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ড [ ḍ ] n the thirteenth consonant of the Bengali alphabet.

ডক [ ḍaka ] n a dock.

ডগডগ [ ḍagaḍaga ] int expressing deepness or brightness. ডগডগেa. very deep or bright (ডগডগেলাল, ডগডগে রং).

ডগমগ [ ḍagamaga ] a overflowing with, brimming over with (আহ্লাদে ডগমগ). ডগমগ করাv. to overflow with, to brim over with.

ডগরা [ ḍagarā ] a (dial.) huge, very big, outsize.

ডগা [ ḍagā ] n tip or top or extremity or point (আঙুলের ডগা, গাছের ডগা, সুতোর ডগা, তরোয়ারের ডগা).

ডঙ্কা [ ḍaṅkā ] n a large kettle-drum, a trumpet, a drum. ডঙ্কা দেওয়া, ডঙ্কা মারাv. to announce by drum-beat; to beat a drum; to announce proudly in public. ডঙ্কামেরে চলে যাওয়া (fig.) to meet death triumphantly, to pass away defying death; (lit.) to pass away triumphantly.

ডজন [ ḍajana ] n a dozen. ডজন-ডজনa. dozens of. ডজনে ডজনেadv. dozens of; in or by dozens.

ডন [ ḍana ] n a system of free-hand exercise by waving the diaphragm on fours.

ডবকা [ ḍabakā ] a (usu. fem.)one who or that which attained youth recently, adolescent, juvenescent (ডবকা মেয়ে); blooming (ডবকা বয়স).

ডবডব [ ḍabaḍaba ] int expressing: tearfulness or largeness; widened state. ডবডবেa. tearful or large (ডবডবে চোখ); widened.

ডবল [ ḍabala ] a double. ডবলকরাv. to double. ডবল দেওয়াv. (in card-playing) to double.

ডমরু [ ḍamaru ] n a kind of small tabour shaped like an hour-glass and played by shaking it with one hand. ̃মধ্যa. having a waist as slender as the middle of the aforesaid tabour.

ডম্ফ1 [ ḍampha1 ] n (obs.) a kind of small drum.

ডম্ফ2 [ ḍampha2 ] n (obs.) boast. ডম্ফ করাv. to boast, to vaunt.

ডম্বর [ ḍambara ] n an ostentatious show or a great crowd (মেঘডম্বর, মধুকর-ডম্বর).

ডর [ ḍara ] n (poet. & dial.) fear, fright, dread. ডর করাv. to fear; to be frightened. ডরলাগা. v. to be frightened.

ডরা, ডরানো [ ḍarā, ḍarānō ] v to fear, to dread.

ডলন [ ḍalana ] n rubbing; massaging; act of pressing or kneading (তামাক ডলন); (rare) rolling into a thin cake; a roller for shaping thin cakes, bread etc.

ডলা [ ḍalā ] v to rub; to massage; to press or knead (তামাক ডলা). ডলাই-মলাইn. massage. ডলানোv. to cause to rub or massage or press or knead.

ডহর [ ḍahara ] a deep or fathomless (ডহরপানি). ☐n. a deep lake or channel or water course; an extremely deep pit, an abyss; the hold of a ship or boat.

ডাংগুলি [ ḍāṅguli ] n tipcat.

ডাঁই [ ḍām̐i ] n a heap, a pile. ডাঁই করাv. to heap (up), to pile (up).

ডাঁট1 [ ḍān̐ṭa1 ] n a handle; a haft.

ডাঁট2 [ ḍān̐ṭa2 ] n (coll.) firmness; spiritedness, vigour; (coll.) vanity or arrogance. ডাঁটকরা, ডাঁটদেখানো, ডাঁট মারাv. (coll.) to assume an air of firmness or spiritedness or superiority or vanity or arrogance; to parade.

ডাঁটা1 [ ḍān̐ṭā1 ] n a stalk or stem (of a plant); the point at which a fruit is fixed to the bough of a tree.

ডাঁটা2 [ ḍān̐ṭā2 ] v to rebuke, to reprimand, to pull up.

ডাঁটি [ ḍān̐ṭi ] n a small handle; a small haft; a small pestle.

ডাঁটো [ ḍān̐ṭō ] a hard, difficult; unripe or incompletely ripened (ডাঁটোফল); (chiefly of aged persons) still strong or robust or able-bodied (ডাঁটো লোক); incompletely boiled, parboiled (ডাঁটো ভাত).

ডাঁশ [ ḍām̐śa ] n the gadfly; the gnat.

ডাঁসা, ডাঁশা [ ḍām̐sā, ḍām̐śā ] a half-ripe; incompletely ripened. ☐v. to ripen, (fig.) to become experienced. ডাঁসানো, ডাঁশানোv. to cause to ripen; (fig.) to make experienced.

ডাক1 [ ḍāka1 ] n the gallinule; the waterfowl.

ডাক2 [ ḍāka2 ] n ornaments of sola, tinsel etc. used to decorate an idol (ডাকেরসাজ).

ডাক3 [ ḍāka3 ] n an ancient milkman famous for his wisdom (ডাকের বচন).

ডাক4 [ ḍāka4 ] n a goblin attending upon Shiva (শিব). ̃সাইটেa. famous and formidable (ডাকসাইটেজমিদার); (often hum.) widely famous (ডাকসাইটেকবি). ̃সিদ্ধa. one who has brought 'Dak' (ডাক) the goblin under one's control.

ডাক5 [ ḍāka5 ] n the call or invitation or summons (মায়ের ডাক, ভোজনের ডাক, যুদ্ধেরডাক); a note, a call, chirping, a cry, a roar (পাখিরডাক, পশুর ডাক); a shout, a scream (ডাক পাড়া); a rumbling noise (মেঘেরডাক); a professional invitation to attend a patient etc., a call (ডাক্তারডাকে গেছেন); an offer of price at a sale, a bid (নিলামের ডাক); fame, celebrity (নামডাক). ডাক-নামn. a nickname; a pet name. ডাকের সুন্দরী a woman widely famous for her beauty. এক-ডাকে চেনা to recognize one at the first mention (as one's name is known to all). ইদুরেরডাক squeak. কাকের ডাক caw. কুকুরেরডাক bark; howl. গাঘার ডাক bray. গরুরডাক low. ঘুঘুর ডাক coo. ঘোড়ারডাক neigh. নেকড়েরডাক bark, howl. পাতিহাঁসেরডাক cackle. পায়়রারডাক coo. প্যাঁচার ডাক hoot, screech. বাঘেরডাক growl. বাঁদরেরডাক chatter. বিড়ালেরডাক mew. ব্যাঙেরডাক croak. ভালুকেরডাক growl. ভেড়ারডাক bleat. মৌমাছির ডাক hum, buzz. মেঘের ডাক roar, rumble. মোরগের ডাক crow, cluck, cackle. রাজহাঁসের ডাক hiss, cackle. শকুনেরডাক scream. শিয়ালের ডাক yelp, howl. শুয়োরেরডাক grunt. ষাঁড়েরডাক bellow. সিংহের ডাক roar. হাতির ডাক trumpet.

ডাক6 [ ḍāka6 ] n an established system of conveying letters, post (ডাক বিভাগ); a batch of letters, mail, dak (বিলাতেরডাক). ☐in comp. postal, post-mail (ডাকবাক্স, ডাকগা়ড়ি). ডাকেadv. by post. ̃খরচাn. postal charge, postage.ডাকেরঘোড়া a horse employed to carry mails. ডাকের থলি a mailbag. ̃খানা, ̃ঘরn. a post-office. ̃গাড়িn. a mailcoach; a mail van; a mail train.̃টিকিটn. a postal stamp.̃পিওন, ̃পিয়নn. a post man (fem. a postwoman).̃বাংলা, ̃বাংলোn. a house for travellers, a dak bungalow.̃বাক্সn. a pillar-box, a letter-box.̃বিভাগn. the postal department.̃মাশুলn. postage.̃হরকরাn. a postman; a mail-runner.̃যোগেadv. by post.ফেরত ডাক next return mail. ফেরতডাকে by return of post, by return mail.

ডাকা [ ḍākā ] v to call (পাখিডাকে); to summon, to ask to come (দরবারেডাকা); to invite (খেতেডাকা); to address (নামধরেডাকা); to pray to or invoke (ভগবানকেডাকা); to offer a price at a sale, to bid (নিলামডাকা); to bid or call in card games; to roar or rumble (মেঘ ডাকে); to attract (পথ আমাকে ডাকে); to make undesirable or morbid noise (নাকডাকা, পেটডাকা); to apprehend (বিপদডাকা). ডেকেবলাv. to call one by name and then announce; to announce loudly.

ডাকাডাকি [ ḍākāḍāki ] n repeated calling esp. with a great noise.

ডাকাত [ ḍākāta ] n a gangster, a dacoit, a robber, a brigand, a bandit. ডাকাত পড়াv. to be raided by dacoits or brigands. ডাকাতিn. banditry, brigandage, robbery. ডাকাতিকরাv. to commit a dacoity or robbery. ডাকাতেa. of dacoits; relating to dacoity. ডাকাতে কালী Goddess Kali (কালী) as worshipped by dacoits.

ডাকানো [ ḍākānō ] v to send for; to cause to call.

ডাকাবুকো [ ḍākābukō ] a uncommonly daring, dare devil; fearless.

ডাকিনী [ ḍākinī ] n a female goblin attending upon Shiva (শিব) or Durga (দুর্গা); a witch.

ডাক্তার [ ḍāktāra ] n a physician, a doctor; (now rarely) a holder of a doctorate degree. ̃খানাn. a doctor's chamber; a dispensary; a pharmacy; a drug-store, chemist's shop. ডাক্তারিn. medical science (ডাক্তারিপড়া); medical profession or practice (ডাক্তারি করা). ☐a. relating to the medical science or profession or practice; relating to a physician; medical. ডাক্তারি করাv. to practice medicine; (chiefly hum.) to treat or examine medically, to show off one's medical skill. ডাক্তারি পড়াv. to study medicine. ডাক্তারি বিদ্যাn. medical science; (often hum.) knowledge of medical science.

ডাগর [ ḍāgara ] a large, big, wide ('ডাগর আখিঁ যদিদিয়েছিলে'); grown-up, full-grown (ডাগরমেয়ে); costly or excellent ('সাগরের মতনারী ডাগর জিনিস').

ডাঙশ [ ḍāṅaśa ] n a goad.

ডাঙা [ ḍāṅā ] n land; upland; high and dry land (ডাঙা জমি); coast, shore, bank (জলথেকেডাঙায় ওঠা); a habitual place of production or birth or multiplication (ফরাসডাঙা, নারকেলডাঙা); an abode (কালিডাঙা). ̃পথn. overland route. ডাঙায় বাঘ জলে কুমির (fig.) between Scylla and Charybdis, between the horns of a dilemma, between the devil and the deep sea.

ডানপিটে [ ḍānapiṭē ] a uncommonly daring, dare devil; (rare) indomitable or obstinate. ̃গিরি, ̃মিn. daredevil activities.

ডানা [ ḍānā ] n a wing (as of birds); a fin (as of fish). ডানাকাটা পরি a woman or girl as beautiful as a fairy. ডানা গজানোv. (fig. usu. iron.) to begin to be precociously independent; to grow up enough to act independently.

ডাণ্ডা [ ḍāṇḍā ] n a thick rod of iron, wood etc., a staff, a cudgel. ডাণ্ডা মারাv. to strike or hit with a rod. ̃গুলিn. tipcat.

ডাণ্ডি [ ḍāṇḍi ] n a kind of roofed litter used in carrying passengers along mountain paths.

ডাব [ ḍāba ] n the green coconut.

ডাবর [ ḍābara ] n a small metal basin.

ডাবা1, ডাব্বা [ ḍābā1, ḍābbā ] n a large earthen trough or tub; a kind of hookah with a large water-container made of coconut-shell. ☐a. having a large water-container (ডাবাহুকা).

ডাবুহাতা [ ḍābuhātā ] n a big spoon, a ladle.

ডামাডোল [ ḍāmāḍōla ] n widespread and disorderly turmoil; widespread and tumultuous confusion; hurly-burly.

ডাম্বেল [ ḍāmbēla ] n a dumb-bell. ডাম্বেল করা, ডাম্বেলভাঁজাv. to take exercise with dumb bells.

ডায়মন [ ḍāẏamana ] n bevel-work as is done on a piece of diamond. ডায়মন-কাটাa. beveled as a piece of diamond (ডায়মন-কাটাচুড়ি); (often sarcas.) as beautiful as a piece of beveled diamond (ডায়মন-কাটামুখ).

ডারা [ ḍārā ] v (poet.) to sacrifice or pour down ('জীবন দিনু ডারি', 'বক্ষ-শোণিত ডারি দিব তবপায়ে').

ডাল1 [ ḍāla1 ] n pigeon-pea, dal; soup of pigeon pea. ̃পুরিn. a thin round cakelike food of flour and pasted dal or pigeon-pea.

ডাল2 [ ḍāla2 ] n a bough, a branch; a twig.

ডালকুত্তা [ ḍālakuttā ] n the greyhound.

ডালনা [ ḍālanā ] n a kind of rich curry or gravy.

ডালপালা [ ḍālapālā ] n. pl branches twigs and leaves of a tree; (fig.) offshoots.

ডালমুট [ ḍālamuṭa ] n a tasty and spicy mixture of fried gram, salt and monkey-nuts.

ডালা [ ḍālā ] n a small open wicker-basket shaped like a high-rimmed tray; such a basket containing offerings to a deity (কালীবাড়ির ডালা); (fig.) a container or depository or store (রূপের ডালা); a lid (বাক্সের ডালা).

ডালি [ ḍāli ] n (dim. of ডালা) a small high rimmed wicker-tray; such a tray containing offerings to a deity (পূজারডালি); any basket containing presents usu. given to one's superior or boss (বড়দিনেবড়সাহেবকে ডালি দেওয়া); (fig.) a container or repository (রূপের ডালি).

ডালিম [ ḍālima ] n the pomegranate.

ডাহা [ ḍāhā ] a out and out, downright (ডাহামিথ্যা); thorough; absolute (ডাহানকল).

ডাহুক [ ḍāhuka ] n the gallinule; the waterfowl.

ডিক্রি [ ḍikri ] n a decree. ডিক্রিজারি করাv. to execute a decree. ডাক্রি দেওয়াv. to decree. ডিক্রিপাওয়াv. to obtain a decree. ̃দারn. a decree-holder.

ডিগডিগ [ ḍigaḍiga ] int expressing extreme leanness. ডিগডিগেa. extremely lean.

ডিগবাজি [ ḍigabāji ] n a tumble, a somersault, a vault. ডিগবাজি খাওয়া, ডিগবাজি দেওয়াv. to tumble, to somersault, to vault.

ডিগ্রি [ ḍigri ] n a degree signifying: unit of measurement for angles; unit of measurement for temperature; academic title given by a university; one of the three forms of comparison of an adjective or adverb.

ডিঙা1, ডিঙ্গা2 [ ḍiṅā1, ḍiṅgā2 ] n a boat, a vessel; a sailing ship.

ডিঙা2, ডিঙ্গ2 [ ḍiṅā2, ḍiṅga2 ] n act or state of standing tiptoe. ডিঙামারাv. to stand or skip tip toe. ডিঙামেরে চলাv. to skip along on tiptoe.

ডিঙানো [ ḍiṅānō ] v to cross by leaping, to leap over (সাগর ডিঙানো); to cover by leaping (সাতমিটারডিঙানো).

ডিঙি2, ডিঙ্গি2 [ ḍiṅi2, ḍiṅgi2 ] n a small boat.

ডিণ্ডিম [ ḍiṇḍima ] n a musical instrument of percussion.

ডিপো [ ḍipō ] n a depot; (fig.) a birth-place or habitat (রোগের বা মশার ডিপো).

ডিম [ ḍima ] n an egg (of ducks, hens, geese, birds, snakes, ants etc.); spawn (of fish); the calf of the leg. ডিম ছাড়াv. to lay an egg; to spawn. ডিম পাড়াv. to lay an egg. ডিমফোটানো, ডিমে তা দেওয়াv. to hatch. ডিমের কুসুম yolk. ডিমের খোলা an eggshell. ডিমের শ্বেতাংশ the white of an egg, glair. ঘোড়ার ডিম (fig.) an absurd or fantastic thing, a mare's nest. ডিম-ডিমa. globular, granular.

ডিমাই [ ḍimāi ] n demy, a size of paper (56.4 × 44.4 cm.).

ডিমিডিমি [ ḍimiḍimi ] int expressing the low sound of an instrument of percussion, thud.

ডিম্ব [ ḍimba ] n (High) an egg (of birds, ducks, hens, geese, snakes etc.) spawn (of fish etc.) ডিম্বকn. ovule. ডিম্বকত্বকn. integument. ডিম্বকনাড়ীn. funiculus. ডিম্বকনাভিn. hilum. ̃কোষn. (bot.) ovary; egg cell; ovum.ডিম্বজa. oviparous. ডিম্বাকারa. egg-shaped, oval. ডিম্বাণুn. an egg cell, ovum. ডিম্বাশয়n. ovary.

ডিশ [ ḍiśa ] n a dish.

ডিসমিস [ ḍisamisa ] a dismissed. ডিসমিস করাv. to dismiss.

ডিহি [ ḍihi ] n a collection or group or union of villages.

ডুকরানো [ ḍukarānō ] v to weep or wail aloud. ডুকরেওঠা, ডুকরে কাঁদা same as ডুকরানো।

ডুগডুগি [ ḍugaḍugi ] n a small tabor played by moving it with one hand.

ডুগি [ ḍugi ] n the smaller one of the pair of a musical instrument of percussion (see তবলা).

ডুণ্ডুভ [ ḍuṇḍubha ] n a species of non-venomous water-snake.

ডুব [ ḍuba ] n a plunge into water, liquid, air etc.; a dive, a dip; immersion; ablution. ডুবদেওয়া, ডুবমারাv. to dive, to dip, to plunge; to sink; to go in hiding (চোরটাডুব দিয়েছে). ডুব পাড়াv. to dive or dip repeatedly. ডুবনn. act of diving or dipping; immersion; ablution; submersion; act of sinking. ̃জলn. a mass of water as will drown a person standing erect on his feet. ̃ন্তa. one who or that which is sinking or setting; drowning, sinking.রি var. ofুরি ।

ডুবা [ ḍubā ] v to sink; to be submerged; to be drowned; to be ruined (ব্যাঙ্ক ফেল হওয়ায়সে ডুবেছে); to fail (কারবার ডুবেছে); to set (চাঁদ ডুবেছে). ☐a. sunk; submerged; drowned; ruined; that which has failed, in liquidation; that which has set, sunken. ানোv. to cause to sink; to submerge; to drown; to ruin; to cause to fail, to liquidate. ারি var. ofুরি ।ডুবে ডুবে জল খায়, শিবের বাবাও টের পায় না (fig.) practises a vice or vices so se cretly that even God is not aware of it.

ডুবি [ ḍubi ] n an instance of sinking (নৌকাডুবি).

ডুবুডুবু [ ḍubuḍubu ] a almost sunk or submerged or drowned or ruined or failed or set; on the point of sinking, about to sink, on the point of being submerged or drowned or ruined, on the point of fail ing or setting.

ডুবুরি [ ḍuburi ] n a diver. ুরিপাখিn. a diving bird.

ডুবো [ ḍubō ] a submarine, underwater, sub merged, drowned, sinking. ̃জাহাজn. a submarine. ̃পাহাড় a hill under water, a submarine mountain.

ডুম [ ḍuma ] n an electric bulb.

ডুমা [ ḍumā ] n a cube-shaped piece or slice. ডুমাডুমাa. cut into cube-shaped pieces; cube-shaped and numerous.

ডুমুর [ ḍumura ] n the fig. ুরেরফুল (fig.) an almost invisible object (like figflowers which lie invisibly within the fruits); (fig.) a rare object, raraavis.

ডুরি [ ḍuri ] n a thin rope or cord or string; bondage, bonds.

ডুরে [ ḍurē ] a with horizontal stripes, striped (ডুরে শাড়ি).

ডুলি [ ḍuli ] n a small covered litter, an improvised palanquin, a doolie.

ডেউয়া, ডেও1 [ ḍēuẏā, ḍēō1 ] n the coral tree or its fruit.

ডেও2 [ ḍēō2 ] n a large and black species of ant.

ডেঁড়েমুষে [ ḍēn̐ḍ়ēmuṣē ] adv (coll.) licking up or consuming thoroughly; thoroughly, completely.

ডেঁপো [ ḍēm̐pō ] a precocious; saucy, pert. ̃মিn. precociousness, precocity; sauciness, pertness.

ডেক1 [ ḍēka1 ] n a large metallic cooking utensil, a large dixie.

ডেক2 [ ḍēka2 ] n a deck (of a ship or omnibus).

ডেকচি [ ḍēkaci ] n a metallic cooking pail, a dixie.

ডেকরা [ ḍēkarā ] n (dial.) a knave, a rascal; a sly fellow; a cheat; a saucy fellow; a discourteous fellow; a lewd fellow. ☐a. knavish, rascally; sly; given to cheating; saucy; discourteous; lewd. রামি, ডেকরামোn. knavishness, rascality, sauciness.

ডেঙ্গু [ ḍēṅgu ] n dengue.

ডেপুটি [ ḍēpuṭi ] a acting or employed as a deputy. ☐n. a deputy magistrate. ̃গিরিn. the profession of a deputy magistrate.̃বাবুn. a deputy magistrate.

ডেবরা [ ḍēbarā ] a left-handed.

ডেমি [ ḍēmi ] n demy-paper, prescribed paper used in writing legal deeds etc.

ডেরা [ ḍērā ] n a temporary abode, a modest lodging; a hutment, tented accommodation. ডেরাগাড়া, ডেরাবাঁধাv. to come to lodge or to commence to lodge, to take up one's lodging; to build a temporary hut, to pitch a tent. ডেরা তোলাv. to cease to lodge, to remove from a lodging; to demolish one's hutment; to strike the tent. ̃ডাণ্ডাn. a lodging and furniture; a tent and its equipage or accessories.

ডেলা [ ḍēlā ] n a lump; a clotted mass. ডেলাপাকানোv. to gather in a lump, to lump; to clot.

ডেসক, ডেস্ক [ ḍēsaka, ḍēska ] n a desk, a writing table.

ডোকরা [ ḍōkarā ] a naughty, wicked; depraved; unfortunate.

ডোঙা, ডোঙ্গা [ ḍōṅā, ḍōṅgā ] n a small boat; a canoe; a canoe (usu.) made of the trunk of a sal tree.

ডোজ [ ḍōja ] n a dose; a potion of medicine.

ডোবা1 [ ḍōbā1 ] n a pit full of water; a small pool of water.

ডোম [ ḍōma ] n a Hindu caste whose duty is to burn the dead and look after the crematorium; a member of this caste (cp. an undertaker). fem. ডোমনি, ডুমনি ।

ডোমকাক [ ḍōmakāka ] n the raven, the rook, the jack daw.

ডোর [ ḍōra ] n a thread (esp. a holy one) to bind (the wrist etc.); (fig.) a tie or bondage (প্রণয়ডোর). ̃কৌপীনn. a kind of scanty loin-cloth worn by Vaishnava (বৈষ্ণব) ascetics; the dress of an ascetic.

ডোরা [ ḍōrā ] n a stripe, a streak. ডোরা-কাটা, ডোরা ডোরাa. striped, streaky; having stripes or streaks of different colors.

ডোল2, ডোলা1 [ ḍōla2, ḍōlā1 ] n a large corn-bin made of straw, bamboo slips etc.

ডোলা2 [ ḍōlā2 ] n a small litter or palanquin.

ডৌল [ ḍaula ] n shape, form, cut (মুখেরডৌল).

ড্যাং ড্যাং [ ḍyāṇḍyā ] int expressing: the (joyful) sound of drum-beating; joyfulness (ড্যাংড্যাংকরেচলেগেল).

ড্যাশ [ ḍyāśa ] n (gr.) a dash (-).

ড্রাম1 [ ḍrāma1 ] n a drachm, a dram.

ড্রাম2 [ ḍrāma2 ] n cylindrical barrel, a drum.

ড্রিল [ ḍrila ] n training exercise, drill. ড্রিল করাv. to undergo training exercise.

ড্রেন [ ḍrēna ] n a sewer, a drain.

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