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ই [ i ] n the third vowel of the Bengali alphabet.

-ই[ -i ] sfx denoting: certainty (আমি যাবই), emphasis (অবশ্যই); only (তোমাকেইদেব), at all (যদি বৃষ্টি হয়ই).

ইউনানি [ iunāni ] a Greek; pertaining to conventional Muslim therapy.

ইউনিয়ন [ iuniẏana ] n a union ইউনিয়নবোর্ড a Union Board.

ইউরেশীয় [ iurēśīẏa ] a Eurasian. ☐n. a Eurasian.

ইউরোপীয়, ইয়োরোপীয় [ iurōpīẏa, iẏōrōpīẏa ] a European. ☐n. a European.

ইংরেজ, ইংরাজ [ iṃrēja, iṃrāja ] n an Englishman; the English. ইংরেজ জাতিn. the English. ̃প্রীতিn. excessive admiration of English customs and ways, Anglophilia, Anglo mania.ইংরেজ-ভীতিn. Anglophobia.ইংরেজিয়ানাn. Anglomania; Anglicism; Englishness.ইংরেজি, ইংরাজিn. the English language, English. ☐a. English.

ইংল্যান্ড [ iṃlyānḍa ] n England. ইংল্যান্ডীয়a. of England; English.

ইঃ [ iḥ ] int expressing: anger, sorrow, grief, suffering etc.; eh.

ইঁচড় [ in̐caḍ় ]n an unripe jackfruit (cooked as food). ইঁচড়েপাকাa. precocious; prematurely clever. ইঁচড়ে পাকাv. to become precocious; to become prematurely clever.

ইঁদারা [ in̐dārā ] n a draw-well.

ইঁদুর [ in̐dura ] n the rat; the mouse.

ইকড়ি-মিকড়ি [ ikaḍ়i-mikaḍ়i ] n an indoor game of children.

ইকার [ ikāra ] n the symbol ি affixed to consonants whilst adding the ই- sound to it; post-consonantal ি symbol. ইকারাদিa. (of words) beginning with ই or ই sound. ইকারান্তa. (of words) ending in ই or ই--sound.

ইকেবানা [ ikēbānā ] n the Japanese art of flower decoration, ikebana.

ইক্ষু [ ikṣu ] n the sugar-cane. ̃চিনিn. canesugar. ̃দণ্ডn. the sugar-caneplant.̃রসn. juice of sugar-cane. ̃সারn. molasses (obtained from sugar-cane juice).

ইগল [ igala ] n the eagle.

ইঙ্গবঙ্গ [ iṅgabaṅga ] a (of the Bengali language as used by Bengali Anglomaniacs) having a ridiculous mixture of English and Bengali words, phrases, sentences etc.; (of the Bengali society or the people of Bengal) having a ridiculous mixture of what is English and what is Bengali in style, manner, language etc.; (of the people of Bengal) one who has visited England and has become an Anglomaniac.

ইঙ্গ-ভারতীয় [ iṅga-bhāratīẏa ] a Anglo-Indian. ☐n. an Anglo-Indian.

ইঙ্গিত [ iṅgita ] n a sign, a hint, a gesture, a beckoning; gesticulation; a wink; a signal (ঝড়েরইঙ্গিত). ইঙ্গিত করাv. to gesticulate; to beckon, to make a sign; to wink (at); to signal. ইঙ্গিত দেওয়াv. to give a hint; to signal. ইঙ্গিতে জানানো, ইঙ্গিতেবলাv. to hint at. ̃পূর্ণa. suggestive, significant, meaningful; allusive.

ইঙ্গুদি, ইঙ্গুদ [ iṅgudi, iṅguda ] n a species of thorny plant. ইঙ্গুদি-তেলn. oil produced from the seed of this plant.

ইচ্ছা [ icchā ] n will, volition; intention; wish; pleasure; desire; liking; choice, option; inclination. ইচ্ছা করাv. to intend; to wish; to desire; to like; to choose or please. ̃কৃতa. intentional, willful. ̃ক্রমেadv. according to one's desire or pleasure; willingly, voluntarily. ̃ধীনa. subject to one's will or desire; optional; dependent on one's pleasure. ইচ্ছানুযায়ী, ইচ্ছানুসারেadv. according to one's will or pleasure; at pleasure. ইচ্ছানুরূপ, ̃মতোa. & adv. to one's liking; as one pleases. ̃পত্রn. a document containing a person's last wishes.̃পূর্বকadv. willfully; voluntarily; willingly.̃বসন্তn. small-pox. ̃ময়n. one whose will is law; an appellation of God. fem. ̃ময়ী । ̃মরণ, ̃মৃত্যুn. power to prevent one's death till one desires to die. ̃য়ত্ত same as ইচ্ছাধীন । ̃শক্তিn. will-force, will-power.ইচ্ছায় হোক আর অনিচ্ছায় হোক willy-nilly, nolensvolens. যা ইচ্ছা whatever one pleases.

ইচ্ছু, ইচ্ছুক [ icchu, icchuka ] a willing; ready; consenting, agreeing; desirous; intending; having a liking for, inclining (to).

ইজার [ ijāra ] n shorts; short trousers.

ইজারা [ ijārā ] n lease; leasehold. ̃দারn. a leasehold, a lessee. ইজারাদেওয়াবানেওয়াv. to lease. ̃পাট্টাn. a lease-deed.

ইজ্জত [ ijjata ] n prestige, dignity; honor; chastity. ইজ্জত নষ্ট করাv. to spoil or lose one's prestige; to dishonour or to lose honor; to violate one's chastity or to have one's chastity violated.̃নাশ, ̃হানিn. loss of prestige; dishonor; violation of chastity; (loos.) rape.

ইঞ্চি [ iñci ] n an inch; 2.54 cm.

ইঞ্জিন [ iñjina ] n an engine.

ইঞ্জিনিয়ার [ iñjiniẏāra ] n an engineer. ইঞ্জিনিয়ারি, ইঞ্জিনিয়ারিংn. engineering. ☐a. pertaining to engineering.

ইট [ iṭa ] n brick; (loos.) brickbat. ইট ছোড়াv. to throw bricks and brickbats. ইট মারা, ইটানোv. to pelt with bricks and brick bats, to throw stones at. ̃খোলাn. a brick-field.̃পাটকেলn. bricks and brickbats.̃পাতনn. brick-laying.ইটেরপাঁজাবাভাটিa. brick-kiln. ইটটি মারলেপাটকেলটি খেতে হয় tit for tat, a tip for a tap.

ইটা [ iṭā ] n a small scalelessriverfish.

ইড়া [ iḍ়ā ] n an artery on the left side of the spine.

ইত্ [ it ] n (gr.) a letter used to indicate some inflections but not actually pronounced when any of the said inflections is added to a word; omission.

ইতঃপূর্বে [ itḥpūrbē ] adv hereinbefore, heretofore, before this, ere now.

ইতর [ itara ] a (ori.) other, other than (বামেতর); (pop.) base or mean, caddish (ইতরলোক), inferior or lower in status (ইতরজীব), ordinary or common (ইতরজন), ungenerous or narrow (ইতর নজর), vulgar (ইতরভাষা). ̃তা, ̃পনাn. baseness, meanness, caddishness; lack of geneosity; narrowness, paltriness, pettiness; vulgarity, ignoble conduct.ইতরতাকরাv. to behave basely or meanly or narrow-mindedly; to behave or speak vulgarly. ̃বিশেষn. (little) difference.ইতরামো, ইতরামি same as ইতরতা । ইতরেতরa. mutual, reciprocal.

ইতস্তত [ itastata ] adv here and there, hither and thither; thinly; irregularly; in diverse directions or places; on all sides, in all places, everywhere, all over. ☐n. hesitation; stammering. ইতস্ততকরাv. to hesitate (to do something); to stammer; to procrastinate, to dilly-dally.

ইতি [ iti ] n end, termination, conclusion; completion; settlement; all this; such and such-like. ☐adv. (chiefly used at the end of a correspondence) this is all (that the writer has got to say or write), here ends. ইতিকরাv. to put an end to, to complete, to finish, to conclude; to settle up. ̃উতিadv. on this side and that, in this direction and that; on all sides, in all directions.̃কর্তব্য, ̃কর্তব্যতা, ̃কর্তব্য জ্ঞানn. the decision that this is the right thing to do, decision about what is to be done. ̃কর্তব্যবিমূঢ়তাn. nonplus, bewilderment, confusion, quandary. ̃পূর্বেinc. but pop.form of ইতঃপূর্বে । ̃মধ্যেinc. but pop. form of ইতোমধ্যে ।

ইতিকথা [ itikathā ] n a tale; a legend; a chronicle; history. ইতিকাহিনীn. same as ইতিকথা ।

ইতিবৃত্ত [ itibṛtta ] n history; a chronice. ̃কারn. a historian; a chronicler.

ইতিহাস [ itihāsa ] n history. ̃বেত্তাn. & a. one who is conversant with history or well versed in history. ˜লেখকn. a historian.

ইতু [ itu ] n the sun-god (esp. as worshipped by Hindu women in the month of Agrahayana (অগ্রহায়ণ).

ইতোমধ্যে [ itōmadhyē ] adv meanwhile, in the meantime.

ইত্যনুসারে[ ityanusārē ] adv according to this, accordingly; in this way or manner.

ইত্যবসরে[ ityabasarē ] adv seizing the interim opportunity; during the interval, in the meantime, meanwhile.

ইত্যাকার[ ityākāra ] a such.

ইত্যাদি[ ityādi ] adv and so on, and so forth, and such others, et cetera.

ইথার[ ithāra ] n ether.

ইদ, ঈদ[ ida, īda ] n one of the chief Muslim festivals, Id. ইদগা, ঈদগাn. the place or building where Muslims assemble to say prayer, esp. on the occasion of Id.

ইদানীং[ idānī ] adv at present, nowadays; of late. ইদানীন্তনa. recent; present-day; of modern times.

ইনকার[ inakāra ] n denial (esp. of a charge). ইনকারকরাv. to deny; refuse.

ইনসপেকটর, ইনস্পেক্টর[ inasapēkaṭara, inaspēkṭara ] n an inspector.

ইনসাফ[ inasāpha ] n justice; equity; correct or right decision.

ইনাম[ ināma ] n a reward; a tip.

ইনামেল[ ināmēla ] n enamel. ইনামেলকরাv. to enamel. ইনামেল-করাa. enamelled.

ইনি[ ini ] pro (applied to persons deserving respect) he or she, this person.

ইনিয়ে-বিনিয়ে[ iniẏē-biniẏē ] adv (dero.) exaggerating to a great extent, in elaborate detail; with numberless humble entreaties.

ইন্তাকাল[ intākāla ] n death.

ইন্তাজার[ intājāra ] n waiting for eagerly, eager expectation.

ইন্তিজাম[ intijāma ] n good arrangement. ইন্তিজাম করাv. to arrange.

ইন্দারা[ indārā ] n a draw-well.

ইন্দিবর[ indibara ] n the blue lotus.

ইন্দিরা[ indirā ] n a name of Goddess Lakshmi (লক্ষ্মী).

ইন্দু[ indu ] n the moon. ̃নিভাননa. one whose face resembles the moon (in beauty), possessing a moonlike face. fem. ̃নিভাননা, ̃নিভাননী । ̃ভূষণn. one who has the moon for his ornament; an appellation of God Shiva (শিব). ̃মতীn. fem. the full moon (personified). ̃মুখীn. fem. a woman whose face resembles the moon (in beauty).̃মৌলি, ̃শেখরn. one who has the moon for an ornament on his forehead; an appellation of Shiva (শিব).̃লেখাn. a digit of the moon; the digit of the moon on the forehead of Shiva (শিব); a creeper from the extract of which the legendary celestial wine was made, wormwood.

ইন্দো[ indō ] pfx Indo-. ̃চীনn. Indo-China.̃চৈনিকa. Indo-Chinese.̃নেশীয়a. Indonesian.☐n. an Indonesian.

ইন্দ্র[ indra ] n the king of gods and goddesses (cp. Jupiter, Zeus, Jove). ̃কল্পa. like Indra (in might or status or wealth).̃চাপ same as ̃ধনু । ̃জিত্a. & n. one who has defeated Indra (ইন্দ্র).˜ত্বn. the office or status of Indra (ইন্দ্র); an office or status as mighty or wealthy as that of Indra (ইন্দ্র).̃ধনুn. the rainbow; (lit.) the bow of Indra (ইন্দ্র).̃পতন, ̃পাতn. (lit.) fall of Indra, the king of gods; (fig.) death of a great man.̃পুরী, ̃লোক, ইন্দ্রালয়n. the abode or city of Indra (ইন্দ্র); Paradise; Heaven.̃সভাn. the court of Indra (ইন্দ্র).̃সুতn. a son of Indra (ইন্দ্র) ̃সেনn. one whose army is as large and powerful as that of Indra (ইন্দ্র).

ইন্দ্রগোপ[ indragōpa ] n a species of insect of red velvety color.

ইন্দ্রজাল[ indrajāla ] n magic, conjuring; jugglery; a spell. ইন্দ্রজালিক, ঐন্দ্রজালিকn. magician. ☐a. magical.

ইন্দ্রনীল, ইন্দ্রনীলক, ইন্দ্রমণি[ indranīla, indranīlaka, indramaṇi ] n the sapphire, the emerald, the beryl.

ইন্দ্রবজ্রা[ indrabajrā ] n a Sanskrit metre.

ইন্দ্রলুপ্ত[ indralupta ] n a bald, baldness.

ইন্দ্রগার[ indragāra ] n a draw-well.

ইন্দ্রাণী[ indrāṇī ] n the wife and consort of Indra (ইন্দ্র).

ইন্দ্রায়ুধ[ indrāẏudha ] n the rainbow; the bow of Indra (ইন্দ্র).

ইন্দ্রিয়[ indriẏa ] n a sense-organ. ̃গম্য, ̃গোচর, ̃গ্রাহ্যa. perceptible by the senses. ̃গম্যতা, ̃গোচরতা, ̃গ্রাহ্যতাn. state of being within sense perception.̃গ্রামn. pl. sense-organs collectively.̃জয়, ̃দমনn. self-control or self-restraint of sensual appetites; continence.̃জয়ীa. continent.̃তৃপ্তিn. gratification of the senses.̃দোষn. licentiousness, lewd ness; libidinousness.̃নিচয় same as ইন্দ্রিয়গ্রাম। ̃নিগ্রহn. austere self-restraint, repression of sensual appetites.̃পরতন্ত্র, ̃পরবশ, ̃পরায়ণa. given to indulgence of sensual appetites; voluptuous, lewd, concupiscent.̃বৃত্তিn. the function or power of sense-organs. ̃লালসাn. sensual desires, concupiscence. ̃সংযম same as ̃জয় । ̃সুখn. sensual pleasures. ̃সেবী same as ̃পরতন্ত্র ।ইন্দ্রিয়াতীতa. beyond sense perception; that cannot be perceived by the sense organs.

ইন্ধন [ indhana ] n fuel. ইন্ধনদেওয়া, ইন্ধনজোগানোv. to feed with fuel, to fuel, to stoke; (fig.) to intensify the severity of, to encourage; to enkindle or inflame with passion, etc. ইন্ধনিকটিণ্ডালa. stoker tindal.

ইবাদতখানা [ ibādatakhānā ] n a room or house of worship (esp. a private one).

ইমন [ imana ] n a mode of Indian classical music.

ইমান [ imāna ] n religious faith; piety; fidelity; honesty; conscience; conscientious ness. ̃খোরa. faithless, treacherous, perfidious. ̃দারa. faithful (in religion); devout, pious; having fidelity; honest; conscientious.̃দারিn. faithfulness (in religion); devoutness, piety; fidelity; honesty; conscientiousness.

ইমাম [ imāma ] n the religious head or chief priest of Muslims, an Imam. ̃বাড়াn. a house built for observing the Muharram.

ইমারত [ imārata ] n a building; an edifice.

ইয়ত্তা [ iẏattā ] n (reckoning or) number or quantity; reckoning; limit.

ইয়াংকি, ইয়াঙ্কি [ iẏāṅki, iẏāṅki ] n (dero.) a Yankee, an American. ☐a. Yankee.

ইয়াদ [ iẏāda ] n remembrance; recollection; heed, attention. ইয়াদকরাv. to remember; to recollect; to pay heed to. ইয়াদ রাখাv. to bear in mind, to remember; to be heedful of.

ইয়ার [ iẏāra ] n (usu. dero.) a friend, a companion; a witty or pert person. ইয়ারকিn. waggery. ইয়ারকিকরা, ইয়ারকি দেওয়া, ইয়ারকি মারাv. to practice waggery (upon), to wag; to crack or make a joke. ̃বকসি, ̃বন্ধুn. (collec.) friends and companions and associates.

ইয়ারিং [ iẏāri ] n an earring.

ইয়ে [ iẏē ] int indicating: failure to remember something, what-do-you-call-it.

ইরন্মদ [ iranmada ] n the flash of lightning; a natural fire rising out of the sea, sea-fire; the elephant.

ইরা [ irā ] n the goddess of speech; power of speech personified; the earth; wine; water; food.

ইরাদা [ irādā ] n determination, resolution, will; desire.

ইরানি [ irāni ] a Iranian, Persian. ☐n. an Iranian, a Persian; the language of Iran or Persia, Iranian, Persian.

ইরাবতী [ irābatī ] n the river Ravi in the Punjab.

ইরাবান [ irābāna ] n the sea.

ইললি, ইল্লি [ ilali, illi ] int exclamatory word indicating distrust or disbelief.

ইলা [ ilā ] n the earth; the cow; speech (esp. when personified); wine; water.

ইলাহি [ ilāhi ] n (Mus.) God.☐a. great(ইলাহিপুরুষ); grand, pompous (ইলাহিকাণ্ড). ইলাহিগজn. a yard-measure about 33 inches or 84 cms in length.

ইলিশ [ iliśa ] n a variety of freshwater river fish, the hilsa. ̃গুঁড়ি, ইলশেগুঁড়িn. drizzle, serein.

ইলেক [ ilēka ] n any one of the arithmetical symbols affixed to numerical figures to indicate money or weight.

ইলেকট্রিক [ ilēkaṭrika ] a electric, electrical. ☐n. electricity.

ইল্লত [ illata ] n filthiness, dirtiness; meanness, baseness. ইল্লত যায় না ধুলে the leopard cannot change its spots.

ইশকাপন [ iśakāpana ] n (of playing-cards) spades.

ইশারা [ iśārā ] n beckoning; gesture. ইশারা করাv. to beckon; to gesticulate; to make a sign.

ইষু [ iṣu ] n an arrow.

ইষুধি [ iṣudhi ] n a quiver.

ইষেরমূল [ iṣēramūla ] n a medicinal herb.

ইষ্ট1 [ iṣṭa1 ] n an oblation.

ইষ্ট2 [ iṣṭa2 ] a intended, desired; cherished; beneficial; one who or that which is worshipped; worshipful; related by blood, of the same family (ইষ্টকুটুম্ব); dear, be loved. ☐n. an intended or desired or cherished thing (ইষ্টলাভ); dear or be loved person. ̃কবচn. a holy amulet safeguarding the person who puts it on.̃কর্মn. an intended work.̃কুটুম্বn. pl. one's kinsmen both from father's side and mother's side.̃চিন্তাn. thoughts about one's welfare.̃জনn. a dear or beloved person.̃দেবn. a spiritual teacher and guide, a guru. ̃দেবতাn. a deity of one's worship, a tutelary god; (cp.) a guardian angel. ̃নামn. the name of one's deity of worship.̃বিয়োগn. death of one's kinsman or beloved person.̃মন্ত্রn. mystical incantations which are recited when worshipping one's deity.̃লাভ, ̃সাধন, ̃সিদ্ধিn. realization of one's desire, attainment of one's object.

ইষ্টক [ iṣṭaka ] n brick; (loos.) brickbat. খণ্ডn. a piece of brick or brickbat. ̃নির্মিত, ̃ময়a. brick-built.

ইষ্টানিষ্ট [ iṣṭāniṣṭa ] n benefit and harm, weal and woe.

ইষ্টাপত্তি [ iṣṭāpatti ] n realization or attainment of one's desire; profit; benefit.

ইষ্টাপূর্ত [ iṣṭāpūrta ] n digging of wells or building of temples and similar works for public welfare, public works; sacrifice for public welfare.

ইষ্টি1 [ iṣṭi1 ] n an oblation, a sacrifice.

ইষ্টি2 [ iṣṭi2 ] n desire. ̃পত্রn. a written document directing the disposal of one's effects at death, a will ইষ্টিপত্র-প্রমাণকn. probate.

ইষ্টিকা [ iṣṭikā ] n brick-dust, powdered brick.

ইস [ isa ] int expressing : amazement, pain, sorrow etc., ah.

ইসদন্ত [ isadanta ] n a molar tooth.

ইসবগুল [ isabagula ] n a medicinal seed, Plantagoovata usually taken for clearing of bowels.

ইসলাম [ isalāma ] n Islam; the Islamic race, Muslim. ইসলামিa. Islamic.

ইস্ক্রুপ [ iskrupa ] n a screw.

ইস্তক [ istaka ] adv. & prep from; up to; till. ☐n. (in card-playing) the king and the queen of trumps.̃নাগাদadv. from start to finish, from beginning to end.

ইস্তফা [ istaphā ] n end, termination; cessation; resignation, relinquishment; giving up, abandonment. ইস্তফাদেওয়াv. to resign, to relinquish; to give up, to abandon; to cease (from).

ইস্তামাল [ istāmāla ] n use; practice. ইস্তামালকরাv. topractice. ইস্তামালহওয়াv. to be used; to be practised.

ইস্তাহার [ istāhāra ] n a circular, a notice; a communique; a pamphlet; a handbill.

ইস্তিরি2 [ istiri2 ] n a smoothing-iron, calender; ironing. ইস্তিরিকরাv. to iron (clothes).

ইস্পাত [ ispāta ] n steel. ইস্পাতিa. of steel; made of steel.

ইহ [ iha ] adv in this place or time; in this world. ☐a. this ('ইহ বাত'); present (ইহজীবন). ̃কাল, ̃জন্ম, ̃জীবনn. the earthly or mortal life; its duration.̃কালীনa. temporal.̃জগত্, ̃লোক, ̃সংসারn. the world, the earth.

ইহা [ ihā ] pro this (thing or animal); it. ইহারাpro. pl. these, they. ইহারpro. a. its. ইহাদেরpro. a. pl. their, theirs.

ইহুদি [ ihudi ] n a Jew. ☐a. Jewish. ইহুদিপাড়াn. the Jewry.

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