছে). ঝুলা-ঝুলি, ঝুলোঝুলিn. (rare) repeated or continuous swinging; earnest solicitation (for some length of time). ঝুলানোv. to hang, to suspend in the air; (hum.) to hang by the neck; to suspend or adjourn; to keep in suspense.

ঝুলি[ jhuli ] n a small cloth-bag (esp. one that can be carried by hanging it from one's shoulder)

ঝেঁপে দেওয়া[ jhēm̐pēdēōẏā ] v (coll. &sl.) to cheat, to grab unfairly.

ঝোঁক[ jhōn̐ka ] n a stooping state; inclination, propensity, a tendency; liking; earnest interest (রাজনীতিতেঝোঁক); a whim, a caprice, a leaning, a penchant (দেশভ্রমণেরঝোঁক); overwhelming or besotting influence (নেশার ঝোঁক). ̃মাত্রn. velleity.

ঝোঁটন[ jhōn̐ṭana ] n a crest (as of a bird). ☐a. crested (ঝোঁটন বুলবুলি).

ঝোড়া1 [ jhōḍ়ā1 ] n a large wicker-basket, a scuttle, a hamper.

ঝোড়া2 [ jhōḍ়ā2 ] v to lop off the unnecessary or overgrown branches. ̃নোv. to cause to lop off the unnecessary or over grown branches of.

ঝোপ[ jhōpa ] n an underwood; a bush, a thicket, a copse, a coppice. ̃জঙ্গলn. a thicket, a bushy undergrowth, underwood.

ঝোরা[ jhōrā ] n a cascade, a waterfall, a fountain (পাগলাঝোরা).

ঝোল[ jhōla ] n broth, juice, soup.

ঝোলা2 [ jhōlā2 ] a (of garments) hanging loosely (ঝোলা আস্তিন).

ঝোলা3 [ jhōlā3 ] a as thin as broth.

ঝোলা4 [ jhōlā4 ] n a (comparatively large) cloth bag esp. one that can be carried by hanging it from one's shoulder.

ঝোলাগুড়[ jhōlāguḍ় ] n thin molasses, treacle.

ঝোলাঝুলি2 [ jhōlājhuli2 ] n. pl belongings or luggage collectively, baggage. ঝোলাঝুলিসমেতadv. bag and baggage.

ঞ [ ñ ] n the tenth consonant of the Bengali alphabet.

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