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ও1 [ ō1 ] n the tenth vowel of the Bengali alphabet.

ও2 [ ō2 ] pro that or yonder person or creature or thing, a person or creature or thing in question, he, she, it. ☐a. that immediately preceding, last (ওমাসে). ☐adv. too, also, moreover (সেখাবেও); even (নামও শুনিনি). ☐con. and. ☐int. expressing; a call, recollection, amazement, pity etc.; holla, ho; ah, oh.

ওই [ ōi ] a that; yonder. ☐adv. there. ☐int. expressing mild regret for negligence, lapse of memory etc.; ah, ah me (ওইযা).

ওঁ [ ō ] n the mystic sound denoting the Hindu trinity; the origin or root of all sounds; the symbol representing the Supreme Being. ওঁকার, ওঙ্কার, ওংকারn. the sound ওঁ (cp. chest-note).

ওঁচলা [ ōn̐calā ] n skin of fruits and vegetables; refuse. ̃কুড়n. a dustbin, place where garbage is deposited. Same as আঁস্তাকুড় ।

ওঁচা, ওঁছা [ ōn̐cā, ōn̐chā ] a (chiefly coll.) worthless or bad; inferior; contemptible; base, mean; good-for-nothing.

ওঁরা [ ōm̐rā ] pro (hon.) they.

ওকড়া [ ōkaḍ়ā ] n a variety of herb or its fruit or leaf (when this is rubbed on the skin one gets a terrible itching sensation).

ওকার [ ōkāra ] n the post-consonantal symbol 'ো' affixed to a consonant whilst adding the ও-sound to it. ওকারাদিa. (of words) beginning with ও or ও-sound. ওকারান্তa. (of words) ending in ও or ও-sound.

ওকালতনামা [ ōkālatanāmā ] n power of attorney.

ওকালতি [ ōkālati ] n the profession of a pleader, legal profession or practice, pleadership; pleading, advocacy, defence. ☐a. pertaining to pleaders or pleadership or pleading. ওকালতিকরাv. to practice as a pleader; to plead for.

ওকি, ওকী [ ōki, ōkī ] int expressing: inquisitive ness, amazement, fright etc., what's that.

ওকে [ ōkē ] pro to him, him.

ও কে [ ō kē ] pro who is he or she.

ওখান [ ōkhāna ] n that or yonder place or region.

ওখানকার [ ōkhānakāra ] a of that place or region. ওখানেadv. there.

ওগরা [ ōgarā ] n a variety of food cooked by boiling rice and pulse together, hotchpotch.

ওগো [ ōgō ] int used in affectionate or respectful addressing or apostrophizing (chiefly applied by husband and wife to each other); a form of address applied also to God or a deity.

ওচলানো [ ōcalānō ] v to winnow, to fan (grain etc.) free of husks and chaff.

ওজঃ [ ōjḥ ] n vigour, strength; lustre; (rhet.) ornateness and vigour of style.

ওজন [ ōjana ] n act of weighing; weight; a unit of weight, a measure; importance, impressiveness; power, strength (নিজেরওজন বুঝে কাজ করা). ওজনকরাv. to weigh. ̃-করাa. measured (ওজন-করাকথা). ̃দরn. price according to or determined by weight (and not according to or determined by number). ̃দারn. a weighman, a measurer.

ওজর [ ōjara ] n a plea, an excuse; a pretext. বাজেওজর a lame excuse. মিথ্যাওজর a false plea.

ওজস্বল [ ōjasbala ] a vigorous, full of strength.

ওজস্বী [ ōjasbī ] a strong; vigorous; (rhet.) ornate and vigorous. fem. ওজস্বিনী ।ওজস্বিতাn. strength; vigour; (rhet.) ornateness and vigourofওজোগুণ[ ōjōguṇa ] n (rhet.) ornateness and vigour of style.

ওজোন [ ōjōna ] n ozone.

ওঝা [ ōjhā ] n a quack professing to have (supernatural) power of curing snakebites and other morbidities; an exorcist.

ওটকানো, উটকানো [ ōṭakānō, uṭakānō ] v search clumsily and hastily; look for something hurriedly; rummage.

ওটকিশতি, ওটকিস্তি [ ōṭakiśati, ōṭakisti ] n (in chess) a position in which if a particular piece or chess man is moved, the player in question gets a check, and if not moved, that piece or chessman is taken by the adversary.

ওটা [ ōṭā ] pro (coll. &dero.)that, it, he, she.

ওঠবস, ওঠবোস [ ōṭhabasa, ōṭhabōsa ] n act of sitting down and standing up alternately and repeatedly (as a punishment or physical exercise).

ওঠা [ ōṭhā ] v to rise; to get up; to climb or ascend (গাছে ওঠা, পাহাড়ে ওঠা); to get in (গাড়িতেওঠা). See also the older form উঠা।

ওডিকোলন [ ōḍikōlana ] n eau-de-cologne, a perfume made from water and alcohol.

ওড্র [ ōḍra ] n old name of Orissa.

ওড়না [ ōḍ়nā ] n a piece of thin cloth worn usually as a modesty scarfby women.

ওড়ব [ ōḍ়ba ] n an Indian musical mode which is expressed by five principal notes.

ওড়ম্বা [ ōḍ়mbā ] n a spendthrift.

ওড়া [ ōḍ়ā ] v to fly, to move through or in the air; to flutter; to go up in the air. For other uses see উড়া ।

ওড়িয়া [ ōḍ়iẏā ] n a native of Orissa; the language of Orissa. ☐a. of Orissa or its people.

ওড়িশা [ ōḍ়iśā ] n Orissa. ওড়িশিa. of or pertaining to Orissa. ☐n. an Indian style of classical dance that originated in Orissa.

ওত [ ōta ] n lying in wait to attack by surprise, an ambush, an ambuscade. ওত পাতা, ওত পেতেথাকাv. to lie in wait, to am bush, to ambuscade.

ওতপ্রোত [ ōtaprōta ] a diffused, pervading; inseparably mixed up; thorough. ̃ভাবেadv. inseparably, inextricably.

ওদন [ ōdana ] n food; meal; rice; boiled rice.

ওধার [ ōdhāra ] n that side or extremity or region.

ওপার [ ōpāra ] n the other side or bank (of a river, etc.).

ওফ [ ōpha ] int expressing amazement, anger, regret, pain, disgust etc.; oh.

ওমা [ ōmā ] int expressing: surprise; fear etc.

ওয়াক [ ōẏāka ] int expressing an involuntary sound made whilst vomiting. ওয়াকতোলাv. to make this sound; to expectorate; to hiccup, to retch.

ওয়াকফ [ ōẏākapha ] n charitable grant for Muslim religious purpose or in service of God. ̃নামাn. a grant providing for this gift. ওয়াকিফ, ওয়াকিবa. conversant, familiar, acquainted, knowing; informed; experienced. ওয়াকিফহাল, ওয়াকিবহালa. conversant with the situation; well-informed of the situation.

ওয়াজিব [ ōẏājiba ] a just, proper, right; necessary, essential.

ওয়াদা [ ōẏādā ] n a point of time by or within which something is promised to be paid or given or done; promise. ওয়াদাদেওয়াv. to set a time-limit.

ওয়াপস [ ōẏāpasa ] n act of giving back, return. ওয়াপস করাv. to give back, to return.

ওয়ারিশ [ ōẏāriśa ] n an heir or heiress. ওয়ারিশানn. pl. heirs or heiresses.

ওয়ারেন্ট [ ōẏārēnṭa ] n warrant, a written order giving official authority for arrest etc.

-ওয়ালা2[ -ōẏālā2 ] sfx denoting: a trader, a seller, a practitioner, an owner, one in possession of or endowed with etc., -er, -or, ist. fem. ওয়ালি, উলি ।

ওয়াস্তা [ ōẏāstā ] n act of attaching importance; serious attention, heed, care; dependence; sake (কীসেরওয়াস্তে). ওয়াস্তা করা, ওয়াস্তা রাখাv. to care (for), to heed, to pay attention (to); to attach importance (to); to depend (upon).

ওয়াহাবি [ ōẏāhābi ] n a follower of Abdul Wahab; a Muslim religious reformer; a group of Muslim socio-religious reformers.

ওর1 [ ōra1 ] n end, limit (' দুঃখের নাহি ওর ').

ওর2 [ ōra2 ] pro. a his; its.

ওরফে [ ōraphē ] adv. & n called otherwise, alias.

ওরসা [ ōrasā ] a wet, moist.

ওরাং ওটাং, ওরাং উটাং [ ōrāṃōṭā, ṃōrāṃuṭā ] n orang-utan (orang-outang), an ape originally of Sumatra and Borneo.

ওরে [ ōrē ] pro coll. & poet.form of ওকে ।int. used in addressing or apostrophizing.

ওল [ ōla ] n an edible bulbous plant akin to arum or turnip. যেমন বুনো ওল তেমনি বাঘাতেঁতুল (fig.) measure for measure.

ওলকপি [ ōlakapi ] n a kohlrabi; (loos.) a turnip.

ওলন1 [ ōlana1 ] n a coming down, descent.

ওলন2 [ ōlana2 ] n a plumb-line, a plummet (also ওলনদড়ি). ☐a. vertical.

ওলন্দাজ [ ōlandāja ] a Dutch. ☐a. a Hollander, a Dutch; the Dutch language.

ওলা2, ওলানো1 [ ōlā2, ōlānō1 ] v (dial.) to take down, to bring down.

ওলাইচণ্ডী [ ōlāicaṇḍī ] n the goddess of cholera.

ওলাইবিবি [ ōlāibibi ] n the name given by the Muslims to ওলাইচণ্ডী ।

ওলাওঠা [ ōlāōṭhā ] n cholera.

ওলান [ ōlāna ] n udder (of cattle etc.)

ওলো [ ōlō ] int used by (usu. village) women in addressing one another, hullo.

ওষধি, ওষধী [ ōṣadhi, ōṣadhī ] n a plant that dies after bearing fruit but for once.

ওষধিনাথ, ওষধিপতি [ ōṣadhinātha, ōṣadhipati ] n the moon.

ওষধিশালা [ ōṣadhiśālā ] n herbarium.

ওষ্ঠ [ ōṣṭha ] n (lit.) the upper lip; any of the lips. ̃পল্লবn. lips as attractive and soft as young shoots. ̃পুটn. a cavity formed by contracting both the lips.̃ব্রণn. a boil on the lip.ওষ্ঠাকারa. shaped like lips; (bot.) labiate. ওষ্ঠাগতa. that which has neared the lips in order to come out. ওষ্ঠাগতপ্রাণa. about to die; extremely embarrassed or peeved or irritated. ওষ্ঠাধরn. pl. the two lips-upper and lower. ওষ্ঠ্যa. (gr.) pronounced by the lips, labial. ☐n. (gr.) a labial letter.

ওস [ ōsa ] n dew.

ওসার [ ōsāra ] n breadth, width; also dial. variant of ওয়াড় ।

ওস্তাগর [ ōstāgara ] n a very efficient or chief artisan or tailor, a master artisan or tailor.

ওস্তাদ [ ōstāda ] n a trainer, a music-master or music-teacher; a master artist or artisan. ☐a. skilled, expert. ওস্তাদিn. efficiency, skill, mastery; cleverness; an attempt to parade one's skill or mastery, bravado; uncalled-for act of coming forward to help; officiousness. ☐a. pertaining to a trainer or music-master or master artist or master artisan. ওস্তাদি করাv. to try to parade one's skill or mastery; to come forward uncalled-for to help; to be officious.

ওহে [ ōhē ] int used in addressing or apostrophizing, hullo, hey.

ওহো [ ōhō ] int expressing: recollection, amazement, regret etc., ah. style.

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