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ষ [ ṣ ] n the thirty-first consonant of the Bengali alphabet.

ষট্ [ ṣaṭ ] n &a (used as a pfx.) six. ষট্কn. ahexad; a sextet (te), a sestet. ̃কর্মn. the six performances of a Brahman as enjoined by the scriptures. ̃কোণn. a hexagon.̃চত্বারিংশa. forty-six.̃চত্বারিংশত্n. &a. forty-six.˜চত্বারিংশত্তমa. forty-sixth.fem. ̃চত্বারিংশত্তমী । ̃ত্রিংশa. thirty-six.̃ত্রিংশত্n. & a. thirty-six.˜ত্রিংশত্তমa. thirty-sixth.fem. ̃ত্রিংশত্তমী । ̃পঞ্চাশa. fifty-six.̃পঞ্চাশত্n. & a. fifty-six.˜পঞ্চাশত্তমa. fifty-sixth.fem. ̃পঞ্চাশত্তমী। ̃পদa. hexapod.☐n. the bumble-bee. fem. ̃পদী। ̃ষষ্টa. sixty-six.̃ষষ্টিn. & a. sixty-six.˜ষষ্টিতমa. sixty-sixth.fem. ̃ষষ্টিতমী । ̃সপ্ততিn. &a. seventy-six.˜সপ্ততিতমa. seventy-sixth.fem. ̃সপ্ততিতমী ।

ষড়্ঋতু [ ṣaḍ়ṛtu ] n the six seasons, namely, summer, the rains, autumn, late autumn, winter and spring.

ষড়্গুণ [ ṣaḍ়guṇa ] a multiplied by six, six times.

ষড়ঙ্গ [ ṣaḍ়ṅga ] n the six limbs of a body, namely the head, the two hands or arms, the waist, the two legs or feet; the six Vedangas; six limbs or branches.

ষড়জ [ ṣaḍ়ja ] n (mus.) the first note of the natural major scale, C.

ষড়্দর্শন [ ṣaḍ়darśana ] n the six systems of Hindu philosophy.

ষড়্ধা [ ṣaḍ়dhā ] a of six kinds or manners; six times. ☐adv. in six kinds or manners; six times.

ষড়্বিংশ [ ṣaḍ়biṃśa ] a twenty-six. ̃তিn. & a. twenty-six.ষড়্বিংশতিতমa. twenty-sixth. fem. ষড়্বিংশতিতমী

ষড়্বিধ [ ṣaḍ়bidha ] a of six kinds; sixfold.

ষড়যন্ত্র [ ṣaḍ়yantra ] n a conspiracy, a secret plot, an intrigue. ষড়যন্ত্র করাv. to conspire, to plot, to intrigue. ̃কারীn. a conspirator, a plotter, an intriguer.

ষড়্রস [ ṣaḍ়rasa ] n six kinds of flavour or taste or tang (viz. sweet, sour, salt, pungent, astringent, bitter).

ষড়শীতি [ ṣaḍ়śīti ] n. &a eighty-six. ̃তমa. eighty-sixth.fem. ̃তমী।

ষড়ানন [ ṣaḍ়ānana ] n one having six faces; (myth.) Kartikeya the commandar of the heavenly host.

ষণ্ড [ ṣaṇḍa ] n the bull, the ox; a eunuch. ষণ্ডাa. as obstinate and hefty as a bull; bull headed; robust, hefty. ষণ্ডামর্ক (erron.) ষণ্ডামার্কn. (myth.) Sanda (ষণ্ড) and Amarka (অমর্ক), two roguish and godless teachers; (pop.) a very obstinate and robust rogue, a rowdy, a ruffian.

ষণ্ণবতি [ ṣaṇṇabati ] n. & a ninety-six.̃তমa. ninety-sixth.fem. ̃তমী।

ষণ্মাস [ ṣaṇmāsa ] n (a period of) consecutive six months, a half-year.

ষত্ব [ ṣatba ] n (gr.) the use of ষ (esp. in place of শ, স). ̃বিধান, ̃বিধিn. (gr.) the rules governing the use of ষ (esp. in place শ স).

ষত্বণত্বজ্ঞান [ ṣatbaṇatbajñāna ] n (lit.) knowledge of the right use of the letters ষ and ণ; (fig.) common sense.

ষষ্টি [ ṣaṣṭi ] n. & a sixty.̃তম a. sixtieth.fem. ̃তমী ।

ষষ্ঠ [ ṣaṣṭha ] a sixth. ষষ্ঠাংশn. a sixth part; one sixth. ষষ্ঠীa. fem. of ষষ্ঠ☐n. fem. a female deity who protects human babies; (gr.) the sixth case-ending; the sixth day of a lunar fortnight; the sixth day of the lunar fortnight when the ceremony of awakening Goddess Durga (দুর্গা) is held for her annual worship. ষষ্ঠীর কৃপা obtaining a child through the grace of Goddess Sasthi (ষষ্ঠী); the grace of Goddess Sasthi; being blessed with many children. ষষ্ঠীতত্পুরুষn. (gr.) a system of forming compounds in which the first word actually drops the sixth case-ending.ষষ্ঠীবাটাn. a ceremonial gift sent to a son-in-law on the eve of জামাইষষ্ঠী (see জামাই). ষষ্ঠীবুড়িn. Goddess Sasthi (ষষ্ঠী).

ষাঁড় [ ṣān̐ḍ় ] n the bull, the ox. ষাঁড়ের গোঁ bull-like obstinacy, bull-headedness. ষাঁড়া-ষাঁড়িn. a fight between two bulls. ষাঁড়া-ষাঁড়িরবান the tidal wave of the Ganges (which roars like two bellowing bulls engaged in fighting each other).

ষাট1 [ ṣāṭa1 ] int May Goddess Sasthi (ষষ্ঠী) be with you for your safety.

ষাট2 [ ṣāṭa2 ] n. & a sixty.

ষাণ্মাসিক [ ṣāṇmāsika ] a six-monthly, half-yearly.

ষোড়শ [ ṣōḍ়śa ] n sixteen; a Hindu system of per forming a sraddha ceremony in which sixteen different articles are given away. ☐a. sixteen; sixteenth. ষোড়শাংশn. a sixteenth part; one-sixteenth. ষোড়শীa. fem. sixteenth; sixteen years old. ☐n. fem. one of the ten manifestations of Goddess Durga (দুর্গা); a six teen year old woman.ষোড়শোপচারn. sixteen different articles required for a perfect worship. ষোড়শোপচারেadv. with all the necessary sixteen articles; (fig.) thoroughly; sumptuously.

ষোলো [ ṣōlō ] n. & a sixteen.ষোলো-আনাn. sixteenanna, one rupee. ☐a. total, entire, whole. ☐adv. entirely, wholly, completely, thoroughly. ষোলো-কলাn. the sixteen digits of the moon. ষোলো-কলাপূর্ণহওয়াv. (sarcas.) to be thoroughly fulfilled; to meet with complete disaster, to be utterly ruined.

ষ্ঠীবন [ ṣṭhībana ] n spitting.

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