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স1 [ sa1 ] n the thirty-second consonant of the Bengali alphabet.

স2 [ sa2 ] pfx indicating; together with, attended by (সচন্দন, সভৃত্য); of the same (সগোত্র, সতীর্থ).

-সই2 [ -si2 ] sfx indicating: able to (টেকসই): able, -ible; conforming to (পছন্দসই); up to (বুকসই).

সই4 [ si4 ] n a signature; an impression or mark given as a substitute for signature (ঢেরাসই, টিপসই). সই করা, সই দেওয়াv. to sign; to put an impression or mark as a substitute for signature. তাইসই let it be.

সইস [ sisa ] n a groom or a mounted attendant, a syce, a sice, a saice.

সওগাত [ sōgāta ] n a present, a gift.

সওদা [ sōdā ] n purchase; trade; merchandise, wares; articles purchased. সওদা করাv. to purchase, to buy, ̃গরn. a merchant; a merchant prince. ̃গরিn. the profession of a merchant, trading, commerce. ☐a. mercantile, commercial. ̃গরিকরাv. to work as a merchant, to follow the occupation of a trader; to trade. ̃গরি আপিস a mercantile firm, a merchant office. ̃পত্রn. purchases.

সওয়া2 [ sōẏā2 ] n. & a one and one-fourth, one and a quarter. সওয়া ঘন্টা an hour and a quarter. সওয়া তিন three and a quarter. সওয়াতিনটে বাজে it is a quarter past three o'clock.

সওয়ার [ sōẏāra ] n a rider, (cp.) a sowar. ☐a. riding, mounted. সওয়ারিn. a vehicle, a carriage; a mount; a passenger. সওয়ারিহওয়াv. to ride, to mount; to board a vehicle.

সওয়াল [ sōẏāla ] n a question, an inquiry; (in law—loos.) pleading on behalf of the plaintiff, argument. সওয়াল করাv. to question, to inquire; to plead or argue on behalf of the plaintiff. সওয়ালজবাবn. questions and answers; (in law) argument and counter-argument, pleading and replication.

সং [ saṅ ] n a clown, a bumpkin; a masque; a farce; a grotesque spectacle.

সংকট [ saṅkaṭa ] n a crucial danger; a great difficulty; a very knotty problem; a critical situation, a tight corner; a crux; great intricacy; a very narrow path, a gorge (usu. গিরিসংকট). ̃কালn. a critical time; hard times; a crisis. সংকটাপন্নa. greatly endangered; faced with a great difficulty. সংকটাবস্হাn. a critical situation, a tight corner.

সংকর [ saṅkara ] n a half-breed, a half-caste; a mongrel; a hybrid; a mixture of heterogeneous things. ☐a. half-bred; mongrel; crossbred, hybrid. সংকরীকরণn. hybridization.

সংকর্ষণ [ saṅkarṣaṇa ] n a forceful pull; attraction; ploughing, cultivation.

সংকলন [ saṅkalana ] n collection; culling; compilation; (math.) addition. সংকলন করাv. to collect; to cull; to compile; (math.) to add. ̃গ্রন্হn. a compilation.

সংকলয়িতা [ saṅkalaẏitā ] n a collector; a compiler; an adder. fem. সংকলয়িত্রী ।

সংকলিত [ saṅkalita ] a collected; culled; compiled; added.

সংকল্প [ saṅkalpa ] n a resolve, a determination; a (strong) desire; a solemn vow to do something (taken esp. on the eve of a religious worship); resolution. সংকল্পকরাv. to resolve; to determine, to make up one's mind; to take a solemn vow to do something (esp. on the eve of a religious ceremony the purpose for which it is intended). সংকল্প-বিকল্পn. desire and doubt; certainty and uncertainty; hesitation. ̃সাধনাকরাv. to fulfill a resolve; to attain a desire; to give effect to a resolution. সংকল্পিতa. determined, resolved; purposed intended; passed or adopted as a resolution.

সংকাশ [ saṅkāśa ] a (used as a sfx.) like, similar to, resembling (আদিত্যসংকাশ).

সংকীর্ণ [ saṅkīrṇa ] a narrow; not spacious, small; illiberal, ungenerous. (সংকীর্ণহৃদয়). ̃চিত্ত, ̃চেতা, ̃মনাa. narrow-minded, small minded. ̃তাn. narrowness; smallness; illiberality.

সংকীর্তন [ saṅkīrtana ] n singing in praise, singing the glory (of); singing in praise of God or a deity; a song in praise of God or a deity; a hymn. সংকীর্তনকরাv. to sing in praise (of), to glorify in songs; to sing in praise of God or a deity; to hymn. সংকীর্তিতa. celebrated in songs; thoroughly narrated or extolled.

সংকুচিত [ saṅkucita ] a curtailed; reduced; contracted; shriveled; (phys.) compressed; closed or narrowed or shut; cowered (ভয়েসংকুচিত); diffident, hesitating or hesitant. সংকুচিত করাv. to curtail or reduce or contract or shrivel; to compress; to close or shut or narrow; to cower. সংকুচিতহওয়াv. to be curtailed or reduced; to contract or shrivel; to get compressed; to draw back or to shrink; to cower or hesitate.

সংকুল [ saṅkula ] a (used as a sfx.) full of; crowded with, abounding in; infested with (শ্বাপদসংকুল).

সংকুলান [ saṅkulāna ] n sufficiency for meeting a need. সংকুলান হওয়াv. to be sufficient (for), to suffice (for).

সংকেত [ saṅkēta ] n a beckoning, a beck, a gesture; a hint; a sign; a signal; a presage; a clue; a rule; a secret tryst for lovers.

সংকেত করা [ saṅkēta karā ] v to beckon, to sign, to gesticulate. সংকেত দেওয়াv. to give a hint, to hint (at); to presage. সংকেতেadv. by means of gesticulation, by a sign; by hints or by suggestions; briefly.

সংকোচ [ saṅkōca ] n contraction; curtailment (ব্যয়সংকোচ); hesitation, diffidence. সংকোচকরাv. to contract; to curtail, to cut down; to hesitate. সংকোচ বোধ করাv. to feel hesitation. মরণসংকোচn. rigor mortis. সংকোচকa. contracting; curtailing; astringent. সংকোচনn. contraction, curtailment; shutting; (phys.) compression. সংকোচনশীলa. contractile. সংকোচনীয়a. contractible. সংকোচশূন্য, সংকোচহীনa. unhesitating; unabashed; unscrupulous; shameless; smart, free.

সংক্রম, সংক্রমণ [ saṅkrama, saṅkramaṇa ] n act of entering and settling down; transit, transition; (astr.) transition from one zodiacal sign to another; (of diseases etc.) infection, contagion; (of a practice, a virtue, a vice etc.) transmission esp. by contiguity or association. সংক্রমণকরাv. to enter and settle down; to transit; (astr.) to make a transit or pass from one zodiacal sign to another; to infect; to be transmitted (into) esp. by contiguity or association. সংক্রমণিকাn. a gallery. সংক্রমিতa. that which has entered and settled down; transited; (astr.) transited from one zodiacal sign to another; infected; transmitted. সংক্রমিত হওয়াv. to enter and settle down; (astr.) to pass or make a transit from one zodiacal sign to another; (of diseases) to infect; (of patients) to be infected; to be transmitted into; to be influenced by, to acquire (as a practice).

সংক্রান্ত [ saṅkrānta ] a (used as a prep.) of, relating to, pertaining to, concerning, regarding, as regards তত্সংক্রান্ত.

সংক্রান্তি [ saṅkrānti ] n (astr.—of the sun and planets) transit or passage from one zodiacal sign to another; the last day of a Bengali month.

সংক্রামক [ saṅkrāmaka ] a infectious, contagious.

সংক্ষিপ্ত [ saṅkṣipta ] a summarized, condensed; shortened, abridged; abbreviated; curtailed; reduced; brief, short. সংক্ষিপ্ত করা same as সংক্ষেপকরা । সংক্ষিপ্ত বিচারn. a summary trial. ̃সারn. a summary, an abstract, a précis, a synopsis.

সংক্ষুদ্ধ [ saṅkṣuddha ] a very much aggrieved or mortified or concerned or troubled or per turbed; (of seas etc.) extremely disturbed or agitated.

সংক্ষেপ [ saṅkṣēpa ] n summarization; condensation; shortening, abridgement; abbreviation; curtailment; reduction; a summary, an abstract, a précis, a synopsis. সংক্ষেপকরাv. to summarize, to condense; to shorten, to abridge; to abbreviate; to curtail; to reduce. ̃ণ same as সংক্ষেপ, except in the last sense. সংক্ষেপত, সংক্ষেপেadv. in brief, in short, briefly. সংক্ষেপিত var. of সংক্ষিপ্ত ।

সংক্ষোভ [ saṅkṣōbha ] n great aggrievement or mortification or concern or trouble or perturbation; (of seas etc.) great disturbance or agitation.

সংখ্যক [ saṅkhyaka ] a (used as a sfx.) numbering; amounting to (শতসংখ্যক).

সংখ্যা [ saṅkhyā ] n enumeration, counting; a number; a numeral; (math.) a figure; reckoning, estimation. সংখ্যা করাv. to enumerate, to count; to reckon, to estimate. সংখ্যা হওয়াv. to be (capable of being) enumerated or counted or numbered. ̃গণনাn. enumeration; counting. ̃গরিষ্ঠa. largest in number; (loos.) enjoying a majority. গুরুa. large in number; larger in number; enjoying a majority. সংখ্যাগরিষ্ঠসম্প্রদায় the majority community. সংখ্যা-জ্যোতিষn. numerology. ̃তa. numbered, counted, enumerated; calculated; reckoned. সংখ্যাতীতa. countless, innumerable, numberless. ̃নn. enumeration, counting; numbering; calculation. সংখ্যানুপাতেadv. in proportion to number. ̃পাতn. act of writing down a number. ̃বাচকa. denoting numbers, numeral. ̃মানn. measure. ̃মাপনn. measurement. ̃সংখ্যায়কn. an enumerator, a calculator. ̃লঘিষ্ঠa. smallest in number. ̃লঘু, ̃ল্পa. small in number; smaller in number. সংখ্যালঘু (বা সংখ্যালঘিষ্ঠ) সম্প্রদায় the minority community.

সংখ্যেয় [ saṅkhyēẏa ] a countable, calculable, enumerable.

সংগঠক [ saṅgaṭhaka ] n an organizer.

সংগঠন [ saṅgaṭhana ] n formation into an organic whole; organization; an organized body, an organization. সংগঠন করাv. to organize.

সংগঠিত [ saṅgaṭhita ] a organized. সংগঠিত করাv. to organize.

সংগত1 [ saṅgata1 ] a consistent (with); conforming (to); reasonable, proper, just. সংগতিn. consistency; unity; justness; propriety; (loos.) riches, wealth. সংগতিসম্পন্নa. rich, well-to-do; moneyed. সংগতিহীনa. poor; broke; resourceless; inconsistent.

সংগম [ saṅgama ] n union; sexual intercourse, copulation; a confluence (ত্রিবেণীসংগম); a concourse (জনসংগম).

সংগমন [ saṅgamana ] n concurrence.

সংগর [ saṅgara ] n parole.

সংগামী [ saṅgāmī ] a concurrent.

সংগীত [ saṅgīta ] n a song; music. জাতীয়সংগীতn. a national song or anthem. প্রভাতসংগীতn. a morning song, a matin. যন্ত্রসংগীতn. instrumental music. ̃জ্ঞa. versed in music. ☐a. musician. ̃প্রিয়a. fond of music. ̃বিদ্যাn. the art of music. ̃শালাn. a music school ̃শাস্ত্রn. the art or science of music. সংগীতানুরাগn. love for music. সংগীতানুরাগীa. fond of music. সংগীতানুষ্ঠানa. fond of music. n. a musical soiree, a musical performance.

সংগৃহীত [ saṅgṛhīta ] a collected, raised (সংগৃহীত চাঁদাবা লোক); compiled (সংগৃহীতকবিতাবলি); culled (সংগৃহীতফুল).

সংগোপন [ saṅgōpana ] n thorough concealment; complete secrecy or privacy. সংগোপনেadv. incomplete concealment or secrecy or privacy; secretly; unobservedly. সংগোপিতa. concealed or secret.

সংগ্রহ, সংগ্রহণ [ saṅgraha, saṅgrahaṇa ] n gathering, raising, col lection; amount (esp. of money) collected; compilation; a collection, (গল্পসংগ্রহ) an anthology; (কবিতাসংগ্রহ) culling (পুষ্পসংগ্রহ). সংগ্রহকরাv. to gather, to raise, to collect; to compile; to cull.

সংগ্রাম [ saṅgrāma ] n a war; a battle: a fight; a conflict; a combat, an encounter; a struggle (জীবনসংগ্রাম). সংগ্রাম করাv. to engage in a war or battle; to fight; to combat, to encounter; to struggle. ̃শীল, সংগ্রামীa. given to fighting, never shy of fighting or struggling, fighting, combative. সংগ্রামী মনোবৃত্তিfighting spirit; the will to struggle.

সংগ্রাহক [ saṅgrāhaka ] n a gatherer, a raiser, a collector; a compiler; a culler. fem. সংগ্রাহিকা।

সংঘ [ saṅgha ] n an association of persons; a body, a party, an organization; a club; a guild; the Buddhist monastic society. ̃বদ্ধa. united; incorporated.

সংঘটন [ saṅghaṭana ] n assemblage; occurrence; happening. সংঘটিতa. assembled, brought together; brought about. সংঘটিত হওয়াv. to occur, to be brought about, to take place.

সংঘর্ষ, সংঘর্ষণ [ saṅgharṣa, saṅgharṣaṇa ] n a rubbing against each other; friction; collision; concussion; a clash. ̃জনিতa. caused by collision or friction.

সংঘাত [ saṅghāta ] n collision, clash; impact.

সংঘারাম [ saṅghārāma ] n a Buddhist monastery.

সংচিতি [ sañciti ] n reserve.

সংচূর্ণন [ sañcūrṇana ] n trituration.

সংচূর্ণিত [ sañcūrṇita ] a triturated. সংচূর্ণিত করাv. to triturate.

সংজ্ঞা [ sañjñā ] n consciousness; an appellation, a name, a designation; (log.) connotation; (esp. in geom.) definition. সংজ্ঞা দেওয়াv. to give one a name or appellation, to name or designate. সংজ্ঞাপাওয়াv. to recover consciousness. সংজ্ঞা হারানোv. to lose consciousness, to swoon, to faint. ̃নn. consciousness; clear and thorough knowledge or perception. ̃নাশn. loss of consciousness, fainting. ̃নাশকa. rendering unconscious or senseless. ̃বাচকa. appellative; (gr.) proper. ̃বাচক বিশেষ্য(gr.) the proper noun. ̃র্থn. technical meaning; definition. ̃লোপsame as ̃নাশ । ̃হীনa. unconscious, senseless. সংজ্ঞিতa. appellated; defined.

সংনমন [ sannamana ] n compression.

সংনমিত [ sannamita ] a compressed.

সংনম্য [ sannamya ] a compressible.

সংনির্ণয় [ sannirṇaẏa ] n judgment.

সংনির্ণীত [ sannirṇīta ] a adjudged.

সংপরিবর্তন [ samparibartana ] n modification.

সংপৃক্ত [ sampṛkta ] a closely connected; (chiefly bot.) saturated. সংপৃক্তিn. close connection; saturation.

সংপৃষ্ট [ sampṛṣṭa ] a challenged.

সংপ্রশ্ন [ sampraśna ] n challenge (made by a sentry).

সংবত্ [ sambat ] n the era introduced by king Vikramaditya or Shalibahana in 56 B. C.; an era; a calendar year. সংবত্সরn. a whole year; a whole calendar year.

সংবদন [ sambadana ] n tally.

সংবরণ [ sambaraṇa ] n restraint, checking; prevention; covering; concealment; putting on or wearing in a proper way; dressing or tying (as of tresses) in a proper way. সংবরণ করাv. to restrain, to check; to prevent; to cover; to conceal; to put on or wear properly; to dress or tie properly.

সংবর্ত [ sambarta ] n total annihilation or dissolution or cataclysm, (cp.) deluge, the cloud that appears to destroy the world.

সংবর্ধক [ sambardhaka ] a & n one who or that which promotes growth or development or increase; one who receives respectfully or felicitates or pays a tribute of respect.

সংবর্ধন, সংবর্ধনা [ sambardhana, sambardhanā ] n thorough growth or development or increase; respectful reception; felicitation; a tribute of respect. সংবর্ধনাকরাv. to accord a respectful reception; to felicitate; to pay (one) a tribute of respect.

সংবর্ধিত [ sambardhita ] a thoroughly grown or developed or increased; accorded with a respectful reception; felicitated; one to whom a tribute of respect has been paid. fem. সংবর্ধিতা ।

সংবলিত [ sambalita ] a containing; bearing; attended by; mixed with.

সংবহন [ sambahana ] n circulation (রক্তসংবহন).

সংবাদ [ sambāda ] n news; information; a message, a report; a story, a narrative (সর্পযজ্ঞসংবাদ) meeting and conversation (সখীসংবাদ). ̃দাতাn. a press reporter or newspaper correspondent. ̃পত্রn. a newspaper. সংবাদপত্রবিক্রেতাn. a news-man. ̃পত্রসেবীn. a journalist. সংবাদপ্রতিষ্ঠান, সংবাদ সরবরাহ-প্রতিষ্ঠানn. a news agency. ̃বাহকn. a messenger; a courier. সংবাদবাহকপারাবত a carrier pigeon.

সংবাদী [ sambādī ] n (mus.) a note accessorial or subsidiary to the principal one.

সংবাহ, সংবাহন [ sambāha, sambāhana ] n act of carrying (loads); circulation (রক্তসংবাহন); massaging, massage; currying (as of a horse). সংবাহন করাv. to carry (loads); to circulate; to massage; to curry. সংবাহকa. load-carrying; circulating; massaging; currying. ☐n. one who carries (loads); a porter; that which circulates; a massagist, a masseur (fem. masseuse); a currier. fem. সংবাহিকা। সংবাহাগারn. massage clinic. সংবাহিতa. carried; circulated; massaged; curried.

সংবিগ্ন [ sambigna ] a worried; concerned, disturbed; agitated, frightened.

সংবিত্ [ sambit ] n consciousness. সংবিত্ পাওয়াv. to regain or recover consciousness. সংবিত্হারানোv. to lose consciousness, to faint, to swoon.

সংবিদা [ sambidā ] n an agreement; a deed of agreement.

সংবিদিত [ sambidita ] a known; informed.

সংবিধান [ sambidhāna ] n arrangement; prescription; the constitution of a state (ভারতেরসংবিধান) সংবিধান সভাn. a constituent assembly. ̃বহির্ভূতa. unconstitutional.

সংবিধি [ sambidhi ] n statute. ̃বদ্ধa. statutory.

সংবীত, সংবৃত [ sambīta, sambṛta ] a covered; concealed; hidden, secret; contracted.

সংবেগ [ sambēga ] n worry; anxiety; agitation; feeling of nervousness.

সংবেদ, সংবেদন, সংবেদনা [ sambēda, sambēdana, sambēdanā ] n sensation; susceptibility. সংবেদনশীলa. sensitive; susceptible, sensory, sensorial. সংবেদ-নার্ভn. a sensory nerve. সংবেদনশীলতাn. sensitiveness, sensitivity. সংবেদ্যa. perceptible by senses, sensible; knowable.

সংবেশক [ sambēśaka ] n hypnotist, a mesmerist.

সংবেশন [ sambēśana ] n hypnosis; hypnotism, mesmerism.

সংবেশিত [ sambēśita ] a hypnotized, mesmerized. সংবেশিত করাv. to hypnotize, to mesmerize.

সংভরণ [ sambharaṇa ] n supply and rationing; rationing. ̃পত্রn. a ration card.

সংমিশ্রণ [ sammiśraṇa ] n thorough admixture.

সংযত [ saṃyata ] a regulated, disciplined; self-restrained, continent; temperate, moderate, sparing; prevented, repulsed; restrained, checked, curbed; subdued, controlled; demure; modest, gentle (সংযত আচরণ). সংযত করাv. to regulate, to discipline, to restrict; to temper, to moderate; to prevent; to repulse; to restrain, to check, to curb; to subdue, to control. ̃চিত্তa. one who has controlled one's mind; one whose mind is tranquil or collected; self-restrained; temperate, abstemious. ̃বাকa. sparing or reserve in speech; reticent. সংযতাহারa. sparing or temperate in food and drink. সংযতেন্দ্রিয়n. one who has subdued one's passions, continent.

সংযম [ saṃyama ] n regulatedness, discipline; self-restraint, continence, temperance, sparingness; (বাকসংযম); restraint, check, curb; (বেগসংযম); subdual, control (ইন্দ্রিয়সংযম); demureness, modesty, gentleness, politeness (আচরণে সংযম); fast and other rites observed on the eve of a holy occasion (শিবরাত্রির সংযম্). সংযমকরা same as সংযত করা and esp. to observe fast and other rites on the eve of a holy occasion. সংযমনn. regularization, disciplining; act of restraining oneself, act of making oneself continent; tempering, moderation; restraining or curbing; subduing or controlling. সংযমিতa. regulated or disciplined; tempered; prevented or repulsed; restrained or curbed; subdued or controlled. সংযমীa. practicing self-control or discipline, continent, self-restrained; temperate, moderate, sparing, reserved; abstemious; demure, modest, gentle.

সংযাত্রিক [ saṃyātrika ] n processionist. ̃দলn. a procession.

সংযাত্রী [ saṃyātrī ] a going in a procession; voyaging. ☐n. a processionist; a voyager.

সংযুক্ত, সংযুত [ saṃyukta, saṃyuta ] a joined, linked; attached; admixed; united; amalgamated; federated, federal; connected; joint. সংযুক্তি, সংযুতি same as সংযোজন ।

সংযোগ [ saṃyōga ] n joining, linking; a junction; attachment; admixture; union, amalgamation; connection; contact; association, company; intercourse, communication; liaison; close application (মনঃসংযোগ ।) ̃সাধনকরাv. to join; to link; to unite. ̃স্হাপন করাv. to establish connection, to contact, to get into touch (with). সংযোগাধিকারিকn. a liaison officer.

সংযোজক [ saṃyōjaka ] a one who or that which joins or attaches or admixes or unites or amalgamates or adds; (gr.) copulative. সংযোজক অব্যয় (gr.) a copulative conjunction.

সংযোজন, সংযোজনা [ saṃyōjana, saṃyōjanā ] n joining or linking; attachment; admixture; unification; amalgamation; addition. সংযোজন করাv. to join, to link; to attach; to admix; to unify; to amalgamate; to add.

সংযোজিত [ saṃyōjita ] a joined, linked; attached; ad mixed; unified; amalgamated; added.

সংরক্ষক [ saṃrakṣaka ] n a conserver, a conservator (fem. conservatrix); a preserver; a protector (fem. protectress, protectrix); a guard; a defender; a guardian, a custodian; a curator; one who arranges for reservation.

সংরক্ষণ, সংরক্ষা [ saṃrakṣaṇa, saṃrakṣā ] n conservation; preservation; protection; guarding; defense; act of looking after, safe-keeping, safe guard; custody; reservation. সংরক্ষণ করাv. to conserve; to preserve; to protect; to guard; to defend; to reserve. ধর্মসংরক্ষণn. defense of faith. বাণিজ্যসংরক্ষণn. protectionism. শক্তিসংরক্ষণn. conservation of energy. সতীত্বসংরক্ষণn. preservation of chastity. ̃শীলa. (esp. pol.) conservative. ̃সংরক্ষনীয়a. conservable; preservable; defendable, defensible; guardable; reservable. সংরক্ষণাগারn. a conservatory; a preservatory; a safe depository.

সংরক্ষিত [ saṃrakṣita ] a conserved; preserved; protected; guarded; defended; safe guarded; reserved (সংরক্ষিত আসন).

সংরুদ্ধ [ saṃruddha ] a obstructed, hindered; confined; besieged.

সংলগ্ন [ saṃlagna ] a adjoining; (গৃহসংলগ্ন); clinging to (কণ্ঠসংলগ্ন); fixed or attached to; adhering to. সংলগ্ন হওয়াv. to adjoin; to cling to; to be fixed or attached to; to adhere to.

সংলাপ [ saṃlāpa ] n conversation; dialogue.

সংশপ্তক [ saṃśaptaka ] n (myth.) an indomitable soldier (or divine origin) who fights for victory with his life, (cp.) a myrmidon.

সংশয় [ saṃśaẏa ] n suspicion; doubt; hesitation; fear or concern, apprehension; uncertainty; (loos.) skepticism. ̃কর, ̃জনকa. doubtful, suspicious; uncertain. সংশয়াকূলa. greatly troubled by suspicion or doubt or hesitation; greatly afraid (of) or concerned (about) or apprehensive (of); (loos.) very much skeptic. সংশয়ান্বিত, সংশয়াপন্ন, সংশয়াবিষ্ট, সংশয়িতa. seized with suspicion or doubt, suspicious, hesitating; afraid. concerned, apprehensive; uncertain; (loos.) skeptical. সংশয়ীa. given to suspicion, suspicious; inclined to doubt; given to fear or apprehension; skeptical by nature.

সংশিত [ saṃśita ] a accomplished, performed; completed; determined, resolved, ̃ব্রতa. faithful to one's vows.

সংশোধক [ saṃśōdhaka ] n a (thorough) purifier or reformer or rectifier or amender or corrector or reviser; a reclaimer from evil ways.

সংশোধন [ saṃśōdhana ] n (thorough) purification or reformation or rectification or amendment or correction or revision. সংশোধনকরাv. to purify; to reform; to rectify; to amend, to correct; (esp. in law & pol.) to revise. ˜বাদn. (pol.) revisionism. ̃বাদীn. a revisionist. সংশোধনাগারn. a reformatory; (euph.) a house of correction, a jail. সংশোধনীয়a. reformable; rectifiable; amendable; corrigible; revisable.

সংশোধিত [ saṃśōdhita ] a purified; reformed; rectified; amended; corrected; revised.

সংশ্লিষ্ট [ saṃśliṣṭa ] a united; adhering, attached; involved in; associating with; related or connected (with), included in or component সংশ্লিষ্ট বিভাগ

সংশ্লেষ [ saṃślēṣa ] n union; adhesion; attachment; involvement; association; relation, connection; componency; synthesis (সালোকসংশ্লেষ = photo-synthesis); (bot.) conjugation. ̃ণn. synthesis.

সংসক্ত [ saṃsakta ] a attached; cohering, coherent; adhering; (phys.) tenacious; adjoining; connected, related. সংসক্তহওয়াv. to cohere. সংসক্তিn. attachment; cohesion, coherence; adherence; adjacency; connection; relation; (phys.) chemical affinity.

সংসদ [ saṃsada ] n an association, an assembly; a council; a parliament; the Indian Parliament. ̃সচিবa. a parliamentary secretary. ̃সদস্যn. a member of the Parliament, an M. P. সংসদীয়a. parliamentary. সংসদীয় গণতন্ত্র parliamentary democracy.

সংসর্গ [ saṃsarga ] n association, company, fellow ship; connection, relation, intercourse; sexual intercourse, cohabitation. সংসর্গকরাv. to associate with, to mix with. সংসর্গ ছাড়াv. to give up company, to dissociate oneself (from). ̃দোষn. vices or evils of (bad) association or company. সংসর্গাভাবn. (log.) universal negation.

সংসার [ saṃsāra ] n the world, the earth; a region; earthly life; domestic life; a family; earthly attachment and interests; (loos. of men only) marriage ('কর্তার দুইসংসার'); (loos.) a wife. সংসার করাv. to lead domestic life; to manage domestic affairs (also সংসার চালানো); (of women) to act as one's housewife, to live with (রমা স্বামীরসংসার করে না); (loos.—of men) to marry. সংসার পাতাv. to set up a household esp. by marrying. সংসার ত্যাগ করাv. to renounce the world. ̃ত্যাগীa. one who has renounced the world. ̃ধর্মn. domestic life or duties, family life or duties. ̃বন্ধনn. worldly attachment and interests, earthly bonds or ties; attachment to the family; kindred bonds or ties. ̃বাসনাn. desire to lead domestic life; desire to set up a household esp. by marrying; desire for earthly enjoyments. ̃যাত্রাn. earthly life; livelihood, daily life (সংসারযাত্রা নির্বাহ করা); domestic life. ̃লীলাn. earthly life; mortal life; human life. ̃সুখn. earthly pleasures or happiness of domestic life. সংসারাশ্রমn. same as গার্হস্হ্য (n.) সংসারাশ্রমে প্রবেশ করাv. to start to live the life of a householder esp. by marrying; to enter the world, to settle down to married life, to marry and settle down. সংসারীa. leading a family life; secular. সংসারী লোক a family man. ঘোর সংসারী very much domesticated; deeply concerned with family and worldly interests; engrossed in earthly pleasures and interests.

সংসিদ্ধ [ saṃsiddha ] a perfectly successful; thoroughly accomplished; instinctive, natural, innate. সংসিদ্ধিn. perfect success; thorough accomplishment.

সংসৃষ্ট [ saṃsṛṣṭa ] a associated, related, affiliated, connected (with).

সংস্করণ [ saṃskaraṇa ] n (obs.) correction or revision; (pop.) an edition (of a book etc.).

সংস্কার [ saṃskāra ] n purification; the sacrament of purification or reclamation; a sacrament (দশবিধসংস্কার); cleansing; dressing (কেশসংস্কার); reformation, reforms; mending, repair; correction, amendment (ভ্রমসংস্কার); revision (গ্রন্হসংস্কার); an irrational belief or notion, a stock notion; a prejudice or superstition; an impression (on the mind); innate knowledge or feeling, intuition, instinct (পূর্বজন্মেরসংস্কার). সংস্কার করাv. to purify; to purify or reclaim sacramentally; to cleanse; to dress, to reform; to mend, to repair; to correct, to amend; to revise. অন্ধ সংস্কারn. a blind or irrational notion, a prejudice. গৃহ সংস্কারn. house-repair; (daily) cleansing of a house. বেশ সংস্কারn. tidying up of one's dress; dressing. সংস্কারকn. a purifier; a sacramental purifier or reclaimer; a cleaner; a dresser; a reformer; a mender, a repairer, a repairman; a corrector, an amender; a reviser. ̃সাধনকরা same as সংস্কারকরা । ̃বদ্ধa. bound by stock notions or superstitions or prejudices or instincts. ̃বর্জিত, ̃হীনa. (rare) not having received any sacrament; free from superstition or prejudice or stock notions. ̃বাদn. the doctrine that the world may be made better by human effort, meliorism. ̃বিমুখa. averse to reforms; conservative. সংস্কারাচ্ছন্নa. thoroughly dominated by or blinded by superstitions or prejudices or stock notions.

সংস্কৃত [ saṃskṛta ] a purified; one who has received a sacrament; cleansed; dressed; reformed; mended, repaired; corrected; revised; refined or elegant. ☐n. Sanskrit. ̃ঘেঁষাa. Sanskritised. ̃জ্ঞa. versed in Sanskrit. সংস্কৃতিn. culture.

সংস্হা [ saṃshā ] n (rare) position, location, situation; a society; an association; a club; a guild; an establishment.

সংস্হান [ saṃshāna ] n orderly placing or arrangement; construction, formation, shape, structure, build; provision (ভবিষ্যতের সংস্হান) আহারের সংস্হান subsistence; provision of food.

সংস্হাপক [ saṃshāpaka ] n an establisher, a founder.

সংস্হাপন [ saṃshāpana ] n establishment, foundation, সংস্হাপন করাv. to establish, to found, to set up.

সংস্হাপিকা [ saṃshāpikā ] fem of সংস্হাপক ।

সংস্হাপিত [ saṃshāpita ] a established, founded.

সংস্হিত [ saṃshita ] a placed or laid esp. in an orderly manner; arranged; stationed. সংস্হিতিn. the state of being placed or laid esp. in an orderly manner; arrangement; the state of being stationed.

সংস্পর্শ [ saṃsparśa ] n close touch or contact; connection, concern; association. সংস্পর্শে আসাv. to come in contact with; to get in touch with. সংস্পর্শেথাকাv. to associate with; to have connection with.

সংস্পৃষ্ট [ saṃspṛṣṭa ] a touched; contacted; touching.

সংশ্রব [ saṃśraba ] n relation, connection, concern; association, company. সংস্রব এড়ানোv. to avoid the company of. সংস্রব থাকাv. to have connection with. সংস্রব রাখাv. to associate with; to keep connection with. সংস্রবে আসাv. to come in contact with. সংস্রবে থাকাv. to have connection with; to associate with. ̃হীনa. having no connection or concern with; having nothing to do with.

সংহত [ saṃhata ] a thoroughly united or integrated or organized; (loos.) mobilized; compact; very firm. সংহত করাv. to unite or organize (into a compact body); to mobilize. সংহত বর্তনী a closed circuit. সংহতিn. complete union or integration or organization; mobilization; compactness; great firmness; (phys.) molecular attracting; (phys.) agglomeration. সংহতি নষ্ট করাv. to disintegrate, to cause disintegration.

সংহরণ [ saṃharaṇa ] n killing; destruction; withdrawal, retraction, revocation; contraction. সংহরণকরাv. to kill, to slay; to destroy; to withdraw, to retract, to revoke; to contract.

সংহর্তা [ saṃhartā ] n a killer, a slayer; a destroyer; a withdrawer. fem. সংহর্ত্রী।

সংহার [ saṃhāra ] n killing, slaughter; destruction; end, termination, close, finish (উপসংহার); withdrawal, retraction, revocation (বাক্যসংহার, শরসংহার); contraction, collecting; act of dressing up (বেণীসংহার). সংহারকরা (poet.) সংহারাv. to kill, to slay; to destroy. সংহারকa. killing, slaying; destroying, destructive. ☐n. a killer, a slayer; a destroyer. সংহারমূর্তিn. image or embodiment of annihilation or destruction; a formidable form. সংহারীa. (used as a sfx.) same as সংহারক (a.). fem. সংহারিণী ।

সংহিতা [ saṃhitā ] n a collection of writings, an anthology; a sacred book containing the entire body of Vedic incantations; the sacred code of Hindu laws entitled 'Smriti' (স্মৃতি); a code of laws; a code. ̃কারn. a compiler of a code; a law giver. ̃বদ্ধa. condified.

সংহৃত [ saṃhṛta ] a collected; accumulated; killed or destroyed; withdrawn or retracted; contracted or shrunk; abridged.

সকন্টক [ sakanṭaka ] a having thorns, thorny.

সকরুণ [ sakaruṇa ] a compassionate, kind; pitiable; pathetic; woeful, doleful.

সকর্মক [ sakarmaka ] a (gr.) transitive. সকর্মক ক্রিয়া (gr.) a transitive verb.

সকল [ sakala ] a all; entire, whole. ☐pro. all, everybody. ☐sfx. denoting: plurality (বন্ধুসকল). সকলেইpro. one and all. সকলের প্রিয় loved by all, favourite with everyone.

সকাণ্ড [ sakāṇḍa ] a (bot.) having a stem, stemmed; (bot.) caulescent.

সকাম [ sakāma ] a attended with or actuated by a desire or purpose, purposeful (সকামকর্ম); lustful (সকাম দৃষ্টি). ̃ধর্মn. religion practiced with an end in view, purposeful piety; act of practicing religion with a motive.

সকাল [ sakāla ] n the morning or the dawn; hurry, haste. সকাল হওয়াv. to dawn.

সকাল সকাল [ sakāla sakāla ] adv betimes, early; soon, quickly. সকালেadv. in the morning; at dawn, at daybreak; early, betimes.

সকাশ [ sakāśa ] n nearness, proximity; presence, company. রাজসকাশেadv. before or near the king, in the royal presence.

সকুণ্ডল [ sakuṇḍala ] a having earrings; adorned with earrings; together with earrings (সকুণ্ডলকর্ণচ্ছেদন).

সকোপে [ sakōpē ] adv angrily.

সংকৌতুক [ saṅkautuka ] a full or fun or amusement, funny, amusing, droll (সকৌতুক হাস্য); amused (সকৌতুক দৃষ্টি); amusedly inquisitive (সকৌতুক প্রশ্ন). সকৌতুকেadv. amusedly.

সক্তু [ saktu ] n the flour of fried barley or gram.

সক্রিয় [ sakriẏa ] a engaged in or given to or capable of action, active (সক্রিয় থাকা); practical, active (সক্রিয় সাহায্য). ̃তাn. activeness.

সক্রোধে [ sakrōdhē ] adv same as সকোপে ।

সক্ষম [ sakṣama ] a competent, capable; able, ablebodied, active (বৃদ্ধ এখনও সক্ষম).

সক্ষমতা [ sakṣamatā ] n competency, capability; ableness, ability, activeness.

সখা [ sakhā ] n a friend; a bosom or intimate friend, a confidant (fem. confidante); a well-wisher; a companion; a boon companion.

সখী [ sakhī ] fem of সখা । ̃ভাবn. behaviour like a confidante; a system of Vaishnava worship in which the devotee regards himself or herself as a confidante of Krishna (কৃষ্ণ).

সখেদে [ sakhēdē ] adv lamentingly; sorrowfully; with regrets, regretfully.

সখ্য [ sakhya ] n (close) friendship or companion ship; alliance. সখ্য স্হাপন করাv. to make friends with; to enter into alliance with.

সগর্ব [ sagarba ] a proud, haughty. সগর্বেadv. proudly, haughtily.

সগর্ভা [ sagarbhā ] a pregnant, big with child, in the family way.

সগুণ [ saguṇa ] a having qualities or attributes; possessing three primal qualities, namely সত্ত্ব, রজঃ and তমঃ; (of a bow) having a string, stringed.

সগোত্র [ sagōtra ] a agnate; kindred; homogeneous. ☐n. an agnate; a kinsman (fem. kins woman). fem. সগোত্রা । ̃বিবাহn. endogamous marriage.

সগৌরবে [ sagaurabē ] adv creditably; gloriously: honourably.

সঘন1 [ saghana1 ] a clouded, cloudy.

সঘন2 [ saghana2 ] a repeated or ceaseless (সঘন শব্দ). সঘনেadv. repeatedly or ceaselessly.

সঘর [ saghara ] n a family of equal social standing for matrimonial purpose.

সঙ্গ [ saṅga ] n company, association. সঙ্গকরাv. to associate with. সঙ্গদেওয়াv. to give one company. সঙ্গ পাওয়াv. to come in contact of; to enjoy the company of.

সঙ্গগুণ [ saṅgaguṇa ] n good influence or merits of company or association; (sarcas.) vices of evil company (সঙ্গগুণে নষ্ট).

সঙ্গত, সঙ্গতি [ saṅgata, saṅgati ] alt spellings of সংগত and সংগতি respectively.

সঙ্গদোষ [ saṅgadōṣa ] n vices of evil company, vices contracted from bad company.

সঙ্গরোধ [ saṅgarōdha ] n quarantine.

সঙ্গিন [ saṅgina ] n a bayonet. ☐a. serious, dangerous, critical (অবস্হা সঙ্গিন).

সঙ্গিনী [ saṅginī ] fem of সঙ্গী।

সঙ্গী [ saṅgī ] n a companion; a comrade; an associate or an accomplice.

সঙ্গে [ saṅgē ] prep in the company of; in possession of; together with, along with; (in comparison) with (তার সঙ্গে তুলনা). সঙ্গে সঙ্গেadv. (always) in the company of (সঙ্গে সঙ্গেথাকা); (always) in one's possession (সঙ্গেসঙ্গে রাখা); as soon as, no sooner than (সেযাওয়ার সঙ্গে সঙ্গে বৃষ্টি নামল).

সচকিত [ sacakita ] a startled, alarmed, alerted; on the alert; timid.

সচন্দন [ sacandana ] a together with sandal wood paste (সচন্দন পুষ্পাঞ্জলি).

সচরাচর [ sacarācara ] adv usually, commonly, often; customarily.

সচল [ sacala ] a moving; capable of moving; mobile; locomotive; effective; (fig.) active; current. সচল করাv. to put or set in motion.

সচিত্র [ sacitra ] a containing pictorial illustrations, illustrated.

সচিব [ saciba ] n a minister; a counselor; a companion; a secretary.

সচেতক [ sacētaka ] n (in parliamentary politics) a whip. মুখ্য সচেতক chief whip.

সচেতন [ sacētana ] a animate, sentient; living; conscious; vigilant, alert. সচেতন করাv. to make conscious, to make alert. সচেতনথাকাv. to be on the alert; (cp.) to be on one's guard.

সচেষ্ট [ sacēṣṭa ] a effortful; endeavoring, trying; zealous, eager, earnest; exerting.

সচ্চরিত্র [ saccaritra ] a having a good character, morally excellent, chaste, virtuous. fem. সচ্চরিত্রা । ̃তাn. moral excellence, chastity, virtuousness.

সচ্চিদানন্দ [ saccidānanda ] a eternal and omniscient and ever blissful. ☐n. God.

সচ্চিন্তা [ saccintā ] a a good thought.

সচ্ছল [ sacchala ] a well-to-do, well-off; solvent. সচ্ছলতাn. well-to-do or well-off state; solvency.

সচ্ছিদ্র [ sacchidra ] a containing a hole or holes, porose, porous; perforated.

সজনি [ sajani ] n. fem a confidante; a lady-love, a sweetheart.

সজল [ sajala ] a containing water, watery; containing rain (সজল মেঘ); tearful; wet, moist. ̃নয়নেadv. with tearful eyes; with eyes swimming in tears.

সজাগ [ sajāga ] a wakeful; vigilant; on the alert; (of sleep) easily broken. সজাগ থাকাv. to be wakeful or vigilant or on the alert.

সজাতি [ sajāti ] a of the same nationality; agnate; kindred; homogeneous. ☐n. such a person. সজাতীয়a. same as সজাতি (a.).

সজীব [ sajība ] a living, alive; animate; vivacious; invigorated; rejuvenated. সজীব করাv. to animate; to vivify; to invigorate; to rejuvenate.

সজোর [ sajōra ] a forceful, forcible; violent; high; loud; strong.

সজোরে [ sajōrē ] adv forcefully; forcibly; violently; (rare) emphatically.

সজ্জন [ sajjana ] n a virtuous man; an honest man; (pop.) an amiable man. ☐a. (pop.) amiable.

সজ্জা [ sajjā ] n dress; decoration; furnishings, fittings and furniture; equipment, outfit, accoutrements; preparatory arrangements; preparation; arraying (as of troops). ̃কক্ষ, ̃গৃহn. a dressing room; a greenroom.

সজ্জিত [ sajjita ] a dressed; decorated; adorned; furnished; equipped; prepared; (esp. of troops) arrayed. fem. সজ্জিতা । সজ্জিত করাv. to dress; to decorate; to furnish; to equip, to fit out, to accoutre; to prepare; to array.

সজ্জীকরণ [ sajjīkaraṇa ] n dressing; decoration, adornment; furnishing; equipping, equipment; accoutrement; preparation; arrayment (of troops).

সজ্ঞানে [ sajñānē ] adv consciously; knowingly.

সঞ্চয় [ sañcaẏa ] n gathering, collection; saving; amassment, accumulation, storage; savings; a store, stock. সঞ্চয় করাv. to gather, to collect; to save; to amass, to accumulate, to store. ̃কোষn. a secondary cell, a storage cell. ̃জাত পর্বত mountain of accumulation. ̃নn. gathering, collection; saving; amassment, accumulation; compilation; selected or collected works or anthology; an anthology. ̃শীলa. in the habit of saving; thrifty, frugal. ̃শীলতাn. the habit of saving; thrift, frugality. সঞ্চয়িতাn. an anthologist; (loos.) selected works. সঞ্চয়ীa. given to saving; thrifty, frugal.

সঞ্চরণ [ sañcaraṇa ] n movement; circulation; roaming; blowing. সঞ্চরণ করাv. to move; to circulate; to roam; to blow. ̃শীলa. given to or engaged in moving or circulating or roaming or blowing; mobile.

সঞ্চরমাণ [ sañcaramāṇa ] a on the move; in the state of moving or circulating or roaming or blowing.

সঞ্চরিত [ sañcarita ] a moved; circulated; roamed; blown. সঞ্চরিত হওয়াv. same as সঞ্চরণকরা ।

সঞ্চলন [ sañcalana ] n movement; circulation; blowing; trembling; fluttering.

সঞ্চলিত [ sañcalita ] a moved; circulated; blown; trembling; fluttering. সঞ্চলিত হওয়াv. to move; to circulate; to blow; to tremble, to flutter.

সঞ্চায়ক [ sañcāẏaka ] a accumulation. ☐n. an accumulator. সঞ্চায়ক ব্যাটারি (phys.) a secondary battery, a storage battery.

সঞ্চার, সঞ্চারণ [ sañcāra, sañcāraṇa ] n transition; (astr. & astrol.) transition from one zodiacal sign to another; transit; movement, motion; gait (পদসঞ্চার); pervasion, diffusion (আলোকসঞ্চার); accumulation, collection (মেঘসঞ্চার); appearance, on coming, advent, beginning (যৌবনসঞ্চার); infusion (প্রাণসঞ্চার); transfusion (রক্তসঞ্চার); excitation, incitation, arousing (ভয়সঞ্চার). সাহস সঞ্চারকরাv. to take courage. সঞ্চারপথn. locus (pl. loci). সঞ্চারিতa. transited; (astr. & astrl.) transited to another zodiacal sign; moved; that which has pervaded or diffused; accumulated, collected; appeared; that which has come or begun; infused; transfused; excited, incited, roused. সঞ্চারিত করাv. to bring, to cause to set in or appear; to infuse, to transfuse; to excite, to incite, to rouse. সঞ্চারিত হওয়াv. to make a transit; (astr. & astrol) to make a transit to another zodiacal sign; to be in motion, to move; to pervade, to diffuse; to accumulate, to collect; to appear; to begin, to ensue; to be infused or transfused or incited or roused. সঞ্চারীa. intransit; moving, in motion; passing; evanescent; temporary; causing to move or pervade or diffuse or accumulate or collect or appear or ensue; oncoming; infusing; transfusing; excitant, inciting, rousing. ☐n. (rhet.) the passing sentiment that is excited in the mind of a reader, a rhetorical accessory; (mus.) the third line or step of any of the Indian musical modes. fem. a. সঞ্চারিণী ।

সঞ্চালন [ sañcālana ] n moving; waving; circulation. সঞ্চালন করাv. to move, to set in motion; to wave; to circulate.

সঞ্চালিত [ sañcālita ] a moved, set in motion; waved; circulated.

সঞ্চিত [ sañcita ] a gathered, collected; saved; amassed, accumulated; hoarded, stored. সঞ্চিতাn. an anthology; selected works.

সঞ্জনন [ sañjanana ] n creation; production; generation; generating; producing.

সঞ্জাত [ sañjāta ] a born; produced, grown; sprung, evolved.

সঞ্জাব [ sañjāba ] n a border stitched to a piece of cloth or to the lower end of a mosquito net; a fringe; a lining.

সঞ্জীবন [ sañjībana ] a infusion of life, animation; restoration of life, reanimation. ☐a. restoring life, reanimating; infusing life, animating. সঞ্জীবনীa. fem. of সঞ্জীবন (a.). ☐a. an elixir restoring the dead to life (সঞ্জীবনী সুধা). সঞ্জীবিতa. restored to life; reanimalted; animated.

সট [ saṭa ] int indicating: rapidity, quickness etc.

সটকা [ saṭakā ] n a long slender (and usu. flexible) pipe or tube attached to a hubble bubble: the tobacco-smoke passes through this tube.

সটকান [ saṭakāna ] n (pronun. সটকান্ decampment, stealthy escape, slip. সটকান দেওয়াv. to decamp, to escape stealthily.

সটকানো [ saṭakānō ] v to decamp, to escape stealthily; to make good one's escape.

সটান [ saṭāna ] a lying straight ahead, horizontal, straight (সটান রাস্তা); lying at length (সটান হওয়া); perfectly erect ☐adv. in a straight manner, straight ahead; length wise. flat; erectly; forthwith, straight way (সটান পাড়ি দেওয়া)

সটীক [ saṭīka ] a containing explanatory notes, annotated, with a commentary.

সঠিক [ saṭhika ] a perfectly right or genuine: correct (সঠিক সংবাদ); accurate; exact. ☐adv. quite correctly or accurately or exactly (সঠিক জানা). ̃ভাবেadv. correctly, properly; exactly, accurately.

সডাক [ saḍāka ] a inclusive of postage.

সড় [ saḍ় ]n (dero.) secret conference; (dero.) secret understanding or entente or arrangement; an intrigue, a plot, a conspiracy. সড় করাv. to confer secretly (with); to enter into a secret alliance or entente (with); to arrange secretly (with); to intrigue or conspire (with), to hatch a plot.

সড়ক [ saḍ়ka ] n a wide and long road; a high way; a street.

সড়কি [ saḍ়ki ] n a spear, a lance, a javelin. ̃ওয়ালাn. a spearman.

সড়সড় [ saḍ়saḍ় ]int expressing: the quick gliding movement as of reptiles; slipperiness; an itching sensation (মারবার জন্য হাতসড়সড় করছে).

স়ড়াক, সড়াত্ [ s়ḍ়āka, saḍ়āt ] int expressing: sudden shooting fight as of reptiles.

সড়োগড়ো [ saḍ়ōgaḍ়ō ] a thoroughly mastered or learnt or accustomed or habituated; memorized. সড়োগড়োকরাv. to master or learn thoroughly; to get thoroughly accustomed (to) or habituated (with); to commit to memory, to memorize.

সত্1 [ sat1 ] a having existence, in esse: omnipresent; eternal; real; honest, virtuous; good, excellent; solemn or charitable (সত্কর্ম). ☐n. existence and nothing else; esse; God. সত্ ফোকাস (phys.) real focus.

সত্2 [ sat2 ] a (used as a pfx.) related through another wife of one's husband or (mod. use) through another husband of one's wife, step; having one parent in common, half; related by another marriage, step-.

সত্ ছেলে [ sat chēlē ] n a step-son. সত্-বোনn. fem. a step-sister; a half-sister. সত্-ভাইn. a step-brother; a half-brother. সত্-মাn. a step-mother. সত্-মেয়েn. a step-daughter. সত্-শাশুড়িn. a step-mother-in-law.

সতত [ satata ] adv always, ever, at all hours; ceaselessly, incessantly; perpetually.

সততা [ satatā ] n honesty, integrity; uprightness; goodness.

সত্পথ [ satpatha ] n right or honest or virtuous course. সত্পথাবলম্বীa. taken to or following the right or virtuous course; virtuous, righteous.

সত্পরামর্শ [ satparāmarśa ] n good advice or counsel.

সত্পাত্র [ satpātra ] n a just or honest person or bride groom.

সতর্ক [ satarka ] a careful, alert, watchful, cautious. সতর্ক করাv. to warn, to caution. সতর্কথাকাv. to be on the alert or one's guard, to be careful or cautious. সতর্ক দৃষ্টি রাখাv. to keep a careful watch or a watchful eye on. সতর্কীকরণn. carefulness, alert ness, cautiousness; watchfulness, vigilance.

সত্সঙ্গ [ satsaṅga ] n (keeping) good company, association with good men.

সত্সাহস [ satsāhasa ] n moral courage.

সত্স্বভাব [ satsbabhāba ] n goodness or honesty. ☐a. good-natured; honest; virtuous.

সতিন [ satina ] n. fem another wife of one's husband, a co-wife. ̃কন্যা, ̃পুত্রsame as ̃ঝিand ̃পোrespectively. সতিন-কাঁটাn. a son or daughter of one's co-wife, who is regarded as one's thorn in the flesh. ̃ঝিn. a daughter of one's co wife, a step-daughter. ̃পোn. a son of one's co-wife, a step-son.

সতী [ satī ] n. fem (myth.) Sati, the daughter of Daksha and wife of Shiva (শিব); a wife intently devoted to her husband, a chaste or faithful wife; a widow who burns herself on her husband's pyre, a suttee, a sati. ☐a. fem. (of a wife) intently devoted to one's husband, chaste. ̃ত্বn. intent devotion of a wife to her husband, the chastity or faithfulness of a wife. সতীত্বনাশn. violation of chastity; rape. সতীত্বনাশ করাv. to rape. সতীত্বরক্ষাকরাv. preserve one's chastity. ̃দাহn. the practice of widows burning themselves on their husbands' pyres, suttee, sati. ̃পনাn. (sarcas.) a show or affectation of chastity demonstrated by a wife; (sarcas.) pride of chastity or honesty (usu. false or overdone). ̃লক্ষীn. a very chaste and pleasing wife who brings fortune to her husband. ̃সাধ্বীn. a perfectly chaste wife. ̃সাবিত্রীa. a wife as chaste and devoted as Sabitri (সাবিত্রী).

সতীর্থ [ satīrtha ] n a pupil of the same teacher or institution at the same time; a class-fellow.

সতৃষ্ণ [ satṛṣṇa ] a thirsty; (fig.) eager, yearning (for), wistful (সতৃষ্ণ দৃষ্টি). ̃নয়নেadv. with eager, yearning, wistful eyes.

সতেজ [ satēja ] a vigorous, spirited; animated; reinvigorated or resuscitated (রোগী সতেজহয়েছে); (of trees and plants) luxuriant; emphatic. সতেজেadv. vigorously, spiritedly; animatedly; luxuriantly; emphatically.

সতেরো [ satērō ] n. & a seventeen. ̃ইn. the seventeenth day of a month, the seventeenth. ☐a. (of the days of a month) seventeenth.

সত্তম [ sattama ] a (used as a sfx.) excellent, most virtuous (দ্বিজসত্তম).

সত্তর [ sattara ] n. & a seventy.

সত্তা [ sattā ] n existence, entity, ens, esse; eternal existence (cp. eternality); origin or birth; excellence; honesty; integrity, goodness.

সত্ত্ব1 [ sattba1 ] n juice, essence, extract, marrow; a preparation made of juice or essence or marrow.

সত্ত্ব2 [ sattba2 ] n existence, presence; the primal quality of goodness or virtuousness and knowledge about reality; nature or instinct; soul; life; valour; courage; a creature, a being; a thing; wealth, riches; (loos.) juice or essence or a product of this. সত্ত্বেওprep. in spite of, notwithstanding, despite.

সত্বর [ satbara ] adv quickly, swiftly; fast. ☐a. quick, swift; fast. সত্বরেadv. same as সত্বর (adv.)

সত্য [ satya ] a real; true; genuine; right, correct. ☐n. existence, entity, ens, esse; reality; truth; genuineness; an oath; a solemn vow; a promise; (myth.) the first of the four ages or aeons, the Golden Age. সত্য করাv. to take an oath; to take a solemn vow; to promise. সত্যবলাv. to speak the truth; to speak the right thing. আপাতসত্যa. true on the surface; verisimilar. ☐n. verisimilar. তিনসত্য an oath or promise thrice uttered to make it inviolable. সত্য কথা truth. সত্যকথা বলাv. to speak the truth. ̃কথনn. act of speaking the truth, truthfulness. ̃তাn. truth; veracity; genuineness, authenticity. ̃নারায়ণn. a Hindu deity. ̃নিষ্ঠ, ̃পরায়ণa. intently devoted to truth; true to one's word or vow. ̃নিষ্ঠা, ̃পরায়ণতাn. intent devotion to truth; practice of keeping one's word or vow; integrity. ̃পথn. the path of virtue, the right path; the correct means. ̃পালনকরাv. to keep or fulfill one's promise or vow. ̃পিরn. Satyanarayana (সত্যনারায়ণ) as worshipped by Muslims. ̃প্রিয় same as সত্যানুরাগী । ̃বাদিতাn. truthfulness. ̃বাদীa. truthful. fem. ̃বাদিনী । ̃ব্রতa. intently practicing virtue and truthfulness. ̃ভঙ্গn. breach of promise or vow or trust. ̃যুগn. (myth.) the first of the four ages or aeons of the world, the Golden Age. ̃সত্যইadv. really; verily. ̃সন্ধa. acceptant of truth; true to one's vow or promise. সত্যাগ্রহn. earnest endeavour for the establishment of the reign of truth; (pop.) passive resistance or picketing or strike, satyagraha. সত্যাগ্রহকরাv. (pop.) to offer passive resistance or to strike. সত্যাগ্রহীn. a determined champion of truth or of the reign of truth; (pop.) one offering passive resistance or a picketer or a striker. সত্যানুরাগn. love for or devotion to truth. সত্যানুরাগীa. truth-loving; devoted to truth. fem. সত্যানুরাগিণী ।সত্যানুসন্ধানকরাv. to search for truth. সত্যানুসন্ধায়ীa. searching for truth. সত্যান্বেষণn. search for truth. সত্যান্বেষীa. searching for truth. ☐n. a seeker after truth. সত্যাপনকরাv. to affirm; to take an oath. সতাসত্যn. truth and falsehood; the right and the wrong. ☐a. true and false; right and wrong. সত্যি coll. form of সত্য।সত্যিকার, সত্যিকারেরa. true; real; genuine.

সত্র [ satra ] n a place or institution for charitable distribution of food, drink, clothing etc.; an almshouse; an oblation, a sacrifice.

সদ্গুণ [ sadguṇa ] n a good or noble quality; a virtue.

সদ্গুরু [ sadguru ] n a good teacher, preceptor or instructor; a good religious preceptor.

সদন [ sadana ] n a residence, a dwelling-house; a house; presence (রাজসদন).

সদনুষ্ঠান [ sadanuṣṭhāna ] n performance of a solemn rite; a good or charitable deed or work.

সদন্তঃকরণ [ sadantḥkaraṇa ] n a good heart; a good purpose.

সদন্তঃকরণে [ sadantḥkaraṇē ] adv with a good heart, with a good purpose.

সদ্বাসনা [ sadbāsanā ] n good or honest wish.

সদ্বিম্ব [ sadbimba ] n (phys.) real image.

সদয় [ sadaẏa ] a kind; charitable; compassionate; merciful, benignant; gracious. ̃চিত্তa. kind-hearted. ̃ভাবেadv. kindly, favourably.

সদর [ sadara ] n the principal city or the headquarters of a district; the outer portion or apartment of a residential building (also সদর বাড়ি, সদর মহল); the outer face of anything. ☐a. of or situated in the headquarters of a district; principal, chief (সদর কাছারি); outer (সদর দরজা). সদর-অন্দরনেই (fig.) there is no privacy in anything here. সদর কাছারি the head office; headquarters. সদর জমা revenue to be paid to the government. সদরদরজা the main gate (of a building). সদরদেওয়ানি আদালত a chief civil court. সদরআলা, সদরালাn. a sub-judge. সদররাস্তা main road.

সদর্থ [ sadartha ] n a good meaning; the true or correct meaning. ☐a. positive; having a good significance.

সদর্প [ sadarpa ] a proud, boastful, arrogant, haughty. সদর্পেadv. proudly, boastfully, arrogantly, haughtily.

সদলবলে [ sadalabalē ] adv attended by one's friends and followers, attended by one's retinue; mustering strong. সদলে same as সদলবলে ।

সদসত্ [ sadasat ] a good and bad; right and wrong; existent and inexistent.

সদসদ্বিবেচনা [ sadasadbibēcanā ] n discrimination between good and bad or between right and wrong.

সদস্য [ sadasya ] n a member. fem. সদস্যা । ̃তাn. (loos.) membership.

সদাচার [ sadācāra ] n good or virtuous practice; practice enjoined by the scriptures. ̃পরায়ণ, সদাচারীa. virtuous in practice.

সদাত্মা [ sadātmā ] a good-souled, honest, virtuous, righteous.

সদানন্দ [ sadānanda ] a ever cheerful. n. Shiva (শিব).

সদাব্রত [ sadābrata ] n a place or institution for charitable distribution of food and other things, an almshouse.

সদালাপ [ sadālāpa ] n conversation on a good or pious or spiritual topic; (rare) amiable conversation. সদালাপীa. given to conversation on good or pious or spiritual topics; (pop) amiable in conversation.

সদাশয় [ sadāśaẏa ] a noble-hearted, magnanimous; kind-hearted; amiable. ̃তাn. magnanimity, noble-mindedness; kind-heartedness.

সদাশিব [ sadāśiba ] n Shiva. (শিব). ☐a. very magnanimous and ever cheerful and content.

সদিচ্ছা [ sadicchā ] n a good or noble intention; well wishing, ̃প্রণোদিতa. actuated by a good or noble intention; prompted by well-wishing.

সদুত্তর [ saduttara ] n a good or honest reply; a correct or right or satisfactory answer.

সদুদ্দেশ্য [ saduddēśya ] n a good or noble purpose or intention. ̃পূর্ণa. wellmeaning. সদুদ্দেশেadv. with a good or noble purpose or intention.

সদুপদেশ [ sadupadēśa ] n a good or wise advice or counsel; moral advice.

সদুপদেষ্টা [ sadupadēṣṭā ] n a good or wise adviser; a moral instructor.

সদুপায় [ sadupāẏa ] n honest or virtuous or fair or good or suitable means.

সদৃশ [ sadṛśa ] a (often used as a prep.) like; similar, resembling; identical; equal. ̃কোণa. (geom.) equiangular. ̃বিধানn. homoeopathy.

সদ্গতি [ sadgati ] n a happy journey after death; spiritual salvation, final beatitude; obsequies; cremation; (hum.) proper disposal. সদ্গতি করাv. to perform obsequies of; to cremate; (hum.) to dispose of. সদ্গতিলাভ করাv. to enjoy a happy journey after death; to attain final be attitude; to be properly cremated; (hum.) to be disposed of.

সদ্গোপ [ sadgōpa ] n a Hindu caste (ori. the milk man class); a member of the caste.

সদ্বংশ [ sadbaṃśa ] n a good or noble family. ̃জাতa. born in or descended from a good or noble family, well-born, nobly born, of noble descent, সদ্বংশীয় same as ̃জাত ।

সদ্বক্তা [ sadbaktā ] n an eloquent speaker, a good orator; (rare) one who says good things.

সদ্বিচার [ sadbicāra ] n just or wise decision, justice, equity. সদ্বিচারকn. a good or wise or equitable judge.

সদ্বিবেচক [ sadbibēcaka ] a gifted with judgment and penetration; sagacious; sane; judicious, discreet.

সদ্বিবেচনা [ sadbibēcanā ] n judgment and penetration; sagacity; sanity, judiciousness, discretion, discreetness. সদ্বিবেচনা করাv. to think or judge or decide sagaciously or discreetly.

সদ্বুদ্ধি [ sadbuddhi ] n a good or virtuous design; good nature, goodness, good sense; right sort of intelligence.

সদ্ব্যবহার [ sadbyabahāra ] n good behaviour; good or courteous treatment; proper use (সময়েরসদ্ব্যবহার). সদ্ব্যবহার করাv. to behave well, to behave oneself; to treat (one) well or courteously; to use well, to make good use of, to turn (something) to good account.

সদ্ব্যয় [ sadbyaẏa ] n proper use (সময়ের সদ্ব্যয়); proper or useful spending (টাকার সদ্ব্যয়). সদ্ব্যয়করাv. to use properly; to spend properly or usefully.

সদ্ভাব [ sadbhāba ] n friendship, amity; (rare) good behaviour ('সদ্ভাবশতক').

সদ্য [ sadya ] adv at once, forthwith; without delay, then and there; just, recently. ̃ঃপাতী, ̃পাতীa. liable to fall as soon as rising ('অম্বুবিম্বঅম্বুমুখেসদ্যঃপাতী'); (of tree-leaves, flowers etc.) quickly deciduous; (fig.) very transitory or short-lived. ̃ঃপ্রসূত, ̃প্রসূতa. very recently born, just born. ̃ঃস্নাত, ̃স্নাত one who has taken one's bath just now. সদ্য সদ্যadv. immediately, at once; very recently, just. সদ্যজাতa. just born; very recently born. সদ্যোমৃতa. just dead; recently dead.

সধবা [ sadhabā ] n. fem a married woman whose husband is alive, (cp) a feme covert. ☐a. fem. having one's husband alive.

সধর্মা, সধর্মী [ sadharmā, sadharmī ] a possessing the same qualities or properties; following the same religion or trade.

সন [ sana ] n a calendar year, an era.

সনদ, সনন্দ [ sanada, sananda ] n a deed of grant, a charter, a warrant, a sanad; a diploma, an academic certificate.

সনাতন [ sanātana ] a eternal, catholic; in vogue for a pretty long time, very old. (সনাতন প্রথা). সনাতনধর্মn. the eternal religion or form of worship, the catholic religion; (loos.) the very ancient form of Hinduism. Hindu religion and tradition. সনাতনীa. fem. of সনাতন (a.). ☐a. & n. one who or that which follows সনাতনধর্ম ।

সনাথ [ sanātha ] a having a master or overlord or protector or husband; possessing; ac companied by.

সনির্বন্ধ [ sanirbandha ] a pertinaciously solicitous, importunate. সনির্বন্ধ অনুরোধ earnest request or entreaty.

সনেট [ sanēṭa ] n a sonnet.

সন্ত [ santa ] n a saint, an ascetic.

সন্ততি [ santati ] n offspring; descendants, progeny, posterity; a son or a daughter; a line of descent; sequence (ভাবসন্ততি); continuum.

সন্তপ্ত [ santapta ] a afflicted; aggrieved; heated; running a temperature. সন্তপ্ত করাv. to afflict, to distress; to grieve; to heat; to cause to run a temperature. ̃হৃদয়েadv. with an afflicted or aggrieved heart.

সন্তরণ [ santaraṇa ] n swimming; natation. ̃কারীn. a swimmer. fem. ̃কারিণী । ̃দক্ষ, ̃পটুa. skilled in swimming; natatory; natatorial.

সন্তর্পণে [ santarpaṇē ] adv very cautiously or carefully; with circumspection.

সন্তান [ santāna ] n a son or a daughter, offspring; progeny; a descendant. কন্যাসন্তানn. fem. a daughter. পুত্র সন্তানn. a son. ̃ধারণকরাv. to carry a child in one's womb, to be big with child. ̃পালনকরাv. to bring up or nurse a child. ̃প্রসবn. child-bearing; childbirth. ̃প্রসবকরাn. to give birth to a child, to bear a child. ̃বতীa. fem. one who has borne a child, masc. ̃বান one to whom a child is born. ̃বাত্সল্যn. affection or love for children; philoprogenitiveness, ̃সন্ততিn. children; descendants. ̃সম্ভবাa. fem. pregnant. ̃সম্ভবনাn. pregnancy. ̃হীনa. childless. fem. ̃হীন । সন্তানোচিতa. becoming a son or daughter, filial. সন্তানোত্পাদন করাv. to beget a child, to procreate.

সন্তাপ [ santāpa ] n great or severe heat; affliction, grief, mortification; bereavement; body temperature. ̃ক্লিষ্ট, সন্তাপিত same as সন্তপ্ত ।

সন্তুষ্ট [ santuṣṭa ] a satisfied; gratified; pleased or propitiated; content or happy. সন্তুষ্টকরাv. to satisfy; to gratify; to please or propitiate; to make content or happy. ̃চিত্তেadv. with a contented heart, contentedly; happily. সন্তুষ্টি same as সন্তোষ ।

সন্তোলন [ santōlana ] n act of singeing lightly in oil or ghee.

সন্তোষ [ santōṣa ] n satisfaction; gratification; pleasure; propitiation; contentment or happiness. সন্তোষ উত্পাদন করাবাপ্রদান করা same as সন্তুষ্ট করা । ̃জনকa. satisfactory. ̃পূর্বকadv. with satisfaction; with pleasure.

সন্ত্রস্ত [ santrasta ] a greatly frightened or terrified or alarmed; panic-stricken; feverishly excited by the thought lest any faults should occur; awed.

সন্ত্রাস [ santrāsa ] n great fear or alarm, terror; panic. সন্ত্রাসের রাজত্ব a reign of terror. ̃কn. a terrorist. ̃বাদn. (pol.) terrorism. ̃বাদীa. pertaining to terrorism or terrorists. ☐n. a terrorist. সন্ত্রাসিতa. greatly frightened or alarmed, terrified; (pol.) terrorized; panic-stricken.

সন্দংশ, সন্দশিকা, সন্দংশী [ sandaṃśa, sandaśikā, sandaṃśī ] n tongs, pincers, pliers, forceps etc.

সন্দর্ভ [ sandarbha ] n an essay, a treatise; a book; a collection or anthology.

সন্দর্শন [ sandarśana ] n minute or careful observation; supervision or inspection. সন্দর্শনকরাv. to see or notice or observe minutely or carefully; to supervise or inspect.

সন্দিগ্ধ [ sandigdha ] a full of suspicion or inclined to suspect, suspicious; liable to suspicion, doubtful, suspected. ̃চিত্ত, ̃চেতা, ̃মনাa. having a suspicious mind; suspicious.

সন্দিহান [ sandihāna ] a seized with suspicion or doubt, suspicious, doubtful.

সন্দীপন [ sandīpana ] n enkindling; excitation, incitation, rousing. ☐a. (incomp.) enkindling; inciting, rousing.

সন্দীপিত, সন্দীপ্ত [ sandīpita, sandīpta ] a enkindled, excited, incited, roused.

সন্দেশ [ sandēśa ] n news, information; a message, a report; order, command; a delicious sweetmeat made of posset. ̃ওয়ালাn. a manufacturer or seller of the aforesaid sweetmeat. ̃বহn. a messenger, (cp.) a courier.

সন্দেহ [ sandēha ] n doubt; suspicion. সন্দেহ করাv. to doubt; to suspect. সন্দেহনেই no doubt, doubtlessly. সন্দেহের অতীত beyond doubt, above suspicion. সন্দেহের পাত্র a suspect. সন্দেহেরবিষয় a matter of doubt. সন্দেহের লেশ a fainttrace of doubt, a shadow of doubt. ̃জনকa. causing suspicion, suspicious; causing doubt, doubtful. ̃জনকভাবেadv. suspiciously. ̃বাই, ̃বাতিকn. propensity to suspect foul play, collusion etc.; a suspicious nature. ̃বাদn. skepticism. ̃ভঞ্জনn. removal of doubt or suspicion or misgiving, resolution of doubt. সন্দেহ ভঞ্জন বানিরসনকরাv. to remove or resolve a doubt. ̃স্হলেadv. in case of doubt or uncertainty. সন্দেহাতীতa. undoubted, indubitable. সন্দেহের দোলা vacillation caused by doubt. সন্দেহেরদোলায় দোলাv. to vacillate on account of doubt.

সন্ধান [ sandhāna ] n search, quest, pursuit; research; discovery; trace; a mystery; a secret entrance ('সন্ধান লব বুঝিয়া'); placing or planting or directing (শরসন্ধান); fermentation; joining. সন্ধানকরাv. to search; to research; to discover; to trace or to try to trace; to place or plant (as an arrow on a bow); to ferment; to join. সন্ধান নেওয়া same as সন্ধান করা ।সন্ধান পাওয়াv. to find or get a trace (of); to find out, to discover; to detect. সন্ধানহওয়াv. to be searched or traced; to be found out or discovered or detected. ̃সূত্রn. a clue.

সন্ধানী, সন্ধানী [ sandhānī, sandhānī ] a engaged in searching; inquisitive; skilled in searching or detection. সন্ধানী আলো a searchlight.

সন্ধি [ sandhi ] n union, unification; alliance, a treaty; a compact, a covenant; a joint (ঊরুসন্ধি); meeting or juncture (যুগসন্ধি); juncture of day and night (cp. twilight, gloaming); juncture of two lunar days; mystery, secrets (নারীরমায়ার সন্ধি); a tunnel, a (long) hole (সন্ধিপথ); (gr.) blending of the final sound of a word with the initial sound of the following word, sandhi (স্বরসন্ধি = blending of two vowel sounds; ব্যঞ্জনসন্ধি = blending of two consonantal sounds or of a consonantal sound with a vowel sound; বিসর্গসন্ধি = blending of a বিসর্গ with a vowel or consonantal sound). কপাট-সন্ধিn. a hinge joint. সন্ধিকরাv. to conclude a treaty; to enter into an alliance; to make a compact; to make peace; (gr.) to join by sandhi. ̃ক্ষণn. the juncture of two ages or periods or moments. ̃তa. joined; bound by a treaty; covenanted; fermented. ̃পত্রn. a written covenant; a written agreement of peace. ̃পূজাn. worship of Goddess Durga (দুর্গা) esp. in autumn at the juncture of the eighth and the ninth lunar day. ̃প্রদাহn. arthritis. ̃বদ্ধa. bound by a treaty or agreement; covenanted. ̃বন্ধনn. a ligament, a nerve. ̃বাতn. gout; (erron.) arthritis. ̃বিগ্রহn. war and peace. ̃বিচ্ছেদn. (gr.) disjoining of sandhi (সন্ধি). ̃ভঙ্গn. violation of a treaty or covenant; disruption of an alliance. ̃স্হলn. juncture.

সন্ধিত্সা [ sandhitsā ] n desire to know or enquire, curiosity, inquisitiveness.

সন্ধিত্সু [ sandhitsu ] a curious, inquisitive.

সন্ধ্যা [ sandhyā ] n the juncture of day and night either at day break or nightfall, twilight; the evening, dusk, gloaming, nightfall (also সন্ধ্যাবেলা); the evening prayer to God or at any time of day or night (also সন্ধ্যাহ্নিক); time of performance (দু সন্ধ্যা ভোজন); juncture of two ages, transition period; (fig.) beginning (কলির সন্ধ্যা); (fig.) the closing period, the close (জীবনসন্ধ্যা). সন্ধ্যা করাv. to say one's prayer (at any time of day) to be overtaken by evening (সে বাড়ি ফিরতেসন্ধ্যা করে). ̃উপাসনাn. the evening prayer, vespers. ̃কালীনa. of evening; evening. ̃কালেadv. in the evening, ̃গোধূলিn. evening twilight, gloaming, dusk, owl-light. ̃তারাn. the evening star, the Vesper. ̃দীপn. an evening lamp. ̃বন্দনা same as ̃উপাসনা । ̃রাগ, ̃লোক same as ̃গোধূলি ।

সন্নত [ sannata ] a bowed down in obeisance; bent; inclined; humble, modest.

সন্নদ্ধ [ sannaddha ] a equipped with arms, armed; armoured; tightly fastened with cloth etc., well-tucked (সন্নদ্ধ বক্ষ); lined-up, aligned, arrayed, in close array (ঘনসন্নদ্ধতরুরাজি).

সন্না [ sannā ] n small pincers or forceps.

সন্নিকট [ sannikaṭa ] adv. & prep very near or close to (গৃহসন্নিকট); in the presence of (নৃপসন্নিকট). ☐a. very proximate or near; imminent, approaching (সন্নিকটমৃত্যু). সন্নিকটেadv. same as সন্নিকট (adv.).

সন্নিকর্ষ [ sannikarṣa ] n proximity, nearness. সন্নিকর্ষণn. (math.) approximation.

সন্নিধান. সন্নিধি [ sannidhāna. sannidhi ] n proximity, nearness, vicinity; presence (নৃপসন্নিধান); possession or custody (বন্ধুসন্নিধান টাকা). সন্নিধানেadv. near; in the presence of; in possession or custody of.

সন্নিপাত [ sannipāta ] n union; assemblage, collection; utter fall or ruin or destruction; (med.) a fever attended with morbidity of the three humours of the body; (loos.) typhoid.

সন্নিবদ্ধ [ sannibaddha ] a firmly tied or shut; firmly set; strung together.

সন্নিবিষ্ট [ sannibiṣṭa ] a set in order; arrayed; entered into; inserted; intently occupied with.

সন্নিবেশ [ sannibēśa ] n orderly placing; stationing (as of troops), arrayment; act of setting up or pitching (শিবির-সন্নিবেশ); assemblage; act of driving in, insertion. সন্নিবেশিত same as সন্নিবিষ্ট ।

সন্নিযুক্ত [ sanniyukta ] a confirmed. সন্নিযুক্ত শল্যচিকিত্সক a house-surgeon.

সন্নিয়োগ [ sanniẏōga ] n confirmation (in an office).

সন্নিহিত [ sannihita ] a lying close to; adjoining, contiguous; proximate; approaching; (geom.) adjacent; (properly) placed; deposited. সন্নিহিত কোণ adjacent angle. ̃মানn. (geom.) close approximation.

সন্ন্যস্ত [ sannyasta ] a thrown; renounced, given up, deposited.

সন্ন্যাস [ sannyāsa ] n asceticism; ascetic mendicancy; renouncement of the world; (med.) apoplexy. সন্ন্যাস গ্রহণ করাv. to take to asceticism or ascetic mendicancy. সন্ন্যাসীn. an ascetic; an ascetic mendicant. fem. সন্ন্যাসিনী । অনেকসন্ন্যাসিতে গাজননষ্ট (fig.) too many cooks spoil the broth.

সন্মার্গ [ sanmārga ] n right path or way.

সপ [ sapa ] n a kind of large mat.

সপক্ষ [ sapakṣa ] a siding with, partisan, favourable. সপক্ষেadv. infavour of, in support of. সপক্ষতা করাv. to support, to back.

সপত্ন [ sapatna ] n an enemy; a rival.

সপত্নী [ sapatnī ] n. fem another wife of one's husband, co-wife. ̃কন্যাn. a step-daughter. ̃পুত্রn. a step-son.

সপত্নীক [ sapatnīka ] a accompanied by wife; attended with wife. ☐adv. with wife.

সপরিজন [ saparijana ] a accompanied by or attended with one's family. ☐adv. with one's family, enfamille.

সপরিবারে [ saparibārē ] adv with one's family, enfamille.

সপসপ [ sapasapa ] int indicating thorough wetness; sound of eating quickly (with a lisping noise); repeated whanging noise (সপসপ করে চাবুক মারা).

সপসপে [ sapasapē ] a wet, moist; damp; thoroughly wet; dripping wet.

সপাং, সপাত্ [ sapā, ṃsapāt ] int expressing: whanging noise (as caused by lashing or caning). সপাত্করেadv. with a whang.

সপাদ [ sapāda ] a footed, pedate, legged; one and a quarter of (সপাদ ধর্ম).

সপাসপ [ sapāsapa ] adv very quickly and making a loud lisping noise (সপাসপ খাওয়া); with repeated whanging noise.

সাপিন্ড [ sāpinḍa ] n a kinsman removed not before the seventh upward generation; (loos.) a near kinsman.

সাপিন্ডীকরণ [ sāpinḍīkaraṇa ] n obsequial rites to be performed at the end of the first year of death; (hum.) utter destruction or un doing.

সপিনা [ sapinā ] n a subpoena. সপিনাজারি করা, সপিনা ধরানো, সপিনা পাঠানোv. to subpoena. সপিনাপাওয়াv. to be subpoena'd.

সপুত্র [ saputra ] a having a son; accompanied by one's son. ☐adv. with one's son.

সপুস্পক উদ্ভিদ [ sapuspaka udbhida ] n phanerogam.

সপেটা [ sapēṭā ] n fruit of the Sapota.

সপ্ত [ sapta ] n & a Seven. সপ্তকn. a collection of seven; a heptad; the seven notes collectively of a musical scale (সুরসপ্তক). ̃চত্বারিংশa. forty-seven. চত্বারিংশত্n & a. forty-seven. ˜চত্বারিংশত্তমa. forty-seventh. fem. ̃চত্বারিংশত্তমী । ̃তিn & a. seventy. ˜তিতমa. seventieth. fem. ̃তিতমী । ̃ত্রিংশa. thirty-seven. ̃ত্রিংশত্n. & a. thirty-seven. ˜ত্রিংশত্তমa. thirty-seventh. fem. ̃ত্রিংশত্তমী। ̃দশa. seventeen; seventeenth. ̃দশীa. fem. of ̃দশ ।☐a. fem. seventeen years old. ̃দ্বীপn. (Hindu myth.) the seven is lands or divisions of the world. ̃দ্বীপাa. fem. having seven islands; divided into seven islands or divisions. ̃ধাadv. in seven parts or ways; by seven times. ̃পদীn. the ceremony of going seven paces together performed by the bride and the bridegroom at a Hindu wedding; (pros.) a heptametre. ☐a. seven-footed, heptapodic; (pros.) heptametrical. ̃পাতালn. (Hindu myth.) the seven underworlds. ̃বিংশa. twenty-seven. ̃বিংশতিn & a. twenty-seven. ˜বিংশতিতমa. twenty-seventh. fem. ̃বিংশতিতমী । সপ্তমa. seventh. ̃মীa. fem. of সপ্তম ।☐n. the seventh day of a lunar fortnight. সপ্তমীপূজাn. autumnal worship of Goddess Durga (দুর্গা) on the seventh day of the lunar fortnight. ̃যোজীa. (chem.) heptavalent. ̃রথীn. the seven great charioteers of the Mahabharata. ̃রথীবেষ্টিতa. surrounded by seven great charioteers of the Mahabharata; (fig.) surrounded by numerous opponents. ̃র্ষিn. the seven great ancient sages of India; (astr.) the Plough; (astr.) the Great Bear, the Ursa Major (also সপ্তর্ষিমন্ডল). ̃লোকn. (Hindu myth.) the seven worlds. ̃ষষ্টিn. & a. sixty-seven. ˜ষষ্টিতমa. sixty-seventh. fem. ̃ষষ্টিতমী । ̃সপ্ততিn. & a. seventy-seven. ˜সপ্ততিতমa. seventy-seventh. fem. ̃সপ্ততিতমী । ̃সমুদ্র, ̃সিন্ধুn. (Hindu myth.) the seven seas. ̃সুর, ̃স্বরn. (mus.) the seven notes of a scale. ̃স্বরাa. (mus.) consisting of seven notes. ̃স্বর্গ same as ̃লোক । সপ্তা coll. contr. of সপ্তাহ । সপ্তাশীতিn. & a. eight seven. সপ্তাশীতিতমa. eighty-seventh. fem. সপ্তাশীতিতমী । সপ্তাস্রa. heptagonal. □ n. (geom.) a heptagon. সপ্তাহn. a calendar week; an aggregate of any consecutive seven days, a week. সপ্তাহকালn. a period of seven days, a week. সপ্তাহকালমধ্যেadv. in a week's time, within seven days.

সপ্রতিবন্ধ [ sapratibandha ] a conditional.

সপ্রতিভ [ sapratibha ] a having genius; unembarrassed; unhesitating; not to be embarrassed; smart, ready and alert to act, prompt and witty; having one's wits about one; having presence of mind.

সপ্রমাণ [ sapramāṇa ] a proved, vindicated. সপ্রমাণ করাv. to prove, to vindicate, to justify; to demonstrate.

সফর [ saphara ] n a travel; a journey; a tour. সফরকরাv. to travel; to journey; to tour. সফরে বের হওয়াv. to go on a tour. ̃সূচিn. tour program.

সফরী [ sapharī ] n a kind of tiny fish.

সফল [ saphala ] a fruitful; successful; efficacious, effective. সফল করাv. to make fruitful or successful; to make good; to attain, to achieve; to accomplish; to make effective, to carry through. সফল হওয়াv. to become fruitful; to be successful, to succeed; to succeed in attaining or accomplishing. ̃কাম, ̃মনোরথa. successful in attaining or realizing one's desire or end. ̃তাn. success; efficacy, effectiveness; success in attaining or accomplishing.

সফেদ [ saphēda ] n the white colour, white. ☐a. white.

সফেদা [ saphēdā ] n powdered rice; cornmeal; sapodilla, a kind of melon; white lead.

সফেন [ saphēna ] a frothy; foamy; foaming; containing liquefied starch (সফেন অন্ন).

সব [ saba ] a all, every, whole, entire. ☐pro. everybody or everything, all; whatever one possesses, all.

সবংশে [ sabaṃśē ] adv with the entire family, enfamille.

সবজান্তা [ sabajāntā ] a professing to have knowledge of everything, all-knowing, know-all. সবজান্তাব্যক্তি Mr Know-all.

সবজি [ sabaji ] n green-stuff; vegetables. ̃ওয়ালাn. a vegetable vender, a green grocer. ̃বাগ, ̃বাগানn. a vegetable garden, (cp.) a kitchen garden.

সবজে [ sabajē ] a green. ̃টেa. greenish.

সবরি [ sabari ] n a superior quality of banana.

সবর্ণ [ sabarṇa ] a of the same caste; of the same class or kind, homogeneous; (gr.) belonging to the same phonetical group from the viewpoint of pronunciation; endogamous. ☐n. one of the same caste or class or kind; (gr.) a letter of the alphabet belonging to the same phonetical group from the viewpoint of pronunciation. ̃বিবাহ marriage within one's own caste, endogamy.

সবল [ sabala ] a strong; forceful; fit for work, able, invigorated (রোগী সবল হয়েছে). fem. সবলা । সবলেadv. forcefully.

সবস্ত্র [ sabastra ] a together with wearing cloth; (rare) clothed.

সবসুদ্ধ [ sabasuddha ] adv in all, all told; enbloc; bag and baggage, lock stock and barrel, with everything (সে সবসুদ্ধ চম্পট দিল).

সবাই [ sabāi ] pro one and all; everyone, all.

সবাক [ sabāka ] a talking. ̃চিত্রn. a talking-film, a talking picture, a talkie.

সবাকার [ sabākāra ] var of সবার।

সবাত-শ্বসন [ sabāta-śbasana ] n (bot.) aerobic respiration.

সবাধ [ sabādha ] a obstructed; restricted; constrained. সবাধ গতি (mech.) constrained motion.

সবান্ধব [ sabāndhaba ] a accompanied by one's friends and people. সবান্ধবেadv. with one's friends and people.

সবার [ sabāra ] a of everybody, of all; owned or shared by all; common; public; universal.

সবিকল্প [ sabikalpa ] a having an alternative; admit ting of an alternative. সবিকল্প জ্ঞান realization of duality; awareness of distinction between the knower and the knowable or between adjective and substantive.

সবিতা [ sabitā ] n the sun; the sun-god.

সবিতামন্ডল [ sabitāmanḍala ] n the orb of the sun.

সবিনয় [ sabinaẏa ] a polite, modest; humble. সবিনয়নিবেদনa. humble submission. সবিনয়প্রার্থনা a humble prayer or request. ̃নিবেদনমিদং it is humbly submitted that. সবিনয়েadv. politely, modestly; humbly.

সবিরাম [ sabirāma ] a intermittent.

সবিশেষ [ sabiśēṣa ] a detailed, elaborate (সবিশেষবর্ণনা); uncommon, unusual (সবিশেষভদ্রলোক). ☐adv. in detail, at length, elaborately; emphatically.

সবিস্তার [ sabistāra ] a fully extended (সবিস্তার প্রসারণ); detailed, elaborate (সবিস্তারবর্ণনা). ☐adv. to the full extent; in detail, at length, elaborately (usu. সবিস্তারে).

সবিস্ময় [ sabismaẏa ] a astonished, amazed, surprised, wondering. সবিস্ময়েadv. amazedly, wonderingly.

সবীজ [ sabīja ] a having seeds, seeded. সবীজ উদ্ভিদ spermaphyta.

সবুজ [ sabuja ] a & n green. ☐a. young, tender aged. ☐n. a young person, a youth, (cp.) a greenhorn; young people collectively. সবুজ কণিকাn. (bot.) chlorophyll corpuscle. সবুজাভ same as সবজেটে। see সবজে ।

সবুর [ sabura ] n patience; waiting or tarrying; delay. ☐int. (used as an imperat. v.) have patience, hold on, wait. সবুর করাv. to have patience; to wait or tarry. সবুরেমেওয়া ফলে (fig.) patience has its reward, patience succeeds or pays.

সবৃত্তিক দূত [ sabṛttika dūta ] n a consul decarriere.

সবে2 [ sabē2 ] adv just now or just then.

সব্যসাচী [ sabyasācī ] a ambidexter, ambidext(e)rous. ☐n. an ambidexter; Arjuna of the Mahabharata.

সভয় [ sabhaẏa ] a afraid; fearful, timorous; timid. সভয়েadv. with fear; fearfully, timorously; timidly.

সভা [ sabhā ] n an assembly, a council; a committee; an association, a society, a club, a community (ব্রাহ্মণসভা); a conference, a meeting, an assemblage; an audience chamber, a durbar (রাজসভা); a court (বিচারসভা). সভা করাv. to hold a meeting; to hold a court or durbar; to sit in a court or durbar. সভাচলছেv. the meeting is in progress, the meeting is under way. সভা ডাকাv. to convene a meeting. সভাবসছেv. the meeting has commenced; the court has sat. সভাভাঙলv. the meeting breaks up or ends; the court rises. বনিকসভাn. a chamber of commerce. রাজ্যসভাn. a legislative assembly; the Upper House of the Indian Parliament. লোকসভাn. a parliament; the Indian Parliament (the House of the People or the Lower House or Chamber). ̃কক্ষn. an assembly hall; a council-room; a meeting room; a committee-room. ̃কবিn. a court poet. ̃গৃহ same as সভাকক্ষ and সভাভবন। ̃জনn. a member of an assembly, council, court, association etc. or of the audience of a meeting; a courtier. ̃তলn. the venue or place of a meeting; the floor of an assembly house or hall (esp. of a legislative assembly). ̃নেত্রীn. fem. a woman president or chairperson of a meeting, assembly, association etc. ̃পন্ডিতn. a Brahman scholar retained in a court, a court-pundit; a court scholar. ̃পতিn. a president or chairman of a meeting, association etc.; the chairman of a legislative council; the speaker of a legislative assembly. ̃পতিত্বn. presidentship, presidency; chairmanship; speakership. ̃পতিত্বকরাv. to preside (over). ̃ভঙ্গn. the break up or dissolution of a meeting; the rising of a court. n. ̃ভবন an assembly house, a council house; an association hall, a society house; a court house. ̃রম্ভn. commencement of a meeting. ̃সদn. a member of an assembly, council, committee, conference etc; a courtier; (law) an assessor. ̃সমিতিn. meetings and associations (collectively). ̃সীনa. sitting or seated at a meeting or in a court. ̃স্হল same as ̃তল ।

সভ্য [ sabhya ] n a member (of a club, association, assembly, parliament etc.). ☐a. courteous, polite, civil, mannerly; refined; elegant; civilized. সভ্য করাv. to enroll as a member; to civilize. সভ্যহওয়াv. to be enrolled as a member; to be civilized; to become courteous or polite. ̃জগত্ same as ̃সমাজ । ̃তাn. courtesy, politeness, civility, mannerliness; culture, civilization. সভ্যতাভিমানীn. proud (often arrogantly) of one's refinement or culture or civilization. fem. সত্যতাভিমানিনী । ̃পদn. membership. ̃পদ ত্যাগ করা to resign or renounce membership. ̃ভব্যa. courteous and gentle (সভ্যভব্যমানুষ); passably refined or elegant (সভ্যভব্য পোশাক). ̃সমাজn. refined or cultured society; civilized society; the civilized world.

সম [ sama ] a equal; equivalent; similar, resem bling (মৃত্যুসম); identical, same; uniform; straight; level flat; even, not odd (সমরাশি); impartial (সমদর্শী). ☐n. (mus.) the terminal point of a measure.

সমকক্ষ [ samakakṣa ] a of equal strength; equipotential; equally rivalling or contesting; evenly balanced; equal.

সমকাল [ samakāla ] n the same time; the same age. ̃কালবর্তী, সমকালিক, সমকালীনa. contem porary, contemporaneous; coeval; simultaneous. সমকালেadv. at the same time; in the same age; simultaneously.

সমকেন্দ্রিক [ samakēndrika ] a concentric.

সমকোণ [ samakōṇa ] n (geon.) a right-angle. সমকোণী, সমকৌণিকa. right-angled. সমকোণীয়a. (geog.) orthogonal.

সমক্ষ [ samakṣa ] a lying before; visible; direct. ̃দৃষ্টিn. direct vision. সমক্ষ বর্ণালিবীক্ষণ direct vision spectroscope. সমক্ষেadv. before one's eyes; visible.

সমক্ষেত্র-অভিক্ষেপ [ samakṣētra-abhikṣēpa ] n an equal area projection.

সমগুণ, সমগুণসম্পন্ন [ samaguṇa, samaguṇasampanna ] a of like virtue or quality or character. সমগুণশ্রেঢ়ীn. (math.) geometrical progression.

সমগ্র [ samagra ] a whole, entire; all; total; exhaustive; overall. সমগ্র বিস্তার overall width. সমগ্র সূচি an exhaustive list. ̃ভাবেadv. on the whole; entirely; thoroughly.

সমঘন [ samaghana ] n (geom.) a regular solid.

সমচতুরস্র, সমচতুর্ভুজ [ samacaturasra, samacaturbhuja ] n (geom.) an equilateral tetragon; a square. ☐a. square.

সমচ্ছেদ [ samacchēda ] n (phys.) a plane section.

সমজাতি, সমজাতীয় [ samajāti, samajātīẏa ] a homogeneous, congeneric; congenetic.

সমঝদার [ samajhadāra ] a capable of understanding or appreciating; (loos.) sympathetic or considerate. সমঝদার লোক a connoisseur. সমঝদারিn. capability of under standing or appreciating; sympathy or considerateness.

সমঝানো [ samajhānō ] v to understand; to appreciate; to feel; to deliberate; (loos.) to sympathize (with) or have consideration (for); (loos.) to be careful or cautious (সমঝে চলা); to make one understand or appreciate or feel; (sarcas.) to warn or scold or chastise.

সমঞ্জস [ samañjasa ] a perfectly proper; appropriate or just; fitting, well-balanced; consistent.

সমতল [ samatala ] a plain, level, smooth, flat. ☐n. (geom.) a plain; a plane surface or figure, a plane.

সমতা [ samatā ] n equality; equivalence; similarity; identity, sameness; uniformity; straightness; levelness, flatness; impartiality.

সমতীত [ samatīta ] a quite past or gone by.

সমত্বরণ [ samatbaraṇa ] n uniform acceleration.

সমত্রিভূজ [ samatribhūja ] n (geom.) an equilateral triangle.

সমদর্শী [ samadarśī ] a impartial in consideration or treatment; equitable in dispensation of justice; impartial; equitable; fair minded. fem. সমদর্শিনী ।সমদর্শন, সমদর্শিতাn. impartiality; equity; fair mindedness.

সমদুঃখী [ samaduḥkhī ] a sharing the same or having similar grief or affliction; sympathizing; sympathetic. fem. সমদুঃখিনী ।

সমদূর, সমদূরবর্তী [ samadūra, samadūrabartī ] a equidistant. সমদূরবর্তিতাn. equidistance.

সমদৃষ্টি [ samadṛṣṭi ] n impartial view; impartiality.

সমদ্বিবাহু, সমদ্বিভুজ [ samadbibāhu, samadbibhuja ] a (geom.) isosceles. সমদ্বিবাহুত্রিভুজ an isosceles triangle.

সমধিক [ samadhika ] a exceedingly great, excessive, exceeding, overmuch; considerable; many. ☐adv. exceedingly, excessively, overmuch.

সমন [ samana ] n a summons. সমনজারি করা, সমনদেওয়া, সমন পাঠানোv. to serve or issue a summons; to summon. সমন ধরানোv. to serve a summons.

সমন্বয় [ samanbaẏa ] n consistency; agreement; combination; synthesis; adjustment. সমন্বয়করাv. to bring into agreement; to bring about harmony or agreement; to make a synthesis of, to synthesize, to synthetize; to adjust. ̃ন, ̃বিধান, ̃সাধনn. act of bringing into agreement; act of bringing about harmony or agreement; unification; act of making a synthesis of; adjustment. সমম্বয়িতa. made consistent; unified; brought into agreement; synthesized; synthetized; adjusted.

সমম্বিত [ samambita ] a possessing; attended with; mixed with; full of.

সমপদস্হ [ samapadasha ] a equal in office or rank or status or dignity or authority.

সমপাঠী [ samapāṭhī ] n a class-fellow; a fellow-student. fem. সমপাঠিনী । see also সহপাঠি ।

সমপার্শ্বীয় [ samapārśbīẏa ] a (bot.) collateral.

সমপ্রবাহ [ samaprabāha ] n (phys.) a direct current.

সমপ্রেষ [ samaprēṣa ] n (phys.) uniform pressure. সমপ্রেষরেখাn. (geog.) an isobar.

সমবয়সী, সমবয়স্ক [ samabaẏasī, samabaẏaska ] a of the same or approximately the same age; contempo raneous, contemporary, coeval.

সমবর্ত-কোণ [ samabarta-kōṇa ] n (phys.) the angle of polarization.

সমবর্তন [ samabartana ] n (phys.) polarization.

সমবর্তাক্ষ [ samabartākṣa ] n (phys.) the axis of polarization.

সমবর্তিত [ samabartita ] a polarized. সমবর্তিত করাv. to polarize.

সমবর্ষণ-রেখা [ samabarṣaṇa-rēkhā ] n (geog.) an isohyet.

সমবস্হ [ samabasha ] a in or of the same or similar condition; in the same position or state as formerly, in status quo. সমবস্হাn. same or similar condition; unchanged position or state, status quo.

সমবায় [ samabāẏa ] n an assemblage, an aggregate; combination; constant relation; co-operation. সমবায় সমিতিn. a co-operative society. সমবায়ীa. capable of combining; combined; co-operative; constantly related; component, constituent.

সমবাহু [ samabāhu ] a equilateral.

সমবিন্দু [ samabindu ] a (geom.) concurrent.

সমবৃত্তি [ samabṛtti ] a (bot.) analogous.

সমবেগ [ samabēga ] n uniform velocity.

সমবেত [ samabēta ] n assembled, collected; united; combined. সমবেত করাv. to bring to gether, to assemble. সমবেত হওয়াv. to come together, to assemble, to gather. ̃ভাবেadv. unitedly, in a body.

সমবেদনা, সমব্যথা [ samabēdanā, samabyathā ] n sympathy; fellow feeling; commiseration; compassion.

সমবেদী, সমব্যথী [ samabēdī, samabyathī ] a sympathetic; commiserative; compassionate. সমবেদীকম্পনa. sympathetic vibration.

সমভাব [ samabhāba ] n same or similar state of mind; same or similar state or condition or manner; similarity or sameness; equability. সমভাবাপন্নa. having the same or similar state of mind; of the same or similar state or condition; similar or same; equable. সমভাবাপন্ন জলবায়ু equable climate. সমভাবেadv. in the same or similar way or manner; unchangingly; uniformly.

সমভিব্যাহারী [ samabhibyāhārī ] a (obs.) accompanying. fem. সমভিব্যাহারিণী ।

সমভিব্যাহারে [ samabhibyāhārē ] adv (obs.) accompanied by or in the company of.

সমভূমি [ samabhūmi ] a level, flat, plain; razed to the ground. সমভূমি করাv. to level; to raze to the ground.

সমমন্ডল [ samamanḍala ] n the temperate zone.

সমমতাবলম্বী [ samamatābalambī ] n & a of the same opinion; belonging to or believing in the same religion.

সমমাত্র [ samamātra ] a (alg.) homogeneous.

সমমাত্রিক [ samamātrika ] a (pros.) consisting of feet of equal metres.

সমমালভূমি [ samamālabhūmi ] n (geog.) a tableland, a plateau.

সমমুখ [ samamukha ] a (mech.—of forces) like.

সমমূল্য [ samamūlya ] a of the same or equal price or value or rate; equivalent. সমমূল্যেadv. at the same or equal price or rate; at par.

সময় [ samaẏa ] n time; the time of the clock (দুটোরসময়); any particular time or part of day (সন্ধ্যারসময়); a point or period of time (সেই সময়); season; fixed or due time; working hours (স্কুলের সময়); an instance or time; suitable or opportune time; leisure; opportunity; state or condition; reign, regime, period, age; term of office; floruit; times (দুঃসময়); good days; the last gasp (বুড়োর সময়হয়েছে); longevity (সময়ফুরোলে সবাই মরবে); usage, practice, tradition, convention (কবিসময়প্রসিদ্ধি). সময় করাv. to make or find time (for), to find leisure (for); to fix time (for). সময় বুঝে চলাv. to ac commodate oneself to the contempo rary situation; to behave or move as a time-server; to live within one's present means. সময়দেওয়াv. to give or allow (one) time. সময় দেখাv. to read the time (of clocks etc.). সময় নষ্ট করাv. to waste time, to kill time; to lose an opportunity, to let go an opportunity. সময় পাওয়াv. to get or find time or leisure; to be given or allowed time. সময়বলাv. to tell the time (of clocks). সময়হয়েছেv. it is time; one's days are numbered. অত্যল্প সময়ে in no time. কাজেরসময় the time for work; working hours. প্রমাণ সময়n. standard time. বর্তমান সময় present times. বসন্তেরসময় springtime, the spring season, spring; in spring. সন্ধ্যারসময় evening time, evening; in evening. স্হানীয় সময় local time. সময়সময়, সময়ে সময়ে from time to time; at times; occasionally. সময়ে ওঅসময়ে in season and out of season. ̃ক্রমেadv. in course of time. সময়নিরূপণ করাv. to as certain the time (of); to fix the time (for). ̃নিষ্ঠa. punctual. ̃নিষ্ঠাn. punctuality. ̃মতো same as সময়ানুসারে । ̃রক্ষকn. a time-keeper, (as of a factory). ☐a. keeping time ̃রেখাn. a dateline. ̃সারনিn. time-table. ̃সীমাn. time limit; deadline. ̃সেবক, ̃সেবীn. a time-server. ☐a. time-serving. সময়ানুসারেadv. according to a particular or fixed time; according to the demand of the passing state or condition; according to the age or time. সময়ান্তরেadv. at another or some other time; (rare) after a time-lag. সময়াভাবn. want or paucity or shortage of time. সময়োচিত, সময়োপযোগীa. timely.

সমর [ samara ] n a war, a battle, a fight. ̃কৌশলn. the art of planning operations in war, strategy. ̃ক্ষেত্র, ̃ভূমি same as যুদ্ধক্ষেত্র। ̃শায়ীa. killed in a battle, fallen in a fight, killed in action. fem. ̃শায়িনী । ̃সজ্জা, ̃সাজn. battle-dress and arms and equipment (of any individual soldier); war equipment; preparation for war. ̃স্হল, সমরাঙ্গন same as যুদ্ধক্ষেত্র ।সমরানলn. war regarded as a widely devastating fire, fire or flames of war.

সমরাশি [ samarāśi ] n (arith.) an even number.

সমরূপ [ samarūpa ] a alike in form; homomorphic, homomorphous; homoeomorphic; alike in manner; uniform. ̃তাn. uniformity.

সমরৈখিক [ samaraikhika ] a collinear.

সমর্থ [ samartha ] a capable, able; competent; ablebodied; of full age and able to earn (সমর্থছেলে); of full age and fit for marriage (সমর্থ মেয়ে).

সমর্থক [ samarthaka ] n a seconder; a supporter; (dero.) a countenancer; a confirmer, a confirmator; a corroborator.

সমর্থন [ samarthana ] n seconding (of a motion or nomination); support; (dero.) countenancing; confirmation; corroboration. সমর্থন করাv. to second; to support; to countenance; to confirm; to corroborate.

সমর্থা [ samarthā ] fem of সমর্থ।

সমর্থিত [ samarthita ] a seconded; supported; (dero.) countenanced; confirmed; corroborated. fem. সমর্থিতা ।

সমর্পণ [ samarpaṇa ] n act of giving away; dedication; act of making over; act of committing to the charge or custody of; surrender. সমর্পণ করাv. to give away; to dedicate; to give; to make over; to commit to the charge or custody of; to yield up, to surrender. ̃কারী a giver; a dedicator; one who makes over; one who commits to the charge or custody or; a yielder; a surrenderer. সমর্পণীয়a. that which can be or should be dedicated or made over or surrendered or committed to the charge (of). fem. ̃কারিণী ।

সমর্পিত [ samarpita ] a given away; dedicated; given; made over; committed to the charge or custody of; yielded up, surrendered.

সমল [ samala ] a dirty; filthy, foul.

সমলয় [ samalaẏa ] a (phys.) synchronous. ☐n. (phys.). synchronism. সমলয় করাv. (phys.) to synchronize.

সমশ্রেণি [ samaśrēṇi ] n the same class or race or family or rank. ̃ভুক্তa. belonging to the same class or race or family or rank.

সমষ্টি [ samaṣṭi ] n a sum total, an aggregate; a total; the result of a sum of addition. ̃করণn. totalling; totalization; addition; (phys.) aggregation. ̃গতভাবেadv. collectively.

সমসংযোগ [ samasaṃyōga ] n (bot.) cohesion.

সমসত্ত্ব [ samasattba ] a (bot.) homogeneous.

সমসাময়িক [ samasāmaẏika ] a (erron. but pop.) contempo rary, contemporaneous.

সমসূত্র [ samasūtra ] n (astr. & geog.) the prime vertical (circle); one and the same straight line (সমসূত্রে অবস্হান); one and the same string, bond etc. (সমসূত্রেগ্রথিত); one and the same means (সমসূত্রেজানা).

সমস্ত [ samasta ] a all, every; whole, entire; (gr.—of words) compounded. ̃পদn. (gr.) a compound word.

সমস্বরে [ samasbarē ] adv in one voice; unanimously.

সমস্যমান [ samasyamāna ] a (gr.—of words) under the process of being compounded.

সমস্যা [ samasyā ] n a problem; a question; a riddle, a poser, a puzzle; an intricate situation, a difficulty, a fix. সমস্যা পূরণবাসমাধানকরাv. to solve a problem; to propound a riddle, to riddle a riddle. ̃পূর্ণ, ̃মূলকa. problematic; replete with or full of problems; engimatic, riddling, puzzling; intricate, difficult. ̃সংকুল same as ̃পূর্ণ ।

সমা [ samā ] a. fem of সম (a.).

সমাংশক [ samāṃśaka ] a (chem.) isomerous.

সমাংশে [ samāṃśē ] adv in equal parts or portions or shares.

সমাকলন [ samākalana ] n integral calculus.

সমাকীর্ণ [ samākīrṇa ] a widely and thoroughly bestrewn (with); pervaded (with); in fested (with); full of.

সমাকুল [ samākula ] a greatly worried or distressed; full of misgivings; replete with, full of (গন্ধসমাকুল).

সমাকৃতি [ samākṛti ] a isomorphous.

সমাক্ষ [ samākṣa ] a co-axial. ̃রেখাn. a parallel of latitude.

সমাখ্যাত [ samākhyāta ] a celebrated, renowned, illustrious.

সমাগত [ samāgata ] a arrived; assembled, gathered. সমাগত হওয়াv. to come, to arrive; to assemble, to gather.

সমাগম [ samāgama ] n coming, arrival, assemblage; a gathering. জনসমাগমn. a concourse of people, a gathering; a crowd.

সমাঙ্গ [ samāṅga ] a regular.

সমাচার [ samācāra ] n news, information, a message, a report.

সমাচ্ছন্ন [ samācchanna ] a thoroughly covered or enveloped or overcast; thoroughly over whelmed or besotted.

সমাজ [ samāja ] n human society, society; any one of the divisions of biological history (পক্ষিসমাজ, পশুসমাজ); a community; a nation or race; a collective body of people having something in common, a class, a community (কবিসমাজ, বনিকসমাজ, শিক্ষিতসমাজ, নাগরিকসমাজ); an association; a gathering esp. a social one (সমাজে বসে খাওয়া). সমাজে ঠেলাv. to al lot a lowly place in the society (to somebody). সমাজউন্নয়নn. social development, social upliftment. ̃কল্যাণn. social welfare. ̃চ্যুত করাv. to cast (one) out of society, to ostracize, to boycott socially. ̃চ্যুতব্যক্তি an outcast. ̃চ্যুতিn. expulsion from society, social boycott; social ostracism. ̃তত্ত্বn. sociology. ̃তন্ত্রn. socialism. ̃তন্ত্রীa. socialistic, socialist. ☐n. a socialist. ̃তাত্ত্বিকa. sociological. ̃তান্ত্রিকa. same as সমাজতন্ত্রী (a.) ̃নীতিn. social laws or principles; sociology; (rare) social ethics. ̃পতিn. the headman of a community. ̃বদ্ধa. (of human beings) living in societies, social; (of inferior creatures) gregarious. ̃বন্ধনn. obligations of social life; bonds of society; mutual social relation, socialties. ̃বহির্ভূতa. outside the society, (cp.) extra-social; unsocial; socially outcast, ostracized. ̃বিজ্ঞান, ̃বিদ্যাn. sociology. ̃বিজ্ঞানীn. a sociologist. ̃বিধিn. social law or rule. ̃বিরুদ্ধ, ̃বিরোধীa. antisocial. ̃শাসনn. social laws and rules; the rule or authority of the society; administration of the society. ̃শিক্ষাn. social studies. ̃সংস্কারn. social reform. ̃সংস্কার করাv. to reform the society. ̃সংস্কারকn. a social reformer. ̃হিতৈষণাn. act of doing good to the society. ̃হিতৈষীa. endeavouring to do good to the society. ☐n. a social welfare worker.

সমাদর [ samādara ] n very warm or cordial or respectful reception and careful treatment (as of a guest); felicitation (as of a hero); zealous reception (as of a commodity); passionate love or fondness (for). সমাদর করাv. to receive very warmly or cordially or respectfully and treat carefully; to felicitate; to receive zealously; to love passionately.

সমাদৃত [ samādṛta ] a very warmly or cordially or respectfully received and carefully treated; felicitated; zealously received; passionately loved.

সমাধা, সমাধান [ samādhā, samādhāna ] n completion, accomplishment; termination, conclusion, end; settlement, decision; solution; propounding, riddling (ধাঁধারসমাধান). সমাধাকরা, সমাধান করাv. to complete, to accomplish, to terminate, to conclude, to end; to settle, to decide; to solve, to puzzle out: to propound, to riddle.

সমাধি [ samādhi ] n self-absorbed spiritual meditation during which the meditator loses his or her entity and becomes one with the Supreme Being; a reverie, a trance; a self-absorbed meditation; burial, interment, a grave, a sepulchral monument, a tomb, a mausoleum (also সমাধিমন্দির); (fig.) end. ̃ক্ষেত্রn. a burial ground, a cemetery; (loos.) a grave. ̃ভঙ্গকরাv. to disturb or interrupt self-absorbed meditation; to give up self absorbed meditation. ̃মগ্নa. drowned or absorbed in profound meditation; tranced. ̃স্তম্ভn. a tombstone. ̃স্হ same as ̃মগ্ন,- and buried. সমাধিস্হকরাv. to bury, to lay in the grave, to inter. ̃স্হল, ̃স্হান same as ̃ক্ষেত্র ।

সমান [ samāna ] a similar, alike; one and the same; identical; equal; uniform; unchanged, unchanging; impartial; straight; level, flat; (sl.) corrected by sound thrashing (পিটিয়ে সমান করা). ☐n. one of the five vital airs. সমান করাv. to make similar or alike or identical; to equalize; to make uniform; to straighten; to level, to flatten; to dress (জমি সমান করা); to adjust or correct (ঘড়ি সমানকরা); to put on properly (জামাকাপড়সমান করা); to correct by sound thrashing. সমান-সমানn. equivalent; equal; equalized; equal in strength; equally balanced; evenly contested; even; drawn (খেলা সমান সমান); (in gambling) quits; neither more nor less; half-and-half (সমান-সমানভাগ). সমান-সমানদ্বন্দ্বa. Greek meeting a Greek. সমানাধিকরণa. (of two or more objects) having the same abode or condition; (gr.) having the relation as between a noun and an adjective. সমানাধিকারn. equal rights and privileges for all.

সমানুপাত [ samānupāta ] n (math.) equal ratio, proportion. সমানুপাতিকa. (math.) proportionate or relating to proportion. সমানুপাতিকপ্রতিনিধিত্ব proportional representation.

সমানে [ samānē ] adv ceaselessly, non-stop, incessantly; at a stretch.

সমানে-সমানে [ samānē-samānē ] a evenly contested. সমানে সমানে লড়াই a Greek meeting a Greek.

সমান্তর [ samāntara ] a (arith. & alg.—of numbers) equidistant (e.g. 3, 8, 13, 18); (geom.) parallel. ̃তাn. equidistance; parallelism. ̃রেখাn. a parallel line. সমান্তর শ্রেণিn. arithmetical progression; an arithmetic series.

সমান্তরাল [ samāntarāla ] a (esp. in geom.) parallel. সমান্তরালক্ষেত্র a parallelogram. সমান্তরালরেখা a parallel line. সমান্তরালসরলরেখা a parallel straight line.

সমাপক [ samāpaka ] a completing; finishing; fulfilling.

সমাপতন [ samāpatana ] n (geom.) coincidence.

সমাপন [ samāpana ] n completion; conclusion, ending, finishing, finish, close; fulfilment. সমাপনকরাv. to complete; to conclude, to finish, to terminate, to close; to fulfil. সমাপন হওয়াv. to be completed or finished, to end, to close; to be fulfilled. সমাপনসংগীতn. a closing or concluding song.

সমাপিকা [ samāpikā ] a. fem of সমাপক☐a. (gr.) fi nite. (সমাপিকাক্রিয়া = a finite verb).

সমাপিত, সমাপ্ত [ samāpita, samāpta ] a completed; concluded, ended, finished, closed; fulfilled. সমাপ্তকরাবাহওয়া same as সমাপন করা বাহওয়া । সমাপ্তি same as সমাপন । সমাপ্তিসংগীত same as সমাপন সংগীত ।সমাপ্যa. that which should be concluded or ended or finished.

সমাবতল [ samābatala ] a (phys.) plano-concave.

সমাবরণ [ samābaraṇa ] n occultation.

সমাবর্তন [ samābartana ] n return; the home-coming of a pupil after his long stay at his teacher's residence where he has completed his studies; a convocation (of a university or institution).

সমাবিষ্ট [ samābiṣṭa ] a entirely occupied, engrossed; entered; possessed (as by an evil spirit); assembled, collected.

সমাবৃত [ samābṛta ] a thoroughly covered; concealed; enclosed or besieged; thickly encircled or accompanied (পরিজনসমাবৃত).

সমাবেশ [ samābēśa ] n assemblage (জনসমাবেশ); a gathering; intent attention, engrossment.

সমায়াত [ samāẏāta ] a arrived, come.

সমাযোজন [ samāyōjana ] n communication.

সমারূঢ় [ samārūḍh় ]a ceremonially or solemnly installed (upon) (সিংহাসনে সমারূঢ়); seated or mounted (upon); ascended.

সমারোহ [ samārōha ] n pomp, grandeur, eclat; a thick crowd or grand assemblage (মেঘেরসমারোহ). সমারোহ করাv. to give a display of pomp or grandeur; to make a splendid arrangement. ̃পূর্ণa. pompous, full of grandeur or splendour or eclat. ̃পূর্বক, সমারোহেadv. pompously, ostentatiously; in a grandiose manner, in a grand way.

সমার্থ, সমার্থক [ samārtha, samārthaka ] a synonymous. সমার্থক শব্দ a synonym. ̃বোধক same as সমার্থক । ̃শব্দকোষn. a dictionary of synonyms, a thesaurus.

সমালোচক [ samālōcaka ] n a critic, a reviewer; an animadverter, one who censures.

সমালোচন, সমালোচনা [ samālōcana, samālōcanā ] n criticism, review; animadversion, censure. সমালোচনাকরাv. to criticize, to review; to animadvert, to censure.

সমালোচিকা [ samālōcikā ] fem of সমালোচক ।

সমালোচিত [ samālōcita ] a criticized, reviewed; animadverted, censured.

সমালোচ্য [ samālōcya ] a under review; open to criticism; censurable.

সমাস [ samāsa ] n (gr.) compounding of two or more words into one. সমাস করাv. to compound two or more words into one. সমাস ভাঙাv. to resolve a compound word into components. ̃বদ্ধa. compounded.

সমাসক্ত [ samāsakta ] a attached (to); addicted (to); deeply attentive or engrossed; joined.

সমাসন্ন [ samāsanna ] a that has come very near; imminent; approaching; impending.

সমাসীন [ samāsīna ] a solemnly or firmly seated or installed; seated, sitting.

সমাসোক্তি [ samāsōkti ] n (rhet.) a figure of speech involving parallelism between the subject in hand and something understood (cp. personification, pathetic fallacy). (e.g. 'ঠকা ঠাঁই ঠাঁই কাঁদিছেনেহাই').

সমাহরণ [ samāharaṇa ] n gahering, collection. সমাহরণকরাv. to gather, to collect.

সমাহর্তা [ samāhartā ] n a collector; the chief official of a district who collects revenue and acts as a magistrate, a collector, fem. সমাহর্ত্রী ।

সমাহার [ samāhāra ] n collection; combination; abbreviation; summation; a multitude; (gr.) a system of compounding words, indicative of a number.

সমাহিত [ samāhita ] a entirely occupied, engrossed; lost in meditation; placed; deposited; interred, buried. সমাহিত করাv. to bury, to inter.

সমাহৃত [ samāhṛta ] a gathered, collected; combined.

সমিতি [ samiti ] n an association, a society; a club; a committee. বণিক সমিতিn. a chamber of commerce.

সমিত্, সমিধ [ samit, samidha ] n firewood, fuel; firewood for kindling a sacrificial fire.

সমিল [ samila ] a (of poetry) with rhyme, rhymed.

সমীকরণ [ samīkaraṇa ] n equalization; (alg.) equation; (arith.) reduction of fractions to a common denominator. সমীকরণ করাv. to equalize; (alg.) to equate; (arith.) to reduce (fractions) to a common denominator.

সমীকৃত [ samīkṛta ] a equated. সমীকৃতকাল (arith.) equated time.

সমীক্ষণ [ samīkṣaṇa ] n thorough viewing or observation; investigation, search; scrutiny; deliberation.

সমীক্ষিত [ samīkṣita ] a thoroughly viewed or observed; investigated, searched; researched; scrutinized, scanned; deliberated. সমীক্ষ্যকারীa. considering past results and taking precaution about consequences before taking any action, circumspect, discreet. fem. সমীক্ষ্যকারিণী।সমীক্ষ্যকারিতাn. consideration of past results and precaution about consequences before taking any action, circumspection.

সমীচীন [ samīcīna ] a just, reasonable; condign; proper; prudent, wise; expedient; right.

সমীপ [ samīpa ] n proximity, nearness, vicinity; presence. ̃বর্তী, ̃স্হa. near, close to; approaching (ট্রেন স্টেশনের সমীপবর্তী হল). সমীপেadv. near, close to; in the presence of, before (রাজসমীপে).

সমীর, সমীরণ [ samīra, samīraṇa ] n wind, air, breeze.

সমীহ [ samīha ] n show of respect; deference; hesitation caused by awe. সমীহ করাv. to pay respect to; to treat with deference; to look up to with awe and hesitation. সমীহ না করাv. not to pay respect to; to ignore.

সমুচিত [ samucita ] a perfectly just or right or proper, condign (সমুচিত শাস্তি); adequate (সমুচিতপুরস্কার).

সমুচ্চ [ samucca ] a very high, lofty; elevated; exalted (সমুচ্চ পদ); very loud, vociferous (সমুচ্চনাদ).

সমুচ্চয় [ samuccaẏa ] n a collection, a multitude. পদসমুচ্চয়n. all words collectively (as of a sentence); joining of words or sentences (as with a copulative).

সমুচ্ছেদ [ samucchēda ] n complete extirpation or eradication or extermination; destruction; ejection for good.

সমুজ্জ্বল [ samujjbala ] a very bright; radiant; brilliant, brightened; illuminated.

সমুত্পাটন [ samutpāṭana ] n pulling up, eradication, up rooting.

সমুত্পাটিত,সমুত্সাহিত [ samutpāṭita, samutsāhita ] a completely extirpated or eradicated; destroyed; ejected for good.

সমুত্সুক [ samutsuka ] a very eager or curious.

সমুত্থান [ samutthāna ] n a rising up; great rise or flourishing; (Christ.) resurrection; an enterprise.

সমত্থিত [ samatthita ] a risen up; greatly flourished; (Christ.) risen from the dead. সমুত্থিতহওয়াv. to rise up; to flourish greatly; to rise from the dead.

সমুদয়, সমুদায় [ samudaẏa, samudāẏa ] a all; whole, entire; total. ☐n. all persons or things; the entire thing or area.

সমুদ্ভব [ samudbhaba ] n origination, origin; birth; evolvement; flourish.

সমুদ্ভাসিত [ samudbhāsita ] a flooded with light, illuminated; brightened.

সমুদ্ভূত [ samudbhūta ] a originated; born; evolved.

সমুদ্যত [ samudyata ] a about to, on the point of, perfectly ready or prepared; raised or lifted (সমুদ্যতখড়্গ).

সমুদ্র [ samudra ] n an ocean; a sea. অকুল সমুদ্রে পড়াv. (fig.) to be at sea, to be in great danger. সমুদ্রেঝাঁপ দেওয়াv. (fig.) to brave or face a great danger. সমুদ্র-উদ্ভিদn. a sea weed. ̃গর্ভn. sea-bottom; the inside of the sea, the womb of the sea. ̃গামীa. sea-going; seafaring. ̃জাতa. sea-born. ̃তট, ̃তীরn. sea-bank, seashore. ̃পথn. sea-way, sea-route. ̃পথেadv. by sea. ̃পৃষ্ঠn. the surface of the sea; sea-level. ̃বহ্নিn. submarine fire. ̃বলয়াঙ্কিতa. sea-girt. ̃বায়ুn. sea-breeze, sea-wind, sea-air. ̃বাহিতa. seaborne. ̃বেলাn. sea-beach, seashore, sea-bank. ̃মন্হনn. (Hindu myth.) the churning of the ocean by gods and demons. ̃মেখলাa. sea-girt. ̃যাত্রাn. a sea-voyage. সমুদ্রযাত্রা করাv. to make a sea-voyage, to go on a sea-voyage. ̃যানn. a sea-going vessel. ̃যুদ্ধn. a sea-fight. ̃স্নানn. sea-bathing. ̃স্রোতn. ocean current.

সমুন্নত [ samunnata ] a very high or lofty or elevated; (fig.) very exalted or dignified or noble.

সমুপস্হিত [ samupashita ] a come close to; arrived; approaching; imminent.

সমুল্লেখ [ samullēkha ] n mention.

সমূল, সমূলখ [ samūla, samūlakha ] a having a root; having a cause; having a foundation or basis, genuine (সমূলক ভয়). সমূলে. adv. to gether with the root, root and branch, thoroughly, completely (সমূলে ধ্বংস).

সমূহ [ samūha ] n (chiefly used as a sfx. to indicate plurality) a multitude, total number (লোকসমূহ = the people, ব্যঘ্রসমূহ = tigers) ☐a. many, much, numerous, great (সমূহ লোকসান); terrible, tremendous (সমূহবিপদ).

সমৃদ্ধ [ samṛddha ] a thoroughly developed or grown up or flourishing; enriched; prosperous, affluent, wealthy, rich. fem. সমৃদ্ধা ।সমৃদ্ধিn. splendid development or growth; enrichment; prosperity, affluence, wealthiness, richness. সমৃদ্ধিশালী, সমৃদ্ধিসম্পন্ন same as সমৃদ্ধ ।fem. সমৃদ্ধিশালিনী, সমৃদ্ধিসম্পন্না ।

সমেত [ samēta ] a together with, with; inclusive of, including.

সমোচ্ছ্বাস-রেখা [ samōcchbāsa-rēkhā ] n co-tidal lines.

সমোত্তল [ samōttala ] a (phys.) plano-convex.

সমোন্নতি-রেখা [ samōnnati-rēkhā ] n a contour line.

সমোষ্ণ-রেখা [ samōṣṇa-rēkhā ] n (geog.) the isotherm.

সম্পত্তি, সম্পদ [ sampatti, sampada ] n wealth, riches, fortune; treasure; property, real estate; belongings, possessions; excellence (ভাবসম্পদ); glorious or proud acquisition (শিক্ষাই তার সম্পদ); pride or glory (তাজমহলদেশের সম্পদ). সম্পত্তিশালী, সম্পদশালীa. wealthy, rich; affluent; possessing a treasure; (pop.) owning a property. fem. সম্পত্তিশালিনী, সম্পদশালিনী ।সম্পন্নa. performed, accomplished; completed; rich, wealthy, affluent, well-to-do (সম্পন্ন অবস্হা); endowed with, possessing (বুদ্ধিসম্পন্ন). fem. সম্পন্না ।

সম্পর্ক [ samparka ] n relation; kinship; connection; concern; company, intercourse (দুষ্টেরসঙ্গে সম্পর্ক). সম্পর্করাখাv. to maintain relation; to observe the formalities of kinship; to keep connection; to associate with, to keep company with. সম্পর্কস্হাপন করাv. to enter into a relation or an alliance. ̃শূন্য, ̃হীনa. unrelated; having no kinship (with), unconnected; having no concern (with); irrelevant. সম্পর্কিত, সম্পর্কীয়a. related (with); having kinship (with); having affinity with; connected (with); concerned (with); relevant.

সম্পাত [ sampāta ] n fall, drop (অশনিসম্পাত); incidence, a falling upon (আলোকসম্পাত); a stroke from above (অভিসম্পাত); occurrence (বিপদসম্পাত). ̃বিন্দুn. the point of incidence.

সম্পাদক [ sampādaka ] a performing, accomplishing, executive (সম্পাদক সমিতি = an executive committee); editing. ☐n. a performer, an accomplisher; an executive; a secretary (সমিতিরসম্পাদক); an editor (fem. editress). সম্পাদকীয়a. editorial. ☐n. an editorial leader. সম্পাদকীয় প্রবন্ধ an editorial, a leader. সম্পাদকীয় স্তম্ভ an editorial column.

সম্পাদন, সম্পাদনা [ sampādana, sampādanā ] n performance, accomplishment; editing. সম্পাদনকরাv. to perform, to accomplish, to execute. সম্পাদনা করাv. to edit.

সম্পাদিকা [ sampādikā ] fem of সম্পাদক।

সম্পাদিত [ sampādita ] a performed, accomplished, executed; edited.

সম্পাদ্য [ sampādya ] a to be performed or accomplished or executed. ☐n. (geom.) a problem, (also সম্পাদ্য প্রতিজ্ঞা).

সম্পুট, সম্পুটক [ sampuṭa, sampuṭaka ] n a small box, a casket; a screwed bag made of paper or tree leaves, a cornet.

সম্পূরক [ sampūraka ] a completing; fulfilling; supple menting; supplemental; supplementary. সম্পূরককোণ (geom.) a supplementary angle, a supplement.

সম্পূরণ [ sampūraṇa ] n completion; fulfilment; supple mentation.

সম্পূর্ণ [ sampūrṇa ] a completed; finished; completely filled; complete, entire, whole, total; thorough; (dero.) downright ☐adv. completely, entirely, wholly, totally; quite; thoroughly. সম্পূর্ণকরাv. to complete; to finish; to fill completely. ̃তাn. completion; fullness; completeness, entirety, wholeness, totality; thoroughness; perfection. ̃রূপেadv. same as সম্পূর্ণ (adv.)

সম্পৃক্ত [ sampṛkta ] a related or connected (with); having concern (with), joined or united (with); saturated; inlaid. সম্পৃক্তিn. relation, connection; concern; joining, union; saturation; inlaying. অতিসম্পৃক্তিn. over-saturation.

সম্প্রচার [ sampracāra ] n wide circulation; broadcasting, broadcast. সম্প্রচার-তরঙ্গn. (phys.) a broadcasting wave. সম্প্রচার-কেন্দ্রn. a broadcasting station. সম্প্রচারিতa. widely circulated; broadcast.

সম্প্রতি [ samprati ] adv now-a-days, in these days, at present, in present times; recently, lately, of late; just.

সম্প্রদাতা [ sampradātā ] a. & n one who gives or be stows or confers; one who gives away the bride ceremonially to the charge of the bridegroom.

সম্প্রদান [ sampradāna ] n giving; bestowal, conferment; act of giving away the bride ceremonially to the charge of the bridegroom; (gr.) the dative case (usu. সম্প্রদানকারক). সম্প্রদান করাv. to give; to bestow, to confer; to commit (the bride) ceremonially to the charge of (the bride groom).

সম্প্রদায় [ sampradāẏa ] n a community, a sect; a society (কবিসম্প্রদায়); a brotherhood; a race (মানবসম্প্রদায়, পশুসম্প্রদায়); a company, a band (দস্যুসম্প্রদায়). ̃ভুক্তa. belonging to a particular community or sect or society or brotherhood or race or band.

সম্প্রসার, সম্প্রসারণ [ samprasāra, samprasāraṇa ] n expansion; extension; development. সম্প্রসারণবাদn. expansionism. সম্প্রসারণবাদীa. expansionist. সম্প্রসারণশীলa. expanding, extending; expansive. সম্প্রসারিতa. expanded; extended; developed.

সম্প্রীতি [ samprīti ] n love; amity; friendly terms (with); pleasure; delight.

সম্বদ্ধ [ sambaddha ] a firmly tied or joined or united; connected; related; having kinship with, affixed; affiliated; amalgamated. সম্বদ্ধীকরণn. affiliation; amalgamation. সম্বদ্ধীকৃতa. affiliated; amalgamated.

সম্বন্ধ [ sambandha ] n relation, connection; concern; intercourse; kinship, relationship, affinity; a marriage proposal or negotiation. সম্বন্ধ করাn. to negotiate a marriage; to make negotiations for a marriage. সম্বন্ধকরাv. to have connection or relation or concern or intercourse or kinship or relationship (with) সম্বন্ধ রাখাv. to keep connection with; to observe formalities of kinship or relationship. রাসায়নিকসম্বন্ধ chemical affinity. ̃পদn. (gr.) a word in the possessive case, a genitive. সম্বন্ধীa. related (to), connected (with). ☐n. wife's brother or cousin-brother (generally one older than the wife), a brother-in-law. সম্বন্ধীয়a. (used as a prep.) related to, concerning, regarding. সম্বন্ধেprep. concerning, regarding, about, as regards, as to.

সম্বরা2 [ sambarā2 ] n spices singed in oil or ghee and mixed with any cooked dish by reboiling. সম্বরা দেওয়াv. to re-boil (a cooked dish) by mixing with spices singed in oil or ghee.

সম্বল [ sambala ] n money, provisions etc. for a journey; viaticum: a supply or resource of money etc.; a fund, capital money, capital; (total) savings; provision; resources; support, a prop. সম্বল করাv. to have recourse to, to resort to. ̃শূন্য, ̃হীন same as নিঃসম্বল।

সম্বুদ্ধ [ sambuddha ] a perfectly enlightened (esp. spiritually.) ☐n. an appellation of Gautama Buddha.

সম্বোধন [ sambōdhana ] n calling, accosting, address; a form of address; (gr.) the vocative case. সম্বোধন করাv. to accost, to ad dress, to call. ̃পদn. (gr.) a word in the vocative case. সম্বোধিতa. called; ad dressed.

সম্বোধি [ sambōdhi ] n perfect knowledge or consciousness (esp. of spiritual truths).

সম্ভব [ sambhaba ] n birth or origin (কুমারসম্ভব); (obs.) probability. ☐a. born or originated (অযোনিসম্ভব); probable, likely (ঘটাসম্ভব); possible. ̃তadv. probably, likely. ̃পরa. probable, likely; possible. সম্ভাবাতীতa. beyond all probabilities; improbable, unlikely.

সম্ভাবনা [ sambhābanā ] n probability, likelihood.

সম্ভাবনীয়, সম্ভাবিত, সম্ভাব্য [ sambhābanīẏa, sambhābita, sambhābya ] a probable, likely; contingent. সম্ভাব্যতাn. probability; likelihood.

সম্ভার [ sambhāra ] n a thing, an article; a load of things; a constituent material, an ingredient; a collection of things necessary to serve a particular purpose (পূজারসম্ভার) a collection, a heap (রত্নসম্ভার).

সম্ভাষণ, সম্ভাষ [ sambhāṣaṇa, sambhāṣa ] n accosting, addressing; greeting, hail; conversation. সম্ভাষণকরা, (poet.) সম্ভাষাv. to accost, to address; to greet, to hail. সম্ভাষিতa. accosted, addressed; greeted, hailed.

সম্ভূত [ sambhūta ] a born; originated; produced; shot up, sprung; evolved; caused (অযত্নসম্ভূত) fem. সম্ভূতা ।

সম্ভূয়সমুত্থান [ sambhūẏasamutthāna ] n joint-stock business.

সম্ভোগ [ sambhōga ] n enjoyment; sexual intercourse. সম্ভোগ করাv. to enjoy; to have sexual intercourse with.

সম্ভ্রম [ sambhrama ] n honour, dignity, prestige; nobil ity; reverence mixed with awe and submission, deference; modesty. সম্ভ্রমকরাv. to treat with reverence mixed with awe and submission, to treat deferentially. ̃শালীa. respectable, dignified; noble, fem. ̃শালিনী । ̃হানিn. dishonour; loss of prestige; indignity. ̃হানিকরাv. to dishonour; to outrage the modesty of.

সম্ভ্রান্ত [ sambhrānta ] a honoured; respectable, dignified; of noble birth, high-born, noble; aristocratic. সম্ভ্রান্ত ব্যক্তি an honoured or respectable or high-born person; an aristocrat. ̃তন্ত্রn. (pol.) government by aristocrats, aristocracy. ̃বংশীয়a. of a noble or aristocratic family; relating to the nobility; born in a noble family, high-born. fem. ̃বংশীয়া । ̃সমাজ, ̃সম্প্রদায়n. the aristocracy, the nobility.

সম্মত [ sammata ] a consenting, agreeing, ready, willing, acquiescent; sanctioned or approved or permitted by conforming to (শাস্ত্রসম্মত); accepted, admitted, agreed upon (সর্ববাদীসম্মত). সম্মত হওয়াv. to agree, to consent, to give consent, to acquiesce. সম্মতিn. consent, assent, approval: acquiescence, willingness; sanction, approbation, permission; concurrence; conformation. সম্মতি দেওয়াv. to give consent; to permit. সম্মতিপাওয়াv. to get consent or permission (of).

সম্মান [ sammāna ] n respectful and cordial reception; deferential treatment, deference; hom age; reverence; honour, respect, dignity, prestige; credit. সম্মানকরা, সম্মানদেওয়া, সম্মান দেখানোv. to receive cordially and with respect; to pay (one) deference or homage; to revere; to honour, to respect. সম্মান নষ্ট করাv. to dishonour, to disgrace; to discredit. সম্মানপাওয়াv. to be honoured. সম্মানহারানোv. to lose honour or credit or prestige. ̃জনকa. honourable; creditable. ̃নাn. honouring; respectful felicitation. ̃পূর্বক, ̃পুরঃসরadv. after showing respect, respectfully. ̃ভাজন same as সম্নানার্হ । ̃লাভn. obtainment of honour or credit. ̃হানিn. loss of honour or credit or prestige, dishonour, discredit. ̃হানিকরাv. to disparage, to lower (somebody) in the esteem of; to belittle; to dishonour. সম্নানার্হ, সম্নানাশ্পদ, সম্নানীa. honourable; esteemable; respectable; venerable. সম্নানিতa. cordially or respectfully received; respectfully felicitated; honoured, respected; revered; honourable, respectable, venerable.

সম্নার্জন [ samnārjana ] n scouring or scrubbing; sweeping. সম্নার্জনীn. a scouring-brush, a scrubbing-brush; a broom, a besom; a mop, a swab.

সম্নিলন [ samnilana ] n perfect union; amalgamation; junction; meeting; assemblage; a gathering esp. a social or cultural one; (pol.) a rally; (pol.—loos.) a conference. সম্নিলনীn. a society, an association; a club.

সম্নিলিত [ samnilita ] a perfectly united; amalgamated; joined; meeting together; assembled; rallied. ̃ভাবেadv. unitedly; in a body.

সম্মুখ [ sammukha ] n the forepart, the front. ☐a. lying in the front; facing; anterior, frontal; facing one another. ̃কোণn. (geom.) a subtended angle. ̃গতিn. the forward movement; progress; advance; progression. ̃গামীa. going forward; progressing, progressive. ̃বর্তীa. lying in front; facing; anterior; frontal; approaching. fem. ̃বর্তিনী। ̃যুদ্ধn. a face-to-face fight; an open fight. ̃সংগ্রাম same as ̃যুদ্ধ । ̃স্হ same as ̃বর্তী ।সম্মুখীনহওয়াv. to come face to face with; to confront; to approach; to encounter. সম্মুখেadv. in front of, before; in presence of.

সম্মেলক [ sammēlaka ] a done or sung in chorus; sung in a group. ☐n. a chorus. ̃গানn. a chorus, a song sung in chorus.

সম্মেলন [ sammēlana ] n a meeting; (loos.) a conference; assemblage, gathering; a gathering esp. a social or cultural one; (chiefly pol.) a rally.

সম্মোহ [ sammōha ] n great or utter infatuation; hypnotization; hypnosis. সম্মোহনn. same as সম্মোহ☐a. infatuating; hypnotizing; hypnotic. fem. a. সম্মোহিনী ।সম্মোহিতa. greatly or utterly infatuated; enchanted, charmed, hypnotized. সম্মোহিতকরাv. to infatuate greatly or utterly; to hypnotize, to mesmerize.

সম্যক [ samyaka ] adv in all respects; by all means; thoroughly; entirely, wholly; exhaustively; excellently; fitly. ☐a. thorough, complete; entire, whole; exhaustive; excellent; fit; true.

সম্রাজ্ঞী [ samrājñī ] n. fem an express.

সম্রাট [ samrāṭa ] n an emperor.

সযত্ন [ sayatna ] a careful, meticulous; diligent; cor dial (সযত্ন অভ্যর্থনা). সযত্নেadv. carefully, meticulously, with care diligently: cordially.

সর [ sara ] n a thin layer on milk or any other similar substance, film.

সরঃ [ sarḥ ] n a large pond: a lake.

সরকার [ sarakāra ] n a master; an owner; a ruler; the government; a collecting clerk; a purchasing clerk. সরকারিa. governmental: public. ☐n. office or post of a collecting or purchasing clerk. সরকারি আদেশ a government order. সরকারি উকিল a government pleader. সরকারি চাকরি government service. সরকারিনিয়ন্ত্রণাধীন under government control, government controlled. সরকারি প্রতিবেদকn. the public reporter. সরকারিপ্রতিবেদন government report. সরকারি বিদ্যালয় a government school. সরকারিব্যবহারিক a government counsel. সরকারি রাস্তা a highway, a public road.

সরগম [ saragama ] n the (Indian) musical octave.

সরগরম [ saragarama ] a full of high spirits; full of enthusiasm and excitement; packed or crowded and noisy.

সরজমিন, সরেজমিন [ sarajamina, sarējamina ] n a scene of occurrence, the venue of an affair.

সরঞ্জাম [ sarañjāma ] n things required for doing some thing; equipment; implements, appurtenances, accessories; paraphernalia.

সরট [ saraṭa ] n the chameleon.

সরণি, সরণী [ saraṇi, saraṇī ] n a road, a way, a path, a street; a route; an orbit (সূর্যসরণী); a method, a manner.

সরদার [ saradāra ] n the chief man, a chief, a headman; a leader, a chieftain (fem. a chieftainess). fem. সরদারনি । সরদার পড়ুয়াn. a senior pupil assisting in school discipline and teaching, a monitor (fem. a monitress), a pupil-teacher. সরদারিn. chiefdom; leadership; chieftaincy. সরদারি করাv. to play the leader; (fig.) to behave in a masterful or overbearing manner.

সরপুরিয়া [ sarapuriẏā ] n a kind of sweetmeat made of fried and stuffed milk-film.

সরপোশ [ sarapōśa ] n a small saucer for covering a tumbler, pitcher etc.

সরফরাজ [ sarapharāja ] n a nawab of Bengal; (sarcas.) a very important man; a saucy fellow. সরফরাজিn. officiousness; untoward and intolerable bossing, overbearing manner; sauciness.

সরবরাহ [ sarabarāha ] n supply; purveying; the amount supplied. সরবরাহ করাv. to supply; to purvey. ̃কারীn. a supplier; a purveyor.

সরভাজা [ sarabhājā ] n a sweetmeat prepared by frying milk-film.

সরল [ sarala ] a straight; candid, free from angularities, not crooked, guileless, naive; credulous; plain, unornate; free from complicacies, plain-sailing (সরলজীবন); honest, easy, simple (সরল প্রশ্ন). ☐n. the sal tree; the deodar or any similar tree; (math.) simplification. সরলকরাv. (esp. in math.) to simplify. সরল অনুবীক্ষণ (phys.) s simple microscope. সরল দোলক (phys.) a simple pendulum. সরলদোলন (phys.) simple harmonic motion. ̃চিত্তa. simple-hearted. ̃তাn. candour, naivety, simplicity; plainness, unornateness, freedom from complicacies; honesty. সরলতাপূর্ণa. candid, artless, naive, simple; plain, unornate; honest. ̃প্রকৃতিa. simple-natured, candid; not crooked; credulous. ̃বর্গীয়a. (bot.) coniferous. ̃বিশ্বাসীa. credulous ̃মনাa. same as ̃চিত্ত । ̃রেখাn. a straight line. ̃রৈখিকa. formed of straight lines; rectilineal, rectilinear. ̃রৈখিকক্ষেত্রn. (geom.) a rectilineal figure. ̃স্বভাব same as ̃প্রকৃতি। হৃদয়, সরলান্তকরণa. simple-hearted. সরলাa. fem. of সরল । সরলীকরণn. (chiefly in math.) simplification.

সরষে [ saraṣē ] n mustard seed. সরষের ক্ষেত mustard plot. সরষের তেল mustard oil. ভিটেয়সরষে বোনা (fig.) to ruin (someone) utterly by destroying one's homestead.

সরস [ sarasa ] a same as রসাল (a.). fem. সরসা ।

সরসিজ [ sarasija ] n the water-lily, the lotus.

সরসী [ sarasī ] n a large pond; a lake.

সরস্বতী [ sarasbatī ] n the Hindu goddess of speech, learning, fine arts and wisdom (cp. Minerva); a title for proficiency in literature. সরস্বতীর বরপুত্র (lit.) a favoured son of Goddess Saraswati; (fig.) a man of great learning

সরহদ্দ [ sarahadda ] n perimeter, boundary, confines.

সরা2 [ sarā2 ] v to move, to stir; to move away, to withdraw; to move aside; to remove; to issue forth, to flow out, to come out (জল সরা, বাক্য সরা); to come in and go out, to pass (বাতাস সরা); (sl.) to die; to decamp, to slip away; to move facilely (কলম সরা); to be willing or inclined (মন সরা); to be willing to work (হাতসরা).

সরাই [ sarāi ] n an inn, a caravansarai. ̃ওয়ালাn. an innkeeper.

সরানো [ sarānō ] v to take aside, to remove, to withdraw; to transfer; to recall or dismiss; to steal or defalcate. সরিয়ে রাখাv. to lay (something) aside, to keep for future use, to save.

সরাসরি [ sarāsari ] adv directly, straightway; straight ahead; in a cursory manner, summarily; outright. ☐a. direct; straight; summary; outright. সরাসরিবিচার summary trial, summary justice.

সরিত্ [ sarit ] n a river, a stream.

সরীসৃপ [ sarīsṛpa ] n a reptile.

সরু [ saru ] a of small girth or width, slender, delicate, thin; narrow; not coarse, fine; fine-spun; pointed (সরু ডগা); subtle, fine (সরু কাজ); treble, alto, tenor, soprano. সরু গলা a thin or longish neck; a treble voice, alto, tenor, soprano.

সরূপ [ sarūpa ] a similar in form or shape or appearance; resembling.

সরেজমিনে [ sarējaminē ] adv right on the spot. সরেজমিনেতদন্ত investigation on the spot, local in vestigation.

সরেস [ sarēsa ] a best; excellent; superfine.

সরোজ [ sarōja ] n the lotus; the lily. সরোজিনীn. a lotus clump; lotuses collectively; a pond full of lilies.

সরোদ [ sarōda ] n sarod, a stringed musical instrument akin to the vina. সরোদিয়াn. one who plays on or is versed in playing on the aforesaid instrument.

সরোবর [ sarōbara ] n a large pond, a lake.

সররুহ [ sararuha ] n lotus.

সরোষে [ sarōṣē ] adv angrily, wrathfully.

সর্গ [ sarga ] n creation, origination; the physical nature, nature; (of a poetical work) a canto; any one of the three grand divisions of natural history (প্রাণিসর্গ = the animal kingdom).

সর্জ [ sarja ] n the sal tree.

সর্জন [ sarjana ] n creation.

সর্জরস [ sarjarasa ] n resin.

সর্জী, সর্জিকা [ sarjī, sarjikā ] n fuller's earth.

সর্দি [ sardi ] n catarrhal inflammation of the mucous membrane, nasal catarrh; cold. সর্দিলাগাবাহওয়াv. to catch cold. ̃গরমিn. sunstroke. সর্দি ঝরছেv. the nose runs.

সর্প [ sarpa ] n the snake, the serpent. সর্পে রজ্জুভ্রম mistaking a rope for a snake; (fig.) glaring misconception or hallucination. ̃দংশনn. snakebite. ̃দষ্টa. snakebit, bitten by a snake. ̃ভুকa. feeding on snakes (cp. serpentivorous).

সর্পাঘাত [ sarpāghāta ] n snakebite.

সর্পিণী [ sarpiṇī ] fem সর্প of and সর্পী (a.)

সর্পিল [ sarpila ] a serpentine, winding, tortuous, zigzag, meandering (সর্পিল পথ, সর্পিলগতি); spiral (সর্পিল স্প্রিং).

সর্পী [ sarpī ] a crawling, creeping, reptile, reptilian. ☐n. fem. of সর্প ।

সর্ব [ sarba ] a all; whole, entire; complete, total, thorough; universal. ☐n. Shiva (শিব). সর্বংসহa. tolerating everything, allenduring, omnipotent. fem. সর্বংসহা । ̃কালীনa. of all times, all-time; working wholetime or covering whole time; wholetime. ̃কালেadv. in all times, ever. ̃ক্ষণn. all time; the whole time, all the time. ☐adv. every moment, always. ̃গতa. all-pervading; omnipresent. ̃গুণাকর, ̃গুণাধারn. a container of all virtues or good qualities. ☐a. (erron.) same as ̃গুণান্বিত। ̃গুণান্বিতa. endowed with all virtues or good qualities; all-good. ̃গ্রাসn. total eclipse; act of devouring or grabbing everything. ̃গ্রাসীa. all-devouring; all grabbing. fem. ̃গ্রাসিনী । ̃জনপ্রিয়a. be loved of all, dear to all; universally popular. ̃জনস্বীকৃতa. universally or unanimously admitted or accepted. ̃জনহিতn. universal good, universal welfare; public good, public welfare. ̃জনহিতকরa. beneficial to all, good for all, universally good. ̃জনীনa. good for all, universally good; universal; public, common. ̃জনীনতাn. universality. ̃জ্ঞa. all-knowing, omniscient. সর্বজ্ঞতাn. omniscience. ̃তadv. in all respects; in everything; everywhere; in all ways; by all means; entirely, wholly; thoroughly. সর্বতোভাবে same as ̃থা । ̃ত্যাগীa. all-renouncing, all-sacrificing. fem. ̃ত্যাগিনী । ̃ত্রadv. every where; ever, in all times; in all directions; in all respects. ̃গামী capable of or given to going or reaching every where. fem. সর্বত্রগামিনী। ̃থাadv. in every way or manner, by all means; in all respects. ̃দর্শীa. all-seeing. fem. ̃দর্শিনী। ̃দাadv. always, ever; in all times. ̃দুঃখহরa. removing all sorrows or afflictions. fem. ̃দুঃখহরা। ̃দেশীয়a. pertaining to all countries, international, universal; country-wide. ̃ধর্মসমন্বয়n. synthesis or harmonization of all religions. ̃নামn. (gr.) the pronoun. ̃নাশn. complete or total destruction; utter ruin; great harm; a great danger or calamity. সর্বনাশকরাv. to destroy completely or totally; to ruin utterly; to undo (a person); to cause a great harm or danger or calamity (to). সর্বনাশ হওয়াv. to be destroyed completely; to be ruined utterly; to be undone; to be harmed greatly; to be placed in a great danger or calamity. ̃নাশা (loos.) a. same as ̃নাশী (a.). ☐n. (usu. in mild reproach) one who undoes a person by exposing him or her to shame; a shameless man. ̃নাশীa. causing complete or total destruction; causing utter ruin; causing a great harm or danger or calamity to. ☐n. fem. of ̃নাশা ।fem a. ̃নাশিনী। ̃নিয়ন্তাn. one who controls everything; the Supreme Ruler, God. fem. ̃নিয়ন্ত্রী the controller of everything. ̃নেশে coll. var. of ̃নাশা । ̃প্রকারa. of all kinds and varieties; omnigenous; all-round. ̃প্রকারেadv. in every way; in all respects. ̃প্রথমa. first, foremost. ̃প্রধানa. chief of all, most distinguished; most important; pre-eminent; chief; sovereign, supreme. ̃প্রিয়a. dear to everyone, beloved of all, popular with all, universally popular. ̃বাদিসম্মতa. unanimously agreed or accepted, unanimous; universally agreed or accepted. ̃বিধ same as ̃প্রকার । ̃বিষয়েadv. in all matters; in everything; in all respects; in all subjects. ̃বিষহরa. counteracting all poisons. ̃বিষহরওষুধ an antidote for all poisons, (cp.) the Venice treacle. ̃ব্যাপীa. all-pervading; ubiquitous; ubiquitarian; omnipresent; (loos.) universal. fem. ̃ব্যাপিনী । ̃ব্যাপিতাn. the state of being all-pervading; ubiquity; omnipresence; (loos.) universality. ̃ভুকa. omnivorous. ̃ভূতn. all created beings. ̃ভূতাত্মাn. the Soul that is present or inherent in all created beings. ̃মঙ্গলাn. fem. one who is the cause or source of all good; Goddess Durga (দুর্গা). ̃ময়a. all-pervading; ubiquitous; ubiquitarian; omnipresent; all in all(সর্বময় কর্তা); all-powerful, sovereign, supreme; omnipotent. fem. ̃ময়ী । ̃রোগহরa. counteracting or curing all diseases. ̃রোগহরওষুধn. a cure all, a panacea. ̃লোকn. the whole universe; the whole world; all people of the world, everybody, all and sundry. ̃শক্তিপ্রয়োগকরাv. to apply total or utmost strength or power; to exert one's utmost; to apply all powers or forces. ̃শক্তিমানa. all-powerful, almighty, omnipotent. ̃শাস্ত্রজ্ঞa. versed in all branches of learning or in all sciences or in all scriptures. ̃শেষa. last of all, ultimate. ̃শেষেadv. last of all, at last. ̃শ্রেষ্ঠa. best of all; pre-eminent; highest; supreme. ̃সমক্ষেadv. before every body, in presence of all, in public, publicly, openly. ̃সমa. equal in all respects, congruent. ̃সময়, ̃সময়েadv. all times or hours; always, ever; every time. ̃সম্মতa. unanimously approved or permitted or accepted or acknowledged. ̃সম্মতিক্রমেadv. unanimously; with unanimous approval or support. ̃সাকুল্যেadv. in all, in the aggregate, as a whole, collectively. ̃সাধারণn. the public, the people. ̃সিদ্ধিn. attainment or realization of all desires or ends; complete success. ̃স্বn. whatever one possesses, one's total possessions, one's all. ̃স্বহরণn. robbing one of all one's belongings. ̃স্বান্তa. robbed of one's all belongings; utterly ruined. ̃হিত same as ̃জনহিত। সর্বাংশn. all parts. সর্বাংশেadv. in every part; in all respects; completely, thoroughly; perfectly. সর্বাগ্রa. foremost; first; lying in the forefront. সর্বাগ্রেadv. in the fore most place; first of all, in the forefront. সর্বাঙ্গn. the whole body; all limbs. সর্বাঙ্গসুন্দরa. beautiful in every limb; having a perfectly beautiful body; beautiful in all respects or in every part, perfectly beautiful. সর্বাঙ্গীণa. covering the whole body, considering every limb; considering all aspects; thor ough, comprehensive; total, complete. সর্বাঙ্গেadv. all over the body, all over; in every limb; in all parts; in all respects; thoroughly, completely, totally. সর্বাণীn. Goddess Durga the wife of Sarva (সর্ব). সর্বাত্মকa. all-pervading; comprehensive; total, complete; all out; supreme, sovereign. সর্বাদৃতa. well received by all, dear to all; universally popular. সর্বাধিকa. most of all, most, greatest, highest, largest; utmost. সর্বাধিনায়কn. the supreme leader; the commander-in-chief. সর্বাধ্যক্ষn. the director-general; (loos.) the managing director. সর্বান্তঃকরণেadv. whole-heartedly, with all one's heart, heart and soul, willingly and completely. সর্বাপেক্ষাadv. of all; beyond all; above all. সর্বাবয়ব same as সর্বাঙ্গ ।সর্বাভরণn. ornament for all the different limbs; all ornaments. সর্বার্থসাধকa. fulfilling all desires; realizing all ends; supplying all needs; (loos.) multipurpose (সর্বার্থসাধকসমবায়সমিতি বা বিদ্যালয়. fem. সর্বার্থসাধিকা ।সর্বার্থসিদ্ধিn. same as সর্বসিদ্ধি। সর্বেশ্বরn. the lord or master of all; the supreme lord; God; Shiva (শিব). ☐a. having sovereign authority over everybody; supreme; sovereign. সর্বেসর্বাa. all in all; invested with absolute authority; all-ruling; predominant. সর্বোচ্চa. highest of all; most high, highest. সর্বোত্তমa. best, choicest, most excellent. সর্বোপরিadv. on the topmost place; uppermost; above all.

সর্ষপ [ sarṣapa ] n mustard seed, rape-seed. সর্ষপতৈলn. mustard-oil.

সলজ্জ [ salajja ] a abashed, ashamed; bashful, shy, modest, coy.

সলমা [ salamā ] n diapers done with gold or silver thread.

সলা [ salā ] n (dero. & usu. secret) conference, consultation, counsel (also সলা-পরামর্শ).

সলিতা [ salitā ] n a slender wick.

সলিল [ salila ] n water. ̃সমাধিn. a watery grave; drowning; loss or destruction by sinking; (fig.) utter loss, irrevocable loss.

সল্লকী [ sallakī ] n the porcupine, the hedgehog.

সশব্দ [ saśabda ] a attended with a noise, sounding; attended with a loud noise; noisy; clamorous. সশব্দেadv. with a noise or sound; with a loud noise; noisily; clamorously.

সশরীরে [ saśarīrē ] adv in the mortal body, alive (সশরীরে স্বর্গলাভ); in person, bodily (সশরীরেআগমন).

সশস্ত্র [ saśastra ] a armed; in arms.

সশ্রদ্ধ [ saśraddha ] a respectful, deferential.

সশ্রম [ saśrama ] a rigorous (সশ্রমকারাদন্ড).

সসত্ত্বা [ sasattbā ] a. fem with child or young, pregnant. ̃বস্হাn. pregnancy.

সসম্ভ্রম [ sasambhrama ] a full of reverence mixed with awe and submission, deferential. সসম্ভ্রমেadv. with deference.

সসম্মান [ sasammāna ] a respectful; honourable. সসম্মানেadv. with respect; with honour, honourably; (academic) with honours (সসম্মানে বি.এ. পাস করা).

সসাগরা [ sasāgarā ] a. fem consisting of or comprising oceans and seas (in addition to land), inclusive of oceans and seas. সসাগরা ধরণী the earth (or the landed portion of the earth) with all oceans and seas, the whole earth.

সসীম [ sasīma ] a finite.

সসেমিরা [ sasēmirā ] n stupefaction, bewilderment, nonplus, daze.

সসৈন্য [ sasainya ] a attended with armed forces. সসৈন্যেadv. with armed forces.

সস্তা [ sastā ] a cheap. সস্তারতিন অবস্হা (fig.) cheap and nasty, a charger bought cheap turns a sorry nag.

সস্ত্রীক [ sastrīka ] a accompanied by one's wife, with wife.

সস্নেহ [ sasnēha ] a affectionate; loving. সস্নেহেadv. affectionately; lovingly, tenderly.

সস্মিত [ sasmita ] a smiling. ̃বদনn. a smiling face. ☐a. having a smiling face. fem. a. ̃বদনা । ̃বদনেadv. with a smiling face.

-সহ1 [ -saha1 ] sfx expressing: capable of enduring, enduring; tolerable.

সহ2 [ saha2 ] prep together with, with. ☐a. (used as a pfx.) acting together, co-; accompanying; having common interests, occupations, faiths etc.; associating; inherent; assisting, assistant, deputy, subjoint. ̃অধিকর্তাn. an assistant director. ̃কর্মীn. a co-worker, a colleague; an associate. ̃কারীn. a co-worker; an assistant. ̃গn. (alg.) a co-efficient. ̃গমনn. act of going together; accompanying; act of dying together; act of burning oneself to death on one's husband's funeral pyre. সহগমন করাv. to go together; to accompany; to die to gether; to burn oneself to death on one's husband's funeral pyre. ̃গামীa. going together; accompanying; (rare) dying together or burning oneself to death on another's funeral pyre. fem. ̃গামিনী । ̃গামী হওয়া same as সহগমনকরা । ̃ঘটনn. concurrence. ̃ঘটমানa. concurrent. ̃চর, ̃চারীa. going to gether; accompanying; keeping company with; (gr.—of words) correlative. ☐n. a companion; an associate; a friend; a confidant (fem. a confidante); an attendant, a follower. fem. ̃চরী, ̃চারিণী । ̃জাতa. born at the same time; born of the same womb and (usu.) at the same time; twin; inborn; inherent, innate. সহজাত অধিকার birthright. সহজাতসংস্কার an instinct. ̃দূতn. an attache. ̃ধর্মিণীn. fem. a wife associating with her husband in practice of virtues; (pop.) a wife. ̃ধর্মীa. following the same faith or religion; having common propensities or virtues or properties or functions. ☐n. a co-religionist. ̃পাঠীn. a fellow-student, a class-fellow, a class-mate, fem. ̃পাঠিনী । সহ-প্রধানশিক্ষকn. an assistant headmaster. সহ প্রধানশিক্ষিকাfem. an assistant headmistress, ̃বাসn. living or dwelling to gether; cohabitation. সহবাস করাv. to live or dwell together; to cohabit. ̃ভাবn. co-existence, concomitance. ̃মরণn. dying together; burning oneself to death on one's husband's funeral pyre. সহমরণেযাওয়াv. to die together; to burn oneself to death on one's husband's funeral pyre. ̃মর্মিতাn. sympathy; empathy; compassion. ̃মর্মীa. sympathetic, compassionate. ̃মৃতাa. fem. one who has died with one's husband; one who has courted death by burning oneself on one's husband's funeral pyre. ̃যাত্রীa. going or travelling together; accompanying. ☐n. a companion; a fellow traveller. fem. ̃যাত্রিণী । সহযাত্রী হওয়াv. to go or travel or journey together; to accompany. ̃যোগ, ̃যোগিতাn. act of associating; co-operation. সহযোগিতাকরাv. to associate (with); to co-operate (with). ̃যোগীa. associating; co-operating. ☐n. an associate; a co-worker, a colleague, a comrade; a co-operator. fem. সহযোগীসম্পাদক an associate editor. ̃যোগেadv. (used as prep.) together with; mixed with; with. ̃যোজনn. coordination. ̃যোজিতa. co-ordinated. ̃যোদ্ধাn. a fellow-soldier, a brother-at arms. ̃শিক্ষকn. an assistant master (fem. an assistant mistress), an assistant teacher. fem. ̃শিক্ষিকা । ̃সচিবn. an assistant secretary. ̃সমীকরণn. (alg.) simultaneous equation.

সহকার [ sahakāra ] n the mango tree; a mango twig; সহকার-শাখাn. a mango twig; a bough of mango tree.

সহকারে [ sahakārē ] adv (used as a prep.) with (যত্নসহকারে = with care).

সহকারী [ sahakārī ] a assisting, assistant, sub-. ☐n. an assistant. fem. সহকারিণী। সহকারীপ্রধানশিক্ষক an assistant headmaster. সহকারীসম্পাদক an assistant editor; an assistant secretary.

সহজ [ sahaja ] a inborn, innate, instinctive; natural, inherent; easy, not difficult or strenuous, simple; easily understood, plain; not crooked or tough, simple, plain (সহজ লোক). ̃গম্যa. easily accessible; (fig.) easy to understand. ̃পাচ্যa. easily digestible; easy to digest. ̃প্রবৃত্তিn. an instinct. ̃বুদ্ধিn. common sense; mother wit; (erron.) an instinct. ̃বোধ্যa. easily understood or comprehensible or intelligible. ̃লভ্যa. easily available or obtainable. ̃সাধনn. a form of worship in which a devotee acts according to the dictates of his or her instincts. সহজিয়াn. same as ̃সাধন, and—a Vaishnava or Buddhist community practising ̃সাধন । সহজেa. without difficulty, easily.

সহন [ sahana ] n enduring or suffering; toleration; patience. ̃শীলa. enduring; tolerant; patient. fem. ̃শীলা । ̃শীলতাn. endurance; tolerance; patience. সহনীয়a. bearable, endurable, sufferable; tolerable.

সহবত [ sahabata ] n manners learnt in society; company, association, society; manners, good manners, courtesy.

সহর্ষ [ saharṣa ] a joyful; gleeful. সহর্ষেadv. joy fully; gleefully.

সহসা [ sahasā ] adv suddenly; unexpectedly, all at once, all on a sudden, all of a sudden.

সহস্র [ sahasra ] n & a thousand. ☐a. innumerable, countless; many and diverse. সহস্রসহস্র thousands and thousands of, thousands of, many thousands, innumerable, countless. ̃কn. a millennium. ̃কর, ̃কিরণn. one emitting countless rays; the sun. ̃তমa. thousandth. ̃দলa. thousand-petalled; having innumerable petals. ̃ধাadv. in a thousand ways; in countless ways; in manifold ways. ̃ধারাn. a cascade falling in innumerable streams; a fountain spouting in countless streams; a river flowing in a great many streams. ̃পদn. the centipede, a myriapod. ̃প্রকরণa. innumerable kinds of, many and diverse, manifold. ̃বারadv. countless times, many times, thousand times. ̃লোচনa. thousand-eyed, (cp.) Argus eyed. ☐n. Indra (ইন্দ্র), the king of gods. ̃শীর্ষa. hydraheaded. সহস্রারn. lotus-shaped substance within the cranium.

সহা [ sahā ] v to bear; to suffer; to endure; to sustain; to be inured (to) (শীতগ্রীষ্মসহা); to be acclimatized (আবহাওয়াসহা); to tolerate, to stand (অন্যায়সহা); to brook (অপমান সহা).

সহাধিকার ক্ষেত্র [ sahādhikāra kṣētra ] n concurrent jurisdiction.

সহাধীক্ষক, সহাধ্যক্ষ [ sahādhīkṣaka, sahādhyakṣa ] n an assistant superintendent.

সহানুভূতি [ sahānubhūti ] n sympathy; compassion; fellow-feeling. ̃শীলa. sympathetic or compassionate. ̃সম্পন্নa. sympathetic; compassionate.

সহানো [ sahānō ] v to cause to bear or suffer or endure or sustain; to inure; to acclimatize.

সহায় [ sahāẏa ] n an aider; a helper; a patron; an assistant; a supporter; an ally; aid; help; patronization; assistant; support; a prop; a resource. ̃কa. aiding; helping; patronizing; assisting; supporting; accessory; abetting; (gr.) auxiliary. সহায়ক ক্রিয়া (gr.) an auxiliary verb. ̃তাn. aid; help; patronization; assistance; support; abetment. সহায়তা করাv. to aid; to help; to patronize; to assist; to support; to abet. সহায়তাকারী same as সহায়ক । ̃সম্বলn. friends to turn to and resources to fall back on. ̃সম্বলহীনa. one without any resource or support; utterly helpless.

সহাস্য [ sahāsya ] a smiling; laughing. ̃বদনে, ̃মুখেadv. with a smiling face.

সহিষ্ণু [ sahiṣṇu ] a having fortitude; stoical; patient, enduring; tolerant. ̃তাn. fortitude; patience, endurance; toleration, tolerance.

সহিস [ sahisa ] n a syce, a groom.

সহৃদয় [ sahṛdaẏa ] a large-hearted, magnanimous; cordial (সহৃদয় অভ্যর্থনা); sincere and amiable (সহৃদয় কথাবার্তা); appreciative, appreciatory, sympathetic, considerate (সহৃদয় বিচার). fem. সহৃদয়া। ̃তাn. large-heartedness, magnanimity; sympathy, compassion, kind-heartedness, amiability.

সহোদর [ sahōdara ] a born of the same mother. ☐n. a brother born of the same mother, a brother. সহোদরাa. fem. of সহোদর (a.). ☐n. a sister born of the same mother, a sister.

সহ্য [ sahya ] a endurable, bearable; tolerable; endured, suffered, tolerated (সহ্য হওয়া); acclimatized (আবহাওয়া সহ্য হওয়া) ☐n. endurance, fortitude, tolerance (সহ্যেরসীমা = the limit of one's patience, a limit to one's patience); the northern portion of the Western Ghat mountain range (usu. সহ্যাদ্রি). সহ্য করাv. to endure, to suffer, to bear; to tolerate, to brook, to put up with. ̃গুণn. the quality of bearing patiently, forbearance. সহ্যাতীত same as অসহ্য ।

সা [ sā ] n (mus.) the first note of the gamut, C-major.

সাইজ [ sāija ] n size.

সাইনবোর্ড [ sāinabōrḍa ] n a sighboard.

সাইরেন [ sāirēna ] n a siren.

সাউ [ sāu ] n a merchant (by caste or profession); a moneylender.

সাউকারি [ sāukāri ] n pretence of honesty or innocence; assumed self-importance or pompousness.

সাংকেতিক [ sāṅkētika ] a symbolic, symbolical. ☐n. (arith.) practice.

সাংখ্য [ sāṅkhya ] n a philosophical treatise written by Kapil; the Sankhya system of philosophy.

সাংখ্যিক [ sāṅkhyika ] a numeral, figural.

সাংঘাতিক [ sāṅghātika ] a fatal; mortal; terrible; tremendous.

সাংবত্সর, সাংবত্সরিক [ sāmbatsara, sāmbatsarika ] a continuing for a year; occurring every year; yearly, annual.

সাংবাদিক [ sāmbādika ] a pertaining to news; journalistic. ☐n. a journalist. সাংবাদিকতাn. journalism. সাংবাদিকতা করাv. to work as a journalist.

সাংসারিক [ sāṃsārika ] a domestic, familial; earthly, mundane, secular. সাংসারিক জ্ঞান worldly wisdom.

সাংস্কৃতিক [ sāṃskṛtika ] a cultural.

সাঁই2 [ sām̐i2 ] n a religious instructor or associate or preceptor; God.

সাঁইত্রিশ [ sām̐itriśa ] n & a thirty-seven.

সাঁওতাল [ sām̐ōtāla ] n an aboriginal tribe of India, Santals; a Santal.

সাঁকো [ sān̐kō ] n a bridge; a culvert.

সাঁজা [ sān̐jā ] n rennet.

সাঁজাল [ sān̐jāla ] n fumigation by burning hay etc. in order to expel or repel mosquitoes.

সাঁজোয়া [ sān̐jōẏā ] n armour, a coat of mail. সাঁজোয়াগাড়িn. an armoured car.

সাঁট [ sān̐ṭa ] n brevity (সাঁটেসারা); a hint, a gesture (সাঁট বোঝা). সাঁটেadv. by hint, by a subtle insinuation; in short, in brief, briefly.

সাঁটা [ sān̐ṭā ] v to fix or attach esp. tightly; to hold firmly, to grip (সেঁটে ধরা); (facet.) to gormandize, to gorge oneself with. ̃নোv. to eat voraciously, to gorge oneself with, to eat greedily.

সাঁড়াশি [ sān̐ḍ়āśi ] n tongs; forceps; pincers; সাঁড়াশি অভিযানn. (mil.) a pincer-movement.

সাঁতরানো [ sān̐tarānō ] v to swim.

সাঁতলানো [ sān̐talānō ] v to singe lightly with spices in oil, clarified butter or fat. ☐a. singed.

সাঁতার [ sān̐tāra ] n swimming; natation. সাঁতার কাটা, সাঁতার দেওয়াv. to swim. সাঁতারকাটার পুকুর a swimming pool; (U. S.) a natatorium. সাঁতার-জলn. a mass of water so deep that one has to swim to keep oneself afloat. সাঁতারুn. a swimmer; an expert swimmer.

সাঁপি [ sām̐pi ] n the roundish part at the front of the stocks into which the neck of a beast is put for immolation; a ferrule.

সাকল্য [ sākalya ] n entirety; totality; the total amount or number. সাকল্যেadv. in all.

সাকার [ sākāra ] a having a form or body, bodied, corporeal. সাকার-উপাসনা, সাকারোপাসনাn. a form of worship in which deities are conceived as having forms; idolatry. ̃বাদn. the doctrine that upholds সাকারোপাসনা । সাকারোপাসকn. an idolator. ☐a. idolatrous.

সাকি [ sāki ] n a young lad or girl serving wine, a young tapster.

সাকিন [ sākina ] n a place of one's residence, address.

সাক্ষর [ sākṣara ] a literate. সাক্ষরতাn. literacy.

সাক্ষাত্ [ sākṣāt ] a visible, bodied or incarnate (সাক্ষাত্ মৃত্যু); appearing in person (সাক্ষাত্যম); resembling, equal to (মাতাপিতা সাক্ষাত্ দেবতা); direct. ☐n. visibility in body, visible or perceptible presence (ঈশ্বরের সাক্ষাত্লাভ); a meeting, an interview (বন্ধুরসাক্ষাত্লাভ); presence (সাক্ষাতে বলা). সাক্ষাত্ করাv. to pay a visit to, to visit, to call on; to interview. সাক্ষাত্পাওয়াv. to be able to meet (with); to have a meeting with; to happen to meet (with); to have an interview (with); (theol.) to be in communion (with). ̃কারn. meeting; interview. ̃কারীn. visitor; an interviewee. fem. ̃কারিণী । ̃প্রার্থীa & n. one who asks for or seeks an interview (with). fem. ˜প্রার্থিনী । ̃সম্বন্ধn. direct relation; outward or formal relation. সাক্ষাতেadv. in one's presence; face to face.

সাক্ষিগোপাল [ sākṣigōpāla ] n a holy place near Puri which Krishna (কৃষ্ণ) visited; (fig.) one rendered powerless and capable only of witnessing (other's misdeeds), a puppet.

সাক্ষী [ sākṣī ] n a witness; an eye-witness. সাক্ষীপড়ানোv. to prime or tutor a witness. সাক্ষী মানাv. to cite one as a witness; to call upon one as a witness. সাক্ষীরকাঠগড়া the witness-box. সাক্ষীর জবানবন্দি deposition of a witness or his examination in chief. সাক্ষীর জেরা cross-examination of a witness. ̃সাবুদn. witness and evidence.

সাক্ষ্য [ sākṣya ] n witness, testimony, evidence; deposition. সাক্ষ্য দেওয়াv. to give evidence, to bear witness, to depose.

সাগর [ sāgara ] n a sea; an ocean; a bay (বঙ্গোপসাগর). ̃পারn. seashore; the other shore or side of a sea. ̃পারেadv. on the seashore; beyond seas, abroad. ̃মেখলা a sea-girt. ̃সংগমn. the place where a river (esp. the Ganges) falls into a sea.

সাগু [ sāgu ] n sago. দুধসাগুn. milk mixed with boiled sago. ̃দানাn. a grain of sago; sago.

সাগ্রহ [ sāgraha ] a eager, earnest; intent; wistful. সাগ্রহেadv. eagerly, earnestly, intently.

সাঙা [ sāṅā ] n a form of Hindu widow marriage where religious solemnities are more or less ignored.

সাঙাত [ sāṅāta ] n (use. dero.) a friend, a companion; an accomplice.

সাঙ্গ [ sāṅga ] a bodied, corporeal; having all the limbs; complete in all part; completed, finished; ended. সাঙ্গ করাv. to complete, to finish; to end.

সাঙ্গরূপক [ sāṅgarūpaka ] n (rhet.) prolonged or continued metaphor.

সাঙ্গোপাঙ্গ [ sāṅgōpāṅga ] a inclusive of all parts; attended by all friends and followers; attended by the whole retinue, in train. ☐n. pl. friends and followers collectively; retinue, train.

সাচ্চা [ sāccā ] a true; genuine, real, pure; upright or righteous.

সাজ [ sāja ] n dress, raiment, garb; an ornament, a decorative article to be put on; equipment, outfit; make up; equipage; appurtenance; (dial.) rennet. ̃গোজn. dressing; meticulous dressing. ̃ঘরn. a greenroom. ̃ন্তa. embellishing, beautifying, decorative. ̃শn. collusion (যোগসাজশে). ☐a. (loos.) got-up (সাজশ মামলা = a got-up case.) ̃সজ্জাn. full dress; equipment, outfit; euipage; dressing; make-up; decoration; furniture and fittings. ̃সরঞ্জামn. equipment, outfit; equipage; appurtenance; furniture and fittings.

সাজা1 [ sājā1 ] n punishment. সাজা দেওয়াv. to punish; to award a punishment. সাজাপাওয়াv. to be punished.

সাজা2 [ sājā2 ] v to dress and embellish oneself; to be decorated; to assume a false dress or appearance, to disguise oneself, to pretend to be (সাধুসাজা); (of an actor or actress) to make up; to take up the role of (যাত্রায় কৃষ্ণ সাজা); to equip oneself (যুদ্ধের জন্য সাজা); to process (an intoxicant etc.) for inhaling or chewing (তামাকসাজা, পান সাজা); to behave, to become (তোমাকে সাজে না). ☐a. appearing as, disguised, pretending; (of an in toxicant etc.) processed for inhaling or chewing.

সাজাত্য [ sājātya ] n the state of being of the same nation or tribe or class; cognateness, kindredness; homogeneity.

সাজানো [ sājānō ] v to dress and embellish; to decorate; to dress and lay artistically (বাগানসাজানো); to dress (another) so as to give a false appearance, to disguise, to cause to pretend to be; to dress (an actor or actress); to cause to take up the role of; to equip; (of a ship etc.) to fit out; to cause to process (an intoxicant etc.) for inhaling or chewing or smoking (কলকে সাজানো); to place in order (মালপত্র সাজানো); (of an army etc.) to array; to fabricate, to concoct, to cook, to get up (মামলাসাজানো). ☐a. dressed and embellished; decorated, disguised; artistically laid and dressed; fabricated, got-up; concocted.

সাজি1 [ sāji1 ] n a small high-rimmed and usually round wicker-tray.

সাজি2, সাজিমাটি [ sāji2, sājimāṭi ] n fuller's earth.

সাজো [ sājō ] a today's; fresh, recent; washed with fuller's earth within a few hours. (সাজো কাপড়). ☐adv. recently, afresh (সাজো ভানা). ☐n. same as ̃বাসি । ̃বাসিn. the system of washing clothes etc. with fuller's earth within a few hours; a washerman who washes clothes in the aforesaid system.

সাট2 [ sāṭa2 ] n (dero.)mutual understanding; collusion; a conspiracy.

সাটিন [ sāṭina ] n satin.

সাড় [ sāḍ় ]n sensibility; sensitivity, sensation; feeling; perception; consciousness.

সাড়ম্বর [ sāḍ়mbara ] a pompous; ostentatious; showy. সাড়ম্বরেadv. pompously; ostentatiously.

সাড়া [ sāḍ়ā ] n sound, noise; response, answer; reaction, response (উদ্ভিদের সাড়া); great animation or hubbub or noise, excitement (সাড়া পড়েছে); voice, speech or word (মুখে সাড়া নেই); sign of existence, throbbing (প্রাণেরসাড়া). সাড়া দেওয়াv. to respond, to answer; to react or respond. ̃শব্দ almost same as সাড়া ।

সাড়ে [ sāḍ়ē ] a including also a half. সাড়ে দশ ten and a half. সাড়ে দশটা half past ten. সাড়েদশ টাকা ten and a half rupees. সাড়েদশমাইল ten and a half miles, ten miles and a half. সাড়েবত্রিশ ভাজা (fig.) a promiscuous mixture of different things; a medley; an assortment of different things.

সাত [ sāta ] n. & a seven. সাতখুন মাফ (fig.) condonation of every failing or offence, act of keeping one's eyes closed to all failings or offences of a particular person. esp. a favourite. সাত চড়ে রানা বেরোনো (fig.) the practice of taking every insult or oppression lying down, extreme meekness or inertia. সাত নকলেআসল খাস্তা (fig.) repeated imitation makes the original lose its identity. সাতসমুদ্রতেরো নদীর পার (in folk tales) a place where a human being can hardly go, (cp.) a place at the end of the world or beyond the corners of the world. সাতেও নেই পাঁচেও নেই (fig.) having no concern with, perfectly disinterested or aloof. সাতইn. the seventh day of a month, the seventh. ☐a. (of the days of a month) seventh. ̃কান্ডa. consisting of or divided into seven cantos; lengthy. ☐adv. in detail, at great length (সাতকান্ড বলা বা শোনা). সাতকান্ডরামায়ণ (fig.) a lengthy or detailed narrative or account. ̃চল্লিশn. & a. forty-seven. ˜জন্মেadv. (ever) in the long past or future. ̃তাড়াতাড়িadv. with an excessive haste, much too hastily. ̃নরিa. having seven tiers or strings (সাতনরি হার). ̃নলাa. seven-barrelled (সাতনলা বন্দুক). ̃-পাঁচa. many and diverse. ☐adv. about this and that. (সাত-পাঁচভাবা). ̃পুরুষn. seven generations upwards or downwards; the long past or future. ̃ষট্টিn. & a. sixty-seven. ˜সকালn. very early morning. ̃সতেরোn. miscellany; a variety.

সাতা [ sātā ] n the seven of playing-cards.

সাতাত্তর [ sātāttara ] n. & a seventy-seven.

সাতান্ন [ sātānna ] n. & a fifty-seven.

সাতাশ [ sātāśa ] n. & a twenty-seven.

সাতাশি [ sātāśi ] n. & a eighty-seven.

সাতাশে [ sātāśē ] n the twenty-seventh day of a month, the twenty-seventh. ☐a. (of the days of a month) twenty-seventh.

সাতিশয় [ sātiśaẏa ] a overmuch, excessive, exceeding; extreme. ☐adv. overmuch, excessively, exceedingly; extremely.

সাত্ত্বিক [ sāttbika ] a of or proceeding from or having সত্ত্বগুণ that is, goodness and purity (সাত্ত্বিকআচরণ, সাত্ত্বিক লোক); unconcerned about the consequence, dispassionate; pure; not actuated by any desire and unostentatious (সাত্ত্বিক পূজা বাদান). সাত্ত্বিক আহার plain and simple food; a simple fare. ̃তাn. purity in living, dispassionateness or unostentatiousness.

সাথ [ sātha ] n (dial.) company (সাথের লোক). ☐prep. same as সাথে ।

সাথি [ sāthi ] n a companion; an associate.

সাথে [ sāthē ] prep with, in company of.

সাদর [ sādara ] a cordial (সাদরঅভ্যর্থনা). সাদরেadv. cordially, ̃সম্ভাষণn. cordial address or reception.

সাদা [ sādā ] a white; grey; white-skinned (সাদাআদমি); free from angularities, candid, simple (সাদামন); categorical, plain, unequivocal, downright (সাদাকথা); innocent (সাদা কাজ); having no coloured border or furbelow or flounce (সাদাধুতি); unwritten, blank (সাদা কাগজ); unblurred; unintoxicated (সাদা চোখ). ☐n. the white colour; the white-skinned people, the white race. সই করা সাদাকাগজ carte blanche. সাদাকে কালো এবংকালোকে সাদা করা (fig.) to misrepresent things or tell lies obviously and shamelessly, to lie in one's throat. ̃চামড়াn. white skin; the white skinned people. ̃টেa. whitish. সাদামাঠা, সাদামাটা, সাদাসিধা,, (coll.) সাদাসিধেa. free from angularities, candid, simple; simple-hearted, plain-living, ordinary; unostentatious, plain; categorical, unequivocal, downright, straight-cut; not crooked, honest; frank; straight; unornamented; bald, having no vicissitude, uninteresting; dull, drab. ̃সাপটাa. simple, plain; unostentatious.

সাদি2 [ sādi2 ] n a horseman or horse-soldier; an elephant-rider or elephant-soldier.

সাদৃশ্য [ sādṛśya ] n likeness; resemblance; similarity; affinity; equality; an image, a portrait.

সাধ [ sādha ] n desire; longing; fancy or choice (সাধের বস্তু); voluntary will, volition, pleasure, one's own accord (সাধ করেমৃত্যুবরণ); option; a ceremony for giving desired articles of food to a pregnant woman (সাধ দেওয়া বা সাধ খাওয়া). সাধ করাv. to desire; to long (for); to choose; to volunteer (for); to opt (for). সাধ করেadv. voluntarily; wilfully; willingly. সাধমিটিয়েadv. satisfying one's desire; to one's satisfaction.

সাধক [ sādhaka ] a austerely endeavouring to achieve an end; practising asceticaus terities; engaged in austere worship of God; performing or realizing; helping to perform or realize. ☐n. an austere endeavourer; one who practises ascetic austerities; a worshipper of god; a wor shipper, votary, a devotee.

সাধন [ sādhana ] n austere endeavour; austere ascetic practice; worship of God; worship; performance, accomplishment; realization or attainment; a means, an instrument, a tool. সাধনকরাv. to perform or accomplish or realize or attain esp. by dint of austere or arduous endeavour. ̃পত্রn. an instrument. ̃প্রক্রিয়াn. the mode of worship of God; the mode of accomplishment. ̃ভজনn. religious prayer or meditation and worship.

সাধনা [ sādhanā ] n same as সাধন, and—austere or arduous practice (সংগীত সাধনা); austerities; an object to attain for which an arduous endeavour is being made (আমাদেরসাধের সাধনা); an austere vow or difficult goal (ভারতের সাধনা); importunity (সাধ্যসাধনা). সাধন করাv. to endeavour austerely or arduously; to be engaged in austere ascetic practice; to worship God; to practice austerely or arduously; (rare) to importunate.

সাধনীয় [ sādhanīẏa ] a that for the accomplishment or attainment of which arduous endeavour should be made; to be performed or attained; worshipful, adorable.

সাধর্ম্য [ sādharmya ] n likeness, similarity, resem blance, mark or quality exactly alike.

সাধা [ sādhā ] v to endeavour or practise austerely or arduously (মন্ত্র সাধা); to try to improve by practice (গলা সাধা); to accomplish (কাজ সাধা); to attain or realize ('সাধিতে মনের সাধ'); to offer (ঘুসসাধা); to volunteer (সেধে বিপদে পড়া); to bring about, to put forward; to offer (বাদ সাধা); to try to pacify or appease (পায়ে ধরেসাধা); to importunate (নাসাধলে সে আসবে না); (gr.) to derive (as a word). ☐a. improved or chastened or prepared by practice (সাধা গলা); held out for acceptance, offered (সাধাভাত).

সাধানো [ sādhānō ] v to cause to endeavour or practise austerely or arduously; to make one try to improve by practice; to cause to importunate.

সাধারণ [ sādhāraṇa ] a ordinary, common, usual; banal, trite (সাধারণ লেখা); trifling, venial (সাধারণঅপরাধ); public (সাধারণপাঠাগার); general (সাধারণসভা); universal (সাধারণ মত); generic (বর্গের সাধারণনাম); including all, at large (জনসাধারণ). ☐n. the public, the people, the commonalty. fem. সাধারণী । সাধারণ কৃত্যকa. general service. সাধারণ ধর্ম a general property or characteristic. সাধারণভবিষ্যনিধি the general provident fund. সাধারণতadv. ordinarily, usually, commonly; generally. ̃তন্ত্রn. a republic. সাধারণতন্ত্রদিবসn. the Republic Day. ̃তন্ত্রবাদী, ̃তন্ত্রীa. republican. ☐n. a republican. ̃ভাবেadv. generally, in general terms. সাধারণ শিক্ষাn. general education. সাধারণ্যn. general properties or characteristics; the public; the people, the commonality.

সাধাসাধি [ sādhāsādhi ] n importunity. সাধাসাধি করাv. to importunate, to make repeated requests, to entreat.

সাধিকা [ sādhikā ] fem of সাধক।

সাধিত [ sādhita ] a austerely or arduously endeavoured or practised; performed or accomplished; attained; proved; (gr.) derived. সাধিত ধাতু (gr.) a derivative verb, a derivative; (gr.) a derivative verb, a derivative. সাধিতশব্দ (gr.) a derivative.

সাধিত্র [ sādhitra ] n an instrument, a tool, an appliance.

সাধু [ sādhu ] a pious, saintly, virtuous, righteous, honest; good, noble; elegant, chaste, polite, refined (সাধু ভাষা); proper, correct, appropriate, idiomatic (সাধুপ্রয়োগ). ☐n. a saint, an ascetic, an anchorite; a merchant, a trader; a usurer; a money lender. ☐int. excellent (সাধু ! সাধু !). সাধুঅভিপ্রায় honest or noble desire, honest intention. সাধু সাবধান (lit.) O merchant, beware of the swindler or thief, (cp.) caveat emptor; (fig.) beware of the danger. ̃গিরিn. a show of honesty or piety; simulation of piety or honesty or goodness, sanctimoniousness, sanctimony; (usu. facet.) act of leading the life of an ascetic. ̃তাn. saintliness, piousness, piety, virtuousness, righteousness, honesty, integrity; goodness, nobility. ̃তাচারণn. honest or upright or virtuous or good behaviour or dealing; practice of piety or virtue. ̃বাদn. applause, praise, approbation; thanksgiving. সাধুবাদ দেওয়াv. to applaud, to praise; to thank. ̃ভাষাn. chaste or elegant or polished language (cp. চলিতভাষা). ̃সঙ্গn. association with saints and ascetics; company of saints and ascetics, good company. ̃সম্মতa. virtuous, honest (সাধুসম্মত উপায়).

সাধে [ sādhē ] adv of one's own accord, willingly ('সাধে কি আর বাবা বলে').

সাধ্বী [ sādhbī ] n. fem a virtuous or chaste woman; a faithful wife; (loos.) a female saint. ☐a. fem. virtuous, chaste; faithful to one's husband.

সাধ্য [ sādhya ] a within the range of one's capability (দুর্বলের সাধ্য নয়); capable of being done or accomplished or attained; curable; to be proved or deduced or inferred. ☐n. (log.) a major term, an inference; (law) a point at issue; (pop.) capability, ability (সাধ্যের বাইরে). ̃তাn. attainability; the range of one's capability; feasibility. ̃পক্ষেadv. as much as one can do, to the best of one's ability. ̃পালn. a bailiff. ̃বহির্ভূতsame as সাধ্যাতীত । ̃মতো, সাধ্যানুরূপ, সাধ্যানুযায়ীa. within the range of one's capability. ☐adv. same as সাধ্যপক্ষে।সাধ্যাতিরিক্ত, সাধ্যাতীতa. beyond the range of one's capability. সাধ্যানুসারেsame as সাধ্যপক্ষে । ̃সাধনাn. repeated importunities.

সানক, সানকি [ sānaka, sānaki ] n a plate or dish of china clay or porcelain.

সানন্দ [ sānanda ] a joyful; glad; happy; pleased. সানন্দেadv. joyfully, cheerfully; gladly; happily; with pleasure.

সানা2 [ sānā2 ] v to knead.

সানাই [ sānāi ] n a kind of wooden wind-instrument.

সানু [ sānu ] n a level area on the top of a mountain, a tableland, a plateau.

সানুকম্প [ sānukampa ] a compassionate.

সানুজ [ sānuja ] a attended or accompanied by one's younger brother.

সানুনয় [ sānunaẏa ] a full of supplication or entreaty. সানুনয় প্রার্থনাa humble prayer. সানুনয়েadv. supplicatingly, entreatingly.

সানুনাসিক [ sānunāsika ] a nasal.

সানুরাগ [ sānurāga ] a full of love or attachment, loving.

সান্ত [ sānta ] a finite; limited.

সান্তর [ sāntara ] a having space at intervals, sparse; rare; porous.

সান্তারা [ sāntārā ] n an orange-like fruit.

সান্তনা [ sāntanā ] n consolation; solace. সান্তনা দেওয়াv. to console, to solace. ̃কারী, ̃দাতাa. & n. one who consoles. fem. ˜কারিণী, ̃দাত্রী । ̃দানn. (act of giving) consolation. ̃দায়ক, ̃প্রদa. consolatory, consoling, solacing. ̃বাক্যn. consolatory speech or words.

সান্ত্রি [ sāntri ] n an armed guard or watchman; a soldier on guard, a sentry; (erron.) a policeman.

সান্দ্র [ sāndra ] a dense, thick; (of liquids) concentrated, condensed, thick, viscid, viscous. ̃তাn. density, thickness; viscosity. ̃তাঙ্কn. co-efficient of viscosity. সান্দ্রতামাপকn. a viscometer.

সান্ধ্য [ sāndhya ] a of evening. ̃তারা, ̃তারকাn. the evening-star, vesper. ̃দীপn. an evening-lamp. ̃দৈনিক an evening newspaper, an evening news daily. ̃পরিচ্ছদn. evening-dress. ̃বায়ু, ̃সমীরণn. evening-breeze. ̃ভোজn. a dinner; a supper. ̃ভ্রমণn. evening walk. ̃সংগীতn. evening song. ̃সম্মিলনী, ̃সম্মেলনn. an evening-party.

সান্নিধ্য [ sānnidhya ] n proximity, closeness; presence, company (গুরুর সান্নিধ্য). সান্নিধ্যএড়ানোv. to avoid the company of; to give a wide berth to.

সান্নিপাতিক [ sānnipātika ] a marked by disorder of three humours of the body, namely, blood, bile and phelgm. সান্নিপাতিক জ্বর typhoid, enteric fever.

সান্বয় [ sānbaẏa ] a containing rendering into prose with the grammatical connections shown or made explicit (সান্বয় ব্যাখ্যা).

সাপ [ sāpa ] n a snake, a serpent; (fig.) a malicious person. সাপও মরে লাঠিও ভাঙ্গে (fig.) accomplishment of a difficult job without sustaining any loss or damage. সাপ হয়ে কাটা আর রোজা হয়েঝাড়া (fig.) to hunt with the hound and run with the hare. সাপের ছুঁচো গেলা (fig.) involvement in a nauseating or unpleasant affair which cannot now be shaken off. সাপেরপাঁচ-পা দেখা (fig.) to get extremely audacious as if one has come into possession of some rare power. সাপের হাঁচিবেদেয় চেনে (fig.) a jeweller knows the shine of a gem.

সাপট [ sāpaṭa ] n loud bragging or bullying; a violent stroke (as with a tail).

সাপটা [ sāpaṭā ] a ordinary, drab (সাপটা রান্না); in lump, gross (সাপটা দর). ☐adv. in lump and without discrimination (সাপটাকেনা).

সাপিনি [ sāpini ] fem of সাপ।

সাপেক্ষ [ sāpēkṣa ] a depending or dependent (on), subject (to), governed by a particular stipulation. সাপেক্ষানুমানn. (log.) a mediate inference.

সাপ্তাহিক [ sāptāhika ] a weekly. ☐n. a weekly journal, a weekly.

সাফ [ sāpha ] a cleansed; clean, clear; clear-cut, unequivocal; obvious, thorough; downright (সাফমিথ্যা); perfect or traceless (সাফ খুন); empty or emptied (পকেটসাফ); freed of obstruction (পালাবার রাস্তাসাফ); completely destroyed or all dead (বংশ সাফ). ☐adv. completely, thoroughly (সাফ উধাও). সাফকরাv. to cleanse; (facet.) to empty. পকেট সাফ করা (facet.) to pick one's pocket. সাফ কথা clear-cutwords; final words. সাফকবালা a deed of outright sale; a deed of conveyance. সাফজবাব a straight answer; a sharp retort; (esp. in law) a complete denial.

সাফল্য [ sāphalya ] n success. ̃মণ্ডিতa. crowned with success; successful.

সাফাই [ sāphāi ] n cleansing; exculpation, an exonerative explanation; vindication of innocence. সাফাইগাওয়াv. to plead innocence, to plead not guilty. সাফাইদেওয়াv. to advance arguments to vindicate one's innocence. সাফাই সাক্ষী a witness vindicating the innocence of the accused.

সাব [ sāba ] pfx sub-.

সাব-ইনসপেকটর [ sāba-inasapēkaṭara ] n a sub-inspector.

সাব-এডিটর [ sāba-ēḍiṭara ] n a sub-editor.

সাব-কমিটি [ sāba-kamiṭi ] n a sub-committee.

সাবকাশ [ sābakāśa ] a having leisure (for); with leisure or leave.

সাব-জজ [ sāba-jaja ] n a sub-judge.

সাবধান [ sābadhāna ] a careful, cautious, on one's guard, on the alert, heedful. ☐int. be careful, take care, be on guard. সাবধানকরাv. to caution, to warn. সাবধানের মারনেই (fig.) safe bind safe find. সাবধানতাn. carefulness, cautiousness, alertness, heedfulness. সাবধানীa. same as সাবধান (a.). সাবধানেadv. carefully, cautiously.

সাবন [ sābana ] n a solar day; a solar month. ☐a. solar (সাবন মাস).

সাবয়ব [ sābaẏaba ] a having a body with limbs or constituent parts, corporeal.

সাব-রেজিস্ট্রার [ sāba-rējisṭrāra ] n a sub-registrar.

সাবলীল [ sābalīla ] a effortless; easy; facile; artistic; artistically playful.

সাবাড় [ sābāḍ় ]a finished; thoroughly consumed or spent or (facet.) eaten up; utterly destroyed or ruined; killed or murdered, done in. সাবাড় করাv. to finish; to consume or spend thoroughly; (facet.) to eat up the whole amount of; to ruin or destroy utterly; to kill or murder, to do (one) in. সাবড়ানো, সাবড়ে দেওয়া same as সাবাড় করা।

সাবান [ sābāna ] n soap. সাবানমাখা বা মাখানোv. to soap. একখন্ড গোটা সাবান a cake of soap. এক চাকা গোটাসাবান a soap-ball. একটুকরো সাবান a piece of soap. সাবানেরফেনা suds, soap-suds, lather. সাবানেরকৌটোn. a soap-case, a soap-dish. ̃তুল্যa. saponaceous, soapy.

সাবালক [ sābālaka ] a of age; adult. fem. সাবালিকা ।সাবালিকা হওয়াv. to come of age; to attain adulthood, to reach majority. ̃ত্বn. fullage, majority; adulthood.

সাবিত্রী [ sābitrī ] n. fem a Vedic incantation recited at prayer; (myth.) Princess Sabitri who won back her husband from the clutches of Yama. ̃ব্রতn. a vow observed by Hindu married women.

সাবুদ [ sābuda ] n evidence, proof. ☐a. proved, vindicated (সাবুদ করা); (vul.) rectified, corrected (মারের চোটে সাবুদ). সাবুদ করাv. to prove, to vindicate; to rectify, to correct.

সাবেক [ sābēka ] a old, ancient, past; former; previous; original, first. সাবেকিa. of old; old-fashioned, of old school (সাবেকিচালচলন); (cp.) dated.

সাব্যস্ত [ sābyasta ] a adjudged or adjudicated; decided; ascertained; resolved; fixed. সাব্যস্তকরাv. to adjudge or adjudicate; to decide; to ascertain; to resolve; to settle; to fix.

সাম [ sāma ] n the Sama Veda; any hymn or psalm of the Sama Veda. ̃গানn. a hymn of the Sama Veda.

সামগ্রিক [ sāmagrika ] a total, entire, over-all (সামগ্রিকবিচার).

সামগ্রী [ sāmagrī ] n (ori.) things collectively; (pop.) a thing, an article.

সামঞ্জস্য [ sāmañjasya ] n propriety, fitness; consistency, agreement; symmetry, harmony; mutual understanding, adjustment. সামঞ্জস্যকরা, সামঞ্জস্যবিধান করাv. to bring into agreement; to harmonize; to adjust.

সামনা [ sāmanā ] n the front; the forepart; the surface usually presented, the face. ̃সামনিa & adv. facing each other; face-to-face with; in presence of.

সামনে [ sāmanē ] prep in front of, before, in the face of; opposite to, facing; on the face or surface of.

সামন্ত [ sāmanta ] n a feudal prince; a vassal; a leader; a commander; a chieftain; a headman. ̃তন্ত্রn. the feudal system. ̃নৃপতিn. a feudal prince. ̃রাজ্যn. a feudal state; a dependency.

সাময়িক [ sāmaẏika ] a periodic, periodical; temporary, passing, momentary; current (সাময়িকসংবাদ); published periodically. সাময়িক উত্তেজনা momentary excitement or impulse, heat or spur of the moment. সাময়িকউত্তেজনাবশে on the spur of moment, in the heat of the moment. সাময়িকপত্রিকা a journal published periodically, a periodical. সাময়িকীn. a current event or topic; (pop.) a journal of current topics.

সামরিক [ sāmarika ] a relating to war; military; martial, warlike. সামরিক জাতি a martial race. সামরিকদন্ডবিধি martial law. সামরিকবাহিনী an armed force. সামরিক বিচারালয় a courtmartial. সামরিকশক্তি military strength. সামরিক শিক্ষা military training.

সামর্থ্য [ sāmarthya ] n ability; capability; efficiency; strength, power. ̃বাধn. efficiency-bar. সামর্থ্যানুয়ায়ীadv. according to one's ability or capability.

সামলানো [ sāmalānō ] v to check, to restrain; to manage to keep in the proper place (কাপড়সামলানো); to protect, to guard, to keep safe; to manage; to surmount, to tide over (বিপদ সামলানো).

সামাজিক [ sāmājika ] a social; pertaining to social formalities, formal, ceremonious; sociable, companionable. সামাজিকতাn. sociableness; formalities; a formal gift. সামাজিকতা করা to do or perform social duties, to meet social obligations; to observe customary formalities; to be stow a gift on a ceremonial occasion.

সামন্তরিক [ sāmantarika ] n a parallelogram. সামন্তরিক-সূত্রn. (mech.) the parallelogram of forces.

সামান্য [ sāmānya ] a ordinary, common, common place, banal, trite; generic; (esp. in log.) general; (pop.) trifling; insignificant; humble; very small in number or amount or degree. ☐n. (log.) a genus; general or generic properties or characteristics. fem. a. সামান্যা । সামান্য ধর্ম a common or general or generic characteristic or property. সামান্যভগ্নাঙ্ক, সামান্যভগ্নাংশ vulgar fraction. সামান্য লক্ষণ a common or general or generic character or sign; a general definition. সামান্য লক্ষণাn. intuition. সামান্যসমীকরণn. (alg.) simple equation. সামান্যীকরণn. generalization.

সামাল [ sāmāla ] int beware, be on guard, take care. সামাল করাv. to check; to manage; to manage to keep in position or to keep safe or steady.

সামীপ্য [ sāmīpya ] n proximity, nearness, contiguity; presence, company.

সামুদয়িক [ sāmudaẏika ] a in entirety, entire; total; comprehensive; general.

সামুদ্র, সামুদ্রিক [ sāmudra, sāmudrika ] a marine; oceanic; maritime; (of marks on one's person) helping to tell one's fortune (সামুদ্রিক লক্ষণ); astrological (সামুদ্রিকজ্যোতিষ). ☐n. the art of telling one's fortune from the marks on one's person (cp. physiogmancy), (loos.) astrology or palmistry (usu. সামুদ্রিক বিদ্যা). সামুদ্রজলবায়ু maritime or oceanic climate. সামুদ্রিক উদ্ভিদ a seaweed; a seaplant. সামুদ্রিক জাতি a maritime race. সামুদ্রিকজীব a marine or maritime creature. সামুদ্রিক তলানি pelagic deposit. সামুদ্রিকবাণিজ্য seatrade, maritime trade.

সাম্প্রতিক [ sāmpratika ] a of recent times, current, contemporary.

সাম্প্রদায়িক [ sāmpradāẏika ] a communal; sectarian. সাম্প্রদায়িকতাn. communalism; sectarianism. সাম্প্রদায়িক দাঙ্গা communal riot. সাম্প্রদায়িক বাটোয়ারা communal award.

সাম্মানিক [ sāmmānika ] a honorary; (of a university study course) of or belonging to or relating to Honours degree.

সাম্য [ sāmya ] n equality; similarity; similitude; equilibrium, equipoise, balance (শক্তিসাম্য); mental equilibrium; democracy, socialism, communism. ̃কেন্দ্রn. centre of similitude. ̃বাদn. socialism; communism. ̃বাদীa. socialistic; communistic. ☐n. a socialist; a communist. ̃রক্ষাn. maintenance of balance or equilibrium.

সাম্রাজ্য [ sāmrājya ] n an empire. ̃বাদn. imperialism. ̃বাদীa. imperialistic. ☐n. an imperialist.

সায়1 [ sāẏa1 ] n consent, assent (সায় দেওয়া).

সায়2 [ sāẏa2 ] n termination. ☐a. ended. সায় করাv. to end, to finish ('সে গান তোমার করোসায়').

সায়ংকাল [ sāẏaṅkāla ] n the evening; the eventide. সায়ংকালীনa. of the evening; vespertinal, vespertine. সায়ংকালীন প্রার্থনা evening prayer.

সায়ংকৃত্য [ sāẏaṅkṛtya ] n prayer and other things to be done in the evening; evening service, vespers.

সায়ংসন্ধ্যা [ sāẏaṃsandhyā ] n evening prayer, (cp.) evensong.

সায়ন [ sāẏana ] n (astr.) declination; the equinox.

সায়বানা [ sāẏabānā ] n a canopy, an awning.

সায়র [ sāẏara ] n a sea; a large pond.

সায়া [ sāẏā ] n a petticoat. ফাঁপানোসায়া a hooped petticoat, a farthingale.

সায়াহ্ন [ sāẏāhna ] n the evening; evenfall. ̃কাল same as সায়ংকাল । ̃কৃত্য same as সায়ংকৃত্য ।

সাযুজ্য [ sāyujya ] n (complete) unification; oneness; a form of final salvation which consists in the individual soul's complete absorption in the Supreme Soul, identification with God.

সায়ুধ [ sāẏudha ] a armed. সায়ুধবাহিনী armed battalion. সায়ুধ রক্ষী armed guard.

সার [ sāra ] n the best or excellent part; duramen, heart-wood; sap (of a tree); film or cream (of milk); marrow (of bone); pith; essence; extract; inner significance, gist; substance, abstract; spirit, vigour, manure, fertilizer; (only) worth. (কথামাত্র সার). ☐a. best, excellent; essential; real or true or inner. সারকরাv. to have recourse to something on considering it the sole object of pur suit; to regard something as the best or sole object. সার বোঝাv. to regard some thing as the best or sole object; to form an unalterable and final conviction. সারদেওয়াv. to manure. উদ্ভিজ্জ সার veg etable manure. খনিজ সার mineral manure. প্রানিজ সার, প্রাণী-সার animal manure. মিশ্রসারn. compost. ̃কথা (lit.) essential words; substance; gist; sum and substance. ̃কুড়, ̃গাদা, ̃ডোবাn. a dunghill, a manure-pit. ̃গর্ভa. having an inner significance or import; rich in content; substantial. ̃গ্রন্হn. a manual, a vade-mecum. ̃নিবন্ধn. an abstract register. ̃বত্তাn. substantiality; real worth. ̃বানa. full of substance, substantial; rich in duramen, sappy; pithy; fertile. ̃ভূতa. abstracted into or reduced to substance only; (loos.) substantial; best, picked. ̃মাটিn. marl. ̃শূন্য, ̃হীনa. pithless, sapless; unsubstantial. ̃সংক্ষেপn. substance, summary; a precis; essence; see also সারাংশ। ̃সংগ্রহ, ̃সংকলনn. collection or compilation of the substantial or best specimens or of the pick; an abstract; an anthology of the best things.

সারঙ্গ2 [ sāraṅga2 ] n a variety of spotted deer.

সারঙ্গা,সারঙ্গী1 [ sāraṅgā, sāraṅgī1 ] fem of সারঙ্গ2।

সারঙ্গী2 [ sāraṅgī2 ] n a stringed instrument akin to the violin (usu. সারঙ্গ); one who plays on this instrument.

সারণি, সারণী [ sāraṇi, sāraṇī ] n a table. সারণিতa. tabled. সারণীকরণn. tabling. সারণীবদ্ধa. tabular. সারণীভুক্তa. tabled.

সারথি [ sārathi ] n a chariot-driver, a charioteer.

সারথ্য [ sārathya ] n charioteering.

সারমেয় [ sāramēẏa ] n the dog. fem. সারমেয়ী the bitch.

সারস [ sārasa ] n the stork. fem. সারসী ।

সারসন [ sārasana ] n a belt or girdle for men; a woman's ornamental girdle.

সারস্বত [ sārasbata ] a relating to Goddess Saraswati (সরস্বতী); learned. ̃সমাজn. the learned people, the learned society; litterateurs collectively. সারস্বতোত্সবn. the festival of worshipping Goddess Saraswati.

সারা1 [ sārā1 ] a extremely tired, fatigued, exhausted, harassed.

সারা2 [ sārā2 ] v to hide, to conceal (টাকাগুলো সেরেরাখা); to finish, to accomplish (কাজসারা); to kill, to destroy (দফা সারা); to ruin, to undo (জুয়ায় তাকে সারল); to mend, to repair (ঘড়িসারা); to correct or rectify (দোষ সারা, ভুল সারা); to be corrected or rectified; to recover, to come round (রোগীটি সেরেছে); to cure, to heal (রোগ সারা); to be cured; to restore or improve (স্বাস্হ্য সারা); to be restored or improved. ☐a. finished; mended, repaired; corrected.

সারা3 [ sārā3 ] a entire, whole, all. ̃ক্ষণadv. throughout the whole period; all day long. ̃জীবন throughout the whole of one's life, all life. ̃দিন all day long, all day. সারা বছর all the year round. ̃বেলা throughout the whole of the period or time; throughout the whole of the fore noon or afternoon. ̃মাস throughout the whole of the month. ̃রাত all night long.

সারাংশ [ sārāṃśa ] n substance, essence; abstract; gist; duramen; pith.

সারানো [ sārānō ] v to mend or repair; to correct or rectify; to cure, to heal (রোগ সারানো); to restore or improve.

সারি1 [ sāri1 ] n a kind of boatsong.

সারি2 [ sāri2 ] n a row, a line; a range; a column; a series ̃বন্দিa. arranged in a row or line, aligned, alined; arrayed. সারি-সারিadv. in rows, in lines; serially.

সারূপ্য [ sārūpya ] n a form of final salvation consisting in the attainment of God's personal grace in one's own person.

সারেং2 [ sārē2 ] n a boatswain, a serang.

সারেগামা [ sārēgāmā ] n (mus.) the first four notes of the gamut, namely, cdef; musical notation, elementary lessons of music; (fig.) elementary knowledge.

সারোদ্ধার [ sārōddhāra ] n extraction or elicitation of the true significance or inner meaning.

সার্কাস [ sārkāsa ] n a circus-show; circus. সার্কাসদেখানোv. to take (someone) along to the circus; to hold a circus-show. সার্কাসখেলোয়াড়n. a showman of a circus.

সার্জন [ sārjana ] n a surgeon.

সার্টিফিকেট [ sārṭiphikēṭa ] n a certificate. সার্টিফিকেট দেওয়াv. to give (one) a certificate, to certify.

সার্থ[ sārtha ] a moneyed, wealthy; significant, meaningful. ☐n. a companion; a collection; a flock, a herd; a company; merchants collectively; a company of merchants. সার্থকa. significant (esp. in arith.); successful; effective; useful; realized, gratified. সার্থকজন্মাa. successful in life. সার্থকতাn. (rare) significance; success; fruition; effectiveness; utility, use; realization; gratification. সার্থকনামাa. one who has fully justified one's name (esp. by one's attainments and deeds); famous. ̃নিবন্ধকn. a registrar of firms. ̃বাহn. a company of merchants travelling together, a caravan of merchants; a merchant; a guide.

সার্ধ [ sārdha ] a one and a half of.

সার্ব [ sārba ] a relating to all, universal. ̃কালিকa. of all times; eternal; perpetual. ̃জনীন same as সর্বজনীন (see সর্ব). ̃জাতিকa. international; universal. ̃জাতিকভ্রাতৃত্ব international brother hood. ̃জাতিকতাn. internationalism. ̃দেশিক same as সর্বদেশীয় (see সর্ব). ̃ভৌমn. an emperor; a sovereign ruler, a sovereign; a title awarded to some Sanskrit pundits. ☐a. worldwide; universal; having worldwide fame; (loos.) supreme, sovereign. ̃রাষ্ট্রিকa. pertaining to all states; international; universal. লৌকিকa. universal.

সাল2 [ sāla2 ] n an era; (pop.) hegira as current in Bengali, the Bengali era (comencing from 593 or 594 A.D.); a year.

সালগম [ sālagama ] n turnip.

সালংকার, সালঙ্কার [ sālaṅkāra, sālaṅkāra ] a (of a person) embellished with ornaments, ornamented; (of language ornate. fem. সালংকারা, সালঙ্কারা ।

সালতামামি [ sālatāmāmi ] n year-closing; the annual report or review; the annual accounts or balance-sheet.

সালন [ sālana ] n a very spicy and hot curry (usu.) of fish etc.

সালম-মিছরি [ sālama-michari ] n salep.

সালসা [ sālasā ] n an Ayurvedic (আয়ুর্বেদীয়) blood purifying tonic (cp. sarsa); (loos.) an elixir.

সালিয়ানা [ sāliẏānā ] n an annual grant or stipend or fee or rent. ☐a. annual, yearly. ☐adv. annually.

সালিশ [ sāliśa ] n an arbitrator (fem. an arbitratrix), an arbiter (fem. an arbitress); arbitration. সালিশের রায় ar bitrament, arbitrement. সালিশিn. arbitration. ☐a. arbitral; under arbitration.

সালোক্য [ sālōkya ] n a form of salvation that enables one to live with God in the same abode.

সালোয়ার [ sālōẏāra ] n a pyjama-like garment usu. worn by women.

সার্শি, সাশি [ sārśi, sāśi ] n a sash.

সাশ্রয় [ sāśraẏa ] n a cut in expenditure, a saving.

সাশ্রু [ sāśru ] a with tears, tearful, full of tears. ̃নয়নেadv. with tearful eyes.

সাষ্টাঙ্গ [ sāṣṭāṅga ] a performed by touching the ground with one's eight limbs, namely, thighs, feet, hands, chest, head, eyes, sight and speech or tongue; lying at full length with the face to the ground. সাষ্টাঙ্গেadv. touching the ground with one's eight limbs; lying at full length with one's face to the ground.

সাহংকার [ sāhaṅkāra ] a full of pride or vanity; proud; conceited. সাহংকারেadv. proudly; conceitedly.

সাহচর্য [ sāhacarya ] n companionship; company; cooperation, help.

সাহজিক [ sāhajika ] a natural; instinctive.

সাহস [ sāhasa ] n intrepidity; courage, bravery, boldness; daring; audacity. সাহস করাv. to dare, to venture; to make bold, to take or summon up courage. সাহসিকa. requiring or having courage, courageous, bold; daring; audacious. সাহসিকতাn. courage; courageousness; boldness; daring. সাহসীa. having courage, intrepid; courageous, brave, bold; daring. সাহসী হওয়াv. to be brave or courageous; to dare, to venture; to be audacious. fem. সাহসিনী ।

সাহায্য [ sāhāyya ] n help, aid; assistance; support; backing, patronization; (dero.) abetment or collaboration; a gratuitous gift or donation. সাহায্যকরাv. to help, to aid; to assist; to support; to back; to patronize; (dero.) to abet or collaborate; to give or donate gratuitously. ̃কারক, ̃কারীa. helping, assisting; supporting; patronizing; helpful, conducive; (dero.) abetting or collaborating; ☐n. a helper, an aider; an assistant; a supporter; a patron; (dero.) an abettor or collaborator. fem. ̃কারিণী।সাহায্যদান করা same as সাহায্য করা । ̃প্রাপ্তa. in receipt of help or aid or assistance or support; aided. ̃প্রাপ্তবিদ্যালয় a school in receipt of a grant-in-aid, an aided school. ̃প্রার্থীa & n. one who seeks help. fem. ˜প্রাথির্নী । সাহায্যার্থ, সাহায্যার্থেadv. in aid of; for help.

সাহিত্য [ sāhitya ] n literature; a book (ধর্মসাহিত্য); composition, writing (প্রচারসাহিত্য). ̃কলাn. the art of literary composition. ̃ক্ষেত্রn. field of literature. ̃চর্চাn. literary pursuit or discussion. সাহিত্যচর্চাকরাv. to compose or study or cultivate literature. ̃জগত্n. the literary world, the world of letters. ̃বৃত্তি, ̃ব্যবসায়n. the literary profession. ̃ব্যবসায়ীn. same as সাহিত্যিক (n.). ̃ভান্ডারn. the store or repertory of literature. ̃রথীn. an eminent litterateur or writer. ̃শিল্প same as ̃কলা। ̃সভাn. a literary society or gathering; the literary world. ̃সমাজn. the literary world, litterateurs collectively. ̃সমালোচকn. a critic of literature; a literary critic. ̃সমালোচনাn. literary criticism. সহিত্যসেবা করাv. to pursue or compose or study or cultivate literature devotedly. ̃সেবীa. devoted to literature; devotedly pursuing or composing or studying or cultivating literature. ☐n. a devotee of literature; a litterateur, a writer, an author. সাহিত্যাকাশ same as ̃জগত্। সাহিত্যাচার্যn. one profoundly versed in literature; a connoisseur or a great teacher of literature; a great author or litterateur. সাহিত্যানুশীলন same as ̃চর্চা ।সাহিত্যালোচনাn. literary discussion. সাহিত্যালোচনাকরাv. to discuss literature. সাহিত্যিকa. literary (সাহিত্যিক বৈঠক); pursuing literature (সাহিত্যিকলোক). ☐n. a litterateur, a man of letters, a writer, an author (fem. an authoress).

সাহেব [ sāhēba ] n an appellation affixed to names of gentlemen, (cp.) Mr. (বাবুসাহেব, মৌলবিসাহেব); a proprietor or master or chief or boss (আপিসেরবড়সাহেব); an Englishman or a European; one pretending to be an Englishman or European, a sham Englishman or European. কালাসাহেব (sarcas.) a dark-complexioned man adopting or assuming the dress and the style of living of an Englishman or European, a sham Englishman or European; an Anglo-Indian. সাহেব সাজাv. to adopt or assume the English or European dress and style of living (as by a non-English or non-European person). সাহেব পাড়াn. an English or European quarter in a town or village. সাহেব-মেমn. an Englishman and an Englishwoman; a European and a European woman; an English or European couple. সাহেবিn. the English or European dress or style of living as adopted by foreigners; Englishness or Europeanism (also সাহেবিয়ানা). ☐a. like the English or Europeans; (rare) English or European.

সিংহ [ siṃha ] n the lion; (astrol.) the Leo; (in comp.) the best or the most courageous specimen (পুরুষসিংহ). ̃কেশরn. lion's mane. ̃তুল্যa. lionlike, leonine. ̃দ্বারn. a gate, esp. a main gate, adorned with a figure of a lion; main gate. ̃নাদn. lion's roar; war cry. সিংহনাদকরাv. to yell out a war cry. ̃পুরুষn. a lion of a man; an exception ally powerful and valiant man; a lionheart. ̃বিক্রমn. prowess like that of a lion; great prowess. ̃বিবরn. the den of a lion; ̃রাশিn. (astrol.) the Leo. ̃শাবক, ̃শিশুn. a lion-cub, a lion's whelp, a lionet.

সিংহল [ siṃhala ] n Ceylon, (at present) Sri Lanka. সিংহলিa. Ceylonese. ☐n. a Ceylonese; the language of Ceylon, Ceylonese.

সিংহাবলোকন [ siṃhābalōkana ] n (fig.) looking behind on the past; review.

সিংহাসন [ siṃhāsana ] n a seat shaped like the figure of a lion; a throne. সিংহাসন ত্যাগ করাv. to abdicate the throne, to abdicate. সিংহাসনে আরোহণকরা, সিংহাসনে বসাv. to ascend the throne. সিংহাসনেবসানোv. to enthrone. সিংহাসনচ্যুত করাv. to dethrone; to depose. ̃চ্যুতn. dethronement; deposition. ̃ত্যাগn. abdication. সিংহাসনারূঢ়a. seated on a throne; enthroned; reigning.

সিঁড়ি [ sin̐ḍ়i ] n a flight of steps, a staircase; a ladder.

সিঁথি [ sin̐thi ] n parting of hair on one's head in opposite ways by combing. সিঁথি কাটাv. to part one's hair.

সিঁদুর [ sin̐dura ] n (coll.) vermilion; mercuric sulphide; red lead. সিঁদুরে মেঘ cloud as red as vermilion; red cloud which presages a storm.

সিঁধ [ sin̐dha ] n a hole made into a house by a burglar. সিঁধ কাটা, সিঁধ দেওয়াv. to break into a house by making a hole on the wall. সিঁধ দিয়েচুরি করাv. to burglarize, (facet.) to burgle. ̃কাটি, ̃কাঠিn. a burglar's tool or rod used in house breaking. ̃চুরিn. burglary, house breaking. সিঁধেলচোর a burglar, a house breaker.

সিকতা [ sikatā ] n sand; gravel; sandy soil. ̃ময়a. sandy; gravelly.

সিকা2 [ sikā2 ] n same as সিকি (n).

সিক্কা [ sikkā ] n an obsolete rupee-coin of India.

সিক্ত [ sikta ] a wet, moist; moistened; (fig.) tearful (সিক্ত নয়ন). সিক্ত করাv. to wet; to moisten.

সিকথ [ sikatha ] n wax.

সিগারেট [ sigārēṭa ] n a cigarette. সিগারেট খাওয়াv. to smoke a cigarette.

সিঙ্গাপুরি [ siṅgāpuri ] a of or made in Singapur. ☐n. a variety of banana.

সিঝা, সিজা [ sijhā, sijā ] v to be boiled in water. সিঝানো, সিজানোv. to boil in water. ☐a. boiled in water.

সিঞ্চন [ siñcana ] n sprinkling; spraying; watering. সিঞ্চন করাv. to sprinkle; to spray; to water.

সিঞ্চিত [ siñcita ] a sprinkled; sprayed; soaked by sprinkling or spraying; watered. fem. সিঞ্চিতা ।

সিটকানো [ siṭakānō ] v to turn up or contract in abhorrence, disgust, contempt etc. (নাকসিটকানো).

সিটি [ siṭi ] n a whistling sound made by pressing two fingers on the tongue. সিটিদেওয়াv. to whistle.

সিত [ sita ] a white; bright, light; grey. ̃চন্দনn. white sandal, Santalum album. ̃পক্ষn. a bright fortnight. সিতাংশুn. the moon. সিতিa. white; blue; black or dark. সিতিকন্ঠn. a white-throated person or creature; Shiva (শিব); the peacock; the gallinule.

সিদ্ধ [ siddha ] a boiled; cooked by boiling; par boiled; boiled for sterilization or cleansing; (fig.) profusely sweating and utterly fatigued (as in heat or sultriness); accomplished, performed; realized, fulfilled, attained; successful; proficient, expert, skilled; having attained divine grace through austere religious practice; endowed with or possessing occult power; proved, substantiated; amenable to (যুক্তিসিদ্ধ). ☐n. one of a class of demi-gods; an omniscient saint or man; boiled eatables. সিদ্ধ করাv. to boil; to cook by boiling, to par boil; to boil for sterilization or cleansing; (fig.) to cause to sweat profusely and be utterly fatigued; to accomplish, to perform; to fulfil, to gratify; to make one proficient or expert (in). অর্ধসিদ্ধ,, (coll.) আধ-সিদ্ধa. half-boiled. সিদ্ধচাল parboiled rice. ̃কামa. one who has realized one's end, one whose desire has been fulfilled. ̃পীঠn. a holy place where at leasttermillion immolations, one crore burnt-offerings and innumerable religious practices have taken place. ̃পুরুষn. a man who has attained divine grace through austere religious practice. ̃মনোরথ same as সিদ্ধকাম। ̃হস্তa. thoroughly proficient or expert or skilled.

সিদ্ধাই [ siddhāi ] n divine grace or occult power obtained through austere religious practice.

সিদ্ধান্ত [ siddhānta ] n decision; conclusion; deduction; resolution; a Hindu astronomical treatise. সিদ্ধান্ত করাv. to decide; to conclude; to deduce; to resolve. সিদ্ধান্তেউপনীত হওয়াv. to come to a conclusion.

সিদ্ধান্ন [ siddhānna ] n parboiled rice; cooked rice.

সিদ্ধার্থ [ siddhārtha ] a one who has realized one's end. ☐n. the name of Gautama Buddha.

সিদ্ধি [ siddhi ] n performance, accomplishment; realization, attainment; success; attainment of proficiency or skill or knowledge; attainment of divine grace; divine grace attainable through austere religious practice; spiritual salvation; leaves and shoots of hemp, bhang. সিদ্ধিখাওয়াv. to chew and swallow bhang; to drink a beverage of pulped bhang. সিদ্ধিঘোঁটাv. to stir pulped bhang in milk, coconut-milk etc. in order to make a beverage. সিদ্ধিরশরবত a beverage made by mixing pulped bhang with milk, coconut-milk etc. ̃দa. one who grants success or gratifies another's desire. ̃দাতাa. same as সিদ্ধিদ☐n. Lord Ganesha (গণেশ). fem. a. সিদ্ধিদাত্রী।সিদ্ধিলাভ করাv. to succeed (in), to be come successful; to attain proficiency or skill or knowledge; to attain divine grace through austere religious practice. সিদ্ধেশ্বরীn. fem. a Hindu goddess.

সিন [ sina ] n a scene (of a drama); a painted scene put up on a stage; a scenery.

সিনা [ sinā ] n width of the chest; chest.

সিনেমা [ sinēmā ] n cinema, motion picture; a film; a cinema; a cinemahouse, a picture house, a picturepalace. সিনেমা দেখাv. to see a film; to go to pictures. সিনেমা-ভক্তn. a film-fan. সিনেমা-শিল্পীn. a film-artist. সিনেমা-স্টারn. a film-star.

সিন্দুক [ sinduka ] n a chest, a safe.

সিন্দূর [ sindūra ] n mercuric sulphide, vermilion; red lead. চীনা সিন্দূর vermilion. মেটেসিন্দূর red lead.

সিন্ধি [ sindhi ] a of Sindh; inhabiting or living in Sindh. ☐n. a native of Sindh; the language of Sindh.

সিন্ধিয়া [ sindhiẏā ] n the title of the rulers of Gwalior, Sindhia.

সিন্ধু [ sindhu ] n an ocean, a sea; the Indus (also সিন্ধুনদ); a province of Pakistan (usu সিন্ধুপ্রদেশ); an Indian musical mode. ̃ঘোটকn. the walrus.

সিপাহসলার [ sipāhasalāra ] n the commander-in chief.

সিপাহি [ sipāhi ] n a soldier; one holding the lowest rank in the Indian army, an Indian private, a sepoy; an armed guard; a constable.

সির্কা [ sirkā ] n vinegar (produced by fermenting molasses etc.)

সিল1 [ sila1 ] n the seal.

সিল2 [ sila2 ] n a seal; affixation of a seal. সিলকরাv. to put a seal (on), to set a seal (to), to seal ̃-করাa. sealed. ̃মোহরn. a seal containing a name or any other sign.

সিস [ sisa ] n lead; a stick of blacklead within a pencil.

সিসা [ sisā ] n lead.

সিসৃক্ষা [ sisṛkṣā ] n desire of creating.

সিসৃক্ষু [ sisṛkṣu ] a desirous of creating.

সীতা [ sītā ] n a furrow; Sita (সীতা) the heroine of the Ramayana. ̃পতিn. Rama, the husband of Sita. ̃ভোগn. a kind of sweetmeat.

সীবন [ sībana ] n sewing; embroidery. সীবন করাv. to sew; (rare) to embroider. সীবন-শিল্পn. embroidery; (rare) art of sewing. সীবনীn. a needle; an awl; a perinium.

সীমন্ত [ sīmanta ] n the parting-line of hair of the head (esp. of a woman). সীমন্তিনীn. a woman whose husband is alive (esp. one who puts vermilion on the parting line of the hair of one's head); a woman. সীমন্তিনী-শাসনn. (facet.) gynocracy, petticoat government. সীমন্তোন্নয়নn. a Hindu sacrament received by a pregnant woman.

সীমা [ sīmā ] n a boundary, a border; a frontier; limit (ধৈর্যের সীমা); end, termination (দুঃখেরসীমা নেই); jurisdiction or holding (জমির সীমা). সীমাঅতিক্রম করাv. to go beyond the limit (of), to go too far; to transgress. সীমানাn. bounding-lines; bounds, boundary, periphery; limit; end, termination; jurisdiction or holding. সীমা নির্ণয় করাv. to mark off or determine bounds (of), to demarcate, to demark, to delimit. সীমানির্দেশ করাv. same as সীমা নির্ণয় করা । সীমান্তn. a bounding-line, a border; a frontier. সীমান্ত-প্রদেশn. a frontier province; frontiers. সীমান্তবাণিজ্যn. the frontier trade. সীমান্তরক্ষীn. frontier guard, border guard. সীমান্তরক্ষীবাহিনী border security force. ̃-পরিসীমাn. end and measure. ̃বদ্ধa. confined within or restricted to limits, limited; restricted. ̃রেখাn. border; borderline. ̃সন্ধিn. the meeting point of two boundary-lines (cp. a corner-stone). ̃স্তম্ভn. a boundary-post, a boundary-pillar. ̃হীনa. limitless, unlimited, boundless, endless; infinite.

সীমিত [ sīmita ] a limited. সীমিতসংঘ (comm.) a limited company.

সু1 [ su1 ] n an auspicious or beautiful or good person or thing.

সু2 [ su2 ] pfx denoting: auspicious or beautiful, sweet, good, very, easy etc.

সুই, সুঁই [ sui, sum̐i ] n a needle, an awl.

সুছাঁদ [ suchān̐da ] a well-shaped.

সুঁদি [ sun̐di ] n the waterlily, the lotus.

সুকঠিন [ sukaṭhina ] a very difficult or hard or stiff or tough.

সুকন্ঠ [ sukanṭha ] a sweet-voiced, having a melodious voice. fem. সুকন্ঠী ।

সুকর [ sukara ] a capable of being done or contrived easily, easy, simple.

সুকানি [ sukāni ] n an oriental steersman or quartermaster of a steamer, seacunny.

সুকান্ত [ sukānta ] a handsome, beautiful, of beautiful appearance.

সুকীর্তি [ sukīrti ] n wide or very valuable fame or renown.

সুকুমার [ sukumāra ] a very soft or tender; very young; very beautiful or graceful. fem. সুকুমারী। ̃কলা same as সুকুমার শিল্প ।সুকুমার বৃত্তিn. tender or fine attribute; fine sensibility; artistic bent of mind. ̃মতিa. having a simple mind, innocent as a child, of a simple turn of mind; pure in heart. সুকুমার শিল্পn. fine arts. ̃শিল্পীn. an artist; an artiste; a litterateur.

সুকৃত [ sukṛta ] a well-performed, well-done; well-built; virtuous; pious; doing good deeds. ☐n. same as সুকৃতি । সুকৃতিn. a good act or deed; virtue, piety; religious practices; good, weal,, welfare; fortune, good luck. সুকৃতী same as সুকৃত্

সুকৃত্ [ sukṛt ] a observant of religious rules and prescriptions; virtuous, pious; fortunate.

সুকেশ [ sukēśa ] a having beautiful and luxuriant hair. fem. সুকেশা, সুকেশী, (loos.) সুকেশিনী ।

সুকোমল [ sukōmala ] a very soft or tender.

সুকৌশলী [ sukauśalī ] a very tricky or strategic or ingenious or skilful or artistic.

সুকৌশলে [ sukauśalē ] adv by means of a nice trick or stratagem; by means of a fine artifice or device; very ingeniously or artistically; tactfully.

সুখ [ sukha ] n ease, comfort; contentment; happiness, joy; bliss. সুখে থাকতে ভূতে কিলায় (fig.) the folly of leaving a comfortable and peaceful situation for a troubled one; act of inviting unnecessary troubles. সুখের পায়রা (fig.) a person of happy-go-lucky temperament; a fair weather friend. ̃কর, ̃জনক, ̃দু, ̃দায়কa. easeful, comfortable; giving contentment or pleasure or happiness or joy; happy, joyful, delightful, pleasant; blissful. ̃দা, ̃দায়িকা । ̃দুঃখfem. n. weal and woe, joy and sorrow, happiness and misery. ̃বিধানকরাv. to provide for ease and comfort or for happiness. ̃বোধ same as সুখানুভব । ̃ভাগীa. partaking of or sharing another's joy or happiness. fem. ̃ভাগিনী। সুখভোগ করাv. to enjoy ease and comfort; to enjoy happiness or joy; to enjoy bliss. ̃ভোগীa. enjoying ease and comfort; enjoying happiness of joy; enjoying bliss and comfort; full of happiness or joy, happy, joyful; pleasant; blissful. ̃ময়a. full of ease and happiness. ̃রবিn. joy or happiness identified with the sun, the sun of joy or happiness. ̃শয়ন, ̃শয্যাn. a comfortable bed, (cp.) a bed of down or of roses; a bed of pleasure. ̃শান্তিn. happiness and peace. ̃শ্রাব্যa. pleasant to hear; melodious and sweet or agreeable or pleasing to the ear. ̃সংবাদn. (a piece of) happy news. ̃সম্পদn. happiness and riches, milk and honey. ̃সূর্য same as সুখরবি । ̃স্পর্শa. pleasant to the touch. ̃স্বাচ্ছন্দ্যn. happiness and ease, happiness and affluence, milk and honey. ̃স্বপ্নn. a happy or pleasant dream. ̃স্মৃতিn. happy memory or recollection. সুখেস্বাচ্ছন্দ্যেadv. in comfort and happiness.

সুখতলা [ sukhatalā ] n a piece of soft leather placed inside a shoe, insole (of leather.)

সুখবর [ sukhabara ] n good news; happy news.

সুখাদ্য [ sukhādya ] n tasteful and nutritious food, delicious food, a delicacy.

সুখানুভব, সুখানুভুতি [ sukhānubhaba, sukhānubhuti ] n feeling of comfort or happiness. সুখানুভবকরাv. to feel comfortable or happy.

সুখন্বেষণ [ sukhanbēṣaṇa ] n search or quest for comfort or happiness, an endeavour to be comfortable or happy.

সুখান্বেষী [ sukhānbēṣī ] a searching for or seeking comfort or happiness.

সুখাসন [ sukhāsana ] n a comfortable or pleasant seat.

সুখাসীন [ sukhāsīna ] a comfortably seated, seated at ease, fem. সুখাসীনা ।

সুখী [ sukhī ] a happy; glad; comfortable; content; satisfied; enjoying milk and honey; given to luxury, luxurious; blessed.

সুখে [ sukhē ] adv with ease, comfortably; contentedly; happily; gladly; in bliss.

সুখৈশ্বর্য [ sukhaiśbarya ] n happiness and riches.

সুখোত্পাদন [ sukhōtpādana ] n production of happiness.

সুখোদয় [ sukhōdaẏa ] n the dawn or dawning of happiness of affluence.

সুখ্যাতি [ sukhyāti ] n good reputation; fame; praise. সুখ্যাতি করাv. to praise.

সুগঠন [ sugaṭhana ] a well-shaped; fine-built; strong built, ☐n. good or fine shape.

সুগঠিত [ sugaṭhita ] a well-shaped; fine-built; strong built; well-formed; well-constructed; well-organized.

সুগত [ sugata ] a having an excellent or majestic gait. ☐n. an appellation of Gautama Buddha.

সুগন্ধ [ sugandha ] n a sweet smell or fragrance or aroma. ☐a. sweet-smelling, fragrant, aromatic. ̃পুর্ণ, ̃ময়a. full of sweet smell, sweet-smelling, fragrant, aromatic. সুগন্ধি☐n. any substance made or used for the sake of its smell, a perfume; spinel. ☐a. same as সুগন্ধ (a.)

সুগভীর [ sugabhīra ] a very deep; profound.

সুগম [ sugama ] a easy to go over or traverse, easily accessible (সুগম পথ); easily obtainable; easy to learn or understand (সুগমসংগীত). ̃তাn. easy accessibility; easy obtainability; easy understandability.

সুগৃহীতনামা [ sugṛhītanāmā ] a bearing a name the very utterance of which adds to one's piety.

সুগোল [ sugōla ] n perfectly round; beautifully round or rotund; plump.

সুগ্রাহিতা [ sugrāhitā ] n sensitiveness.

সুগ্রাহী [ sugrāhī ] a sensitive (সুগ্রাহী কাগজ).

সুচ [ suca ] n a needle; an awl.

সুচতুর [ sucatura ] a very cunning or sly; very clever or adroit. fem. সুচতুরা ।

সুচরিত, সুচরিত্র [ sucarita, sucaritra ] n good character. ☐a. good-charactered. fem. সুচরিতা, সুচরিত্রা ।সুচরিতেষু to you or him of good character (a form of polite address in a letter) fem. সুচরিতাসু।

সুচারু [ sucāru ] a very beautiful; very neat. রূপেadv. beautifully, nicely; perfectly.

সুচিক্কণ [ sucikkaṇa ] a very smooth and glossy.

সুচিত্রিত [ sucitrita ] a well-painted; well-decorated; well-described; nicely delineated.

সুচিন্তা [ sucintā ] n a good or pious or high thought; pious or high thinking.

সুচিন্তিত [ sucintita ] a carefully or judiciously considered, well-thought; well-thought out, well-planned, well-devised. সুচিন্তিতপরিকল্পনা a well-thought-out plan.

সুচির [ sucira ] a very or too long, lasting for a long time ('সুচির শর্বরী'). ☐n. a very long time. ̃কালেadv. in a very long time.

সুচেতা [ sucētā ] a of a cheerful temperament, merry; happy and contented; careful, cautious.

সুছাঁদ [ suchān̐da ] a well-shaped; artistically shaped; having an artistic style.

সুজন [ sujana ] n a good or honest or piousman, a good soul.

সুজলা [ sujalā ] a. fem full of profuse or delicious water; well-innundated by rivers full of profuse or delicious water.

সুজাত [ sujāta ] a well-born, nobly born; legitimately born. fem. সুজাতা ।

সুজি [ suji ] n a coarse flour of wheat, (cp.) farina.

সুট1 [ suṭa1 ] n a suit (এক সুট পোশাক বা গয়না); a suit of European clothes. সুট পরাv. to put on a suit or a European dress. ̃কেসn. a suitcase. সুট-পরাa. wearing a suit; clothed in European dress.

সুঠাম [ suṭhāma ] a well-shaped, shapely; having a well-shaped body; having an artistic pose or style; beautiful.

সুড়সুড় [ suḍ়suḍ় ]int denoting: a tickling or titillating sensation. সুড়সুড় করাv. to tickle. সুড়সুড়িn. a tickle; titillation. সুড়সুড়িদেওয়াv. to tickle, to titillate.

সুডৌল [ suḍaula ] a well-shaped, shapely.

সুত [ suta ] n a son. ̃নির্বিশেষেadv. making no difference between a son and others, like a son.

সুতনু [ sutanu ] a graceful, handsome, beautiful, well-shaped. ☐n. well-shaped or beautiful body. সুতনুকাa. & n. fem. of সুতনু ।

সুতন্বী [ sutanbī ] n. fem a woman possessing a beautifully slim body.

সুতপা [ sutapā ] n an ascetic.

সুতপ্ত [ sutapta ] a very hot or warm.

সুতরাং [ sutarā ] con. & adv consequently, therefore, so, hence.

সুতলি [ sutali ] n a very thin thread or string; fibre of yarn; a wrapper of thin (cotton) thread.

সুতহিবুক [ sutahibuka ] n (astrol.) a conjuction of stars and planets considered very auspicious for marriage.

সুতা [ sutā ] n. fem a daughter.

সুতার [ sutāra ] a having a delicious taste. ☐n. a delicious taste.

সুতি [ suti ] a made of cotton thread or yarn. ̃বস্ত্রn. cottonfabric; cotton textile; cloth made of cotton.

সুতো [ sutō ] n thread; yarn; cotton-thread; a measure of length (= ¼ inch).

সুদ [ suda ] n interest of loan, use, usury. সুদহওয়াv. to accrue interest. সুদকষাv. to find out or calculate interest. সুদেখাটানোv. to lay out or invest on interest. সুদেধার দেওয়া to lend on interest. সুদেরসুদ, চক্রবৃদ্ধি সুদ compound interest. ̃খোরa. living on usury, usurious. ☐n. a usurer (fem. a usuress.) ̃সমেত with interest.

সুদক্ষ [ sudakṣa ] a very skilful or deft or proficient.

সুদর্শন [ sudarśana ] a good-looking, handsome; pleasing to the eye, lovely. ☐n. (myth.) the discus or quoit of Vishnu (বিষ্ণু) or Krishna (কৃষ্ণ), used to be hurled at enemies (also সুদর্শনচক্র). fem. a. সুদর্শনা ।

সুদি [ sudi ] a relating to usury, usurious. ̃কারবারn. usury.

সুদিন [ sudina ] n a good or favourable day; a time of prosperity, good times; (astrol.) an auspicious day or time.

সুদীর্ঘ [ sudīrgha ] a very long; very long-continuing; very lengthy.

সুদুস্তর [ sudustara ] a very difficult to cross over.

সুদূর [ sudūra ] a far-off, very far or remote. সুদূরব্যবধান very great distance, a far cry. ̃পরাহতa. hardly possible, likely once in a blue moon; foredoomed to failure.

সুদৃঢ় [ sudṛḍh় ]a very firm or strong; very steady; absolutely unwavering.

সুদৃশ্য [ sudṛśya ] a pleasing to the eye, lively, beautiful.

সুদ্ধ [ suddha ] adv. & prep together with, including (সবসুদ্ধ); even (রেসে তারবাড়িখানা সুদ্ধগেছে).

সুধন্বা [ sudhanbā ] a proficient in archery. ☐n. a great archer.

সুধা1 [ sudhā1 ] n nectar, ambrosia; moonlight; lime. সুধা ঢালাv. to pour nectar; (fig.) to sweeten, to please, to flatter, to console. সুধাংশু, ̃করn. the moon. ̃ধবলa. white as moonlight. ̃ধবলিতa. treated with a lime-wash, whitewashed. ̃পাত্রn. a container or receptacle of nectar; a cup or goblet for drinking nectar, an ambrosial cup. ̃বর্ষণবা ̃বৃষ্টি করাv. to shower or rain or sprinkle nectar; (of the moon) to scatter moonlight; (fig.) to please, to flatter, to console. ̃বর্ষীa. showering nectar; (fig.) pleasing or flattering or consoling. ̃ভান্ড same as ̃পাত্র । ̃ময়a. full of nectar; ambrosial, nectared; (fig.) very sweet or pleasing or flattering or consoling; (fig.— of a person) very well-behaved and charming. fem. ̃ময়ী । ̃মাখাa. filled with or soaked in nectar, nectarine; delicious; very sweet. ̃সমুদ্র, ̃সিন্ধুn. (myth.) the sea of nectar, the ambrosial sea. ̃সিক্তa. soaked with nectar; (fig.) very sweet or pleasant.

সুধী [ sudhī ] n a learned or erudite man; a wise man. ☐a. wise or judicious; learned, erudite.

সুধীর [ sudhīra ] a calm and composed, calm and collected; unperturbed, firm.

সুনজর [ sunajara ] n good looks, good or kindly look; favourable look, favour. সুনজরেথাকাv. to be in the good books (of).

সুনাম [ sunāma ] n good reputation, renown, fame; goodwill.

সুনিদ্রা [ sunidrā ] n good or sound or peaceful sleep.

সুনিপুণ [ sunipuṇa ] a very skilful or adroit; highly efficient or competent.

সুনিবিড় [ sunibiḍ় ]a very deep, very dense or thick; very close or intimate (সুনিবিড় বন্ধুতা).

সুনিয়ন্ত্রিত [ suniẏantrita ] a well-controlled; well-governed; well-managed; well-regulated or well-restrained.

সুনিয়ম [ suniẏama ] n a good rule or law or principle; good management.

সুনির্দিষ্ট [ sunirdiṣṭa ] a clearly or categorically or nicely defined or fixed.

সুনির্ধারিত [ sunirdhārita ] a firmly or categorically fixed or defined; well-defined.

সুনির্মল [ sunirmala ] a perfectly pure, immaculate; perfectly clear; pellucid, perfectly fresh.

সুনিশ্চয়, সুনিশ্চিত [ suniścaẏa, suniścita ] a thoroughly certain or positive or sure or convincing; thoroughly assured or convinced. ☐adv. certainly, positively, surely; convincingly; assuredly. সুনিশ্চিতভাবে same as সুনিশ্চিত (adv.).

সুনীতি [ sunīti ] n a good or excellent principle; good morals.

সুনীল [ sunīla ] a deep or dark blue; perfectly or flawlessly blue.

সুনেত্রা [ sunētrā ] a (fem.) one with beautiful eyes.

সুন্দ-উপসুন্দ [ sunda-upasunda ] n. pl the two mythological demon brothers. সুন্দ-উপসুন্দেরলড়াই (fig.) a relentless encounter, when Greek meets Greek.

সুন্দর [ sundara ] a beautiful, fine, nice, pretty; pleasant, lovely; goodlooking, handsome, fair; graceful, elegant; sweet (সুন্দর গান). সুন্দর করাv. to beautify, to embellish; to improve (হস্তাক্ষর সুন্দরকরা)

সুন্দরী1 [ sundarī1 ] a. fem of সুন্দর☐n. a beautiful woman or girl.

সুন্দরী2 [ sundarī2 ] n a kind of timber-tree grown in Sundarbans or its timber, Heritiera sundari, sundri.

সুন্নত [ sunnata ] n circumcision. সুন্নত করাv. to circumcise.

সুন্নি [ sunni ] n a Muslim community (famous for its orthodoxy); a member of this community, a Sunni, a Sonnite, a Sunnite.

সুপ [ supa ] n soup.

সুপক্ [ supak ] a thoroughly boiled; fully ripe; (facet.) well-experienced; (sarcas.) inveterately habituated or addicted; (sarcas.) grossly precocious.

সুপন্ডিত [ supanḍita ] a well-versed; profoundly learned or erudite; well-educated.

সুপথ, সুপন্থা [ supatha, supanthā ] n a good road; an honest or virtuous or conducive course or path or way or means.

সুপথ্য [ supathya ] n good or wholesome or hygienic food or diet.

সুপরামর্শ [ suparāmarśa ] n good advice or counsel.

সুপরিচিত [ suparicita ] a well-known; widely known; famous.

সুপরিচালিত [ suparicālita ] a well-directed, well-managed.

সুপরিজ্ঞগত [ suparijñagata ] a well-known; widely known.

সুপর্ণ [ suparṇa ] n the fowl; the chicken; Garuda, the mythical prince of birds.

সুপাচ্য [ supācya ] a easily digestible.

সুপাত্র [ supātra ] n a good or worthy or deserving or desirable person or claimant or bridegroom or match. fem. সুপাত্রীn. fem. a good or worthy or deserving or desirable female claimant or bride; an excellent bride.

সুপারি [ supāri ] n areca-nut, betel-nut; its tree, the Areca.

সুপারিশ [ supāriśa ] n recommendation. সুপারিশ করাv. to recommend. সুপারিশ-পত্রn. a letter of recommendation, a recommendation. সুপারিশিa. recommending, recommendatory.

সুপুত্র [ suputra ] n a good or excellent or worthy so fem. সুপুত্রী a good or excellent or worthy daughter.

সুপুরুষ [ supuruṣa ] n a handsome or well-built man. ☐a. handsome or well-built.

সুপুষ্ট [ supuṣṭa ] a well-nourished, well-developed; plumb; adiposed.

সুপেয় [ supēẏa ] n a good drink. ☐a. good for drinking; good as a drink.

সুপ্ত [ supta ] a sleeping, asleep; (fig.) dormant; (fig.) latent; fem. সুপ্তা । সুপ্তআগ্নেয়গিরি a dormant volcano. সুপ্তিn. sleep; (fig.) dormancy; (fig.) latency. সুপ্তোত্থিতa. risen from sleep, awake, awakened.

সুপ্রতিষ্ঠ, সুপ্রতিষ্ঠিত [ supratiṣṭha, supratiṣṭhita ] a well-established, well-founded; firmly settled down; well-reputed, very famous; (mech.) stable.

সুপ্রভাত [ suprabhāta ] n a fine morning; auspicious morning; (fig.) the dawn or dawning of fortune. ☐int. good morning.

সুপ্রযুক্ত [ suprayukta ] a well-applied; very appropriately used.

সুপ্রয়োগ [ supraẏōga ] n proper application, appropriate use, good or profitable utilization.

সুপ্রশস্ত [ supraśasta ] a very wide; very suitable or auspicious or broad.

সুপ্রসন্ন [ suprasanna ] a highly pleased or satisfied; extremely favourable or propitious; gracious or kind. অদৃষ্ট সুপ্রসন্ন in good luck, stars in the ascendant.

সুপ্রসব [ suprasaba ] n safe or smooth delivery (of a baby).

সুপ্রসিদ্ধ [ suprasiddha ] a celebrated, renowned, illustrious.

সুপ্রাপ্য [ suprāpya ] n easily available.

সুফল [ suphala ] n good effect or result. ̃দায়ক, ̃প্রসূa. yielding good result, producing good effect.

সুফলা [ suphalā ] a. fem yielding abundant fruits, abundantly or richly fructiferous or frugiferous; highly productive or fertile.

সুফি [ suphi ] n a Mohammedan community believing in pantheistic mysticism; a member of this community.

সুবক্তা [ subaktā ] n a good speaker.

সুবচন [ subacana ] n salutary words or counsel; a good or wise saying; a maxim, an adage; sweet words; an epigram.

সুবদন [ subadana ] a having a beautiful or pretty face, fair-faced. fem. সুবদনা, (loos.) সুবদনী ।

সুবন্ত [ subanta ] a (Sans. gr.—of words) suffixed with or capable of being suffixed with case-endings. ̃প্রকরণn. the chapter on case-endings; declension.

সুবন্দোবস্ত [ subandōbasta ] n good management or arrangement.

সুবর্ণ [ subarṇa ] n gold; a gold coin; (loos.) a mohur (মোহর). ☐a. golden-coloured, golden. ̃খচিতa. studded or set or inlaid with gold; (loos.) gold-centred (সুবর্ণখচিতপদক). ̃জয়ন্তী see জয়ন্তী। ̃পদকn. a gold-medal. সুবর্ণপদকপ্রাপ্তব্যাক্তিa. gold-medalist. ̃প্রতিমা same as স্বর্ণপ্রতিমা। ̃বণিকn. a Hindu community originally trading in gold and carrying on banking business; a member of this community. ̃সুযোগn. a golden opportunity.

সুবহ [ subaha ] a easily or conveniently carried, portable. ̃তাn. portability.

সুবা [ subā ] n a province in Moghul India, a subah.

সুবাদ [ subāda ] n relation, connection. এই সুবাদে thus related or connected; owing to this; in this connection.

সুবাদার [ subādāra ] n the governor of a subah, an Indian army officer holding a rank equivalent to that of a captain, a subahdar, a subadar. সুবাদারিn. subahadary, subahdarship.

সুবাস [ subāsa ] n a sweet smell or odour; fragrance; aroma; perfume. সুবাসিতa. perfumed, scented. সুবাসিত করাv. to perfume, to scent. সুবাসিত তেল scented or perfumed oil.

সুবিখ্যাত [ subikhyāta ] a very famous, renowned; well reputed.

সুবিচার [ subicāra ] n good or correct or impartial or wise judgment; justice, equity. সুবিচারকরাv. to judge rightly or impartially or wisely; to mete out justice (to). সুবিচারকn. a good or impartial or wise judge.

সুবিজ্ঞাত [ subijñāta ] a well-known; reputed; famous.

সুবিদিত [ subidita ] a well-known; well-informed, aufait.

সুবিধা [ subidhā ] n an excellent or favourable or advantageous means or circumstance; an advantage; an opportunity; convenience. সুবিধা নেওয়াv. to avail oneself of an opportunity or advantage; to take advantage of, ̃জনকa. advantageous; opportune; convenient. ̃প্রাপ্তa. placed in an advantageous position; put to an advantage; having got an opportunity. ̃বাদn. opportunism. ̃বাদীn. an opportunist. ☐a. opportunist. ̃ভোগীa. enjoying special privilege; privileged. ̃মতোadv. conveniently; at one's convenience. সুবিধা-সুযোগn. convenience and opportunity.

সুবিধি [ subidhi ] n a good law or rule; (rare) a good remedy.

সুবিন্দু [ subindu ] n the zenith.

সুবিন্যস্ত [ subinyasta ] a well-arranged; well-arrayed; orderly; nicely laid out or displayed.

সুবিপুল, সুবিশাল [ subipula, subiśāla ] a very big or large, vast, gigantic, huge; immense.

সুবিমল [ subimala ] a wholly free from dirt or impurity; pure or faultless, immaculate; very clear.

সুবিস্তীর্ণ, সুবিস্তৃত [ subistīrṇa, subistṛta ] a well-spread; very extensive; vast; far-flung.

সুবুদ্ধি [ subuddhi ] a guided by or having good thoughts or inclinations or sense or discretion, sensible; conscientious; prudent. ☐n. good thoughts or inclination or sense or discretion; conscientiousness; prudence.

সুবৃষ্টি [ subṛṣṭi ] n good rain (that is, neither excessive nor scanty rain).

সুবেদী [ subēdī ] a sensitive.

সুবেশ [ subēśa ] n a fine dress; neatness of dress or dressing. ☐a. well-dressed.

সুবোধ [ subōdha ] a same as সুবুদ্ধি (a.)

সুবোধ্য [ subōdhya ] a easily understood, lucid; easily intelligible or comprehensible.

সুব্যক্ত [ subyakta ] a clearly expressed; perfectly manifest.

সুব্যবস্হা [ subyabashā ] n good arrangement or management; good settlement; good provision. ̃যুক্তa. having good arrangement, with good arrangement.

সুব্রত [ subrata ] a one with a good vow; one who observes a vow religiously.

সুভক্ষ্য [ subhakṣya ] a good to eat; (of food) pleasing to the palate, tasteful, fit for eating.

সুভগ [ subhaga ] a fortunate; happy.

সুভদ্র [ subhadra ] a very well-mannered.

সুভাষ [ subhāṣa ] a one who speaks pleasantly. fem. সুভাষিণী ।

সুভাষিত [ subhāṣita ] a quite nicely or intelligibly or lucidly spoken. ☐n. same as সুবচন।

সুভিক্ষ [ subhikṣa ] a full of plentiful food.

সুমধুর [ sumadhura ] a very sweet or delicious; very melodious or dulcet; very pleasant.

সুমধ্যমা [ sumadhyamā ] a. fem having a delicately slender waist.

সুমনা [ sumanā ] a wise; learned; large-hearted.

সুমন্ত্রণা [ sumantraṇā ] n good counsel or advice.

সুমন্দ [ sumanda ] a sweet and slow (সুমন্দ গতি); sweetly and mildly blowing (সুমন্দ বায়ু).

সুমহান [ sumahāna ] a very great and noble; very magnificent; high-minded.

সুমীমাংসা [ sumīmāṃsā ] n a good or wise or correct or happy decision or settlement.

সুমীমাংসিত [ sumīmāṃsita ] a nicely or wisely or correctly or happily decided or settled.

সুমেধা [ sumēdhā ] a highly talented or intelligent.

সুমেরু [ sumēru ] n a mythological mountain; the North Pole. ̃প্রভাn. Aurora Borealis. ̃বৃত্তn. the Arctic Circle.

সুযুক্তি [ suyukti ] n good counsel and advice; good reasoning or argument.

সুযোগ [ suyōga ] n a favourable or convenient time, an opportunity; a chance. সুযোগেরপ্রতীক্ষাকরাv. to bide one's opportunity or time. ̃সন্ধানীa. seeking an opportunity; opportunist. ☐n. an opportunist.

সুযোগ্য [ suyōgya ] a quite or very worthy or competent or deserving.

সুয়ো [ suẏō ] a. fem fortunate; dearly loved by one's husband.

সুর1 [ sura1 ] n voice; (mus.) tone, note, pitch, a strain, key. সুর করাv. to tune (as a musical instrument); to tune up; to set to music (গানে সুর করা); (often dero.) to modulate voice as in singing (সুর করেপড়া). সুর দেওয়াv. to set to music. সুরবদলানোv. to change the tune of (a musical instrument); to pass to another tune or pitch in singing; (fig.) to change one's tune, to sing to another tune; (fig.) to retract one's word. সুরবাঁধাv. to tune up; to adjust the strings etc. (of a musical instrument) to the right pitch. সুরভাঁজাv. to hum a note or strain or tune. ̃জ্ঞান, ̃বোধn. ability to appreciate musical pitch. ̃বোধহীনa. tonedeaf. ̃বাহারn. a stringed musical instrument akin to the vina (বীণা). ̃শিল্পীn. versed in the art of music; an artiste. ̃স্রষ্টাn. a composer.

সুর2 [ sura2 ] n a god, a deity; the sun. ̃কন্যাn. a daughter of a god; a celestial female. ̃গুরুn. Brihaspati (বৃহস্পতি) the preceptor of gods. ̃ধুনি, ̃নদীn. the Ganges as flowing in heaven under the name of মন্দাকিনী। ̃পতি same as সুরেন্দ্র । ̃পুর, ̃পুরী, ̃লোকn. the abode of gods. ̃বালা same as সুরকন্যা। ̃রিপুn. the enemy of gods; the demon. ̃সুন্দরী same as সুরাঙ্গনা ।

সুরকি [ suraki ] n brick-dust.

সুরক্ষিত [ surakṣita ] a well-protected, well-guarded; well-defended; well-preserved. fem. সুরক্ষিতা ।

সুরঙ্গ, সুড়ঙ্গ [ suraṅga, suḍ়ṅga ] n a tunnel; a hole (as one made into a house by a burglar).

সুরত1 [ surata1 ] n sexual intercourse. সুরতি same as সুরত ।

সুরত2 [ surata2 ] n appearance, form, shape; a means, an expedient. ̃হালn. circumstance; condition; (law) a deposition; (pop.) an on-the-spot investigation.

সুরব [ suraba ] n a sweet or melodious noise or note or voice.

সুরবল্লী [ suraballī ] n an astringent herb.

সুরভি1 [ surabhi1 ] n the name of the celestial wishing cow.

সুরভি2 [ surabhi2 ] n a sweet-smell, fragrance; an aroma; any substance made or used for the sake of its smell; a perfume. ☐a. sweet-smelling, fragrant, armoatic; perfumed.

সুরম্য [ suramya ] a very pleasant or beautiful or magnificent (সুরম্য স্হান বা প্রসাদ).

সুরসিক [ surasika ] a highly endowed with appreciative power; very witty; very humorous or jocose.

সুরা [ surā ] n wine; alcohol; spirits. ̃পাত্রn. a decanter; a wine cup, a wine-glass. সুরাপান করাv. to drink wine, to drink; to tipple; to booze. ̃পানাভ্যাসn. drinking habit ̃পানোম্মত্তa. Sottish, besotted; drunk; drunken, boozed up, the worse for liquor. ̃পানোম্মত্ততাn. sottishness, besottedness, drunkenness. ̃পায়ীa. addicted to drinking, tipsy, bacchant; boozy. ☐n. a drunkard, a bacchant; a tippler. ̃রঞ্জিতa. (of eyes) reddened on account of drinking. ̃সারn. alcohol. নির্জল সুরাসার absolute or pure alcohol. বিশুদ্ধবাশোভিত সুরাসার rectified spirit.

সুরাঙ্গনা [ surāṅganā ] n a heavenly courtesan.

সুরাসুর [ surāsura ] n. pl gods and demons.

সুরাহা [ surāhā ] n solution (সমস্যারসুরাহা); a good or adequate remedy (বিপদের সুরাহা); good arrangement or provision; an opportunity. সুরাহা করাv. to solve; to remedy; to make good arrangement or provision for; to provide for; to devise a good expedient or means.

সুরুচি [ suruci ] n good or refined taste, fine taste. ̃সম্পন্নa. of refined taste or culture, of fine taste.

সুরূপ [ surūpa ] a handsome, beautiful; good-looking. fem. সুরূপা ।

সুরেন্দ্র [ surēndra ] n Indra (ইন্দ্র) the king of gods.

সুরেলা [ surēlā ] a melodious, dulcet, musical.

সুরেশ্বর [ surēśbara ] n the lord of gods; Shiva (শিব) or Indra (ইন্দ্র). সুরেশ্বরীn. fem. Goddess Durga (দুর্গা) or Goddess Ganges (গঙ্গা).

সুর্তি1 [ surti1 ] n a lottery; a raffle. ̃খেলাv. to play at lottery; to have a game of lottery; to cast lots.

সুর্তি2 [ surti2 ] n a preparation of powdered tobacco taken with betal-leaves.

সুর্মা [ surmā ] n sulphate of antimony used as collyrium, kohl.

সুলক্ষণ [ sulakṣaṇa ] a bearing good or auspicious marks on one's person; having good or auspicious signs (সুলক্ষণ কাল). ☐n. a good or auspicious mark or sign. fem. a. সুলক্ষণা । সুলক্ষণাক্রান্তa. same as সুলক্ষণ (a.).

সুলতান [ sulatāna ] n a Muslim ruler, a sultan. fem. সুলতানা a sultana, a sultaness. সুলতানিn. sultanate ☐a. sultanic.

সুলভ, সুলভ্য [ sulabha, sulabhya ] a easily obtainable or available; cheap. সুলভেadv. cheaply.

সুললিত [ sulalita ] a delicately soft or flexible; very pleasant or sweet or melodious or dulcet or musical.

সুলিখিত [ sulikhita ] a well-written; pleasant to read, perspicuous.

সুলুক [ suluka ] n a hole; a clue; secrets; (loos.) a weak point, a fault. ̃সন্ধানn. secrets; faults; clues; weak points.

সুলুপ [ sulupa ] n a light boat, a sloop; a sloop-of war.

সুলেখক [ sulēkhaka ] n a good writer or author, a writer remarkable for perspicuity. fem. সুলেখিকা।

সুলোচন [ sulōcana ] a having beautiful or fine eyes. fem. সুলোচনা ।

সুশাসক [ suśāsaka ] n a good or wise ruler.

সুশাসন [ suśāsana ] n good or wise government or rule.

সুশাসিত [ suśāsita ] a well-governed, wisely governed or ruled; well-controlled; well restrained; well-disciplined.

সুশিক্ষা [ suśikṣā ] n good or salutary education or training or advice.

সুশিক্ষিত [ suśikṣita ] a well-educated; well-trained; well-advised.

সুশীতল [ suśītala ] a very cool; very cold; very pleasant and cool.

সুশীল [ suśīla ] a good-natured; well-behaved; having a good character; gentle. fem. সুশীলা ।

সুশৃঙ্খল [ suśṛṅkhala ] a arranged or managed or controlled in an orderly fashion; orderly. ̃ভাবেadv. in good order, in an orderly manner. সুশৃঙ্খলাn. orderly arrangement or management or control; orderliness, order.

সুশোভন [ suśōbhana ] a very beautiful or well-decorated or well-bedecked.

সুশোভিত [ suśōbhita ] a very beautifully decorated or adorned or bedecked.

সুশ্রাব্য [ suśrābya ] a pleasing to the ear; sweet; melodious.

সুশ্রী [ suśrī ] a of beautiful appearance, handsome, beautiful, comely, pretty.

সুষনি,সুসনি [ suṣani, susani ] n an edible aquatic spinach.

সুষম [ suṣama ] a well-proportioned; well-balanced, balanced; beautiful. সুষম খাদ্য balanced diet.

সুষমা [ suṣamā ] n. fem sweet grace or beauty; any pleasing quality.

সুষুপ্ত [ suṣupta ] a sleeping soundly, fast asleep.

সুষুপ্তি [ suṣupti ] n sound sleep.

সুষুম্না [ suṣumnā ] n (Hindu med.) the middle one of the three arteries that pulsate at the wrist. সুষুম্নাকান্ডn. the spinal cord.

সুষ্ঠু [ suṣṭhu ] a very nice; immaculate; smooth (সুষ্ঠুকাজ)

সুসংবাদ [ susambāda ] n a good news.

সুসংস্কৃত [ susaṃskṛta ] a thoroughly repaired or rectified; well-refined; well-arranged; well dressed; put on or worn in an orderly fashion; very refined and civil or polite.

সুসংহত [ susaṃhata ] a well-integrated; well-as sembled; compact.

সুসজ্জ, সুসজ্জিত [ susajja, susajjita ] a well-dressed, well equipped; well-decorated; well-furnished (সুসজ্জিত গৃহ).

সুসন্তান [ susantāna ] n a worthy or good child.

সুসভ্য [ susabhya ] a adequately or greatly civilized or refined.

সুসময় [ susamaẏa ] n favourable or prosperous times, good days; a favourable or suitable moment.

সুসমাচার [ susamācāra ] n a good news; (Christ.) Gospel (মথিলিখিত সুসমাচার = the Gospel of St. Matthews.)

সুসম্পন্ন [ susampanna ] a well-performed, well-executed. সুসম্পন্ন করাv. to perform or execute nicely or thoroughly.

সুসহ [ susaha ] a easy to bear or endure, tolerable.

সুসাধ্য [ susādhya ] a easy to do or perform or execute or accomplish.

সুসার [ susāra ] n abundance, plenty; sufficiency, financial ease; ease.

সুস্হ [ susha ] a sound of body, hale, healthy, free from disease (সুস্হ); in normal state, unperturbed, untroubled, calm, peaceful (সুস্হ মন, সুস্হ জীবন). সুস্হ করাv. to bring round; to cure; to bring to the normal state. সুস্হ হওয়াv. to come round; to recover; to get back to the normal state. ̃দেহ, ̃দেহীa. sound of body, healthy, hale. ̃চিত্তa. enjoying mental peace; sane; possessing mental equipoise. ̃তাn. soundness of body, healthiness; freedom from disease. সুস্হশরীরেadv. in sound or good health, healthily.

সুস্হিত [ sushita ] a well-off; well-conditioned; well-placed or well-established (in life); (mech.) stable; enjoying mental equilibrium. সুস্হিতিn. equilibrium.

সুস্হির [ sushira ] a perfectly calm or composed; perfectly brought round; fully soothed; very steady; firmly settled or fixed or ascertained.

সুস্পষ্ট [ suspaṣṭa ] a very clear, evident, explicit; thoroughly exposed or revealed, manifest; quite distinct. ̃ভাবেadv. very clearly; in unmistakable terms.

সুস্বন [ susbana ] n a sweet sound or note or melody.

সুস্বপ্ন [ susbapna ] n a happy dream, a pleasant dream.

সুস্বর [ susbara ] n a sweet voice. ☐a. sweet-voiced; melodious.

সুস্বাদ [ susbāda ] n a pleasant or delicious taste (of food). ☐a. very tasteful, delicious. সুস্বাদুa. same as সুস্বাদ (a.).

সুহাস [ suhāsa ] a pleasantly or charmingly smiling. fem. সুহাসিনী ।

সুহৃদ, সুহৃত্ [ suhṛda, suhṛt ] n a friend; an ally; a well wisher.

সুহৃদ্বর [ suhṛdbara ] n an excellent friend or ally or well-wisher.

সূক্ত [ sūkta ] n any on of the complete Vedic in cantations or verses or hymns or psalms; a wise or salutary saying, an apopthegm. সূক্তিn. a wise or salutary saying, an apopthegm.

সূক্ষ্ণ [ sūkṣṇa ] a fine; thin; narrow; acute; low pitched, low; sharp, keen; pointed; accuminate; minutely scrutinizing, minute, hair-splitting; quite right or appropriate, just; subtle; delicately sensitive or susceptible, delicate; impalpable by senses; astral. ̃কোণn. (geom.) an acute angle. ̃কোণীa. acute-angled. ̃গ্রাহীa. delicately sensitive or susceptible; delicate (সূক্ষ্ণগ্রাহীযন্ত্র). ̃তাn. fineness; thinness; narrowness; lowness; sharpness, keenness; pointedness; acuminateness; minuteness of scrutiny, minuteness; perfect appropriateness of justice; subtlety; delicate sensitiveness or susceptibility; delicateness; imperceptibility (by the senses); state of being astral. ̃দর্শিতাn. keen-sightedness; insight; keen discernment; sagacity; minute and equitable judgment; scrutiny. ̃দর্শীa. keen sighted; endowed with insight or keen discernment; sagacious; judging minutely and with perfect equity; scrutinizing. fem. ̃দর্শিনী । ̃দৃষ্টিn. keen sight; insight; keen discernment; sagacity; minute and equitable judgement; scrutiny. ̃দেহn. a body not perceptible by senses; an astral body; (loos.) a ghost. ̃দেহীa. having a body not perceptible by senses; having an astral body; (bio.) infusorial. সূক্ষ্ণদেহীজীবাণু (bio.) n. an infusoria. ̃বস্ত্রn. fine cloth. অতিসূক্ষ্ণ বস্ত্র superfine cloth. ̃বিচারn. minute and equitable judgment; hair-splitting scrutiny; fine discretion. ̃বুদ্ধিn. keen intelligence; intellectualacumen. ☐a. keenly intelligent. ̃মানn. (geom.) close approximation. ̃শরীরn. an astral body. সূক্ষ্ণাগ্রa. sharp-pointed, acuminate. সূক্ষ্ণাতিসূক্ষ্ণa. extremely fine or thin or keen or pointed or acuminate or scrutinizing or minute or subtle or delicate or impalpable, hairsplitting; (bio.) infusorial.

সূচক [ sūcaka ] a (chiefly used as sfx.) introducing; commencing; indicating, expressing; presaging; foreboding, ☐n. (alg.) an index (pl. indices). সূচক সংখ্যাn. index number. ̃সুত্রn. (alg.) an exponential theorem.

সূচনা [ sūcanā ] n introduction; an introduction, a preface, a preamble; commencement; start, inception; indication, expression; presaging; a presage; foreboding. সূচনাকরাv. to introduce, to make an introduction, to preface; to commence, to start; to indicate; to presage or forebode. সূচিতa. indicated; signified; implied.

সূচি, সূচী, সূচিকা [ sūci, sūcī, sūcikā ] n a needle; an awl; an indicator (as of a measuring instrument or clock); a list, an inventory, a catalogue; a table of contents. সূচিকর্ম, সূচিশিল্পn. needlework; embroidery; (rare) tailoring. সূচিজীবীn. a tailor. সূচিনিবন্ধn. index register. সূচিপত্রn. a table of contents, an index. সূচিভেদ্যa. capable of being pierced or perforated only with a needle; very compact, dense (সূচিভেদ্য অন্ধকার). সূচিমুখa. having a point as thin and sharp as that of a needle, pin-pointed; acuminate.

সূচিকাভরণ [ sūcikābharaṇa ] n a medicine in Ayurvedic pharmacopoea containing a minute quantity of snake-poison.

সূচ্যগ্র [ sūcyagra ] n the point of a needle. ☐a. not exceeding the point of a needle in thickness, magnitude, spaciousness etc.; an iota of ('সূচ্যগ্রমেদিনী'). ̃পরিমাণ, ̃পরিমিতa. same as সূচ্যগ্র (a.).

সূত [ sūta ] n an ancient Vaishya (বৈশ্য) community; a member of this community; an official singer of songs in praise of a prince, nobleman etc.; the Hindu community of carpenters; a carpenter.

সূতিকা [ sūtikā ] n a woman recently delivered of a child; puerperal diarrhoea. ̃গার, ̃গৃহn. a lying-in room. জ্বরn. puerperal fever.

সূত্র [ sūtra ] n thread; yarn; fibre; a string; connection, a link (কর্মসূত্র); a tie, a bond (পরিণয়সূত্র); a series, a chain (চিন্তাসূত্র); a clue or trail (সন্ধানসূত্র); a brief hint or point (সমাধানেরসূত্র); an aphorism (বেদান্তসূত্র); a rule, a law (ব্যাকরণেরসূত্র); a summary introduction of a subject matter, an argument; (of dramas etc.) a prologue; introduction, commencement, beginning; (alg.) a formula (pl. formulae, formulas). ̃কারn. an aphoriser, an aphorist. ̃কৃমিn. a thread-worm; (erron.) Ascaris. ̃ধারn. a carpenter; a joiner; (in dramas) the chief actor who recites the prologue; (erron.—in a stage-play) a prompter. ̃পাতn. commencement, beginning. start, inception. সুত্রপাত করাবাহওয়াv. to commence, to begin.

সূত্রাকার [ sūtrākāra ] a filiform.

সূদন [ sūdana ] a (use as a sfx.) killing or slaying (মধুসূদন).

সূপ [ sūpa ] n curry, soup; a curry of pigeon-pea. ̃কারn. a cook.

সূর [ sūra ] n the sun, the Sun-god, (cp.) Sol.

সূরি, সূরী [ sūri, sūrī ] n a poet; a learned man, a scholar; a wiseman.

সূর্য [ sūrya ] n the sun; the Sun-god. (cp.) Sol. ̃কর, ̃কিরণn. sunbeam; sunlight, sun shine. করোজ্জ্বলa. sunbeamed, sunbeamy, sunshiny; sunny. ̃কান্ত, ̃কান্তমণিn. flint-glass, burning-glass, cat's eye, aventurine felspar, sunstone. ̃কেন্দ্রীয়a. heliocentric. ̃গ্রহণn. the solar eclipse. ̃ঘড়িn. a sundial, a solarium. ̃তেজn. the heat of the sun. ̃পূজকn. a heliolater, a sun-worshipper. ̃পূজাn. sun-worship, heliolatry. ̃বংশn. an ancient dynasty descended from King Surya or from the Sun-god, the Surya dynasty. ̃বংশধরn. a descen dant of the Surya dynasty. ̃বংশীয়a of the Surya dynasty. ̃মুখীn. the sun flower. ̃রশ্মি same as সূর্যকর । ̃সারথিn. (myth.) Aruna (অরুণ) the charioteer of the Sun-god. ̃সিদ্ধান্তn. a Hindu treatise on astronomy. সূর্যাবর্তn. the solar rotation; the rotation of the sun. সূর্যাবর্তীa. heliotropic. সূর্যাবৃত্তিn. heliotropism. সূর্যালোকn. sunlight; sunshine. সূর্যাস্তn. sunset, sundown. সূর্যাস্তকালেadv. at sun set, at sundown. সূর্যোদয়n. sunrise. সূর্যোদয়কালেadv. at sunrise. সূর্যোপাসক same as সূর্যপূজক । সূর্যোপাসনা same as সূর্যপুজা।

সূক্কণী [ sūkkaṇī ] n the margin of lips, the corner of the mouth or of lips.

সৃজন [ sṛjana ] n creation; production, formation; designing; institution. সৃজন করাv. to create; to bring into existence; to make or produce or form; to design; to institute. ̃কর্তাn. a creator; a maker; a producer; a designer. fem. ̃কর্ত্রী । সৃজনীa. creative. সৃজনীশক্তিn. creative power or faculty.

সৃজিত, সৃষ্ট [ sṛjita, sṛṣṭa ] a created; made, produced, formed; designed; instituted. সৃষ্টিn. creation; making; production; designing; instituting; institution; a creation, a production; something made or instituted; the universe. সৃষ্টি করা same as সৃজন করা ।সৃষ্টিকর্তাn. creator, maker; God. সৃষ্টিকার্যn. the work of creation, creation; the creation of the universe. সৃষ্টিকৌশল, সৃষ্টিচাতুর্যn. the art or the won derful art of creation; the manner or method of creation. সৃষ্টিক্ষমতাn. the creative power or faculty. সৃষ্টিছাড়াa. not available anywhere in God's creation; unusual; bizarre, odd, outlandish, grotesque; eccentric; vagarish. সৃষ্টিতত্ত্বn. cosmogony; cosmology. সৃষ্টিনাশ করাv. to destroy or dissolve the universe; to undo everything. সৃষ্টিনাশাa. (rare) causing universal dissolution; (pop.) undoing everything. সৃষ্টিনৈপুণ্যn. skill or deftness in creation or making. সৃষ্টিবাদn. the doctrine of creation; cosmogony. সৃষ্টিবৈচিত্র্যn. (wonderful) diversity of the creation. সৃষ্টিরক্ষাকরাv. to protect or preserve (and maintain) the world created by God. সৃষ্টিলোপকরা same as সৃষ্টিনাশকরা । সৃষ্টিস্হিতিলয়n. creation, preservation and dissolution (esp. of the universe).

সে [ sē ] pro (masc.) he; (fem.) she, (neut.) it. ☐a. that (সে লোক, সেদিন); past or ancient (সেকাল).

সেই [ sēi ] a that; that very. ☐pro. that person or thing, that; that time. ☐adv. after all (সেই তোমল খসালি); long ago (সেইগেলে) ☐con. no sooner than, as, so (যেই এল, সেই গেল). সেইখান, সেইজন same as সেখান, সেজন. সেই থেকে from that time, thenceforth; from that (thing).

সেঁউতি1 [ sēm̐uti1 ] n a bailing bucket or vessel, a bail, a bale.

সেঁওতি, সেঁউতি2 [ sēm̐ōti, sēm̐uti2 ] n a kind of indigenous white rose.

সেঁকো, সেঁকোবিষ [ sēn̐kō, sēn̐kōbiṣa ] n arsenic.

সেঁজুতি [ sēn̐juti ] n an evening-lamp; a vesper lamp.

সেঁধানো [ sēn̐dhānō ] v to enter, to go into; to cause to enter; to drive into.

সেক [ sēka ] n fomentation. সেকদেওয়াv, to foment.

সেকা [ sēkā ] v to warm slowly in heat (আগুনে হাতসেকা); to bake (রুটি সেকা). ☐a. baked.

সেকাল [ sēkāla ] n ancient times, the days of yore; past or bygone days, the past. সেকাল ওএকাল the past and the present.

সেকেন্ড, সেকেনড [ sēkēnḍa, sēkēnaḍa ] n a second (= ⅙ minute). ☐a. second. সেকেন্ডহওয়াv. to stand second. এক সেকেন্ডে in a second; in a trice.

সেকেন্দর, সেকেন্দার [ sēkēndara, sēkēndāra ] n Alexander the Conqueror. সেকেন্দারি, সেকেন্দারিa. of king Secunder Sha. সেকেন্দারি গজ a lineal measure in which 1 yard is equal to 38 inches.

সেকেলে [ sēkēlē ] a of ancient times; of the past; ancient; old; antiquated; old-fashioned; out of date; backdated. সেকেলে লোক বাবস্তু a back number.

সেখান [ sēkhāna ] n that place. সেখান থেকে from that place, from there. ̃কারa. of that place. সেখানেadv. at or in or to that place, there.

সেগুন [ sēguna ] n the teak; teak-wood.

সেচ, সেচন [ sēca, sēcana ] n spraying or sprinkling or watering or baling; irrigation. সেচনকরাv. same as সেচা (v.). সেচকরn. irrigation tax or cess. সেচন-কৃত্যকn. the Irrigation Service. সেচনযন্ত্রn. a sprinkling apparatus, a spray. সেচনীn. a spray, a sprin kling apparatus; a watering can; a bailing bucket or vessel, a bail, a bale. সেচবিভাগn. the Irrigation Department. সেচমন্ত্রকn. the Ministry of Irrigation. সেচমন্ত্রীn. the Minister of Irrigation.

সেচা [ sēcā ] v to spray or sprinkle; to water; to bail or bale out; to bail out water (partly or completely); to lift a small quantity from the bottom (সেচে তোলা); to dredge.

সেজ1 [ sēja1 ] n a bed.

সেজ2, সেজো [ sēja2, sējō ] a third in order of birth, third-born (সেজো ভাই); third in order of seniority (সেজো সাহেব, সেজদা).

সেট1 [ sēṭa1 ] n a set (এক সেট বই); asuit (এক সেটপোশাক বা গয়না).

সেট2 [ sēṭa2 ] a fixed in position or in required condition, set. সেট করাv. to set (বিভিন্নঅংশ সেট করা); to put something into proper position (হাত সেট করা).

সেতখানা [ sētakhānā ] n a latrine, a lavatory.

সেতার [ sētāra ] n a three-stringed (sometimes five-stringed with three additional strings in larger instruments) musical instrument. ̃বাদক,সেতারিn. one who plays the aforesaid musical instrument.

সেতু [ sētu ] n a bridge; a culvert; a causeway; a dam. সেতু বাঁধাv. to build a bridge (over); to bridge, to span. ̃বন্ধn. a ridge of rocks extending from the southern extremity of India towards Sri Lanka, Adam's Bridge. ̃মুখn. a bridgehead.

সেথো [ sēthō ] n a traveller's professional companion and guide. ̃গিরিn. act of ac companying or guiding a traveller professionally.

সেনা [ sēnā ] n an army, armed forces; a troop of soldiers; a soldier. পশ্চাদ্বর্তীসেনা the rear party of an army, the second echelon. পুরোবর্তী সেনা the advance party of an army, the vanguard; the advance guard. সেনাধিকারিকn. an army officer, a military officer. ̃ধ্যক্ষ, ̃নায়কn. an army commander, a general; the commander of a troop. ̃নিবাসn. army quarters, barracks; a cantonment; (loos.) a garrison. সেনানিবেশকরাv. to array or station soldiers esp. for a battle. ̃নীn. an army commander, a general; (pop.) the army; the soldiers. ̃পতিn. the commander in-chief, an army commander, a general; the commander of a troop. প্রধানসেনাপতি the commander-in-chief. ̃পতিত্বn. office of the commander-in-chief; generalship; command. ̃পতিত্বেadv. under one's command. ̃বাস same as সেনানিবাস। ̃ভঙ্গn. a stampede, a debacle; defeat or retreat of an army. ̃শিবিরn. an army encampment; a cantonment.

সেপটেমবর, সেপ্টেম্বর [ sēpaṭēmabara, sēpṭēmbara ] n September.

সেবক [ sēbaka ] a serving, waiting upon; nursing; worshipping, following. ☐n. a servant, an attendant; a waiter (fem. waitress); a sick-nurse, a nurse; a worshipper, a votary; a follower. ̃সমিতিn. organization of social workers. সেবকাধমn. the humblest of servants.

সেবন [ sēbana ] n eating or drinking or smoking (ঔষধসেবন, মদ্যসেবন, গঞ্জিকাসেবন); act of having or enjoying (বায়ুসেবন); worship, serving, waiting upon; nursing; সেবন করাv. to eat or drink or smoke, to have or enjoy, to take. সেবনীয়a. same as সেব্য।

সেবা [ sēbā ] n serving, waiting upon; nursing; worship; eating or drinking or smoking or enjoying; (dial.) obeisance, salutation. ☐v. poet. form of সেবাকরা । সেবাকরাv. to serve, to wait upon; to nurse; to worship; to eat or drink or smoke or have or enjoy; to take. ̃ইতn. a priest and beneficiary of a temple or a religious institution; a worshipper, a votary. ̃দাসীn. fem. a maiden dedicated to the service of a temple or a deity, (cp.) a nun; a woman who (usu. under a vow) serves an ascetic or a Vaishnava devotee or the head of a religious institution; (sarcas.) a concubine. ̃ধর্মn. social service looked upon as a religion, the sacred task of serving others. ̃য়ত, ̃য়েত variants of সেবাইত ।

সেবিকা [ sēbikā ] fem of সেবক।

সেবিত [ sēbita ] a served, waited upon; nursed; worshipped; eaten or drunk or smoked or enjoyed.

সেবী [ sēbī ] a (used as a sfx.) one who serves or waits upon or nurses or worships; one who eats or drinks or smokes, addicted or habituated to; one who enjoys.

সেব্য [ sēbya ] a to be eaten or drunk or smoked or enjoyed; worthy of being wor shipped or served or nursed.

সেমই [ sēmi ] n vermicelli.

সেমত, সেমতি । [ sēmata, sēmati . ] adv. & a (poet.) like that.

সেয়ান, সেয়ানা [ sēẏāna, sēẏānā ] a sly, shrewd; clever; feigning; of age, adult (মেয়ে সেয়ানাহয়েছে). সেয়ানা পাগল one feigning mad ness; one who has a method in one's madness. সেয়ানে সেয়ানে কোলাকুলি (fig.) diamond cuts diamond.

সের [ sēra ] n an obsolete Indian measure of weight (¼ মন), a seer. ̃কিয়াn. the table of counting by seers. ̃কেadv. in each seer; for each seer.

সেরকশ [ sērakaśa ] a obstinate, refractory.

সেরা1 [ sērā1 ] a best; excellent.

সেরা2, সেরি [ sērā2, sēri ] a (used as suffixes) weighing and holding or consuming a specific number of seers (সের).

সেরূপ [ sērūpa ] a of that form or kind. সেরূপেadv. in that manner or way.

সেরেফ [ sērēpha ] a & adv only; alone; mere or merely.

সেরেস্তা [ sērēstā ] n an office; a record-office. ̃দারn. an office superintendent; a headclerk, a chief clerk; a record keeper.

সেলাই [ sēlāi ] n sewing; seaming; a stitch or seam. সেলাই করাv. to sew; to seam; to stitch. ̃কলn. a sewing machine. সেলাইখোলাv. to unsew, to unstitch; to get unsewn. সেলাইয়েরফোঁড় a stitch.

সেলাখানা [ sēlākhānā ] a an armoury, an arsenal.

সেলাম [ sēlāma ] n salutation, obeisance, a salute. সেলাম করাv. to salute, to make an obeisance; (iron.) to shun by showing feigned reverential awe. সেলামআলায়কুম, সেলাম আলেকুমint. (Mus.) I salute you. সেলামিn. an irregular fee or present given to an owner, landlord, employer, boss etc. as a mark of obeisance (জমিদারেরসেলামি); an illegal extra payment made to obtain something (বাড়িভাড়ারসেলামি).

সেলুন [ sēluna ] n a barber's shop, a hair dresser's shop; a luxurious railway carriage or motor car used by dignitaries.

সেশন [ sēśana ] n a session (কলেজেরসেশন); (in law) sessions. সেশনে পাঠানোv. to commit to or send up to the sessions. সেশনজজn. a sessions-judge.

সেহা [ sēhā ] n entry showing payment of rent in a landlord's book. সেহা করাv. to enter or record rent-receipt.

সেহেতু [ sēhētu ] conj for that reason, that is why, because of that.

সৈকত [ saikata ] n the sandy beach of a sea, gulf, river etc.; sea-shore or beach.

সৈনাপত্য [ saināpatya ] n generalship, commandership; command (তাঁরা সৈনাপত্যে দেশ জিতেছে)

সৈনিক [ sainika ] n a soldier; a fighter; an armed guard, a sentinel. ̃জীবনn. the life of a soldier; army life, military life. ̃বৃত্তিn. the profession of a soldier, military profession, soldiership. সৈনিকবৃত্তিঅবলম্বন করাv. to become a soldier. সৈনিকোচিতa. soldier-like, soldierly, be fitting a soldier.

সৈন্ধব [ saindhaba ] a marine; of or grown in sind or the Indus. ☐n. sea-salt; marine salt; (loos.) rock-salt. সৈন্ধবলবণ same as সৈন্ধব (n.)

সৈন্য [ sainya ] n a soldier; an army; armed forces. স্হায়ীসৈন্য a standing army. সৈন্যপরিচালনাকরাv. to command or lead or manoeuvre an army. সৈন্য সমাবেশ করাv. to station or array or mobilize armed forces. ̃দলn. an army; a regiment. ̃যোজনn. mobilization of an army. ̃সামন্তn. armed forces and vassals. সৈন্যাধ্যক্ষn. a commander of an army, a general; a commander-in-chief. the commander-in-chief. সহকারী প্রধানসৈন্যাধ্যক্ষ the second-in-command.

সৈয়দ [ saiẏada ] n a descendant of Imam Hossain, a sayyid, a sayid.

সৈরিন্ধ্রী, সৈরন্ধ্রী [ sairindhrī, sairandhrī ] n. fem a woman who lives away from her home and earns her livelihood by doing artistic work such as embroidery, hairdressing, etc.

সো [ sō ] pro (poet. & obs.) he, she, it. □ a. (poet. & obs.) that.

সোঁটা [ sōn̐ṭā ] n a thick stick or staff, a cudgel.

সোঁদা [ sōn̐dā ] a smelling like dry earth wetted with rain-water.

সোঁদাল [ sōn̐dāla ] n a kind of yellow flower or its plant, Cursia fistula.

সোচ্চার [ sōccāra ] a clamorous, vociferous.

সোজা [ sōjā ] a straight, uncurved; lying straight infront of (নাক সোজা); lying continually onward; shortest, non-circuitous, direct; honest, upright, virtuous, free from angularities, simple; easy; unequivocal, plain (সোজাকথা); chastened or coerced (মারের চোটে সোজা). ☐adv. straight ahead, continuously onward. সোজা করাv. to straighten; to chasten or coerce. ̃সুজিadv. by the straight or shortest route; straightly, straightway; diagonally; unequivocally, plainly, categorically, outspokenly.

সোডা [ sōḍā ] n soda; sodium carbonate; sodium bicarbonate; washing soda. ̃ওয়াটারn. soda-water; mineral water. সোডাওয়াটারের দোকানn. a soda-fountain, a spa.

সোত্কন্ঠ [ sōtkanṭha ] a anxious; eager.

সোত্সাহ [ sōtsāha ] a zealous, ardent, enthusiastic. সোত্সাহেadv. zealously, ardently, with enthusiasm.

সোনা [ sōnā ] n gold; a gold ornament; (in endearment) a precious treasure ('খোকামোদের সোনা'). ☐a. gold-coloured, golden, yellow; sweet, gentle-natured, brilliant (সোনা ছেলে). কাঁচা সোনা, পাকাসোনা unalloyed or pure gold. কেলে সোনা (in endearment) a dark-complexioned son; Krishna (কৃষ্ণ). সোনায়সোহাগা (fig.) a happy match, a most desirable union; (sarcas.) alliance of two vile persons. সোনারকাঠি রুপোর কাঠি (in folk-tales) means of keeping alive or killing; means of living or dying, life and death. সোনার খনি a gold-mine. সোনারজল gold ink; gold paint. সোনার পাত a gold-leaf. সোনার পাথরবাটি (fig.) an absurdity, a mare's nest. সোনার বাট gold bar. সোনার বেনে same as সুবর্ণবনিক ।সোনারসংসার a happy and prosperous family. ̃দানাn. gold and things made of gold; (loos.) gold ornaments. ̃ব্যাংn. a species of yellow frog, the golden frog. ̃মুখn. a fair and bright face; a happy face. ☐a. having a fair and bright face. ̃মুখ করে with an expression of delight or happiness. ̃মুখীa. fem. of সোনামুখ ।☐n. senna, sennapod. ̃মুগn. a variety of yellow pigeon-pea. ̃লিa. gold-coloured, golden; gilded, gold-gilt; (fig.) very bright or happy (সোনালিদিন, সোনালি জীবন). সোনালি চুল golden hair. সোনালিচুলওয়ালা golden haired. সোনালিচুলওয়ালা লোক a goldilocks. সোনালি জরি gold-thread. সোনালি মাছ a goldfish.

সোপকরণ, সোপচার [ sōpakaraṇa, sōpacāra ] a with all articles of food and clothing required to be offered in religious worship.

সোপরদ্দ, সোপর্দ [ sōparadda, sōparda ] n sending up or committing for trial. ☐a. sent up or committed for trial.

সোপান [ sōpāna ] n a flight of steps, stairs; a stair case; a step; a ladder; an escalator. ̃শ্রেণি, সোপানাবলিn. a flight of steps, stair.

সোম [ sōma ] n the moon; the moongod; Mon day; the juice of wormwood. ̃বারn. Monday. ̃রসn. a beverage prepared from the juice of সোমলতা. ̃রাজn. wormwood. ̃লতাn. (myth.) a kind of creeper whose growth is governed by the waxing and waning of the moon.

সোমত্ত [ sōmatta ] a. fem of age, grown up; one who has reached the marriageable age or the age of cohabitation.

সোয়াস্তি [ sōẏāsti ] n (pop.) peace, ease, freedom from anxiety or concern, comfort, allayment.

সোয়েটার [ sōẏēṭāra ] n a sweater, a woolen jumper or pullover; a woolen jacket.

সোরাই [ sōrāi ] n a pitcher with a long and nar row neck, a flagon.

সোলে [ sōlē ] n (chiefly in law) compromise. সোলে করাv. to compromise. ̃নামাn. a deed of compromise.

সোসর [ sōsara ] a (obs.) equal, like; equal in power or strength.

সোহাগ [ sōhāga ] n affection, love; caress, fondling; amorous caress. সোহাগ করাv. to treat with affection, to love; to caress, to fondle; to caress amorously. সোহাগি, সোহাগিনিa. fem. enjoying love of; beloved.

সোহাগা [ sōhāgā ] n borax.

সৌকর্য [ saukarya ] n easiness or facility in doing or performing.

সৌকুমার্য [ saukumārya ] n great softness or tenderness; attractive youth or youngness; great beauty or grace.

সৌগন্ধ, সৌগন্ধ্য [ saugandha, saugandhya ] n a sweet smell, fragrance, aroma, perfume. সৌগন্ধিকn. a maker or seller of perfumes, a perfumer.

সৌজন্য [ saujanya ] n courtesy, civility, good manners; (loos.) cordiality. সৌজন্যসাক্ষাত্ a courtesy meeting; a courtesy visit.

সৌধ [ saudha ] n a large building, an edifice, a mansion. ̃কিরীটিনীa. fem. adorned with numerous large buildings.

সৌন্দর্য [ saundarya ] n beauty; loveliness; handsomeness; grace, elegance. ̃বর্ধকa. enhancing or augmenting beauty, adding to charm or grace. ̃মণ্ডিতa. covered with beauty; highly beautiful. ̃শালী, ̃সম্পন্নa. beautiful; handsome; graceful. fem. ̃শালিনী, ̃সম্পন্না ।

সৌপ্তিক [ sauptika ] n a night-attack, a night battle.

সৌবীর [ saubīra ] n an ancient state on the bank of the Indus.

সৌভাগ্য [ saubhāgya ] n good luck, good furtune; prosperity. ̃ক্রমেadv. by good luck, fortunately, luckily. ̃বান, ̃শালীa. fortunate; lucky; prosperous. fem. ̃বতী ̃শালিনী । ̃লক্ষীn. fem. the presiding female deity of good fortune; good fortune personified. ̃বশতadv. same as সৌভাগ্যক্রমে ।

সৌভিক [ saubhika ] n a conjuror, a wizard, an enchanter; magician.

সৌভ্রাত্র [ saubhrātra ] n good terms amongst brothers; brotherly love; fraternity.

সৌমিত্র, সৌমিত্রি [ saumitra, saumitri ] n a son of Sumitra. (সুমিত্রা).

সৌম্য [ saumya ] a mentally calm or placid or balanced; beautiful, majestic, dignified, unruffled. ̃দর্শনa. having a calm or placid appearance; good-looking, handsome; dignified, majestic; unruffled. ̃ভাবn. mental calm or equilibrium; placidity. ̃মূর্তিa. same as সৌম্যদর্শন ।☐n. a calm or placid or unruffled appearance; a handsome figure.

সৌর [ saura ] a solar; heliolatrous. ̃করn. a sunray; sunlight, sunshine. ̃কলঙ্কn. a sunspot. ̃কালn. solar time. ̃জগত্a. the solar region, the solar sphere, the solar system. ̃দিন, ̃দিবসn. (astr.) a solar day. ̃বত্সর, ̃বর্ষn. (astr.) an as tronomical or equinoctial or natural year, a solar year. ̃বর্ণালিn. a solar spectrum. ̃মণ্ডল same as সৌরজগত্। ̃মাসn. (astr.) a solar month.

সৌরভ [ saurabha ] n a sweet smell or odour, fragrance, aroma.

সৌষ্ঠব [ sauṣṭhaba ] n beauty; decorum; grace; decoration; excellency; smoothness (কাজেরসৌষ্ঠব); beautiful symmetry or shapeliness (অঙ্গসৌষ্ঠব).

সৌসাদৃশ্য [ sausādṛśya ] n nice or immaculate or close resemblance or similarity.

সৌহার্দ, সৌহার্দ্য, সৌহৃদ্য [ sauhārda, sauhārdya, sauhṛdya ] n friendship; amity; fellow-feeling; cordiality. সৌহার্দপাশ, সৌহার্দবন্ধনn. tie or bond of friendship.

স্কন্দ [ skanda ] n Kartikeya (কার্তিকেয়).

স্কন্ধ [ skandha ] n the shoulder; (of a beast) neck; the trunk of the human body; a tree trunk, a trunk; a section of a book, a chapter, a canto; an instalment; a part or division of an army. ̃কাটাa. one with the head cut off; headless. ☐n. a headless ghost. স্কন্ধেকরাবানেওয়া, স্কন্ধেবহন করাv. to take up upon one's shoulders; to carry upon one's shoulders; to shoulder. ̃দেশn. the region of the shoulder or (in case of a beast) the neck, shoulders.

স্কুটার [ skuṭāra ] n a scooter.

স্কুল [ skula ] n a school. স্কুলপালানোv. to play truant, to truant, to run away from school; to mooch. স্কুলে যাওয়াv. (in case of a student) to go to school; (in case of anybody who is not a student) to go to the school. স্কুলের ছুটি a school holiday. স্কুলেরশিক্ষা school education. স্কুলেরসময় school hours.

স্ক্রু [ skru ] n a screw. স্ক্রুআঁটাv. to screw; to screw up. স্ক্রুখোলাv. to unscrew. মাথারস্ক্রু ঢিলা having some mental defect, with a screw loose.

স্খলন [ skhalana ] n falling, a fall; shedding; act of coming off or getting detached, detachment; loosening; act of slipping off; act of losing one's footing, slipping; stumbling; a lapse, a mistake, an error; act of going astray, aberration; stuttering or mumbling; unguarded uttterance of undesirable things, a slip of the tongue.

স্খলিত [ skhalita ] a fallen; shed; detached, come off; loosened; slipped off; slipped; stumbled; guilty of a lapse, mistaken; erred; erring; gone astray; aberrated; stuttering or mumbling; uttered unguardedly and unintentionally. স্খলিতহওয়াv. to fall; to be shed; to come off, to get detached, to get loose, to loosen; to slip off; to lose one's footing, to slip; to stumble; to go astray, to aberrate; to be uttered unguardedly and unintentionally; to slip from one's mouth. ̃কন্ঠa. stuttering or mumbling. ̃চরণa. stumbled; stumbling. স্খলিতাa. fem. of স্খলিত ।n. a fallen woman.

স্টিম [ sṭima ] n steam. অতিতাপিতস্টিম superheated steam. স্টিমারn. a steamer. স্টিমারঘাটn. a steamer-station, a wharf, a pier.

স্টুডিয়ো [ sṭuḍiẏō ] n a studio.

স্টেশন [ sṭēśana ] n a station.

স্ট্রিট [ sṭriṭa ] n a street; a road.

স্তন [ stana ] n either of the mammary glands in women, a women's breast, the mamma (pl. mammae)

স্তনদুগ্ধ [ stanadugdha ] n breast-milk.

স্তনন [ stanana ] n a sound, a noise; a cry of affliction, moaning; roaring; the rumbling of the cloud.

স্তনন্ধয় [ stanandhaẏa ] a unweaned, suckling; infant. fem. স্তনন্বয়ী।

স্তনবৃন্ত [ stanabṛnta ] n a nipple, a teat.

স্তনভার [ stanabhāra ] n the load of one's mammae; the burden of the breasts; fully developed breast.

স্তনাগ্র [ stanāgra ] n a nipple, a teat, a pap.

স্তনিত [ stanita ] a resounded; resounding; rever berated; filled with noise; sounded, ringing. ☐n. the rumbling of the cloud. সমুদ্র-স্তনিতa. resounding with the roar of the sea. ('সমুদ্র স্তনিত পৃথ্বী'). ☐n. the roaring of the waves.

স্তন্য [ stanya ] n breast-milk, mother's milk. ̃জীবী same as স্তন্যপায়ী। ̃দাত্রীa. suckling. ☐n. a mother; a wet-nurse, স্তন্যদান করাv. to suckle. স্তন্যপানকরাv. to suck. ̃পায়ীa. suckling; mammalian. স্তন্যপায়ী প্রাণী a mammal. স্তন্যপায়ীপ্রাণীবর্গ the Mammalia. স্তন্যপায়ী শিশু a suckling.

স্তব [ staba ] n singing in praise, hymnody; a song of praise, a hymn; glorification; eulogy; a eulogium, a eulogy. স্তব করাv. to sing in praise of, to hymn; to glo rify; to eulogize.

স্তবক [ stabaka ] n a bunch, a cluster; a bouquet; a collection; a stanza; a chapter (of a book).

স্তবগান [ stabagāna ] n a song of praise, a hymn.

স্তবপাঠ [ stabapāṭha ] n recital of a song of praise or of a hymn.

স্তবস্তুতি [ stabastuti ] n repeated singing in praise of; hymns collectively, hymnody; repeated glorification.

স্তব্ধ, স্তব্ধীভূত [ stabdha, stabdhībhūta ] a (rendered) motionless; stunned; stupefied, dazed; fallen or lying in a stupor; stiffened; stopped; calmed; calm.

স্তম্ভ [ stambha ] n a pillar, a post; a perpendicular section of a page or of a table, a column; stupor; motionlessness; stiffness; stagnancy; stagnation; stopping. স্তম্ভকn. a cylinder. স্তম্ভনn. stupefaction; act of causing to fall in a stupor; act of making motionless or stagnant; stiffening; stopping; act of making immobile or powerless by means of occult incantation etc. স্ভম্ভাকারa. shaped like a pillar; columnal; cylindrical.

স্তম্ভিত [ stambhita ] a stupefied; astounded; stunned; rendered motionless; stopped; brought to a standstill; made stagnant. fem. স্তম্ভিতা । স্তম্ভিতহওয়াv. to be struck dumb with amazement.

স্তর [ stara ] n a layer; a stratum (pl. strata), a bed; a tier; a lamina (pl. laminae). স্তরেস্তরে layer by layer, in layers; in tiers. স্তরে, স্তরে স্হাপিত stratified; tiered. ̃নতিn. the dip of strata. ̃বিন্যাসn. stratification. ̃মেঘn. stratus. স্তরায়ণn. stratification. স্তরিত, স্তরীভূতa. stratified; laminate(d). স্তরিত বস্তু a laminated core. স্তরীভূতশিলা (geog.) a stratified rock.

স্তাবক [ stābaka ] n one who hymns or sings in praise of; a panegyrist; a eulogizer; a (cringing) flatterer, an adulator.

স্তিমিত [ stimita ] a motionless, immobile; fixed; unmoving; wet, moist, damp; (pop.) dim (স্তিমিতআলোক). ̃নেত্রেadv. with fixed looks, looking fixedly, gazingly.

স্তুত [ stuta ] a praised in a song or hymn; glorified; eulogized; flattered; propitiated. স্তুতিn. a song of praise, a hymn; singing in praise; glorification; a eulogy, a eulogium, an encomium (pl. encomia); eulogy; flattery; propitiation; a propitiatory speech. স্তুতি করাv. to sing in praise of, to hymn, to glorify; to eulogize; to flatter; to propitiate. স্তুতি পাঠকn. an encomiast. স্তুতিপ্রিয়a. fond of praise or adulation. স্তুতিবাদn. an encomium, a eulogium, a eulogy; a lauda tory speech.

স্তুপ [ stupa ] n a heap, a pile; a mound; a low hill (বালির স্তুপ = a dune); (in Buddhism) a stupa or tope. স্তুপ করা, স্তুপাকার করাv. to heap, to pile up. ̃মেঘn. cumulus. স্তুপাকার, স্তুপাকৃতি, স্তুপীকৃতa. collected in a heap, piled up.

স্তোক1 [ stōka1 ] a little, a bit.

স্তোক2 [ stōka2 ] n false or insincere consolation or assurance or promise. ̃বাক্যn. words containing false consolation or assurance or promise.

স্তোত্র [ stōtra ] n a verse of praise (esp. of a deity), an encomium (pl. encomia). স্তোত্রপাঠকরাv. to recite hymn or a verse of praise. ̃গাথাn. a song of praise; a hymn.

স্ত্রী [ strī ] n a wife; a married woman; a woman. ☐a. (used as a pfx.) female, she(স্ত্রী-পশু). স্ত্রী-আচারn. traditional rites performed at a wedding by women whose husbands are alive. ̃গমনn. sexual intercourse with one's wife or any other woman. ̃চরিত্রn. the nature and propensity of womankind, woman's nature. ̃চিহ্নn. the vagina. ̃জন্মn. birth as a woman. ̃জাতিn. womankind, the female sex, the fair sex. ̃জাতীয়a. feminine, female; feminal. ̃ত্বn. womanly function and duties; womanly marks on one's person; womanhood; femineity, femininity. ̃ত্যাগ করাv. to desert or divorce a wife. ̃দ্বেষীa. misogynous, misogynistical. ☐n. a misogynist. ̃ধনn. a woman's personal property; a dowry; a portion, dot. ̃ধর্মn. menstruation, menses; womanly duties. স্ত্রীপরিগ্রহকরাv. to take a wife, to marry, to wive. ̃পুরুষn. a man and a woman, male and female; husband and wife, man and wife, a couple. ̃প্রত্যয়n. (gr.) any inflection (used as a suffix) denoting feminine gender. ̃বশa. uxorious, henpecked, ̃বুদ্ধিn. (usu. unwise) counsel of a woman. ̃মুর্তিn. a female figure. ̃রত্নn. a jewel of a woman or wife. ̃রোগn. a female disease. ̃রোগসম্বন্ধীয়a. gynaecological. ̃রোগবিশেষজ্ঞn. a gynaecologist; a specialist in female diseases. ̃লক্ষণn. any one of the characteristic signs of a female body. ̃লিঙ্গn. (gr.) the feminine gender. ̃লোকn. a woman. ̃শিক্ষাn. female education. ̃সংসর্গ, ̃সহবাস same as ̃স্ত্রীগমন। সুলভa. womanly, feminine; womanish, effeminate. ̃স্বভাবn. womanly nature; effeminacy. ̃স্বাধীনতাn. freedom of women; female emancipation; (cp.) women's lib. ̃হত্যাn. murder of a wife or any woman. ̃হরণn. abduction of women esp. for immoral purposes.

স্ত্রৈণ [ straiṇa ] n uxorious, henpecked.

-স্হ [ -sha ] sfx denoting: situated or located in; contained in; deposited in; arrived at, come of বয়স্হ.

স্হগন [ shagana ] n cessation, stopping; postponement, suspension, adjournment; coming to a standstill.

স্হগিত [ shagita ] a ceased, stopped; discontinued; postponed, put off, suspended, adjourned; brought to a standstill.

স্হপতি [ shapati ] n an architect; a mason. ̃বিদ্যাn. architecture; masonry.

স্হবির [ shabira ] a decrepit; deprived of the power of movement or action, infirm. (স্হবিরযুবক). ☐n. a decrepit man; a Buddhist ascetic practising asceticism for more than ten years. ̃ত্বn. decrepitude, infirmity (coming with age).

স্হল [ shala ] n a place; a site; location, scene, venue; land; ground; condition, situation, circumstances, case (এরূপ স্হলে); stead, position, place (ভরসাস্হল); a container, a repository; a matter or object or point (তর্কস্হল). ̃কমলn. land-lily, (cp.) lily of the valley. ̃গতa. of or on the land, land; overland. ̃চরa. living or moving on land, terrestrial. ̃পথn. a land-route. ̃পথেadv. by land, over land. স্হলপদ্ম same as স্হলকমল । ̃বাণিজ্যn. land-trade. ̃বায়ুn. land-breeze. ̃বিশেষেadv. in some cases; as the case may be; wherever apposite or appropriate. ̃যুদ্ধn. land-fight. ̃সংকটn. an isthmus. ̃সেনা, ̃সৈন্যn. land army. স্হলাভিষিক্তa. placed in another's position or post; substituted; deputizing. স্হলারবিন্দ same as স্হলকমল । স্হলীn. a site, a place; a bag. a sac; a container, a repository. স্হলীয়a. of or on the land, land.

স্হাণু [ shāṇu ] n a peg; a pillar, a post; a stump; Shiva (শিব). ☐a. immobile, motionless, stock-still. ̃বত্a. immobile or motionless like a pillar.

স্হান [ shāna ] n a place; a site; a region, a locality; a country; location, scene, venue; shelter; a repository, a container, a receptacle (ভরসাস্হান); situation, circumstances, case (এরূপ স্হানে); position, post; stead, place (তত্স্হানে); a holy place (কালীর স্হান); an abode, a habitat; space, room; scope; (phil.) space; (astrol.) a footing. স্হানে স্হানে here and there; at places; sporadically. ̃চ্যুতa. displaced, dislocated; dislodged; removed. ̃চ্যুতিn. displacement; dislocation; dislodgment; removal. স্হানত্যাগকরাv. to quit or leave a place, to remove. ̃বহুলa. spacious, roomy, commodious. ̃বিবরণn. topography. ̃ভ্রষ্ট same as স্হানচ্যুত । ̃মাহাত্ম্যn. greatness or glory or sanctity of a place; influence of a place. ̃সংকুলানn. provision of space; accommodation. স্হানসংকুলানহওয়াv. to be accommodated. স্হানাঙ্কn. (math.) co-ordinates. স্হানাঙ্ক পরিবর্তনn. transformation of co-ordinates. স্হানান্তরn. another place. স্হানান্তরে যাওয়াv. to go to another place. to remove, to shift. স্হানান্তরণn. removal or transfer to an other place. স্হানান্তরিতa. removed to an other place, shifted; transferred. স্হানাপন্নa. officiating. স্হানাভাবn. want of space or room or accommodation. স্হানিকa. local; regional. স্হানীয়a. local (স্হানীয়সময়); fit to be regarded as like (পিতৃস্হানীয়).

স্হাপত্য [ shāpatya ] n architecture; masonry; an architectural work. ̃শিল্পীn. an architect; a mason. ̃সংক্রান্তa. architectural.

স্হাপন, স্হাপনা [ shāpana, shāpanā ] n placing, putting; depositing; installation; (বিগ্রহস্হাপন); application; fixing (দৃষ্টিস্হাপন); settling (স্বস্হানেস্হাপন); establishment, setting up, founding an institution (মন্দিরস্হাপন, ধর্মস্হাপন). স্হাপন করাv. to place, to put; to deposit; to instal; to apply; to settle; to establish, to set up, to found, to institute.

স্হাপয়িতা [ shāpaẏitā ] n one who places or puts; one who instals; one who settles another; an establisher, a founder, an institutor. fem. স্হাপয়িত্রী ।

স্হাপিত [ shāpita ] a placed, deposited; installed; settled; established, setup, founded, instituted.

স্হাবর [ shābara ] a immovable; immobile. ̃-জঙ্গমn. mobile and immobile world or beings, animate or inanimate world or beings. স্হাবর ও অস্হাবর movable and immovable, movables and immovables. স্হাবর সম্পত্তি immovable property, immovables, real estate.

স্হায়িতা, স্হায়িত্ব [ shāẏitā, shāẏitba ] n durability; permanence; unchangeability, fixity; perpetuity; immobility; stability.

স্হায়িভাব [ shāẏibhāba ] n permanence; stability; (rhet.) any one of the permanent emotions that are expressed in poetry.

স্হায়ী [ shāẏī ] a lasting, durable; abiding; permanent; unalterable; everlasting, perpetual, immobile, firm, stable; fixed (স্হায়ীআমানত); standing (স্হায়ীআদেশ). ̃ভাবেadv. stably; perpetually, permanently.

স্হাল, স্হালী [ shāla, shālī ] n a cooking pot or urn (esp. one made of clay); a plate or saucer (esp. one with a rim), a dish.

স্হিত [ shita ] a located; remaining, staying, lying; existent, present; fixed, static, immobile, standstill; firm; unwavering. ̃ধি, ̃প্রজ্ঞa. enjoying perpetual mental calm through philosophic contemplation and conviction. স্হিতাবস্হাn. a stand still; status quo. স্হিতাবস্হা-চুক্তিn. a stand still agreement. স্হিতিn. location; stay; position; existence, presence; fixity; stability; (in book-keeping) a balance. স্হিতিকালn. duration. স্হিতিপত্রn. a balance-sheet. স্হিতিবিদ্যা, স্হিতিবিজ্ঞানn. stat ics. স্হিতিশীলa. lasting, durable; abiding; permanent; fixed; static; firm; stable. স্হিতিস্হাপকa. elastic. স্হিতিস্হাপকতাn. elasticity. স্হিতীয়a. statical. স্হিতাধিকারn. locus standi; recognized position.

স্হির [ shira ] a motionless, stationary, still; permanent, perpetual, everlasting; firm, resolute; unperturbed, solid; steady; calm, tranquil; fixed, settled; ascertained. ☐adv. for certain; surely. স্হিরকরাv. to fix, to settle; to determine; to ascertain; to make steady. ̃চিত্ত, ̃চেতাa. evenminded; single-minded; resolute; unwavering, firm. ̃তাn. motionlessness, stationariness; permanence; firmness; stolidness; steadiness, calmness, tranquillity; fixity; certainty. ̃তারাn. (astr.) a fixed star. ̃দৃষ্টিn. a fixed or steadfast look; a gaze. ̃নিশ্চয়a. firmly resolved; certain, sure; convinced. ̃প্রতিজ্ঞa. firmly resolved, resolute, firm. ̃প্রতিজ্ঞাn. a firm resolve, resoluteness. ̃বুদ্ধি, ̃মতিa. evenminded; staid. ̃যৌবনাa. fem. perpetually young, unaging, ageless. masc. ̃যৌবন । ̃সিদ্ধান্তn. a firm resolve or decision; a conclusive finding or ascertainment. স্হিরীকরণn. fixation, settling; decision; determination; ascertainment. স্হিরীকৃতa. fixed, settled; decided; determined; resolved; ascertained.

স্হুল [ shula ] a fat, corpulent, bulky; flat, broad, snub; thick; coarse; dull; plain; not fine or subtle, naive, gross; approximate, rough; ordinary or banal or vulgar. ̃কথাn. the broad meaning; the substance; the long and the short (of it). ̃কায়a. heavy-bodied, hefty, cor pulent, bulky, fat. ̃কোণn. (geom.) an obtuse angle. ̃কোণীa. obtuse-angled. ̃চর্মa. thick-skinned; insensitive, unfeeling. ̃তা, ̃ত্বn. fatness, corpulence, bulkiness; flatness, broadness; thickness; coarseness, dullness; plainness; naivety, grossness. ̃দৃষ্টিn. superficial observation; plain or superficial looks, plain eyes. ̃দেহn. the material or gross body. the mortal frame. ̃বুদ্ধিa. dull-headed, thick-headed, dull-witted. ̃বুদ্ধি ব্যক্তি a dullard. ̃মানn. (geom.) rough approximation. ̃শরীর same as স্হূলদেহ । স্হূলাঙ্গa. corpulent. স্হূলোদরa. pot-bellied, abdominous.

স্হৈতিক [ shaitika ] a potential (স্হৈতিক শক্তি = potential energy).

স্হৈর্য [ shairya ] n firmness; stolidness, sang-froid; steadiness; calmness, tranquillity; patience.

স্নাত [ snāta ] a bathed. ̃কn. (ori.) a Brahman youth who has returned home from his guru's house after completion of his studies; a graduate. ̃কোত্তরa. post graduate.

স্নান [ snāna ] n ablutions; bath. স্নান করাv. to take a bath, to bathe. স্নানকরানোv. to cause to take a bath, to bathe. আতপস্নানn. sun-bath. প্রাতঃস্নানn. a bath taken early in the morning. স্নানের ঘর a bathroom. ̃বস্ত্রn. a piece of loincloth to be worn during a bath ̃যাত্রাn. the ceremony of Juggernaut's (জগন্নাথ) sallying out in procession for a bath. স্নানাগারn. a bath room. স্নানাহারn. bathing and eating. স্নানাহ্নিকn. bathing and prescribed daily prayer to God. স্নানীয়a. fit for ceremonial ablutions. ☐n. articles required for ceremonial ablution.

স্নায়বিক [ snāẏabika ] a nerval; nervous. স্নায়বিক দৌর্বল্য nervous debility, neurasthenia.

স্নায়ু [ snāẏu ] n a sinew; a nerve. ̃মণ্ডলn. the nervous system. ̃যুদ্ধn. a campaign to weaken an opponent by destroying his morale; the war of nerves. ̃শূলn. neuralgia, neuralgic pain.

স্নিগ্ধ [ snigdha ] a oily, unctuous; smooth, glossy; loving, affectionate; cordial or charming; delightful to touch; pleasant, cooling, refreshing; cooled, calmed (স্নিগ্ধহওয়া); sweet and soft (স্নিগ্ধকণ্ঠ); tender (স্নিগ্ধআলো). ̃কান্তিa. smooth-skinned; having a graceful bodily charm. ̃জ্যোতিa. having a tender lustre. ̃তাn. oiliness, greasiness, a soapy feel; smoothness, glossiness; softness; sweetness. ̃দৃষ্টিn. a pleasant look. ̃শ্যামলa. pleasantly green, verdant.

স্নেহ [ snēha ] n affection; love; tenderness; any fatty substance, fat (also স্নেহপদার্থ). স্নেহকরাv. to extend affection to, to love. ̃দ্রব্য, ̃পদার্থn. fatty or oily or greasy substance. ̃পাত্রn. same as স্নেহভাজন (n). fem. ̃পাত্রী। ̃পুত্তলি, ̃পুত্তলীn. a doll or a very young object of affection or love. ̃পরায়ণ, ̃পূর্ণ, ̃প্রবণa. affectionate; loving. ̃পালিত, ̃পুষ্টa. brought up with love and tenderness. ̃বশেadv. impelled or moved by affection or love. ̃ভাজনn. an object of affection or love, a beloved person. ☐a. deserving affection or love. ̃মমতাn. love and affection, deep attachment. ̃ময়, ̃শীলa. affectionate; loving. fem. ̃ময়ী, ̃শীলা । ̃সঞ্চারn. infusion or upsurge of affection or love. ̃সিক্তa. drenched or softened with affection or love. ̃শূন্য, ̃হীনa. devoid of affection or love, unloving. ̃স্পর্শn. the touch of affection. স্নেহার্দ্রa. softened with affection or love. স্নেহালিঙ্গনn. an affectionate or loving embrace. স্নেহাশীর্বাদn. affectionate blessing. স্নেহাস্পদ same as স্নেহভাজন।

স্পন্দ, স্পন্দন [ spanda, spandana ] n beating or throbbing (esp. at regular intervals), pulsation, palpitation; a beat; quivering; shaking or tremor (esp. mild); (mech.) vibration. নাড়ির স্পন্দন pulsebeat. নেত্রস্পন্দনn. quivering of eyelids. ̃রহিত, ̃হীনa. motionless; not beating; still. স্পন্দিতa. beating, throbbing, pulsating, palpitating; throbbed, pulsated, quivering; shaking, quaking; quivered; shaken, quaked; vibrating; vibrated. স্পন্দিতহওয়াv. to beat, to throb, to pulsate, to palpitate; to quiver; to shake; to vibrate.

স্পর্ধা [ spardhā ] n courage or audacity to emulate or defy; emulation; daring to undertake a difficult task; daring; audacity; vaunting arrogance; rant and bluster. স্পর্ধা করাv. to emulate; to defy; to dare to undertake; to rant and bluster; to vaunt; to dare; to challenge. স্পর্ধিত, স্পর্ধীa. courageously or audaciously emulative or defiant; daring; ranting and blustering; arrogant; audacious.

স্পর্শ [ sparśa ] n touch; contact. স্পর্শ করাv. to touch. স্পর্শকa. touching. ☐n. (geom.) a tangent. ̃কাতরa. very sensitive to touch; (fig.) touchy. ̃কোণn. an angle of contact. ̃ক্রামক, ̃ক্রামীa. contagious. ̃জ্যাn. (geom.) a tangent. ̃নn. touching, touch. ̃বর্ণn. any one of the twenty-five consonants from ক to ম of the Bengali alphabet, a stop. ̃বিন্দুn. point of contact. ̃মণিn. the philosopher's stone. ̃রেখাn. a tangent; a touch line. ̃সুখn. the pleasure of touch. স্পর্শানুভূতিn. perception by feeling; tactual perception. স্পর্শীa. touching; tangential; contagious; contacting. fem. স্পর্শিনী ।স্পর্শিনীবলn. tangent force. স্পর্শিনীবেগn. tangential velocity. স্পর্শেন্দ্রিয়n. the organ of touch, the skin.

স্পষ্ট [ spaṣṭa ] a clear; evident, manifest, obvious; express, explicit; positive, categorical; plain, outspoken. ☐adv. clearly; evidently, manifestly., obviously; expressly, explicitly; positively; categorically; plainly, outspokenly. স্পষ্ট করাv. to clarify; to make clear or evident. স্পষ্টতadv. same as স্পষ্ট (adv.) ̃বক্তা, ̃বাদী, ̃ভাষীa. plain-spoken, frank in speech, outspoken. ☐n. an outspoken man. fem. ̃বাদিনী, ̃ভাষিণী । স্পষ্টদিবালোক in broad daylight. ̃বাদিতা, ̃ভাষিতাn. outspokenness, plain speaking; frankness in speech. স্পষ্টাক্ষরেadv. in distinctly legible letters (of the al phabet); in plain words, in clear terms. expressly, categorically. স্পষ্টাস্পষ্টিa. very clear, express, categorical; out spoken. ☐adv. very clearly, expressly, categorically; outspokenly; quite plainly. স্পষ্টীকৃতa. made clear; clarified, elucidated. স্পষ্টোচ্চারণn. frankness in speech, outspokenness; speaking frankly.

স্পৃশ্য [ spṛśya ] a tangible, tactile; touchable.

স্পৃষ্ট [ spṛṣṭa ] a touched.

স্পৃহণীয় [ spṛhaṇīẏa ] a desirable; covetable; lik(e)able.

স্পৃহা [ spṛhā ] n desire, longing; liking; inclination (আহারে স্পৃহা). ̃হীনa. free from all desires or longings.

স্ফটিক [ sphaṭika ] n rock-crystal; crystal, quartz; glass. ̃তুল্যa. crystal-like, crystalline. ̃নির্মিত, ̃ময়a. made of crystal; crystalline. ̃স্তম্ভa. a pillar of crystal, a crystalline column. স্ফটিকারিa. alum. স্ফটিকীভবনn. crystallisation.

স্ফাটিক [ sphāṭika ] a made of crystal, crystalline.

স্ফার, স্ফারণ [ sphāra, sphāraṇa ] n opening; manifestation; widening; expansion; width; expanse. স্ফারিতa. opened; manifested; widened; expanded.

স্ফীত [ sphīta ] a swollen, bloated; inflated; expanded; augmented; flourished; puffed up. স্ফীতহওয়াv. to swell, to bloat; to be inflated; to be expanded, to expand; to be augmented; to prosper, to flourish; to be puffed up. ̃কায়a. fat-bodied, corpulent; inflated, swelled up, augmented. স্ফীতিn. swelling; bulging; inflation; expansion; augmentation; flourish; puffed-up state.

স্ফুট [ sphuṭa ] a burst open; manifest, express, explicit, apparent (স্ফুট অর্থ); blown, bloomed, blooming (স্ফুট কুসুম); pierced, bored (দন্তস্ফুট). ̃নn. bursting open; manifestation, expression, blooming; piercing, boring; boiling; ef fervescence. ̃নাঙ্কn. the boiling-point. ̃নোন্মুখa. on the point of bursting open or blooming or boiling. স্ফুটিতa. burst open; bloomed; blown; blooming; manifested, unfolded; pierced, bored; boiled.

স্ফুরণ [ sphuraṇa ] n quivering, trembling; glow, shine; glitter; incitement; awakening; expression, unfolding.

স্ফুরিত [ sphurita ] a quivered, trembled; quivering, trembling; glowing, shining; glittering; incited, awakened; expressed, manifested. স্ফুরিত হওয়াv. to quiver, to tremble; to glow, to shine; to glitter; to be incited or awakened; to be expressed or manifested. স্ফুরিতাধরn. quivering lips.

স্ফুলিঙ্গ [ sphuliṅga ] n a spark. স্ফুলিঙ্গ ছড়ানোv. to emit sparks, to spark. স্ফুলিঙ্গ-মোক্ষণn. spark-discharge. স্ফুলিঙ্গান্তরn. a spark gap.

স্ফূর্ত [ sphūrta ] a bloomed; revealed, unfolded, manifested; expressed; uttered. স্ফূর্তিn. blooming; revelation, unfolding, manifestation; expression; utterance; merriment; hilarity; joviality; sprightliness; amusement, fun; cheerful enthusiasm or energy. স্ফূর্তি করাv. to rejoice; to make merry; to revel. স্ফূর্তি পাওয়াv. to get delight; to feel invigorated or energized; to enjoy mirth or fun. ̃জনকa. cheering, exhilarating. ̃ব্যঞ্জকa. cheerful; merry; vivacious; sprightly. ̃সহকারেadv. cheerfully; merrily; vivaciously.

স্ফোট, স্ফোটক [ sphōṭa, sphōṭaka ] n a boil; an abscess, a furuncle; a tumour; an acne, pimple; a pustule.

স্ফোটন [ sphōṭana ] n act of causing to bloom; unfolding or revealing or expressing; splitting or cleaving or rending or boring or piercing. স্ফোটনোন্মুখ about to bloom. স্ফোটনীn. any tool for boring or piercing with, a gimlet, an auger, an awl, a needle.

স্ব [ sba ] pro one's ownself, self. (স্বকৃত) ☐n. wealth, possessions (সর্বস্ব). ☐a. one's own (স্বগৃহ). স্ব স্ব relating to each distributively, respective (স্ব স্ব কার্য). স্বস্বপ্রধান each independent and self-sufficient; each considering himself or herself most important and slighting others.

স্বঃ [ sbḥ ] n heaven. (স্বর্গত).

স্বকপোলকল্পিত [ sbakapōlakalpita ] a invented by one's own fancy.

স্বকর্ম, স্বকার্য [ sbakarma, sbakārya ] n one's own work or deed or duty or business.

স্বকাম [ sbakāma ] n narcissism.

স্বকীয় [ sbakīẏa ] a own; of one's own; personal; original (স্বকীয় ফন্দি); (math.) intrinsic. ̃তাn. originality.

স্বকৃত [ sbakṛta ] a done by oneself, selfdone.

স্বখাত [ sbakhāta ] a dug by oneself. ̃সলিলn. (fig.) consequences of one's own action or deed.

স্বগত [ sbagata ] a (esp. in a drama) aside (to one self.) স্বগতোক্তি soliloquy.

স্বগৃহ [ sbagṛha ] n one's home or residence.

স্বগ্রাম [ sbagrāma ] n one's native village or own village. ̃বাসীn. a co-villager.

স্বচক্ষে [ sbacakṣē ] adv with one's own eyes.

স্বচ্ছ [ sbaccha ] a transparent; translucent; pellucid; crystal-clear, crystalline; lucid. ̃কাগজ tracing paper. ̃তাn. transparency, clearness; lucidity, perspicuity. ̃দৃষ্টিn. clear sight or vision. ☐a. clear sighted.

স্বচ্ছন্দ [ sbacchanda ] a enjoying freedom of will or liberty of choice; free, independent; unrestrained; easy, at ease; comfortable; facile; spontaneous. ☐n. one's own will, free will. স্বচ্ছন্দ বোধকরাv. to feel at ease, to feel comfortable. ̃গতিa. moving at ease; freely moving. ☐n. easy or natural or free or unrestrained movement. ̃চিত্তেadv. with an easy heart; without demur, undermurringly. ̃বিহারn. free or unrestrained prom enading or movement; rambling at pleasure. স্বচ্ছান্দানুবর্তীa. acting as one's heart dictates without considering outside influences, (cp.) self-poised. স্বচ্ছন্দেadv. freely; as one pleases; at pleasure; at ease, easily; facilely; undemurringly; with self-possession.

স্বচ্ছসলিলা [ sbacchasalilā ] a. fem containing clear or transparent water. masc. স্বচ্ছসলিল।

স্বজন [ sbajana ] n one's own man; a kinsman (fem. a kinswoman), a relative; a relation; a member of one's own family or party; a friend; kith and kin. স্বজনীfem. of স্বজন in all senses, and—a confidante. ̃ত্যাগn. disownment or desertion of one's own people. n. & a. one who has disowned or deserted one's own people. ˜ত্যাগীn. & a. one who has deserted or disowned one's own people. ˜পোষণn. unduly favouring one's own people, nepotism.

স্বজাতি [ sbajāti ] n one's own race or nation or caste. ̃দ্রোহn. hostility to or revolt against one's own race or nation or caste. ̃দ্রোহীa. hostile to or rebellious against. one's own race or nation or caste. fem. ̃দ্রোহিণী । ̃সুলভa. natural to one's caste or race or nation.

স্বজাতীয় [ sbajātīẏa ] a belonging to one's own race or nation or caste or class.

স্বতন্ত্র [ sbatantra ] a dependent on nobody but one self, (cp.) self-guided; independent, free; separate; secluded; aloof; different or another (স্বতন্ত্র কথা); (anat.) sympathetic (স্বতন্ত্র নার্ভ).স্বতন্ত্রাfem. of স্বতন্ত্র in all senses, and—living apart from one's husband. স্বতন্ত্রতাn. same as স্বাতন্ত্র্য।

স্বত্ব [ sbatba ] n ownership; proprietary right, right to possession, right, title; lawful claim, claim. স্বত্বের দলিল ̃পত্রn. title-deed, a title. স্বত্বেরমামলা a title-suit. ̃ত্যাগn. relinquishment of right. ̃ত্যাগপত্রn. a deed of relinquishment. ̃নিয়োগn. as signment. ̃নিয়োগীn. an assignee. ̃নিরসনn. expropriation. ̃পত্রn. a title-deed, a title. স্বত্ববানa. having a right or claim to; entitled. ̃ভোগীa. & n. a beneficiary. ˜লোপn. abolition of right. ̃লোপনীতিn. (Ind. hist.) the Doctrine of Lapse. ̃শূন্যa. having no right or claim. ̃সাব্যস্তn. establishment or determination of right or title. স্বত্বসাব্যস্তেরমামলা a title-suit. ̃স্বামিত্বn. right and ownership. স্বত্বাধিকারn. ownership and possession; proprietary right. স্বত্বাধিকারীa. rightfully owning or possessing. ☐n. a proprietor (fem. a proprietress, proprietrix), an owner. fem. স্বত্বাধিকারিণী। স্বত্বার্থনn. act of putting forward one's claim, act of laying claim to স্বত্বার্থীn. a claimant.

স্বদেশ [ sbadēśa ] n homeland, home, mother-country, motherland, native land. ̃ত্যাগn. act of leaving one's native land, emigration; migration. ̃ত্যাগীa. one who has left one's native land; emigrating; migrating. ☐n. such a person; an emigrant or a migrator. fem. ̃ত্যাগিনী। ̃দ্রোহn. hostility to or revolt against one's native land. ̃দ্রোহীn. & a. hostile to or rebellious against one's native land. fem. ˜দ্রোহিণী । ̃প্রেম, ̃ভক্তিn. patriotism. ̃প্রেমিক, ̃প্রেমী, ̃ভক্তn. a patriot. ☐a. patriotic. ̃সেবকn. a servant or devotee of one's native land. ̃সেবাn. service of or devotion to one's native land. ̃হিতৈষণাn. desire of doing good to one's native land. ̃হিতৈষীa. desirous of doing good to one's native land. ☐n. such a person. fem. ̃হিতৈষণী। স্বদেশানুরাগn. attachment to one's native land; patriotism. ̃স্বদেশানুরাগীa. attached to one's native land; patriotic. fem. স্বদেশানুরাগিণী । স্বদেশীa. of or made in one's native land; home-made, indigenous. ☐n. (hist.) an Indian national movement favouring home industries and boycott of foreign goods, Swadeshi (also স্বদেশীআন্দোলন). স্বদেশী করাv. to participate in Swadeshi, স্বদেশীশিল্প home industry. স্বদেশীয়a. of or born in or made in one's native land.

স্বধর্ম [ sbadharma ] n one's own religion; the religion or the rites and duties or one's forefathers or race or class; characteristics or function of one's race or class; one's natural trade or calling. স্বধর্মে নিধনংশ্রেয়ঃপরধর্মো ভয়াবহঃ it is better to be killed for one's faith than to embrace another religion, which latter action is terrible. ̃চ্যুত, ̃ত্যাগীa. apostate. স্বধর্মচ্যুত ব্যক্তি an apostate. ̃চ্যুতি, ̃ত্যাগn. apostasy. স্বধর্মত্যাগকরাv. to apostatize. ̃পালক observing or defending one's religion. ☐n. an observer or defender of one's religion. স্বধর্মপালনকরাv. to observe or defend one's religion. ̃পালনরত, ̃রতa. engaged in observance or defence of one's religion; practising one's natural function or calling. ̃ভ্রষ্ট same as ̃চ্যুত ।

স্বন [ sbana ] n sound; noise. ̃নn. sounding, ringing, sonance. ̃বিদ্যাn. acoustics. ̃মাপকn. a sonometer.

স্বনাম [ sbanāma ] n one's own name. স্বনামে ও বেনামে using one's own name and names of others; in one's real name and pseudonyms. ̃ধন্য, ̃প্রসিদ্ধa. celebrated or known by one's own name; renowned, famous.

স্বনিত [ sbanita ] a sounded; rung.

স্বপক্ষ [ sbapakṣa ] n one's own party or team. স্বপক্ষীয়a. of one's own party or team. fem. স্বপক্ষীয়া ।

স্বপ্রকাশ [ sbaprakāśa ] a self-manifested, self-revealed.

স্বপ্রচার [ sbapracāra ] n self-advertisement, self-propaganda.

স্বপ্রণীত [ sbapraṇīta ] a composed or compiled or written by oneself.

স্ববশ [ sbabaśa ] a self-controlled; independent, free.

স্বভাব [ sbabhāba ] n nature; a characteristic (innate or acquired); a natural quality, a property; character; instinct, disposition; conduct, behaviour; habit, practice; nature; original or normal or natural state. স্বভাব যায় না মলে one's nature does not change even at one's death. ̃কবিn. a poet by nature; a born poet, a poet of nature, a nature-poet. ̃কুলীনn. a member of a kulin (কুলীন) family whose familial characteristics have not been tarnished by undesirable matrimonial alliance or otherwise. ̃কৃপণa. miserly or niggardly by nature. ̃গত same as স্বাভাবিক । ̃গুণn. a natural or innate or habitual or characteristic or normal quality or function. ̃চরিত্রn. innate and acquired nature; character and conduct or practice. ̃জa. originating from nature; natural; instinctive; habitual; abiogenetic; spontaneous. ̃জাতa. same as স্বভাবজ । ̃তadv. naturally; by nature. ̃দুর্বৃত্তn. a habitual of fender; a born criminal. ̃বিরুদ্ধa. unnatural; abnormal; contrary or opposed to one's nature. ̃বর্ণনাn. description of nature or phenomenal world. ̃শোভাn. a beautiful show of nature, natural beauty. ̃সিদ্ধ, ̃সংগত, ̃সুলভa. natural; habitual. ̃সুন্দরa. beautiful by nature. স্বভাবীa. normal. স্বভাবোক্তিn. (rhet.) detailed poetical description of an object of nature; faithful transcript of life and nature.

স্বমত [ sbamata ] n one's own or free opinion.

স্বয়ং [ sbaẏa ] pro oneself, ownself, (in comp.) self. ☐adv. personally; by oneself. ̃ক্রিয়a. automatic. ̃ক্রিয়তাn. automaticity, the quality of being automatic. ̃চলa. automobile. ̃চল যান an automobile. ̃প্রবৃত্তa. self-engaged. ̃বরn. choosing of one's bridegroom oneself (esp. from amongst a number of invited suitors). ̃বরাn. fem. one who chooses one's bridegroom oneself (esp. from amongst a number of invited suitors). ̃সম্পূর্ণa. self-sufficient (স্বয়ংসম্পূর্ণব্যক্তি); self-contained (স্বয়ংসম্পূর্ণফ্ল্যাট). ̃সিদ্ধa. having realized one's end by one's own effort; self-proved, self-evident.

স্বয়ম্ভর [ sbaẏambhara ] a self-fed, self-sustaining.

স্বয়ম্ভু, স্বয়ম্ভূ [ sbaẏambhu, sbaẏambhū ] a self-born; abiogenetic; born upon the earth of one's own accord.

স্বর [ sbara ] n voice; tone of voice; a musical note or pitch; tune; a vowel. ̃কম্পn. (mus.) a beat. ̃কম্পনn. modulation or tremor of voice. ̃গ্রামn. (mus.) any recognized scale, gamut. স্বরগ্রাম সাধাv. (mus.) to run through a scale of notes. ̃তন্ত্রীn. the vocal chord. ̃নিবেশn. (mus.) temperament; adjustment of tuning. ̃বর্ণn. (gr.) a vowel. ̃বদ্ধa. having one's voice choked. ̃বৃত্তn. (pros.) a system of versification measured by the number of letters in each foot. ̃ভক্তিn. (gr.) vowel insertion. ̃ভঙ্গn. morbid hoarseness of voice, aphonia. ̃ভঙ্গিn. modulation of voice; (mus.) intonation. ̃মাধুর্যn. sweetness of voice. ̃মাপকn. a sonometer. ̃লহরীn. waves or ripples of musical notes, wavy strain of music. ̃লিপিn. musical notation. ̃সংগতিn. (gr.) vowel harmony or mutation. ̃সন্ধিn. (gr.) the union or joining of the last vowel of a word with the initial vowel of the next word.

স্বরচিত [ sbaracita ] a composed or made or contrived or written by oneself.

স্বরাজ [ sbarāja ] n self-government, home rule, in dependence, swaraj.

স্বরাজ্য, স্বরাষ্ট্র [ sbarājya, sbarāṣṭra ] n one's own state; a self governed or free state. স্বরাষ্ট্রমন্ত্রকn. the Ministry of Home Affairs. স্বরাষ্ট্রমন্ত্রীn. the Home Minister.

স্বরিত [ sbarita ] n (mus.) a tone between the high and deep one and between the low and grave one, (cp.) tenor. ☐a. voiced; uttered; sounded.

স্বরূপ [ sbarūpa ] n nature; the natural or normal state or form; real or true nature or condition; similar or equal condition or form. ☐a. like, similar. ̃চিন্তাn. meditation about oneself, introspection. ̃নির্ণয়n. determination of real character or nature; ascertainment of true form or state. ̃লক্ষণn. a characteristic. স্বরূপত, স্বরূপেadv. really, truly.

স্বর্গ [ sbarga ] n the abode of God and gods and the blessed, heaven, Swarag, Svarga; (fig.) a place full of heavenly or supreme bliss (মাতৃভূমি আমার স্বর্গ); (fig.) supreme bliss or beatitude. স্বর্গেবাতিদেওয়া to setup a pole with a light suspended from its top enkindled in reverence to one's deceased forefathers; (fig.) to continue one's line of descent by procreation. স্বর্গ হাতে পাওয়া (fig.) to attain happiness and riches of all description; (fig.) to attain supreme happiness or joy. স্বর্গে তোলাv. (fig.) to extol inblatant advertisement, to puff up, to deify or elate, to flatter with false praise. স্বর্গে যাওয়াv. to go to heaven after death; to go or ascent to heaven; (euphem.) to die. ̃গঙ্গাn. the milky way, the Galaxy; the celestial river Mandakini (মন্দাকিনী). ̃গত, ̃তa. gone or ascended to heaven after death; (euphem.) dead. ̃গমনn. ascension to heaven; (euphem.) death. ̃দ্বারn. the gate of heaven; a Hindu holy place in Upper India. ̃ধামn. heaven; a kind of indoor game. ̃প্রাপ্তি same as ̃লাভ। ̃বাসীa. residing in heaven. ̃ভোগn. enjoyment of heaven or beatitude (after death). ̃লাভn. attainment of heaven after death. স্বর্গ লাভ করাv. to attain heaven after death; (euphem.) to die. ̃লোকn. heaven, Swarga, Svarga. ̃সুখn. heavenly bliss (esp. what is attainable after death), beatitude. ̃স্হ same as স্বর্গীয় । স্বর্গাদপিadv. even than heaven. স্বর্গাধিপতিn. the lord of heaven. স্বর্গারূঢ় same as স্বর্গত । স্বর্গীয়a. heavenly; divine, celestial; dead. স্বর্গীয় পিতা one's late or deceased father; heavenly father.

স্বর্ণ [ sbarṇa ] n gold, aurum. ̃কণাn. a grain of gold. ̃কমলn. the red lotus. ̃কারn. a goldsmith (by caste or trade). ̃খচিত same as সুবর্ণখচিত । ̃খনিn. a goldmine; (fig.) a highly rewarding or profitable enterprise. ̃পদ্মn. the red lotus. ̃পত্রn. a goldleaf; a gold-foil. ̃প্রতিমাn. a gold image, a golden image; (fig.) a very beautiful (female) figure or person. ̃প্রসূa. auriferous; (fig.) exceptionally fertile. ̃বণিক same as সুবর্ণবণিক । ̃বর্ণa. having the colour of gold, gold-coloured, golden. ̃ভূমিn. an auriferous land; (fig.) a richly fertile land or soil. ̃মণ্ডিতa. gilded, gilt, aureated; gold-plaited. ̃ময়a. made of or full of gold, golden. ̃মাক্ষিকn. iron pyrites. ̃মৃগ same as মায়ামৃগ । ̃রেণুn. minute particles or grains of gold; gold dust. ̃সিঁদূরn. an Ayurvedic medicine containing mercury. ̃সূত্রn. gold thread; gold-wire. স্বর্ণাক্ষরn. a letter of gold. স্বর্ণাক্ষরে লেখা written in letters of gold. স্বর্ণাঙ্গুরীয়, স্বর্ণাঙ্গুরীয়কn. a fingerring made of gold, a gold ring. স্বর্ণাভরণ, স্বর্ণালংকারn. a gold ornament.

স্বল্প [ sbalpa ] a very little; very few; only a little; only a few; a bit. ̃তাn. fewness. smallness, scantiness. ̃ব্যয়েadv. at a low or small expense or cost; cheaply. ̃ভাষীa. speaking very little, parsimonious in speech; taciturn, reticent; reserved; curt, laconic. স্বল্পায়ুa. having a brief span of life, short-lived. স্বল্পাহারীa. subsisting on meagre or scanty meal or fare; abstemious.

স্বশাসন [ sbaśāsana ] n self-government, autonomy; self-control. স্বশাসিতa. self-governing, self-governed, autonomous; self-controlled.

স্বসা [ sbasā ] n a sister; a cousin sister.

স্বস্তি [ sbasti ] int be well, be in weal, (cp.) vale. ☐n. a benedictory incantation; weal, good; contentment; (pop.) freedom from worry or anxiety, peace, relief (স্বস্তির নিশ্বাস) = a sigh of relief) সুখেরচেয়ে স্বস্তিভালো(fig.) peaceful poverty is better than worried affluence. স্বস্তিকn. a fylfot, a filfot,. a swastika; a holy sign of fylfot painted with rice-paste etc.; the Buddhist cross; a posture of sitting in yogic practice (usu. স্বস্তিকাসন); a mansion with a portico or balcony in the front; a place where two roads intersect, a cross road. ̃পাঠ, ̃বাচনn. recital or utterance of the benedictory incantation. ̃বচনn. benedictory words or incantation. ̃হীনa. peaceless, restless; having no respite, without respite, unrelieved.

স্বস্ত্যয়ন [ sbastyaẏana ] n a religious service performed for fighting out evils, remission of sins, recovery from illness etc.

স্বস্হান [ sbashāna ] n one's own place; a place fixed for a particular person; one's residence or home.

স্বহস্ত [ sbahasta ] n one's own hand. স্বহস্তাক্ষরn. one's handwriting.

স্বাক্ষর [ sbākṣara ] n a signature. স্বাক্ষর করাv. to sign. ̃কারীn. a signatory. স্বাক্ষরিতa. signed.

স্বাগত [ sbāgata ] n auspicious coming or arrival, welcome; well-being, weal. স্বাগতজানানোv. to welcome. ̃ভাষণn. a wel come address. ̃সম্ভাষণn. act of receiving one cordially by inquiring after one's well-being.

স্বাচ্ছন্দ্য [ sbācchandya ] n freedom of will or liberty of choice; freeness, freedom; ease; comfort; facileness, facility; spontaneity.

স্বাজাতিক [ sbājātika ] a relating to one's own countrymen or nation or race or caste; (loos.) nationalist. স্বাজাতিকতা, স্বাজাত্যn. (loos.) nationalism.

স্বাতন্ত্র্য[ sbātantrya ] n dependence on nobody but oneself; independence, freedom; separateness; seclusion; aloofness.

স্বাতি, স্বাতী [ sbāti, sbātī ] n the fifteenth of the twenty-seven zodiacal stars according to Hindu astronomy.

স্বাদ [ sbāda ] n taste; flavour, relish; good taste or flavour; gustation. ̃গ্রহণ, ̃নn. act of tasting, gustation. ̃গ্রাহীa. tasting. ̃হীনa. tasteless, insipid, flavourless; flat.

স্বাদু [ sbādu ] a tasty, tasteful, gustful; tasting sweet; delicious; sweet.

স্বাদেশিক [ sbādēśika ] a of one's mother-country, national; patriotic; nationalistic. স্বাদেশিকতাn. patriotism; nationalism.

স্বাধিকার [ sbādhikāra ] n one's own right or territory or jurisdiction or privilege.

স্বাধীন [ sbādhīna ] a independent; free; unrestrained, unrestricted. স্বাধীন করাv. to free; to liberate. স্বাধীন হওয়াv. to be free or independent. স্বাধীনতাn. independence; freedom. স্বাধীনতা দিবসn. the Independence Day. স্বাধীনভাবেadv. independently; freely.

স্বাধ্যায় [ sbādhyāẏa ] n study of the Vedas; studies. স্বাধ্যায়ীn. a student of the Vedas; a student.

স্বাবলম্বন, স্বাবলম্ব [ sbābalambana, sbābalamba ] n self-help; self-reliance; self-support; self-sufficiency. স্বাবলম্বীa. having recourse to self-help; self-reliant; self-supporting; self-sufficient.

স্বাভাবিক [ sbābhābika ] a natural; characteristic; innate; instinctive, native; of the phenomenal world, normal; usual; spontaneous, not forced. স্বাভাবিকতাn. naturalness; normality; normalcy; usualness; spontaneity.

স্বামী [ sbāmī ] n a husband; a master; a lord; an employer; an overlord, a ruler; an owner, a proprietor; a title of saints or great ascetics (also স্বামিজি). স্বামিত্বn. ownership, proprietorship; authority, rule. স্বামিনীn. fem. a mistress; a female employer or ruler; a proprietress. স্বামিহীনa. ownerless, masterless. স্বামিহীনাa. (of a woman) who has lost her husband, widowed.

স্বায়ত্ব [ sbāẏatba ] a self-possessed; self-controlled; self-governing. ̃শাসন same as স্বশাসন । ̃শাসিত same as স্বশাসিত ।

স্বার্থ [ sbārtha ] n one's own interests, pleasure, welfare, etc.; self-interest. ̃চিন্তাn. thoughts to devise means of realizing one's own interests, selfish thoughts, self-seeking. ̃ত্যাগn. self-sacrifice, self-denial. স্বার্থত্যাগ করাv. to sacrifice one's own interests. ̃ত্যাগীa. self-sacrificing. ̃পর, ̃পরায়ণa. selfish. ̃পরতা, ̃পরায়ণতাn. selfishness. ̃বুদ্ধিn. a selfish motive or thought. ̃বুদ্ধিপ্রণোদিতa. actuated or prompted by a selfish motive or thought. ̃মগ্ন engulfed in thoughts of self-interest; absorbed in one's own affairs or interests. ̃ময়a. full of selfishness. ̃শূন্য ̃হীনa. unselfish; selfless; disinterested. ̃সাধন, ̃সিদ্ধিn. realization of one's own interests. স্বার্থান্ধa. blinded with selfishness or self-interest, blindly or unscrupulously self-seeking. স্বার্থান্বেষণn. self-seeking. স্বার্থান্বেষীa. self-seeking. স্বার্থান্বেষী ব্যক্তি a self-seeker. স্বার্থোন্মত্তa. madly self-seeking.

স্বাস্হ্য [ sbāshya ] n health; hygiene; happiness, peace. পৌরস্বাস্হ্য public health or hygiene. দৈহিকস্বাস্হ্য personal health or hygiene. স্বাস্হ্য-অধিকর্তাn. the Director of Public Health. ̃করa. conducive to health, healthsome, healthful, healthy; salutary, salubrious. স্বাস্হ্যকর স্হান a health-resort, a health station. ̃কৃত্যকn. health services. ̃পরিদর্শকn. a sanitary inspector. ̃প্রদ same as স্বাস্হ্যকর। ̃বিদ্যাn. hygiene. ̃বিধানn. hygiene; measures for recovery or improvement of health; sanitation. স্বাস্হ্যবিধানকরাv. to take measures for recovery or improvement of health. ̃বিধিn. science of or rules for healthy living; hygiene. ̃ব্যবস্হাn. sanitation. ̃ভঙ্গn. ruin or wreck of health. ̃মন্ত্রকn. the Ministry of Health. ̃মন্ত্রীn. the Minister of Health. ̃রক্ষাn. preservation of health. ̃লাভn. recovery of health. ̃হানিn. impairment of health. ̃হীনa. in ill health, sickly. স্বাস্হ্যান্বেষণn. search for health; attempt to recover health. স্বাস্হ্যান্বেষীa. searching for health; attempting to recover health, valetudi narian.

স্বাহা [ sbāhā ] n the wife of the sun-god. ☐int. a word uttered whilst pouring ghee in the sacrificial fire.

স্বীকার [ sbīkāra ] n acknowledgment, admission, admittance; confession; recognition, owning (বন্ধু বলে স্বীকার); acceptance (নিমন্ত্রণ স্বীকার); acquiescence, agreement, consent, assent, promise (দিতেস্বীকার); act of inviting upon oneself, courting (দুখঃস্বীকার); sustaining (ক্ষতিস্বীকার). স্বীকার করাv. to acknowledge, to admit; to confess; to recognize, to own; to accept; to acquiesce, to agree, to consent; to promise; to invite upon oneself, to court; to sustain. স্বীকারহওয়াv. to accept; to agree, to consent. স্বীকারোক্তিn. a confession.

স্বীকার্য [ sbīkārya ] a acknowledgeable, admissible; to be recognized or admitted; fit to be confessed or owned; acceptable. ☐n. (geom.) a postulate. ̃রূপেadv. admittedly.

স্বীকৃত [ sbīkṛta ] a acknowledged, admitted; confessed; recognized, owned; accepted; acquiesced, agreed, consented; promised. স্বীকৃত বিষয় an admitted fact; (geom.) a postulate. স্বীকৃতিn. acknowledgment, admission, admittance; confession, recognition, owning; acceptance; acquiescence, agreement, consent.

স্বীয় [ sbīẏa ] a one's own, own.

স্বেচ্ছা [ sbēcchā ] n one's own will, volition; free will; self-will. ̃কৃতa. voluntarily or wilfully done, voluntary, wilful. ̃ক্রমেadv. of one's own accord, voluntarily, wilfully; willingly. ̃চার, ̃চারিতাn. wilfulness, self-will; waywardness, wantonness. ̃চারীa. wilful, self-willed; wayward, wanton. fem. ̃চারিণী ।স্বেচ্ছাধীন, স্বেচ্ছানুবর্তীa. subject to one's free will (স্বেচ্ছাধীন কাজ); wilful, self-willed; wayward. (স্বেচ্ছাধীন ব্যক্তি). fem. স্বেচ্ছাধীনা, স্বেচ্ছানুবর্তিনী । স্বেচ্ছানুবর্তিতা same as স্বেচ্ছাচার। ̃পূর্বক same as স্বেচ্ছাক্রমে । ̃প্রণোদিতa. actuated or prompted by one's own will; wilful, deliberate. ̃প্রদত্তa. voluntarily given. ̃প্রবৃত্তa. employed by one's own will. ̃মৃত্যুn. (myth.) dying whenever one pleases to die; (pop.) voluntary or deliberate courting of death. ̃সেবকn. a volunteer. fem. ̃সেবক, (pop.) ̃সেবিকা ।

স্বেদ [ sbēda ] n sweat, perspiration; vapour, steam. ̃জa. born of or originating from sweat, perspiratory. ̃জনকa. causing or inducing sweat, perspira tory. ̃জল, ̃বারিn. sweat, perspiration. ̃বিন্দুn. a bead of perspiration, a drop of sweat. ̃সিক্ত, স্বেদাক্ত, স্বেদাপ্লুত, স্বেদার্দ্রa. drenched or damp with sweat, sweaty, sweated.

স্বৈর [ sbaira ] n act of doing as one pleases; way wardness; unrestrained exercise of one's will; arbitrariness; autocratic; despotism; freedom; dissoluteness. ☐a. wayward, self-willed; arbitrary; despotic; free, unrestricted; dissolute. ̃তন্ত্রীa. autocratic; arbitrary; despotic. ☐n. an autocrat, a despot or an arbitrary ruler. ̃তান্ত্রিক same as ̃তন্ত্রী । ̃শাসনn. despotic or arbitrary government; autocracy; despotism, tyranny. স্বৈরাচারী, স্বৈরিতাn. waywardness; dissoluteness; despotism, tyranny. ̃তন্ত্রn. despotism, autocracy; (cp.) dictatorship. স্বৈরাচারী, স্বৈরীa. wayward; self-willed; dissolute, wild; despotic, tyrannical. স্বৈরিণীa. fem. of স্বৈরী ।n. fem. a wayward or profligate woman.

স্বোপার্জিত [ sbōpārjita ] a self-acquired, earned or acquired by oneself; deliberately invited upon oneself.

স্মর [ smara ] n Madana the Hindu god of love (cp. Cupid, Eros). ☐a. remembering (জাতিস্মর).

স্মরণ [ smaraṇa ] n remembrance, recollection; memory; reflection or meditation ('স্মরণ-বন্দন-পাদসেবন'); remembering; silent or inward invocation in supplication (বিপদেবন্ধুকে স্মরণ); a request or summons to come (রাজা কর্তৃকভৃত্যকে স্মরণ). স্মরণ করাv. to call; to mind, to recollect; to reflect or meditate; to invoke in supplication silently or inwardly; to request or summon to come. স্মরণ থাকা, স্মরণে থাকাv. to be borne in mind, to be remembered. স্মরণহওয়াv. to occur to the mind, to be recollected or to reoccur or remember; to rise in one's memory. স্মরণরাখা, স্মরণেরাখাv. to bear in mind, to remember. ̃চিহ্নn. a memento, a keepsake; a memorial. ̃পটn. the canvas of memory. স্মরণপটেবাস্মরণপথেউদিত হওয়া same as স্মরণ হওয়া । ̃পথn. the way or course of memory. ̃লিপিn. a reminder letter, a reminder; a memorandum. ̃শক্তিn. the power of remembering things, the retentive capacity of mind, memory. ̃শক্তিহীনa. lacking in memory; having poor memory. স্মরণাতীতa. incapable of being recollected; forgotten, immemorial. স্মরণাতীতকাল time immemorial, immemorial time, time out of mind. স্মরণার্থadv. for reminding; for remembering. স্মরণিকn. a memorial; a remembrancer; a souvenir. fem. স্মরণিকা ।স্মরণীয়a. fit to be remembered or recollected, memorable. স্মরণীয় বিষয়সমূহ memorable things or events, memorabilia.

স্মার [ smāra ] n a memo.

স্মারক [ smāraka ] a causing to remember, reminding. ☐n. a reminder. ̃নিধিn. memorial fund. ̃পত্র, ̃লিপিn. a reminder; a memorandum; a memento.

স্মার্ত [ smārta ] a of or mentioned in or versed in the Smriti.

স্মিত [ smita ] n a (light and sweet) smile. ☐a. (lightly and sweetly) smiling; blooming (স্মিতযৌবন, স্মিত কুসুম). ̃মুখেadv. with a smiling face.

স্মৃত [ smṛta ] a recollected.

স্মৃতি [ smṛti ] n inward recollection or reflection; remembrance; memory; meditation; a memento; a memorial; the holy law book of the Hindus, the Smriti. ̃কথাn. memoirs. ̃চারণn. reminiscence. ̃চিহ্ন, ̃নিদর্শনn. a memento; a memorial. ̃পথ same as স্মরণপথ । ̃বার্ষিকীn. an anniversary (esp. of a sad incident or death). ̃বিভ্রমn. confusion or loss of memory. ̃ভাণ্ডারn. memorial fund (শরত্-স্মৃতি ভাণ্ডার). ̃ভ্রংশn. loss (esp. morbid loss) of memory; dementia; oblivion. ̃ভ্রষ্টa. one whose memory has been lost; suffering from dementia; forgotten. ̃মন্দিরn. a mausoleum; a cenotaph. স্মৃতিরক্ষাকরাv. to commemo rate. ̃শক্তি same as স্মরণশক্তি। ̃শাস্ত্রn. the holy law-book of the Hindus, the Smriti. ̃স্তম্ভn. a monumental pillar or column.

স্যন্দ [ syanda ] n going; velocity; oozing, exudation. স্যন্দীa. oozing, exuding; going.

স্যন্দন1 [ syandana1 ] n (chem.) filtration.

স্যন্দন2 [ syandana2 ] n going; velocity; (chem.) exudation; a chariot.

স্যমন্তক [ syamantaka ] n a mythological gem.

স্যমীক [ syamīka ] n weevil; cloud.

স্যাঁতস্যাঁত [ syān̐tasyān̐ta ] int expressing; dampness, moisture; wetness. স্যাঁতসেঁতেa. damp, moist; wet.

স্যাকরা [ syākarā ] n a Hindu community of gold smiths and silversmiths; a goldsmith or a silversmith. fem. স্যাকরানি ।

স্যাঙাত, স্যাঙ্গাত [ syāṅāta, syāṅgāta ] n (usu. dero. or joc.) a bosom friend or companion; an accomplice.

স্যূত [ syūta ] a sewn, woven.

স্রংস, স্রংসন [ sraṃsa, sraṃsana ] n coming off or coming away or falling of. স্রংস-উপত্যকাn. a rift valley.

স্রক [ sraka ] n a flower-wreath, a garland; a necklace. ̃চন্দনn. a garland and sandal-paste.

স্রগ্ধর [ sragdhara ] a garlanded.

স্রবণ, স্রব [ srabaṇa, sraba ] n exudation; oozing; flowing out; a spring, a fountain.

স্রষ্টা[ sraṣṭā ] n the Creator, God; Brahma ব্রহ্ম; a creator.

স্রস্ত[ srasta ] a fallen off, come away or off, got detached.

স্রাব[ srāba ] n exudation; oozing; an outflow, a flow; discharge.

স্রুত[ sruta ] a exuded; oozed; distilled; flowed out. স্রুতিn. exudation; oozing; distillation; outflow.

স্রোত[ srōta ] n a stream (of water or any liquid); a current; a watercourse. স্রোতেভেসেযাওয়াv. to drift down a stream, to drift away. ̃স্বতী, ̃স্বিনীn. river, a stream. স্রোতোবেগn. rush of current. স্রোতোহীনa. currentless; not flowing; stagnant.

স্লেট[ slēṭa ] n a slate (for writing on). ̃পাথরn. slate.

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